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SysOp’s Corner: Glad to be home (part 2)

Manila, Philippines. We drove off from the airport. Let’s have lunch my brother said as we headed towards the Global City at Fort Bonifacio. As we were driving, my brother tried his best to act as my tourist guide as we weaved through traffic. He started pointing things and telling me places and landmarks that … Continue reading

SysOp’s Blog: Glad to be home

Manila, Philippines. It was just before noon on March 5th, when I got awaken with the crackling of the overhead speaker of the Korean Air. The captain (who introduced himself as Kim) was announcing that we are about to land at Ninoy Aquino International Airport. The stewardesses (who I swear all looked alike) started to … Continue reading

All she wanted for Christmas…

JELLY NOCUS ISAO, our winner for our How I wish Contest. She won $50.00 from abrenian.com team. Jelly’s wish:Since I was a child I’ve been wishing to have a happy and prosperous Christmas without alcohol.  Every Christmas my father would get drunk and goes to bed. Alcohol always ruins our Christmas and I feel so incomplete. … Continue reading

Happy Holidays from abrenian.com

Exclusive: How I wish…

By Winnie Abella Pranada abrenian.com Exclusive Bangued, Abra. The year 2012 is winding to an end. It’s almost as always  we start asking ourselves, what we want for this holidays – What do we wish for. A wish can be as simple as “I want to be happy” (ditch your BF who treats you like … Continue reading

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