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Elections 2016: Vote Buying is out in the open in Abra, COMELEC “joking” about it

Vote Buying in the Philippines (Cartoon by Roni S.)

Vote Buying in the Philippines (Cartoon by Roni S.)

This is my first time in many years that I actually at ground zero for the Abra Elections 2016.

It’s an open secret that Vote Buying is always part of Philippine Elections, but during my last two weeks of presence in the Province, I didn’t expect how so blatantly out in the open.

I can tell you that VOTE BUYING is real, mind boggling (how cash is overflowing) and of course so disgusting. 

I have spoken to several voters (who choose not to be named for security reasons) and casually admitted openly that they have received money not only once but twice and even trice. Some willingly and some out of fear.

The way things are going, voters may get more in the next few days leading to May 9, as warring BIG political clans are reportedly trying to outbid each other. The amount ranges from P2,000.00 to as high as P10,000.00 per voter.

Right now, rampant vote buying are now going on in almost every municipalities in Abra. Some noted last minute strong vote buying activities are the vote rich municipalities of Pidigan, Bangued, Tayum, Bucay, San Juan and La Paz.

Also, Bangued Police recently raided the home of a an allege Congressional Candidate supporter in Barangay Bangbangar in Bangued. The raid revealed sample ballots and huge amount of cash.

I’ve attended almost all the COMELEC sponsored Candidates forum and every candidates had agreed that the biggest issue in the elections in now Vote Buying.

Dr. Joselito Bringas, who’s running for Congress, has spoken strongly against vote buying. “Vote buying is now a business in Abra”, he said. Politicians are looking at the elections as an investment and would cash in on that investment when elected. Naturally they will do everything to win,  this includes outbidding their opponents. This is one reason I decided to run. We have to stop these politicians from bleeding our province and our people.”

Antonio Viernes, who is running for Governor, on his part has also denounced this traditional practice. “You can see how Candidates and government sectors highlight the lack of respect to our people. For example, candidates tagging a price per head or per family. What does that mean? You don’t give dignity to that person. you are degrading their rights as a human being.  And this saddens me a lot.”

So far, we have not seen any concrete actions from the COMELEC aside from the usual lip service on print and radio media.

COMELEC Abra Chief, Atty. Mae Rachelle Belmes-Beronilla during the candidates orientations seminar at ASIST Bangued sometime in March, was asked about vote buying and she reported was quoted to have said “Basta hindi lantaran”. Then later on say “Joke lang”.

Well, we ain’t laughing…


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11 thoughts on “Elections 2016: Vote Buying is out in the open in Abra, COMELEC “joking” about it

  1. Pangalaan da ti kuarta nga paggatang da ti boto? Kuwarta tay nga umili dayta. Alaen tay lattan ngem ibotos tay ammo tayo nga kasayaatan.

    Mangaldaw tay pay kakailian. Agsida tayo ti abableng. Nagimays.

    Posted by eric swan | May 1, 2016, 9:57 pm
    • Aysus . . nabayagen nga diak nakaraman ti ab-ableng (atay adda bogina) ken atay ipon nga aggapu bay-bay deta Ilocos Sur! 25 years-sen . . . . Ala, mangibatika man, gyem Eric!

      Posted by wekwek | May 2, 2016, 4:52 pm
  2. Napateg nga talaga ti boto. Agasem gagayyem, 10,000.00 ti maysa nga boto? Ti kaadwan ngamin ti boto sigurado pangabak na. Kasla ken duminic, nagado nagatang na nga boto. Mahilig met pay ti nagado nga boto. La ited yo ta boto yo gagayyem nga naglako ta sigurado abotan nan to tay kaban tayo. Inton Mayo 9, ikur-it tay to dagiti boto tayo para iti kandidato nga idiktar ti konsensya tayo.

    Posted by ok! | May 2, 2016, 3:28 am
  3. I-bototayo kunada daguiti tagalog. Sitay met nga Ilocano kunatayo – – Ibotostayo! Ket madi pay met no ibagam nga ni Dominic ket aggat-gatang ti boto (ayay, bakla gayam!). Agparirin a ni Donya a Misisnan! Apay I-wek-wekmo deta kuam ti obet kunanan a ni Donya Milan! Su botos kunam saan nga boto.

    Posted by wekwek | May 2, 2016, 4:48 pm
  4. Idaw-dawatko nga mangabak koma ni Dr. Litong Bringas! Nasirib (top 10) ken nasingpet a tao. Immala ti sirib ken Ma’am Pet ken deydi Dios-ti-alluadna nga Manong Arsing. Ni Eric “sysop” ti katarakian ken kapogianda nga Bringas . . Agpaalakan, Sysop!

    Posted by wekwek | May 2, 2016, 4:57 pm
  5. No kayatda nga maisardeng ti vote buying kaya met ti comelec ken PNP,bias d ngamin no tlaga nga saan nga bias ti comelec nya ti npasamak dgdyay reklamo ti vote buying idi last eleksyon bka met ally ti tga ballasiw ni atty?

    Posted by Hans | May 3, 2016, 12:41 pm
  6. Nagpipintas nga linteg saan met nga maipatungpal. Vote buying, jueting, posting areas ta kaykayatda dagita rebbengna nga mararaem. Ania ngarud ti expectaren?
    Sapay koma ta mangabak ni Dr Litong ken mayor Duterte bareng no adunton ti pagbaliwan ti kina alas nga mapaspasamak. Kailian agriingkan!

    Posted by CONTRALASTOG | May 3, 2016, 3:04 pm
  7. the rampant vote buying for a big money is takito’s fault bec in 2013 when they were allies with the valeras he instigated them to engage vote buying. apitem ti immulam takitos bye bye pilipinas

    Posted by eric shawn | May 3, 2016, 9:43 pm

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