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Elections 2013: Interview with Mayor Ryan Luna of Bangued

Bangued, Abra. I finished up my interview with Former Congresswoman Cesy LUna. She said goodbye to us and left for the night. Advertisements

Photos: Semana Santa Abra 2013

Abong-abong is always an attraction in Abra. A way that catholics express their beliefs and showcase their artworks. (Photos by abrenian.com)

From Lagayan to St. Francis: Abra bet wants to change town’s name

Text by Ira Pedrasa and photos by Rem Zamora for ABS-CBNnews.com BANGUED – Abra province is always on the list of election hotspots, but a candidate in the town of Lagayan wants to change this.

SysOp’s Blog: Glad to be home

Manila, Philippines. It was just before noon on March 5th, when I got awaken with the crackling of the overhead speaker of the Korean Air. The captain (who introduced himself as Kim) was announcing that we are about to land at Ninoy Aquino International Airport. The stewardesses (who I swear all looked alike) started to … Continue reading

Bangued Town Fiesta 2013

Snapshots during the Bangued town fiesta parade. (abrenian.com photos)

Abra Sites: The Bangued Food Plaza

We went around the Bangued Town Food Plaza one evening and took some snapshots of different food and delicacies enough for you to droll and wish you were there. (pictures by abrenian.com)

Election 2013: Epal – Credit Grabber #2 – The Congresswoman

A picture speaks a thousand words…

abrenian.com-Facts: Bucay, the first Capital of Abra

In May of 1847, Bucay was organized into a mission station and chosen as the the first Capital of Abra. As the easternmost town in Abra, separated from the foothills of the Cordilleras by the very wide Abra River and perched on the east high above it, Bucay became the natural choice for the pivot of … Continue reading

abrenian.com-Facts: Tangadan Tunnel

The ‘Usok’ in Tangadan was built in 1934 and  took 2 years to complete. During World War II, Allied forces tried to destroy the tunnel twice to impede the advancing Japanese soldiers. It did not totally collapse. It was restored in 1961 through the efforts of former Congressman Lucas Paredes who worked for the appropriation of … Continue reading

abrenian.com-Facts: 2010 Congressional Elections

In the 2010 Congressional Elections, there were 5,735 ballots not counted because it was either invalid or blank. Joy Bernos went on to defeat Cecilia Seares-Luna by just 1,082 votes.

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