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Sysop’s Blog: A Collection of Pictures during my vacation (2013)

Here’s some collections of photos I took while vacationing in Abra. Enjoy and more to come…

Photo of the Day: Hidden right in the heart of Nagaparan, Danglas

Hidden right in the heart of Nagaparan, Danglas: During our sorty to Danglas, Abra.

Photo of the Day: The San Lorenzo Ruiz Church

As requested from our users, we will start posting great things about the Province of Abra. We as Abrenians should start building a new image for our Province to encourage the world that Abra can be great again. You can submit your photos, stories, history, events by sending us email, or post on our facebook … Continue reading

Event: Mr. and Ms. Cordillera 2013 – Ms. Rhojane Salvador Malabed

Attention Abrenians: This is a request from one of our users. Ms. Rhojane Salvador Malabed is representing the province of Abra for the Mr. & Ms. Cordillera 2013. Please let’s support her. Thank you!

SysOp’s Corner: The New APH – Exclusive Photos

I was granted access to the New APH (worth more than P200 Million) by no less than Governor Takit Bersamin. He stressed during my interview with him in March that the hospital will be open this April, 2013.

Photos: Semana Santa Abra 2013

Abong-abong is always an attraction in Abra. A way that catholics express their beliefs and showcase their artworks. (Photos by abrenian.com)

SysOp’s Blog: Abra Sites – Personal Photo Collections

I want to share some picture I took while in Abra. Here’s some of them. There will be more as soon as I get settled.

Bangued Town Fiesta 2013

Snapshots during the Bangued town fiesta parade. (abrenian.com photos)

One Typical Day at the Market

One Typical day at the Bangued Public Market. A place where the rich and the poor co-mingle to buy basic necessities for everyday survival. Photos By: Winnie Abella Pranada

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