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Elections 2013: Interview with Mayor Ryan Luna of Bangued

Bangued, Abra. I finished up my interview with Former Congresswoman Cesy LUna. She said goodbye to us and left for the night.

SysOp’s Blog: Glad to be home

Manila, Philippines. It was just before noon on March 5th, when I got awaken with the crackling of the overhead speaker of the Korean Air. The captain (who introduced himself as Kim) was announcing that we are about to land at Ninoy Aquino International Airport. The stewardesses (who I swear all looked alike) started to … Continue reading

Elections 2013: Interview with former Congresswoman Cecilia Seares Luna

Bangued, Abra. It was just before dinner at Mayor Ryan Luna’s hotel atop the casamata hill when former Congresswoman Cecilia Seares Luna joined us in our table just outside the hotel. half an hour earlier, Mayor Luna welcomed us with ice cold beer and assorted appetizers of kilawen, lechon and fresh water fish.

SysOp’s Blog: How to register your own username in abrenian.com

We’ve been getting emails/feedbacks that some anonymous users are impersonating valid users’/personalities’ names.

SysOp’s Blog: Abra Sites – Personal Photo Collections

I want to share some picture I took while in Abra. Here’s some of them. There will be more as soon as I get settled.

Abra’s “New” Provincial Hospital remains close

We are revisiting the status of the new hospital being built by the Provincial Government of Abra. You may recall more than a year ago, the new hospital which is worth millions of pesos (through a bank loan) to built, suffered some structural damage due to rains. There was a big uproar by Abrenians around … Continue reading

abrenian.com-Facts: Bucay, the first Capital of Abra

In May of 1847, Bucay was organized into a mission station and chosen as the the first Capital of Abra. As the easternmost town in Abra, separated from the foothills of the Cordilleras by the very wide Abra River and perched on the east high above it, Bucay became the natural choice for the pivot of … Continue reading

abrenian.com-Facts: The first pharmacy

The pharmacy in Bangued did not exist until the early Thirties. It was owned by Major Urbano Banez with his daughter, Lita, as the pharmacist. It was there where you could buy condensed milk, toothpaste and leeches (alimatek) for reducing blood pressure.

abrenian.com-Facts: Two assasinations within a year

In 2006, Two prominent Political Figures were killed by assasins. La Paz mayor Mark Israel Bernos was killed on January 13, 2006 at the height of a basketball game during the town’s fiesta celebration and  Abra congressman Luis Bersamin on December 16, 2006, in front of Mt. Carmel Church in Quezon City on while attending a … Continue reading

abrenian.com-Facts: First Ever E-Petition for Abrenians

Did you know? On November 23, 2002, barely two months after abrenian.com was launched, the first ever E-Petition was launched by abrenian.com to petition then Pres. Gloria Arroyo to “Stop the Killing” in Abra. The E-Petiiton was triggered by the assasination of Mayor Clarence Benwaren of Tineg on October 29, 2002. The E-petition,  electronically signed … Continue reading

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