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Yet another scandal from a FaceBook Group Bannatiran ti San Quintin

If you are a FaceBook addict, you should know by now how open this social network for abuse. Take for instance this post is making rounds around FaceBook Group regarding a group called Bannatiran to San Quintin and Timek Ti Abrenian.

The admin of this group is allegedly engaging some illegal activities that are victimizing and fooling Abrenians for monetary solicitations.

We’re posting this as a warning to Abrenians if this is accurate. Lessons Learn: The good thing about FaceBook is it’s open to everyone. The bad thing about FaceBook is it’s open to everyone – SysOp

Here’s the Post:

THE GAME IS OVER! the secret was revealed!
Fraud account 1 – The creator of the group Bannatiran ti San Quintin & Timek ti Abrenian
Fraud account 2 – Anti Government Administration
Fraud Account 3 – Pro Government Administration
Fraud Account 4 – The Peace Maker, idealistic and Nationalistic
Victim Account 1 – Maribel Baruela worked in Hongkong taga Zone 5 Bangued. She added more than 2,000 members in the group. She was asked to deposit 1,500 dolars at western Union kukunin daw sa US??? muntik na.

Almost Victim Account 2 – Elmer Salvador Aquino. taga Zone 5 Tangadan. He discovered the secret. Banned in using Bannatiran ti San Quintin & Timek ti Abrenian.

sa una, pupurihin ang comments mo, matalino ka daw, may future ka ,magpapakilala na mabuti siyang tao. kukunin ang number mo, magpapasimula ng kunwari social gathering.. hehe maginvite ka ng OFWs to support. daming nagpledge. Good work daw. Mabgbibigay daw ng prize.. kahit magkano.

Next step: online silang lahat.. contest daw, padamihan ng madd na members.. reunion daw, maghanda ng bisokol, saluyot, bubog, picnic.. etc.. sagot daw pang picnic. aba dumami ang members… 5,000 plus na! sabi ng isang account, magpapadala ako ng 100 dollars para sa gimik niyo pag nakapagdagdag pa aku ng another 250 pa until dec 20. haha. nagreact ang mga accounts.. sige daw paunahan!

third step.. palapit na ang Dec 22. sa group chat eto na, may mga taga SQ daw bumabanta sa kanila, papatayin daw sila pag pumunta sa SQ, binabasatos daw sila. guguluhin daw ang Fun Run. Di na raw sila matutuloy na umuwi kasi delikado daw sa SQ??? haha so cancelled ang reunion, pati pondo sa Fun Run Cancelled. Mga Pledger buti nalang di pa nagbigay ng pera. Aba, naglong distance call.. “Bayamon anak ta kasta met dagita kaillian tayo, apal a dakes, postpone mo ti February” hehe

iisa lang ang bottom line ng games. lahat ng scenario dito babagsak… Padamihin ang members into thousands and thousands para magamit sa isang appeal or something Legal.. Bakit kaya? Aalamin ko yan!

BE CAREFUL TO THESE ACCOUNTS: Nelly Brison, Nelly Pira, Kurby Uy, Glen Reyes, Salome Poe. Dante Pandak. many others.. iisang tao lang yan, lahat ay si Nelly Pira. Taga Zone 2, Tangadan San Quintin, Abra

-Posted By Elmer Salvador Aquino.


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14 thoughts on “Yet another scandal from a FaceBook Group Bannatiran ti San Quintin

  1. I myself is a victim of this nelly pira

    Posted by elymar | December 2, 2012, 1:11 am
    • I was a member on that group created by Nelly quintana pira from Tangadan san quintin abra. first of all dont believed until you hear both side story. elmer was added to both group timek ti abrenian and bannatiran ti san quintin. as i speak the truth, i was also chatted group chats with elmer salvador aquino and maribel baruela along with glen and Jerlie. now it take one to know one. the truth the matter is both elmer and maribel was kick out due to some activities that mam Nelly found out. elmer as the delegator for the fun run was asked to go to the mayor to get permision for the marathon and elmer was ask also to provide the names of the participants the so called 100 who had signed up. and because Mam Nelly solely finance to be the fun run, elmer is asking money for the t-shirt for 100 participant of which Elmer Salvador Aquino is claiming. she had gave mam nelly an estimate of 70k fto finance this fun run but mam nelly needs first before sending the money is a confirmed due process for the legality of the project. we are all in chat i have the those chats. i was to believed also that we are going to endorce a running candidate for mayor in san quintin sosimo quibilan but when i read their posting of what you have here engr sosimo quibilan was in the posting if you are a candidate you should not engaged to a malice accusations. i can indentify fake account that elmer salvador aquino holds and maribel baruela holds. maribel holds rey nino, birabid ti bannatiran, bennek ti bannatiran, and elmer hold saloyot and bullfrog just dont remember the others. Now you tell me since you guys are educated. this is for maribel baruela, shame on you. you used mam nelly. when you have a contest to your so called group iisang lahi dapat magmahalan tayo you did not have the money to pay for the winners so what did you do and who lend you money with out payment it was Nelly brisson. you pm her stating ginogolo na ang yong gropo. so mam nelly did bail you out. now 2days ago you want to borrow money for 1k usa because mam nelly just sent money to her employess here in the philippines she told you that next week right. but what did you do ? you deleted all the admins and left you alone as an admin both timek and bannatiran how in the hell you both elmer and you stating that mam nelly is a fake while you both are the one who has a fake. you both accused me a fake also so i volunteer to be the one to deliver the money for the winners of timek ti abrenian. iam from manila but i did have to see what is abra? and i am not sorry i came to abra becasue i did finally found out the truth that Mam nelly is a real person and love too many people in her town. they loved her because she has a real love to her community. everyone i spoked to said they missed her especially at christmas her admin Rosa Montero said every christmas before she send 2k so she can distribute rice, money and coffee sugar to all her neighbors. she came from a farmer family and she never forget that. Why do we demoralized good people. Why does people try and work hard to stop the goods of those people who has a big heart? Both these two people including engr sosimo quibilan who is running for a mayor are shameful to what they are doing to her. accusing mam nelly for in reality they are the one who has mutliple accounts and trying to bully their way to get money from her. i have asked mam nelly to publish the money that elmer was aking. if they hadent deleted the posters already fun run elmer claim to mam nelly there is a 100 runners that she needs to send money to elmer asap so he can order those 100 tshirts. but when asked if he had gone to mayor diaz for approval he made no comment but yet he wants the fund. when mam nelly found out that they holds too manny accounts she was a bit worry but both elmer and maribel said they will use those account to attact politicians i did create a name also along with them el dodon but i closed that account already. i did not go around and used it. this is the truth i have all the chat we made and i can ask mam nelly to publish of what elmer was asking to her 70k and let me ask you this would you send that money if no proof of the participants? i am not a fake i have came to your bangued already and i spoke with mam nellys employees and some neighbors and you should asked Elymar Bernardez also where is the document that mam Nelly had sent money to her? and when she asked a copy oh well she turned around and demoralized mam Nelly too. the history of making money from mam nelly is on the making… so be judge who are tail telling bad stuff here…..

      Posted by sally panganban | December 3, 2012, 2:23 pm
      • Anya ket dagitoy a tattaon aya.. nagado ket a palpalikaw yun. kastoy lang dayta, dumngeg kayo..
        Ti maysa nga creator kayat na nga umado ti miyembro na. idi adon ti miyembro na kayat na nga agbalin nga active dagitoy a miyembro.. babaen ti panagusar iti adu nga fake accounts.. agfacilitate iti social gathering wenno affair ket siempre pagpiyestaan dayta dagiti miyembro aglalo no adda prize na. kwarta kunam man! ngem kinagpayso na kunwari laeng tapno iti kasta sumikat ken abalin nga very active iti group nga inna inaramid. agkatkatawan ton daytoy a creator nga mangbuybuya dagiti mapaspasamak.malas na laeng ta nabuking metten. kasjay langgagayyem! anus a kagagiti nabiktima, anya garud mayat kay met! mayat tay met kunak gayam ta siak ti prime victim. hehe Its a lesson to learn!!!

        Posted by ELMER S. AQUINO | December 5, 2012, 11:00 pm
      • lokohin mo pa kami eh ikaw din si nelly pira.. sino magtitiyaga na magsulat ng napakahaba tulad ng ginawa mo.. ay naku nelly magbago ka na baka di ka na tangapin sa langit.

        Posted by raul roco | February 4, 2014, 3:13 am
      • BE CAREFUL TO THESE ACCOUNTS: Nelly Brison, Nelly Pira, Kurby Uy, Glen Reyes, SALOME POE. Dante Pandak. many others.. iisang tao lang yan, lahat ay si Nelly Pira. Taga Zone 2, Tangadan San Quintin, Abra.


        Posted by ELMER | February 4, 2014, 3:16 am
  2. in order not to be victimized with the so-called face book scam, be vigilant in knowing the real group, especially the real members, wag magbigay ng donasyon basta-basta…….nasayaat ti tumulong kakabsat no nadalus ti panggep ken no naimpusuan ti panagtulong.

    Posted by STM of TAYUM | December 2, 2012, 1:25 am
  3. I share this news to TIMEK TI ABRENIAN today … i was an member long time…. you know what I discovered I was blocked and delisted….What a shame!!!!

    Posted by Sirmata | December 3, 2012, 11:58 am
  4. there’s always two sides of a coin. Sinnot tatta ti usto ditan! makaulaw kayon. Haan la nga politica ti problema pati dagitoy grupo maki-raman da met.

    Posted by balitangabra | December 3, 2012, 11:12 pm
  5. We’ve been accused cheaters but actually we are the winners and it was documented ,it’s been a year more than am not a member of Timek ti Abrenian i was been so quiet then after all they still remember to post it again just to have something to talk about ,what the hell of this kind of people using fictitious name but only one person with a lot of aliases…shame on them and here to find who is telling the truth and the old members who are still in there can verify about this ….for me it doesn’t matter the prize how about my 2 companion Elymar Bernardez and Nora Siganay Adres———————–i don’t want to be accused cheaters/ cover butts/etc.——————

    -We are winners we are not cheaters?
    Quintana Pira Brisson in Timek ti Abrenian · Edit Doc.
    Here are the much-awaited results:
    FIRST, Elymar Bernardez
    SECOND, Nora Siganay Adres
    THIRD, Bersalona Marivic
    After careful deliberation, the Admins have decided not to go to Boracay nor go to Pagsanjan and Taal Volcano Resort, anymore. Admin will shoulder the airfare from Manila to HK and back. Hotel, food and sightseeing from Feb 26 to 29 will be included.
    Thank you for all the fun, research and educational information.

    Posted by shakira | December 4, 2012, 11:27 pm
  6. Isa din akong ginamit ni nelly pira i dont know nothning tama na nelly panloloko mo im your active admin pero why you do that to us soo bad of you inadulo kita sa。katalinuhan mo pero kasama mo pala to bad of you ang tanda mo na nelly magbago wag gumamit ng taong andami para lang sumikat ka

    Posted by Maribel baruela | December 6, 2012, 11:13 pm
  7. Independent audit from incorruptible agency/body should reveal where the contributions/donations/membership fees used. This is the only way to stop the allegations and counter-allegations that finally shed light where their hard-earned money goes. If not undertaken, we have nowhere to go except to continue ruining everybody’s reputation. Or, why don’t you just file a lawsuit to the organizers and let’s wait and see if the wheel of justice will give us a light or headache that suffers by the party who usually lost the bidding because the price was not right or enough to compete with the verdict of the judge. Saan yo la ket nga iram-raman dagiti kapututan Ti Langiden ta dina kayo pagsala-salaen tay palsuot ko. LOL

    Posted by bodowan | August 19, 2014, 5:26 pm
  8. Any further developments with this scandal. We need to know so that we know what lesson to be learned. Your silence means no bearing at all of which the accusations and counter-accusations are just intended for social-media attention. Or should I say, you’re all craps. Talk to us if you think otherwise……

    Posted by kilikili | September 7, 2014, 8:47 pm
  9. I am an admin of Welcome To Abra Pomasiar Kayo at present. So far wala naman sinosolicit na pera si manager Elly Pira kahit singkong duling. Katunayan nga ang mga games na ginawa namin sa page last Sept. 23,2014 dahil wala namang nakaabot sa qouta, ay nagbigay siya ng consolation prizes. 12 kaming nakasama sa mga consolations at 2 representatives per player ang pumunta sa Jolibee Bangued, Abra. Masaya nga ang mga nakadalo kasi nabusog sila at nag enjoy. At ngayong month of October ilan ung mga binigyan niya ng load dahil nanalo sa questions and answer. Ang nakita ko kay manager Elly Pira is totoo siyang tao at strikto siya sa rules. kailangan sumunod ka sa rules. Hindi pwede ang switik o madaya. Ang pagkaalam ko sa mga naganap noong nakaraang mga admin ay nagkaroon ng mga selosan at inggitan at pinatunayan ng isang old admin na si Amelita Beleno Garcia na wala talagang sinolicit na pera si manager Elly Pira bagkus ay siya pa ang inuutangan nila. Well, may talino naman ang bawat isa. Basta ako, I am very thankful that I became an admin in WTAPK. Kasi masaya ako at nageenjoy sa group. Smooth at payapa ang aming samahan dahil nagkakaisa kami na mga admin at totoo ang bawat isa sa amin. walang plastikan. iisa ang aming mga layunin at kaisipan. Ang magbigay kasiyahan sa bawat member at makatulong spiritually, morally and materially sa pamamagitan ng mga games na ginaganap.

    Posted by Carol Balubar Tabing | October 27, 2014, 11:05 pm

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