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SysOp’s Blog: Glad to be home

Manila, Philippines. It was just before noon on March 5th, when I got awaken with the crackling of the overhead speaker of the Korean Air. The captain (who introduced himself as Kim) was announcing that we are about to land at Ninoy Aquino International Airport. The stewardesses (who I swear all looked alike) started to … Continue reading

Elections 2013: Interview with former Congresswoman Cecilia Seares Luna

Bangued, Abra. It was just before dinner at Mayor Ryan Luna’s hotel atop the casamata hill when former Congresswoman Cecilia Seares Luna joined us in our table just outside the hotel. half an hour earlier, Mayor Luna welcomed us with ice cold beer and assorted appetizers of kilawen, lechon and fresh water fish.

SysOp’s Blog: How to register your own username in abrenian.com

We’ve been getting emails/feedbacks that some anonymous users are impersonating valid users’/personalities’ names.

SysOp’s Blog: Abra Sites – Personal Photo Collections

I want to share some picture I took while in Abra. Here’s some of them. There will be more as soon as I get settled.

Elections 2013: Interview with Governor Bersamin

Bangued, Abra (03/15/2013). I arrived at the Governor Takit Bersamin’s farm in Penarrubia, Abra at about noon. He had accepted my request for an interview (note: this is very informal) earlier that week. The purpose of my interview is to get his side of the different issues leveled against his administration and of course the … Continue reading

Is jueteng in Abra thriving?

BANGUED, Abra — Jueteng bet collections in Abra reached P800,000 daily or a whooping P24 million monthly, a significant hike coinciding with the upcoming May 2013 polls.

Abra mayor arrested for guns; private army leader falls

Inquirer Northern Luzon BAGUIO CITY–A town mayor of Abra was arrested early Sunday after policemen found firearms in his vehicle in the capital town of Bangued.

Abra, the murder capital of the North?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013 REALITY check, the province of Abra becomes popular because of murder. “Barilan dito, barilan doon,” this is how people tag Abra. I cannot blame them because they seldom hear or watch good news about this place. For sure, it will be popular again because of the upcoming election. As a son … Continue reading


A.com is done with Tabloid-like sensational postings. Either you post something with social redeeming value or go somewhere else! At this point some trashy entries are “impounded”. If you persists in violating the rules, we will say goodbye to you.   Latest transgressions – 1. Off-topic entries; 2. Use of foul- words; 3. Use of … Continue reading

Election 2013: Langiden ABC President ambushed

Bangued, Abra. Barangay Captain Atermio “Billy Boy”  Donato, Jr. was ambushed yesterday in Langiden, Abra. Donato was with her wife and two children during the incident. The victim sustained gunshot wounds in the arm and was rushed to the hospital. The victim is now recuperating. There’s still no suspects identified.

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