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So, is Mayor Dominic Valera Suspended?

Two weeks ago, multiple sources indicated that Bangued Mayor Dominic Valera has been suspended for 3 months. This report came out just as the Mayor was vacationing in the United States.

Election 2016: Bangued Mayoralty contest is a heavyweight bout

Who would ever thought it will come down to this? But again it’s politics…crazy things happen. For 9 years, the Bersamins and Valera/Bernos has maintained the political Status Qou, avoiding direct confrontation. But I guess something’s got to give. So here we are, a heavyweight bout featuring the top head huchos of each camp: Takit … Continue reading

Abra 2016 ‘Battle’ Shaping Up

by Artemio A. Dumlao Bangued, Abra – Abra’s political battle in 2016 has began shaping up with former allies, becoming staunch rivals, though strange bedfellows also are running under the same ticket.

‘Toll’ fee for ‘imported’ hogs put in place in Bangued

BANGUED,ABRA–Maysa nga EXECUTIVE ORDER iti pinirmaan ni Mayor Dominic B Valera para ti pannaka singir ti maikanatad a bayad ti tungal baboy (hog) a maiserrek iti uneg ti ili ti Bangued nga agapu iti sabali a lugar wenno probincia.

Mayor Valera: I will….

Mayor Dominic Valera, on his posting in his PUBLIC FaceBook Account “Asenso Abra” said: “I will inspire the people of Bangued to dream more, learn more, do more and become more. I will instill in you a hope for success and a belief in yourselves. The pessimists complain about the wind. The optimists expect it … Continue reading

SysOp’s Blog: Elections 2013: Mopping up operations in Bangued, jueteng to resume

The indelible ink has not been removed from voters’ fingers, COMELEC has not announced FORMALLY all the winners of these elections, and I personally was about to take some time off from all these Election dramas BUT yet we are now getting reports that the purge has started in the Municipality of Bangued.

Election 2013: Valeras takes over Bangued, Pidigan; Lunas retains grip of Lagayan

Dominic Valera takes over reigns in Bangued as he was proclaimed the winner. Valera defeated incumbent Ryan Luna in a hotly contested elections.

Elections 2013: Day 2 – No change of guards in Abra Top posts

As of 11:00PM Philippines time incumbents for the top posts will not change. Re-electionist Joy Bernos is headed for victory as she leads more than 30,000 votes against closest rival Rolando Somera. Hans Luna is far behind. It seems like a landslide victory for Incumbent Governor Takit Bersamin as he leading by more than 35,000 votes against … Continue reading

Elections 2013: First ‘vote-buying’ Case filed against the Valeras

Bangued, Abra. The first vote-buying case was filed in Abra against Dominic Valera, mayoralty candidate of Bangued and daughter-in-law Janssen Valera, mayoralty candidate for Pidigan. The allege “vote-buying” was caught on tape, according to the news on ABS-CBS.

Elections 2013: Bangued politics – throwing everything including the kitchen sink

When we were young we were told that anybody could become President, Senator, Congressman, Mayor; I’m beginning to believe it. Checkout Exibit A.

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