COA Audits for Abra -2011

Commission on Audit (COA) Audit Report for Abra  – 2011 (source: http://coa.gov.ph)

AbraProv_ES2011 – Province of Abra COA 2011 Report – Executive Summary

Bangued_Abra_ES2011 – Executive Summary

Boliney_Abra_ES2011 – Executive Summary

Bucay_Abra_ES2011 – Executive Summary

Bucloc_Abra_ES2011 – Executive Summary

Daguioman_Abra_ES2011 – Executive Summary

Danglas_Abra_ES2011 – Executive Summary

Dolores_Abra_ES2011 – Executive Summary

Lacub_Abra_ES2011 – Executive Summary

Lagangilang_Abra_ES2011 – Executive Summary

Lagayan_Abra_ES2011 – Executive Summary

Langiden_Abra_ES2011 – Executive Summary

LaPaz_Abra_ES2011 – Executive Summary

LicuanBaay_Abra_ES2011 – Executive Summary

Luba_Abra_ES2011 – Executive Summary

Malibcong_Abra_ES2011 – Executive Summary

Manabo_Abra_ES2011 – Executive Summary

Penarrubia_Abra_ES2011 – Executive Summary

Pidigan_Abra_ES2011 – Executive Summary

Pilar_Abra_ES2011 – Executive Summary

Sallapadan_Abra_ES2011 – Executive Summary

SanIsidro_Abra_ES2011 – Executive Summary

SanJuan_Abra_ES2011 – Executive Summary

SanQuintin_Abra_ES2011 – Executive Summary

Tayum_Abra_ES2011 – Executive Summary

Tineg_Abra_ES2011 – Executive Summary

Tubo_Abra_ES2011 – Executive Summary

Villaviciosa_Abra_ES2011 – Executive Summary



12 thoughts on “COA Audits for Abra -2011

  1. Agyaman kami apo sysop ta babaen ti panangi post you kadagitoy, adda idea mi nga adu gayam ti proyekto iti ili mi nga DOLORES nga napunduan ti milyon milyon nga kantidad.
    NGEM base ti report ti COA adu kadagitoy nga proyekto ti awan record na nga naipatungpal. SALUDSOD laeng APO, dinno ngarud napanan dagitay PUNDO?

    Posted by ANDAP_MUGING | September 6, 2013, 10:54 am
  2. Tattan ta rimmuar iti kinaulbod or kina-agtatakaw dagitoy nga politkos, adda pay laeng ngata bain da wenno rupada kadagiti disente nga friends or relatives da? Wenno, kasinpuskol ngata ti kudil ti nuang ti kudil da nga lumaban or no sinno ti ipalaban da pay laeng no sumaruno nga election?
    Educated or less educated, do you have the nerves to enlighten the less-privileged or not educated enough to use their head not their cowardliness when the next election comes?
    Dayta man laengen a no mabutbuteng or makuartaan dagiti rightful candidates, awan manen a ti pagpillian no di laeng dagitoy puro awan bain da.
    I am an OFW too which I have no means of finding out the truthfulness of these COA Reports regarding every municipalities project. I am interested to read/hear any comment for every municipality by any brave resident in that municipality in order that I could visualize what kind of Mayor we have in that municipality.

    Posted by suki | September 6, 2013, 4:31 pm
  3. RECORD naggapu’t COA 2011 projects ni JR SEARES

    Programs/Projects/Activities Amount
    1. Purchase of Farm Inputs 1,698,140.00
    2. Reshaping & Regraveling of various
    Barangay Roads located at Bargy. Bayaan,
    Taping, Namit-ingan, Kimmalaba and Mudiit 1,804,155.69
    3. Purchase of one Multicab FB Type 180,000.00
    4. Purchase of Fertilizers and Pesticides. 1,878,256.00

    TOTAL. 5,560,551.69

    Posted by ANDAP_MUGING | September 6, 2013, 10:12 pm
  4. So far Litob of Bangued and Andap Muging of Dolores have the balls to express their dismay or findings of this COA reports regarding the alleged anomalies of their respective town mayors. How about the courageous concerned citizens of other municipalities, have you not found anything that were not existing, incomplete, or sub-standard project/s of your mayor yet according to this COA report? Or maybe a completed project like school, etc. by the previous mayor/s and reported again by the current mayor? Is this possible?

    Posted by abrenian OFW | September 7, 2013, 9:00 pm
  5. Sad to say but projects of JR SEARES that he claimed completed as reported to COA are overpriced. All along I was admiring him of his accomplishments ditoy ili mi nga DOLORES, ngem barya barya laeng met ti naiyusar na yors compared to the amount of fund/budget he got for said project. We, THE PEOPLE OF DOLORES DEMAND AN EXPLANATION FOR THIS.

    Posted by Van Ting | September 8, 2013, 11:16 am
  6. 2011 la gayam nga AUDIT daytoy, inayun yo man Apo SYSOP, dagitay sabali pay nga tawen as soon as you have them available? Thanks

    Posted by Van Ting | September 8, 2013, 11:19 am
  7. This should be the HOTTEST topic until we would be able to feel the changes by using our only remaining most effective weapon “Words which are sharper than any two bladed Sword”. But, unfortunately just only few of us got the nerves to voice out their disappointments, therefore, we have no right to expect changes with regards to the peace and order situation of our respective municipalities particularly our unending miserable economic condition. Our deafening silence will give them more confidence and power to continue what they love to do: Stealing our money and hired bodyguards for us to be feared so that they could continue to deposit our money in the diff. banks with their relatives name and buy whatever they want including the life of their equally thief political opponents.

    This will never end until we have the courage to expose their shenanigans and enlighten our majority scared constituents that the police/military are now more than ready to serve us rather to be bribed by the corrupt politicians because they might already realized that their wicked practices and cowardliness is the number one reason why we could not produced honest and good politicians to change the condition of our lives.

    TELL US, are there project/s in your municipality that seems impossible to believe especially the amount involved, based on this COA Reports? We the OFWs are working/breaking our back just for you to survive and yet your conscience still got the nerve to hide the truth for us.

    Posted by otta-ut.ofw.syria | September 9, 2013, 10:53 am
  8. corr.: got the nerve to hide the TRUTH from us although your aliases were already protected by the admin of this site.

    Posted by otta-ut.ofw.syria | September 9, 2013, 10:57 am
  9. COME ON…..don’t you know that the President might have “ears and noses” that scouting their Chickens for the next national election? Who knows if it could be your neighbor or in the religious sectors instead these crooked politicians for they really want to eradicate corruption perceived to be the main stumbling block of his “Matuwid Na Daan”. But I think they really want to hear more from us if there were still among our current Mayors that will be considered in their line-up. Time to cannibalize these corrupt politicians if you will by exposing their “galing sa pagnanakaw ng pera ng bayan” Time to do something now by making a difference for the future of your loved ones if you really does care.

    Posted by suki | September 9, 2013, 3:56 pm
  10. I’ve been following this thread and the COA report for the past few days and I couldn’t help but overcome the inhibition not to comment…We all know, for those who really have their eyes and ears open, except for those who are blinded and plugged with taxpayers money and blood in their hands that only a handful of politicians here in Abra are truly dedicated to service and good governance. Even for those we perceived to be kind and honest, those we believed to be incorruptible and angelic faces, those who pretend to fight corruption and live a supposedly religious life….these people, these politicians live a life of grand charade and façade. There are many faces of politicians the Bulgar and showy, the Mafiosi and gangland style, the charismatic and innocent faces, and they too have many things in common. They are corrupt, ruthless, greedy, and conscienceless. They can smile and hug you, they shake your hands and tap your back, and then they stab you from behind and pick your pockets of coins left to buy a bottle of medicine or a grain of rice…They feel no remorse, they feel no mercy for they live to outsmart and outdo their fellow thieves, they want to be better and richer by all means…They can happily buy goodies and food for their kids out from a poor man’s pocket…and they don’t care…Because you know why? For they think they have paid their dues and obligations as politicians on the day the Poor man was handed out a hundred peso or a thousand bill in his hand just to write the dirty politicians’ names in the ballot….a hundred peso or a thousand bill to buy salt and grain for the poor man’s family in exchange for almost a lifetime of indebtedness and leashed life. Do you think these politicians and farce leaders will ever change? I bet my nickel and a dime, not in my lifetime. Do you think we the electorate can change the system and attitudes of politicians? Only if we vote wisely and teach our children well to live a life of service, a life of humility, a life of honesty and a life centered in belief and faith in God and Karma in the end….
    I can say who cares, I don’t….I have a good job, eat three full meal a day, 2 snacks and a brewed coffee at night (yep before I go to sleep), my kids in good private schools, a house and cars. Let these dirty politicians do their thing, like pass a bill so that they can corrupt more, identify projects so that they can give gifts to their kids and friends, falsify documents so as not to pay full taxes and I do mine, work, pay the right taxes, pray for peace and equality and better life thru honest means…and so on……But I do care, this is my hometown, this is my province and this is my country. Most of the time it is very frustrating to see politics and justice play in our system. That feeling of hopelessness sometimes make me puke of these people…Mga lolo, tatay at nanay na nila noon, mga anak at mga apo naman ngayun ang umaapak at dumudura sa katahimikan,kayamanan at pagkamapakumbaba ng taong bayan. Yes, a Filipino is worth dying for…more so an Abrenian is worth fighting for…for equality and justice. Kanya kanyang oras lang yan, malay natin bigla na lang maatake silang lahat sa kasakiman at kasamaan ng Gawain sa kapwa…

    Posted by Pobreng Ilocano | September 9, 2013, 5:42 pm
  11. So your Mayor is honest and the COA Reports are suspicious. In other words, they are more honest than our Congresswoman and Governor. CLAP……clap…..clap….yeheeeeeeeyyyyy…mabuhay…!!!…all our municipal mayors are heeding the advocacy of the President….!!!!
    No addaak la koma dita apay nga saan ko ketdin ibaga ti pudno kadagitoy projects ni Mayor bareng pasangguan to ni Presidente iti talaga nga makatulong ti kalugarak? Ngem paya nga unayen aya ta addaak pay laeng ditoy ballasiw taaw nga agan-anug-og ti ladingit gapu ti rigat ken panagbutbuteng nga kanayon dagiti napanawak.
    Uray adayoak pay laeng dita, kas kadagiti dadduma ditoy a kas kaniak (OFW) nga agtartarigagay ti panagbalbaliw ti Province tayo, ipadas ko met a nga ipatayab daytoy nanumo nga kapanunotak nga no saan nga maammuan ti National Leadership/Malacanang ti sinasairo nga mapaspasamak dita awan ti panggapuan da nga mangiduron kadagiti police/military, DOJ/Ombudsman, and other authorities to do their job expeditiously and efficiently. Some of these national representatives assigned in the province are just conniving with any kinds of evil doing because the President doesn’t know the real score of what’s going on? But once they heard your voice, I believe that someone who is closed to the President will relay all our grievances. Agsipud Iti panagkunak, saan nga mabalin wenno itulok ni Apo Presidente nga mabati ti probinsiya iti Abra wenno ania man nga probinsiya iti agtultuloy nga panagprogreso ti sibubukel nga Pagilian. Sikat ti Pilipinas ken ni Presidente tayo iti ballasiw taaw gapu kadagiti pagguadan wenno nasiyaat nga accomplishments na isu nga intay koma tulongan isuna nga mangdalus met kadagiti rugit iti nadumaduma nga ili wenno lugar tayo tapno makastrek met iti panagdur-as ken linak iti entero nga probinsiya tayo.

    Posted by tingguian anak-pawis | September 10, 2013, 9:43 am
  12. Nagdudugyot metten dagita treasurer ken municipal accountant dan, simple debit credit ken kupit di daammo nga illemeng. mayors aghire kayo ngamen ti batido u nga treasurer ken accountant u. Nyametten aya ti kinalanggong u amen nga nakatugaw ti pwesto.

    Posted by Agtaltallon | January 4, 2015, 1:05 am

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