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Concerned Citizens’ group affirms World Bank’s CCT impact evaluation

Is it a rocket science that in order to improve child’s performance in school, a child needs to have a good health condition and parents are able to afford their education? I wish the present administration should prioritize Health and Education programs for Abrenians.


BANGUED, Abra July 12 — On its recent report on Conditional Cash Transfer Program Watch Project, the Concerned Citizens of Abra for Good Government (CCAGG) concluded the goals of government to improve the conditions of the poor people in the country are achievable.

Its conclusion was based on various success indicators highlighted during a public forum in this capital town.

The results of the project suggest that improving the performance of the children beneficiaries in school and their good health condition, the ability of the parent beneficiaries to send their children to higher level of education, and the improving relationship of members in the household are good success indicators of the positive implementation of the CCT. The project said government will not achieve a 100 percent accomplishment of its goals but this is still significant.

The CCAGG validation results upheld the findings of the World Bank released March 1 this year. According to the World Bank report entitled “Philippines Conditional Cash Transfer Program, Impact Evaluation 2012,” the Pantawid Pamilya implementation is on track to achieve its objectives of promoting investments in the health and education of children while providing immediate financial support to poor families.

The CCAGG also recommended the incentive and disincentive, “carrot and stick” approach of the Pantawid Pamilya. The group pointed out that this approach is very effective in the supply and demand sides of the Program. Beneficiaries only earn maximum cash grants of P1, 400 monthly if they comply with the conditions of the CCT.

The CCT Program Watch Project results also challenged the criticism that CCT is merely a dole-out program. Despite the presence of pocket of incidents that the cash grants were not used properly, CCAGG asserted that CCT has encouraged more poor people to improve their living conditions and has provided more incentives to the grantees.

The Conditional Cash Transfer is implemented in all 17 regions nationwide (1,605 cities and municipalities in 79 provinces) with 3,851,691 household beneficiaries. In the Cordillera Administrative Region, there are 56,453 CCT household beneficiaries of which 11,593 are from the province of Abra.

Meanwhile, CCAGG also recommends the Department of Social Welfare and Development allow Parent Leaders to conduct and manage the Family Development Sessions (FDS) of the Program.

This recommendation emerged from the Community-Based Leadership Seminar conducted February this year with 40 parent leaders present from the municipalities of Dolores, Pilar, Sallapadan, and Daguioman. The seminar produced promising results demonstrating that parent leaders are possible change agents in their communities and not only as point persons of the Program.

The Philippines is the only country with CCT Program that introduced and incorporated FDS in the Program’s implementation. It is a monthly session where parent beneficiaries learn various lessons such as good parenting, active citizenship, money saving, and other valuable topics for them to apply in their respective households and community.

The Conditional Cash Transfer Program Watch Project was funded by Partnership Transparency Fund (PTF) and was represented during the forum by Dr. Shomikho Raha. PTF is an international organization that supports citizens against corruption.

Also present during the forum were DSWD staff led by CCT Regional Program Coordinator Irene O. Bungay. Parent leaders of Pantawid Program in Abra were also present to share their views on the project’s findings.

CCAGG is an organization that monitors implementation of programs and projects of the elected officials and government instruments. It also organizes communities and helps in citizenship building. (JDP/Jomel Anthony V. Gutierrez-DSWD CAR)


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5 thoughts on “Concerned Citizens’ group affirms World Bank’s CCT impact evaluation

  1. its a very good news but seems no one is interested to discuss:-))

    Posted by sillang | July 13, 2013, 11:27 am
  2. It is indeed a good project if:
    Authorities involved will not find a way to politicize it or without hidden personal agenda/gain,
    If they will support these recipients to attain their highest level of education so that no one will be left out or targeted as future bodyguards/killers by our vicious politicians. and
    If our current political killers morally support the families of these children without the knowledge of their employers.

    Posted by diego silang, jr. III | July 13, 2013, 6:09 pm
  3. Daytoy San ti sungbat ti rigat. Conditional cash Transfer ket parte met la Ka LaHi program, to my belief , out reached program to uplift the flight of the poor. Nagdiferenciaanna ket infra ti KALAHI ket cash for socioeconomic ken education ti CCT. effectivo daytoy nga programa ta saan nga sakawen dagiti buaya, foolitico . Adu sabsabali nga pagilian ti umay mangtulad daytoy ta nadamagda ti kinasayaatna. Sapay koma dagiti annak ken agsagsagrap nga iti
    day toy nga imbag ket ipategda daytoy nga gracia ket aramidenda met nga sipupuso ta maadalda ken resposibilidadda.

    Posted by Amalakay | July 14, 2013, 6:55 am
  4. Relax the requirements para maka-join lahat ang mga iba pang naghihirap sa pag-papaaral ng kanilang mga anak. Mas magandang government investment ninyo ito kaysa sa mga ibang projects na ninanakaw lang ang pera ng gobierno. Mali o tama..?

    Posted by river cross | July 15, 2013, 12:00 pm
  5. Napintas unay ti panangbayabay ti CCAGG daytoy nga project tapno saan nga gundawayan manen ni politico. Maipasagepsep koma nga saan nga kuarta ni mayor daytoy, no di ket nagtaud ti buis wenno utang tayo manen. Ngem napinpintas koma pay no napingpinget ken napudno ti panangkita ti CCAGG ti panakaimplementar ti IRA , RA 7171 n other countrywide development funds. Ta no napasnek ken napudno koma ti akemda kas maawagan anti graft body, awan koma a rampant corruptions ti Abra! Sayang laeng ti naganna nga antigraft ta bulsek sa met dagiti adda ditoy. Sayang llaeng tay funds ken donation ti concern citizens from abroad nga gasgastuenda! Gapu ta awan man la kaso nga imfilada contra corruptions, dakkel ti pammatik nga utro corrupt met laeng daytoy nga mabalin nga umaw-awat met la pasosok.
    This is my personal belief . Corrections will be appreciated.

    Posted by Amalakay | July 18, 2013, 5:18 am

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