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SysOp’s Blog: Elections 2013: Why Facebook can replace the P9 Billion PCOS Machine

By Abrenian SysOp (Eric Bringas) San Diego, California. Three days before the 2013 elections, you think with all the rambling and jousting between candidates and their supports from different camps, we’ve had enough? Think again. Now everyone’s attention is shifting to the PCOS (Precint Count Optical Scanner) Machine that will be used for this 2013 Elections.

Abrenian’s Open Letter to Pnoy

I am reprinting here the Open Letter to President Benigno Aquino III from a group in Facebook. I am not quite sure if this group is working to have this letter get the personal attention of the President. Nevertheless we should support this cause or any cause that will FINALLY end dirty politics in Abra. … Continue reading

Yet another scandal from a FaceBook Group Bannatiran ti San Quintin

If you are a FaceBook addict, you should know by now how open this social network for abuse. Take for instance this post is making rounds around FaceBook Group regarding a group called Bannatiran to San Quintin and Timek Ti Abrenian. The admin of this group is allegedly engaging some illegal activities that are victimizing … Continue reading

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