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Remote Abra Town Sees Light

Tineg, Abra

Tineg, Abra

Bangued, Abra (March 3, 2015) – Not long ago, the Philippine flag went up flying again in hinterland Tineg town in Abra. Now comes electricity.

The Abra Electric Cooperative (Abreco) has just lit up sitio Vira, in barangay Alaoa, the gateway to the once-forgotten Tineg town.

Part of the sitio electrification program, last week’s “light-up” was an upgraded barangay electrification project, beamed Abreco general manager Loreto Seares Jr.

Tineg is a 65-kilometer bumpy four-hour ride from Bangued, Abra’s capital town.

Perhaps the most popular anecdotes about Tineg is its perennially highly-contested local politics.

Oftentimes bloody every local elections, Tineg is a typically poor town though mineral-rich. Its roads are unpaved, even its main artery to the province’s capital is a struggle.

But sooner or later, it can overcome, said Seares Jr. who together with its visionary lady mayor Corinthia Dannang-Crisologo, Abra rep. Jocelyn Bernos and Gov. Eustaquio Bersamin first switched on Tineg’s electricity Thursday last week.

With the inroad of electricity into Tineg, added Seares Jr., economic activities would propel its local economy.

Erasing poverty in the town though may take a lifetime. Maybe even more.

Even Gov. Bersamin admits he doesn’t know if how long will poverty linger in Tineg, the most infamous town of only 4,317 people (443 families) but receiving an Internal Revenue Allotment of P49 million yearly.

Tineg’s had its “second taste of national government” only in 2013 when Sec. Corazon Soliman reached out to Tineg villagers – all beneficiaries of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (Conditional Cash Transfer).

At least 427 families (1,884 beneficiaries) are enrolled in the CCT, the government’s primary poverty alleviation program funded through a World Bank loan.

Several years ago, Tineg “became a territory of the Phillippines again” when then Police Director General Jesus Verzosa raised the Philippine Flag in the Tingguian town.

According to the DSWD, a resolute coordination between all government agencies in the local as well as in the national government will do the trick.

Admittedly, Gov. Bersamin said, “there is not enough investment (from the government) in the highlands”.

Tineg has a total land area of 83.223 hectares, 20 percent of Abra’s agrregate land area. It has 7,833 hectares of agricultural land, 43,674 hecatres of forest land, 29,000 hectares of open and pasture land, and only 113 hectares of residential land. More than half of Tineg is forest (52.94%).

But now with the start of electrification, naturally comes some inroads of development in the town, Seares Jr. believes.

Abreco is committed to fulfill its task and obligation to reach out even the farthest of the villages to “empower everyone”, the electric cooperative manager said. “This is our contribution to poverty alleviation.”*** (Artemio Dumlao/abrenian.com)


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22 thoughts on “Remote Abra Town Sees Light

  1. sana tuloy tuloy na yan pati sa ibang municipality…

    Posted by Disipulo ni Rizal | March 3, 2015, 12:19 am
  2. Sinno ti gimmasto ti pannakasilaw ti tineg? ABRECO? Kasla madi nakapappapati!

    The wonder of the internet.
    I learn from the internet.
    I read news from the internet.
    I watch movies in the internet.
    I socialize through the internet.
    I call my relatives abroad via internet.
    I book flights through internet.
    I shop through internet.
    I make withdrawals and deposits through the internet.
    I search solutions to problems in the internet.
    I pay bills through internet.
    See? Everything in the internet? – “he dragon”

    Posted by Rustico | March 3, 2015, 7:49 am
  3. Here is a quote from Martin Luther King which is appropriate to present status of Abra;

    “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”
    ― Martin Luther King Jr

    Let there be light in the heart of every Abrenios, so that darkness & hate will be alienated and Peace & Love will prevail in the whole province of Abra.

    Posted by Loud & Clear | March 4, 2015, 4:26 am
  4. Beautiful lines by MLKing jr and your line of thought LOD N CLEAR. But Exploitation of Britain n Slavery of USA were conquered by bloody revolt n revolution. ( but I believed that these were motivated by LOVE of justice n equality)

    Napintas manen nga damag ti pannakaidanon ti lawag sa diayTineg! Ti dakes nga damag ket ti rigat dalan ken panagbiag da. 65 km in 4 hrs, my God! Ti 49m ti tinawen, uray 1/3 dayta la ti mausar ti kalsada, ngangani met koman a nga nasemento ta asideg met karayan nga pangalaan t gravel n sand. Wenno agloan koma ti municipyo kas inaramid ni gov Takit, ngem saan koma nga substandard kas di immuna diay Pidigan- Pilar road. Wenno tulongan koma ni Cong n gov. Tay aggapu ti RA 7171 nga hundreds million/yr.

    Ti kalawa ti mabalin nga pastor ti animal, maaramat koma ti root nga agbalin nga karne, gatas ken pirac.( the late prin Miguel Alzate of Bangued used to mention this ” why don’t you convert grass into milk, meat n money?) . Adda koma animal dispersal nga ponduan ti ili wenno provincia, wenno joint project, kas idi panawe ni apo Marcos. (Daytoy panagtaraken ti animal ti 80percent nga nangtulong kaniak babaen ti panagpataraken ditoy ilocos sur ta napintas ti danum ken adu ti mula nga maid). Hopefully the good governor n the mayor read this n would consider my suggestion.

    Food for thought, especially for our leaders with better opportunity to help others: the good Lord said ” ….what you have done to the least of my people, you have done to Me.”

    Posted by TAGAMASID | March 4, 2015, 7:32 am
  5. Do you think the majority of the residents/consumers could all afford the luxury of using electricity? Or could Abreco make money or not?

    Posted by inangay | March 5, 2015, 5:21 pm
    • Tagamasid n loud n clear ket agpinpinasablog da ditoy a.com to the extend the other guy is promoting not only violence but also loan again for infra projects for tineg sus maryosep these guy have not learned . He did not know the history of tineg wherein its IRA is a milking cow of local politicians including koliglig n his predecessor n the military.

      Posted by eric shawn | March 6, 2015, 9:06 pm
  6. Some people keep on criticizing on the idea of people which is perceive and have proof that it works but they do not offer solutions, because they themselves can not take care of their own predicament or rather have no solutions to offer at all. At first, they’ll only dislike what you say, but the more correct you start sounding the more they’ll dislike you. Worst is they give you names which is best suited to themselves. There words have nothing to offer but more problems, in which problems can not be solve with another problem, it will just evolve into disaster.
    Well, I do not promote Ms. COMLI but as I see, this lady offer solutions in which she spent some of her precious time and financial resources to alleviate the present problem we have in Abra. If she is true to her words then why dont we give a try.

    Posted by Loud & Clear | March 8, 2015, 7:58 am
  7. Maganda ang lalawigang Abra. Naging pangit lang dahil sa mga taong tulad ni Erection na subrang yabang, naghahanap ng kaaway at nanglalait sa kapwa tao.

    Posted by Capitan | March 11, 2015, 11:49 am
    • Kopitan comment in other thread wherein the criminals frm lingtan who are being kept n employed by takit are threatening me im scared i want to go back to hide akready.

      Posted by eric shawn | March 11, 2015, 11:54 pm
  8. I’ved learned that we’re more likely to realize our aspirations when we pursue them together. That’s the spirit I would want for all abrenians.

    Reading all the comments from everyone from the different threads in a.com, we basically have the same principles for a better Abra. So, instead of attacking each other, why don’t we show support at least. If you disagree on someone else’s opinion, say so & make a suggestion.

    Posted by comli2013 | March 14, 2015, 5:23 am
    • Ikaw naman comli insist mo unity to all bloggers. Its normal that bloggers have dufferent ideas n opinion. The point here is on how we react to criticism n other forms of breaking credibility but if you act like pinoy who is stubborn n immatured like koliglig of what he had heard n seen thats idiocy.

      Posted by eric shawn | March 14, 2015, 5:00 pm
  9. @Eric Shawn…our common goal here is to avoid that kind of leadership where our kababayans are not benefiting anything from anyone. Tagamasid & Loud & Clear are citing infrastructures that were just “for show” tapno adda la maipakita nga naaramidan da. Do you agree with me? I appreciate the informations you’re disclosing here . It makes me aware of the serious problems in Abra. I also appreciate some of the solutions you are suggesting. However; killing or murdering is not the solution for peace & order. I have ideas, but this is not the right time for me to be laying on the table for discussions. It is shocking to know what our leaders & their protectors are capable of doing, whoever you’re referring. All we can do is hope for a better someone to lead our province with a heart & a good mind.

    Posted by comli2013 | March 14, 2015, 6:13 pm
  10. @ R ustico…does it really matter? They have electricity now, & I’m sure it is a joint-effort of abrenians.

    Posted by comli2013 | March 15, 2015, 12:52 pm
  11. Paano kung maging congresswoman ang kumakampi kay Erection ang ataong wala man lang matinong imongkahi para sa ikabubuti ng Abra. Sa halip na tumulong, lalong wasak ang lahat ang magagandang nagawa ni boss Takit sa pagbabago ng uri ng buhay sa lalawigan.

    Posted by Capitan | March 15, 2015, 8:47 pm
    • sino ba nabago ng buhay na abra kundi sya lng sng kanyang mga korakot na alipores. ung ngbebenta ng tinapa at sinooban na bakla e ngbebenta pa din hangang ngaun na ung capital nya e utang sa mga loan shark. Meron bng ginawa si takit ung mga taong gusto umasenso na wala capital.

      Posted by eric shawn | March 17, 2015, 12:04 am
  12. @ Capitan…I don’t have to hate anyone. When I disagree with you, it does’nt mean I don’t like you.

    Posted by comli2013 | March 16, 2015, 8:52 pm
    • Im not going to vote comli because i dnt know her personally but if she will win it is a good development for better abra because she took criticsms n suggestions constructively not like koliglig whenever he is criticised he called hid critics apal da lng sus mseyosep

      Posted by eric shawn | March 17, 2015, 12:00 am
  13. Hi,
    I would like to include your site to my favorite index site for the promotion of informative and educational blogs and websites that needs more SEO exposure .I am an advocate of ” Abra an economic power ” .With this light I support sites to promote Abra just like yours.


    Posted by aqquinte2015 | March 18, 2015, 5:37 pm
  14. Business wise, Abreco will not make money, it will only add burden to its financial & operational expenses to the detriment of the existing consumers. Operation & Maintenance, Distribution line losses, Non-power cost in maintaining the line will be added to their monthly bill. Yes Abreco fulfill its social obligation but the real picture behind is Abreco will be at the lossing end especially the consumers. Dont be braggadocio GM lalo lang nga inlomlommo ti Abreco.

    Posted by tams | March 19, 2015, 9:38 pm

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