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Leonel – A Christmas Story

Christmas. Getting is good. Giving is better. Once you understand that, it’s always Christmas – Doogie Howser, M.D. By SysOp Bangued, Abra. As I was going out of Jollibee from a meeting, a boy approach me from behind. Tapped my shoulder slightly. I turned around and saw a sad face staring at me. He was … Continue reading

All she wanted for Christmas…

JELLY NOCUS ISAO, our winner for our How I wish Contest. She won $50.00 from abrenian.com team. Jelly’s wish:Since I was a child I’ve been wishing to have a happy and prosperous Christmas without alcohol.  Every Christmas my father would get drunk and goes to bed. Alcohol always ruins our Christmas and I feel so incomplete. … Continue reading

Exclusive: How I wish…

By Winnie Abella Pranada abrenian.com Exclusive Bangued, Abra. The year 2012 is winding to an end. It’s almost as always  we start asking ourselves, what we want for this holidays – What do we wish for. A wish can be as simple as “I want to be happy” (ditch your BF who treats you like … Continue reading

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