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DOE Asked To Go After Pols Intervention In Abra Power Coop

Governor Takit Bersamin want to live a legacy on his last term as Governor

Governor Eustaquio “Takit” Bersamin (file photo)

By Artemio A. Dumlao

BAGUIO CITY (December 11, 2014) –The Abra Electric Cooperative holding its board of directors’ elections over the weekend is asking Energy chief Carlos Jerico Petilla to look into the alleged intervention of politicians in the supposedly independent exercise of the cooperative.

Abreco general manager Loreto Seares Jr. in an official request addressed to Sec. Petilla on December 10, has brought to the Department of Energy (DOE) the “high-handed intervention of Abra governor Eustaquio Bersamin” into the approaching BOD elections on December 13 and 14, which has even led to the withdrawal of one BOD bet “for fear of his life and family.”

Seares Jr. told Sec. Petilla that Gov. Bersamin, who is accordingly abroad at the moment, wired via overseas call Distric VIII BOD candidate from Tayum town Enrique “Ike” Alagao early Wednesday morning inquiring about his candidacy. The governor accordingly asked Mr. Alagao what he wanted inorder for him to withdraw.

Mr. Alagao however declined and reportedly told Gov. Bersamin that his commitment is with the people of Tayum he wanted to represent in the electric cooperative. He also reportedly told the province and provincial governor that he would not look good to his townmates and would appear that he was paid to withdraw. Their conversation over the telephone reportedly did not end well as Gov. Bersamin reportedly gave a veiled threat via a heavy tone.

Gov. Bersamin has time and again belied his “dipping fingers” into the affairs of the Abreco, whcih has been time and again experiencing financial difficulties leading to threats of power cut off by its power supplier Aboitiz Power Renewables Inc. (APRI).

Several hours after the said conversation with Gov. Bersamin, general manager Seares Jr. said, Alagao reportedly told his nephew Giancarlo Alagao, an Abreco employee, that he is withdrawing his candidacy. He also reportedly told his nephew about an earlier “delegation” of 8 barangay chairmen from Tayum town allegedly sent by Mayor Glen Eduarte, who is a son-in-law of Gov. Bersamin, convincing him not to run in the Abreco BOD.

“We are still trying our best to reach out to Mr. Alagao and pursue his candidacy,” Seares Jr. said, condemning the dirty tricks being employed into the affairs of the electric cooperative.

The other year’s BOD elections, even the Cordillera police was alarmed over the intervention of politicians and their reported “goons” into the supposedly independent cooperative exercise.

Seares Jr. said the “tricks” being employed by elective officials must be known to the DOE, hence the letter-request to Sec. Petilla.***Artemio A. Dumlao***


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73 thoughts on “DOE Asked To Go After Pols Intervention In Abra Power Coop

  1. my God, what a desperate person this GM Seares really is. He is employing every trick in the book to hang on to dear power. Why does he not face the people in a General Assembly and tell his complaints to the member/consumers, if they would listen to his lies or the member/consumers gang up on him and take any piece of his carcass just to get even with him and his corruptness.
    I myself believe that politicians should shun away from the district elections but my God, he has the guts to use the name of Alagao to besmirch the name of his uncle-in-law Gov. Eustaquio to gain media coverage. And he has the guts to mention the name of Giancarlo Alagao, the son of the late Fatima Alagao, who this GM scammed by selling two cars to the late ISD manager to which Mrs Alagao paid in amortizations until her retirement and fully paid, but after the death of Alagao GM Seares recalled the two vehicles allegedly because mrs alagao was not fully paid. Now this GM has the guts to use Mr Alagao, a candidate for Director for the districty that covers Tayum and Penarubia and a bother-in-law of Fatima Alagao. Even if his allegations against his uncle-in-law Gov takit is true, does he think Alagao would vote for his retention as GM, I doubt it.
    GM seares is complaining of political meddling while complaining to Sec. Petilla, Does he not know that Sec Petilla is also a POLITICIAN. Petilla is in his present position now because of political accommodation and not because he is a career officer. Remember too, that GM Seares is a politician himself and was placed as ABRECO GM because of the political maneuverings of his estranged cousins, the Lunas and Gov takit. (Let me just point out that I too am not fond of Takit though)
    GM Seares including his father Loreto Sr. are busy calling people too, for these people to have filed their certificates of candidacies for directorship just to ensure that GM Loreto Jr would still have control of the Board of Directors and ensure that he would not be ousted by the Board.
    GM Seares should just shut up and shot himself. I reiterate my call for him to do HARA-KIRI.

    Posted by mario bang | December 10, 2014, 9:11 pm

    Posted by Muyat | December 11, 2014, 12:29 am

    Posted by Muyat | December 11, 2014, 12:34 am
  4. Politicians just keep your hands out of ABRECO. What we need are directors who are capable of carrying the reforms initiated by GM Seares. Those who can work harmoniously with the management. Kicking the GM is not demanded by circumstances. Everyone’s help is needed at this time. Let’s work together as a team, to regain the glory of ABRECO. For a better society and for a better a Abra. Let’s keep the light shining and at the end of the day, we can say “may liwanag ang buhay.”

    Posted by COMLI2013 | December 11, 2014, 12:52 am
    • come on madam omli, is this how blind you are to the truth? what reforms are you talking about? Up to this time you are still under the spell of GM Seares. Is the constant threat of power being cut by APRI the reform you are talking about madam omli. If you still insist on your side madam, this i say to you’ YOU TOO ARE A FOOL The accessory to the crime as you are now, is as just guilty as the primary culprit.

      Posted by mario bang | December 11, 2014, 2:08 am
    • How could we have capable directors when all of these directors were finananced n campaigned by
      mayors. There were professionals, independent, qualified, deserving candidates who tried their luck but had no chance against evil hands, evil for plain reason that they are not supposed to interfere during elections of directors. So dirty politics is the real culprit. To reeducate our fellow consumers of their rights and duties is the biggest challenge to have a better Abreco and a better Abra.

      Posted by TAGAMASID | December 11, 2014, 12:59 pm
    • Kicking the gm and his cohorts out of abreco is the top most priority if we wish to have a brighter abreco. If only circumstances dictate and hear the sentiments of the many, jun seares is no longer needed to captain the ship of abreco! Most if not all of his subordinates CURSE this person to the highest level because of his inhumane acts. Daytoy lang comli t ammok nga mangtallek kenyanan…..adu pay nga tao t ginantyo dayta nga gm, agala t lugan tapos agi issue t talbog nga checke…..dayta kadi comli t maysa a klase t tao nga pagtalkan? T tao nga mangkikibrong ket mangkikibbrong to latta…..cguro napintas nga pagpanpanunutam daytoy comli…..birds with the same feather flock together……

      Posted by Okel....okel | December 12, 2014, 12:55 am
  5. A total overhaul of the the ABRECO management is long overdue. It is quite obvious that the current make-up of the BOD and most specially the GM have proven over the years that they are ill equipped to manage it with competence and honesty! Sadly, another family has expressed their desire to take ownership as well as management of this coop. This whole situation is just a menagerie of complete and total incompetence! You allow control of ABRECO to this family would spell disaster and a future that will require every consumer to earn a living just to be able to pay for their electric power! That you can take to the bank as GREED takes over!

    Posted by Observer | December 11, 2014, 4:11 am
  6. You can never conceal the TRUTH by telling LIES… Abrenians know the INTEGRITY of Gov. Takit as well as the CORRUPTIONS within the COOPERATIVE… This PROPAGANDA is not convincing…

    Posted by Veritas | December 11, 2014, 4:27 am

    Posted by aj | December 11, 2014, 4:43 am
    • GM Jun Seares, you will be caught in a web of your own lies. You will be held accountable. The party is over. Cut the bullcrap. For once, stay sober even for just 3 days so you can face the consumer/members and make a complete accounting of the funds of ABRECO from the day you took the helm. There are two kinds of people in this world – those who face the music and those who hide. Which one will you be?

      Posted by Pedro Abreno | December 11, 2014, 3:27 pm
  8. bankarote ti abreco agsipod ta agbalin a milking cow dagidiay mayat agtaray ti election.Itan ta election ti para directores , hopeless latta ti kasasaad ta gamin adda latta politikero a rumam raman.
    awan man wenno adda ado latta met ti mayat agtakaw.

    Ilako taun deta abreco ti mayat gumatang barbareng ada pagsayaatan na deta. imbes nga paggatasan agbalin ton a business .

    Posted by waengtitagaabra | December 11, 2014, 4:15 pm
  9. They will drag Abreco to Bankrupcy then they will change the name to another one..less headache and more money for them…California style .

    Posted by Iron man | December 11, 2014, 7:23 pm
    • yup i got you IRON MAN

      Posted by FINANCIAL ADVISER AND GROUP OF ACCOUNTANTS | December 12, 2014, 4:24 am
      • in the business world bankruptcy will drag the lender and the consumer to an end.. but to avoid it the lender aboitiz will continue to provide services to recover some losses..aboitiz may give Abreco electricity at night and no electricity at daytime until Abreco will comply..still the shortest way and strong moved is abreco will go bancrupcy and change the name to avoid debt..lenders will automatically watch the trail of money transaction thats why KOLIGLIG IS HERE IN CALI…

        Posted by NAMNAMA | December 12, 2014, 4:49 am
  10. my PAYOLA kasi si GOVERNOR TAKIT jan sa pera ng abreco na ninanakaw nila GM SEARES magkakamag-anak sila dahil si GM SEARES asawa nya si MERIAN BERSAMIN na anak ni CHITO BERSAMIN, HINDI MAPUPUTULAN NG KURYENTE ANG ABRA KASI NAGBABAYAD ANG MGA CONSUMER ANG SIGURADO LANG JAN UNG UTANG NG ABRECO HINDI NA MABABAYARAN DAHIL LUMALAKI LANG NG LUMALAKI dahil hindi nila binabayad sa APRI UNG binabayad ng consumer, ninanakaw lang nila

    Posted by TAMA AKO | December 11, 2014, 9:14 pm
  11. I understand DOE Secretary ordered the holding of the Special Election for BOD’s. He directed NEA, CDA & Abreco to come up with unified Guidelines for Special Elections.

    Posted by comli2013 | December 12, 2014, 12:31 am
  12. Yap, Ms. Comli. Do you know a better way to solve this mess in Abreco? I suggest come home and be a member of the BOD (Abreco) coz as you described yourself that your magnanimity towards the people of Abra is boundless.
    As we see your physical being is in hawaii but your heart belongs to the people of abra. Come Home and file your candidacy, it is nice way to start with. he, he, he,

    Posted by Laud Daya | December 12, 2014, 7:27 am
    • It is only proper to investigate the allegstion of gm the person whom takit called should spill yhe beans to shed light the meddling of not only tskit but all politicians.

      Posted by eric shawn | December 12, 2014, 8:04 am
      • Investigation should serve its purpose by indictment of the concern person, otherwise it is futile and it will become pagpaguni and pabpabuya idi kwan awan met laengen.

        Posted by Laud Daya | December 12, 2014, 8:23 am
    • @Laud Daya…that’s what I’m doing. Again, asking the GM to step-down or resign is not the solution for now. Running for BOD? Nope…I rather stay behind the scenes as a Mediator & Strategist. I mentioned in the other thread my suggestions for the GM to start doing for better management.

      As I see everyones’ reactions …hateful & negativity, wishing harm for others, doesn’t help at all, & worst…involving families who doesn’t have anything to do with the problems? That’s not how i work. We’re forgetting we all have feelings too.

      I feel the GM is doing his best! Otherwise; DOE Secretary would have dished him long time ago. I know there’s a lot of problems within Abreco. Give him peace of mind to resolve what he has to resolve. I know there’s good people behind him assisting him all the time. I am not referring to the BOD.

      I am aware of what the Governor & his wife is been doing to oust the GM. Would you guys rather see both of this people to run Abreco? ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

      I maybe in Hawaii, but I know what’s going on…and I am doing whatever I can to extend my “long distance nga panagserbi”.

      Posted by comli2013 | December 12, 2014, 11:13 am
      • Well said, Madam Comli. But people in Abra see it the other way, they see Jun Seares as a disease, a cancer with no cure. Coz the damage that he have done is irreparable, irrespective of his manegerial skills, which Eric Shawn see it as below par (i read it in the past comment) or does not have any management knowledge that will bring to the resolution of the financial status of Abreco. By the way may I remind you Madam, that Jun Seares brain is not a car that when something goes wrong it can be repaired. Takit, had tried to help by putting a Band Aid solution but it backfired, lallalo nga nagtanoy ti loko nga GM idi sinalo ni Takit ti bayad na, inusar da tay calamity fund. Nyat ta napalalo ti isem ni GM idi uray da la nagpapainom kadaguiti BOD adda ak idi ijay nga kanito. So that is Jun Seares managerial skill. Paawa effect. Awan daytan lumang tugtugin na yan.

        Posted by Laud Daya | December 12, 2014, 7:04 pm
    • No di met kayat dagiti i-Lagangilang ni Comli, anian to la ket ngata sadiay surongen? Am-ammodan ti ngauneg ti kinarakaranna.

      Posted by Giron Gustavo, naikamang iti Abra | December 14, 2014, 1:59 pm
  13. My God! This is our chance as unified people of abra to kick out the abusive management which is involve in big time large scale ultra superduper corruption in abreco.

    Sss, philhealth, pagibig, rmba premiums, bir tax dues, loan payments, pati sweldo, 13th month, bonus, productivity pay, loyalty pay, medical, clothing, rice alowans ken SWELDO launay kinurakot dan. Idi, adda pay 14th ken 15th month pay. tatta? awan aminen pati sweldon.

    No haan nga ni gobernador, asino ngarud ti tumulong kadatayo?

    I am not against jun seares personally because he is a friend. I know that he is being ill advised by people with personal interests just like comli.

    Posted by ba eer | December 12, 2014, 2:11 pm
    • I am for accountability kicking out frm abreco is not enough he should be jailed. If kologlig use the issue of abreco for his papogi then its useless the next annointed gm is corrupt as gm . Nevertheless we shoukd be thankful if he really intervened to fix abreco but why he is in america now that abrenians need his help.

      Posted by eric shawn | December 12, 2014, 2:49 pm
    • @BaEer… Really? That powerful I am? Now it’s my fault?
      Instead that you say, thank you for helping my friend?

      Posted by comli2013 | December 13, 2014, 6:33 pm
  14. Or he is doing his old game wait and see for him to be safe n saint to abrebians

    Posted by eric shawn | December 12, 2014, 2:50 pm
  15. @comli

    “asking the GM
    to step-down or resign is not the solution”

    what? nea ngarud ti solution? idi pay lang ka solution ka nga solution ingana ita awan pay la ti solution? what is the solution? tell me the solution! show me your solution, the omli solution!

    Posted by LUBNAK | December 12, 2014, 2:51 pm
  16. This is an email i received from an abrenian:

    “It is just frustrating mam when you know that you are still seeing something good about a person and you believe that there is still hope but almost all the people around you says otherwise.
    You can not change the way o
    ther people perceive your good intentions. From a friends point of view, lay back from openly depending jun because most people don’t see what you see. When time comes that all you thought so happens, you can sit back relax and tell yourself, you were right afterall.
    You don’t have to risk your name because you have already did a lot, though not appreciated at the moment by those who should. You know that you did.

    Thank you mam, save yourself from the dilemna we’re at. I will always be your admirer and friend

    Posted by comli2013 | December 12, 2014, 11:37 pm
    • What good intention, may I know? In your desperation to defend Jun Seares, you took the liberty of besmirching my reputation by posting that you sent me money to get a copy of the NEA report. You wrote that I am MARIO BANG. SYSOP knows that what you wrote was a canard. You take liberties with me and you have done it for the second time. You do not even have the humility to admit your faults and correct them. Now, you have the gall to share with us an email you received from someone who calls you friend. You have lost credibility and anything you post will be taken as nothing but a desperate attempt to defend Jun Seares. There is one nagging question you cannot answer until today, “Why is Jun Seares so afraid to face the consumer/members”? So much for your Save Abra Movement. It may be more appropriate for you to rename it as the Save Jun Seares Movement. A great majority of people in Abra denounce the mismanagement and plunder of funds at the ABRECO. “None are so blind as those who refuse to see”.

      Posted by Pedro Abreno | December 13, 2014, 12:32 am
    • Madam, your noble purpose to help is much appreciated, but the thing is, we do not see the good intention of the person you are trying to steer to the path of betterment of Abreco. Dont be naive Madam, you very well know what is going. At your very eyes millions of pesos is involved and bulk of notice of disconnections is coming. Madam, if you remember the old saying; Old dogs learn no new tricks, they just stick to what they know.
      That is GM Jun Seares. If there is a disease then cure it if there is cancer then remove it.
      Lastly Madam, You are a true Abrenian but dont be fool by this shenanigans who pretend to know about
      management, where infact he does not have the skill and moral ascendancy to hold such a position.

      Posted by Laud Daya | December 13, 2014, 12:53 am
    • “did a lot”? What? Ania ti naaramidan ni Comli nga pagsayaatan ti Abra?
      Sorry, ni gayam Comli daytoy nag-post iti kunana nga e-mail, ‘mo payen no naggapuanna, baka isu met laeng ti nang-pondar ti diaske nga e-mail para kaniana. What a trick, “boils my blood, breaks my heart”, saan met a kasta ti kababa ti IQ mi nga taga-Abra..

      Posted by Giron Gustavo, naikamang iti Abra | December 14, 2014, 2:08 pm
  17. Ne, adda met baro a Abreco Director in the person of Amante Dumlao, isu ngatan daytoy ti umay mangisalakan kadaguiti managbasol idiay ABRECO, la alistuan mr. director anusam ti nasapa a panna ka ilansam iti krus ti gapu ti basbasol ni GM Jun Seares tapno maispal ti agdama a kasasaad na. Welcome!!!!! ken saan ka kuma a paananawa ken padiktaran kadaguiti adda ipus dta abreco.

    Posted by Laud Daya | December 13, 2014, 5:29 am
  18. Apay met nga dagiti managbasol dita abreco pay laeng ti isalakan ni director amante dumlao? Dagitay koma kakaasi nga emplyado ti isalakan na. Nea mettenen. awan latta a ngarud piman….

    Posted by LUBNAK | December 13, 2014, 7:19 am
    • Nagado kay nga mamasirib idtoy A.com apay koma no maysa kanyayo ti mansukat ken Gm Badong ken dagitoy Directors ti Abreco ta sumayaat met toy mabasan..Ni Koliglig aglemmeng sa metten toy Cali..ni ngata Popoy ti agdama nga Gobernador

      Posted by Alfredo | December 13, 2014, 1:44 pm
      • Aglemmeng ta met a toy paglemlengan dagitoy komentaryo nga komentaryo ALFREDO ta agpaparis kami nga aglemlengen hahaha
        Sikayun konak pay ket din ahh
        Lakalaka-en da met ti pinagna ti turayen
        no kasla koma ti kapaspas ti sarita ti aramid nga insigida a ket nasayaat koma isu nga isem mak latta nga isemen a niapay hik hik hik

        Posted by KOLIGLIG | December 13, 2014, 8:25 pm
        • Naragsak nga paskua ken baro a tawen mo met bossing Koliglig
          Enjoy your stay in Cali.

          Posted by Karimbuaya | December 14, 2014, 12:20 am
        • Mangisalog kayman ti mazo kampay kanyubong ken nuang dita pagpatig ga-an ti lugan ket umay kan BUMISITA ni BOSSING KOLIGLIG

          Posted by Garumata | December 14, 2014, 12:50 am
        • Orayak la nga komkomleben ditoy a.com men kakailian kasla metla agbaro nga tawenen toy ariwawa toy ngiwat yod tuyen ahhaha
          bareng a no adda mapontaan yo nga billit tuleng idtoy A.com ta podno met ti panaglaylaya dagitog panag dildila yodtoyen saan kaysapay nga matmaturogen kakailian
          agpakatyrog kayo hahahaha ta diket nga agobor ni kaanakan nga GM Badong

          Posted by KOLIGLIG | December 14, 2014, 2:43 am
        • Napait kan nga kasla paryan apo Koliglig toy paskua dan agsama otit da nga kasla gakong nga ganakgak nga ganakgaken agawid kay ngamin ditoy Abra ta makitayo ti kaadda ti koryente mahilig kay to met ti tsismis saan pay nga napasamak imuna kayun ni ngata man ERIC SHAWN ti dada olo yon hahahaha awan ngata ket ti trabaho yon ta agpaspasngaw kaymet aminen halla ket NARAGSAK NGA PANAG PASKUA TAY NGARUD AMIN KEN NAIMBAG NGA BARO A NAMNAMA TI BARO A TAWEN BARENG NO INKAY AGBALBALIWEN AGTITINULONG TAY KOMA AMIN TA AWAN TI NASAYAAT NGA IBUNGA NADETOY INKAY PANAGKRITIKAR

          Posted by PARYOK | December 14, 2014, 12:07 pm
    • La director iraman mon daguiti empleado a di pay nagsueldo, isalakan mo idan ken ipangpang runam ti adda a kasasaad ti abreco.

      Posted by mokong | December 13, 2014, 3:51 pm
    • I agree absolutely, LUBNAK. Lost in the fight for a more competent and honest management of ABRECO is the welfare and future of the employees. They have suffered for the longest time under the mismanagement of GM Jun Seares and the board of directors. It is only just that they be given everything that is due to them.

      Posted by Pedro Abreno | December 13, 2014, 4:42 pm
      • I absolutely agree with the two of you lubnak and pedro abreno. The employees of abreco, the ritirees from abreco and the illegally retrenched employees have suffered a lot for so long under this tyrant and corrupt administration of GM Seares. The employees are not being given their keeps in time and to make it worse their premiums for sss, philhealth are not being paid and even taxes withheld from them are not remitted. The retirees have not received their lump sums and are not given theif pensions because abreco has not paid premiums in their insurances. The illegally retrenchec employees who eventually won their cases at the NLRC have not been paid their backwages amounting to millions. To make things worse, in the advent again of ABRECO being disconnected, in its desire to pay its obligations, the GM ordered massive disconnections if concsumers do not settle, and it is very sad to say that many of those threatened to be disconnected are the people that ABRECO is indebted to, the retirees and the illegally retrenched employees. In one incident, this poor retiree retorted that abreco has more debt to him than him to abreco, that if they insist on cutting his power, he would defend it to the point that he engage the men of jun seares to a gunfight. I see desperation in theses people. While ABRECO is indebted to this people in millions of pesos,this idiot jun seares has the nerve to order his men to cut off their power because they owe abreco a thousand or two. Damn, tell me miss omli, is this the kind of manager you so idolize? Is this the solution you are talking about?
        As my friend pedro abreno has said, MADAM OMLI, YOU HAVE LOST CREDEBILITY! Posting an e mail from your friend appreciating you does not prove anything. For all i know, the person who sent you that email is jun seares.
        I have discovered one thing though, you,madam omli, are aspiring to be congressman on 2016? now i know why you are trying to associate with jun seares. That by doing so, you would get the nod of the seares clan. You are greatly mistaken madam. If you only know, that even the clan is also divided because of the shenanigans of jun seares, Loreto Sr, loreto jr and allan seares against the whole seares clan. See, madam omli, you have again committed a big blunder. So if i were you, stop being the attorney of jun seares or as pedro abreno posted, change the title of your webpage from God Save Abra to God Save Jun Seares.

        Posted by mario bang | December 13, 2014, 6:36 pm
  19. ada ngat rètainers fee ni ms comli ta isuna ti pannaka ngiwat ni GM Seares ti abreco? apay madam diak man impagarup nga patulam deta lol

    Posted by waengtitagaabra | December 13, 2014, 3:29 pm
  20. It’ s breaking my heart listening to all of you. I am upset that I wish I have that magic wand to make all your wishes come true.

    I am not as powerful as you all think to ask for the GM to step down or to resign. I support you all for a better management of Abreco, no question about that. Now, if you guys can give me names of employees who has not received their paychecks, I will do everything I can for them to get paid even a portion for them to enjoy their x’mas with their families. I am not promising anything…..i’ll see what I can do. This is the most that’s upsetting me , believe me. I will keep names confidential. Email me @ c_omli @yahoo.com

    I wanna say this for the last time… I am not getting a kickback from anyone. I don’t need it!

    Posted by comli2013 | December 13, 2014, 7:14 pm
    • Hogwash! You are nothing but a false messiah. God Save Abra, my foot. “I’ll see what I can do”? Well, we have seen what you have done so far- defend Jun Seares because, boy, he has charm. What does charm have to do with competence and integrity? If your eyes weren’t wide-shut, you could have seen the opinions posted on this thread alone. No one, I repeat, no one agrees with you. The voice of the people is the supreme law, as you say. You cannot even practice what you preach. I see a serious lack of gray matter between the ears. You have disrespected me and that is the reason I have lost my respect for you.

      Posted by Pedro Abreno | December 13, 2014, 9:07 pm
  21. Madam omli, the salaries of the rank and file of ABRECO is at least 1 MONTH DELAYED because all collections are used to pay for arrears abreco has to pay. Now do you call that good management of your idol, jun seares. If ABRECO were a person, it is “ISANG KAHIG, ISANG TUKA”, ABRECO is surviving but its employees are dying from poverty. You want us to name names, then look at the roster of employees of abreco and they are all the beneficiaries of your intercession. They do not have christmas bonus, neither do they have 13th month pay. It is all because, your idol GM Seares has plundered ABRECO. He has left abreco bone dry, no skin and no flesh.
    I don’t think of you as somebody with power but somebody who is a staunch defender of a corrupt person. Neithe do I see you as a crusader for the people because of your being under the spell of jun seares’s charm.
    During the term of atty marco bautista, at this time of year, the employees of abreco would have been smiles ear go ear because they would have received their 13th, 14th and 15th month pays and other bonuses.but now what. The salaries are a month delayed with nothing else to wait for. Your idol is so good a msnager that his employees are starving.
    You want more names, ask your idol, jun seares the list of retirees who he has not paid what is due them. If you want more names, ask NLRC, the dept of labor on who ABRECO has not paid backwages and who jun seares has not paid moral and exemplary damages.

    Posted by mario bang | December 13, 2014, 9:32 pm
    • You are absolutely correct, my friend. What kind of crusader will vent her ire on the people denouncing evident abuse? Instead of listening to the people who are clamoring for genuine change, her ears are only for the plunderer, the mismanager. She is so pathetic she even posted an email from someone who calls her friend. Well, misery loves company. She is the only one defending Jun Seares now. What a pity. She would not even see any wrongdoing on the part of Jun Seares even if the evidence hits her on the face. A case of eyes wide-shut. The word of the day is GULLIBLE.

      Posted by Pedro Abreno | December 13, 2014, 10:50 pm
  22. I’m upset by your words. Please give me a little respect.

    Again and again I tell you. Resignation of GM is not the solution. Abreco will never be disconnected. Why? It’s because DOE Secretary Petilla is giving GM the trust and confidence. We, also must give our trust to him, the same trust as the Hon. Secretary is giving him. Give him time and peace of mind to do it. I know and I can feel that he can reverse the situation.

    Please respect my stand as I respect yours. No offense. Peace. Happy holidays everyone…

    Posted by COMLI2013 | December 14, 2014, 12:09 am
    • Adu lang t lablabutabem…..bagam ken badong ta agpaayab t special general assembly ta makitan no cno t salawasaw ken mangkikibrongen….anya aya t kabuteng na nga makisango t member-consumers ket nadalos met gayam akas konam! Ti guilty nga criminal ket aglemlemeng jay uneg t pandiling ni inang na!

      Posted by Okel....okel | December 14, 2014, 3:51 am
  23. NAH!!!!!!!!!!!!Ýour stand can not be respected coz of the burning anger of the majority here in Abra. Better pocket that stand as it will never stand on the people of Abra. And there will be happy holiday here. Not until things is settle down.

    Posted by mokong | December 14, 2014, 2:30 am
  24. I mean there will be no happy holiday

    Posted by mokong | December 14, 2014, 2:32 am
  25. Respect is earned. ‘ By your words, you are condemned, by your words you are justified.’ Be honest to yourself by accepting the truth; this is the only way to make one free.
    Everything prevailing in Abreco continue to magnify from bad to worst – mismanagement, poor services, abused employees’ rights and privileges, and blatant corruptions.
    Let us hear and consider the opinions of Pedro Abrenio and Mario Bang for a hope change.

    Posted by TAGAMASID | December 14, 2014, 11:48 am
    • I agree, my friend TAGAMASID. Indeed, respect can only be earned. It cannot be ordered. Citizens have the right to seek redress of their grievances. We are the real stakeholdera here. Businessmen are complaining about the uncertainty of having electric power. It is vital to the viability of any business. How can we expect investors to come to Abra when ABRECO has been receiving notices of disconnection on a monthly basis? I will always be civil to people who act ln a civilized and educated way. But make no mistake about it, I will not sit idly by while my liberties are being invaded. I have not sought to unmask the identity of any person participating in this forum because it is a violation of the rules of engagement in this forum. I have been called many names and that is something I have no control of. But when a person writes in a post that she sent me money for whatever she imagines, she has crossed the line. She is hallucinating if she thinks she can order me around. Can you expect humility from a person with a bloated ego who writes as though she can do everything when in fact it is very onvious that she does not have a clear picture of the mess? It has been very clear from the beginning that she is the mouthpiece of GM Jun Seares. How else can she say that the employees will be paid? She disrespected me twice and now she says she respects my opinion. Wow, how can you believe anything she says?

      Posted by Pedro Abreno | December 14, 2014, 2:45 pm
  26. I followed up last night on the employees not getting paid. Yhe response I got : ” all employees will be getting paid next week. Please let me know if it doesn’t happen. Thanks.

    Posted by comli2013 | December 14, 2014, 12:54 pm
    • Well, well, nice move MadamComli. Much appreciated if this will push true. What about the retirement of those retirees? Which is long overdue.

      Posted by Laud Daya | December 14, 2014, 1:29 pm
    • Employees will all get paid but it is not because your intervention Comli. They worked for it, so they will get paid. Are you taking the credit for employees to be paid? Again, we, the people of Abra are not as dumb as you think. The employees will get paid because they work for it.

      Posted by Giron Gustavo, naikamang iti Abra | December 14, 2014, 2:17 pm
  27. I wanna talk to them about the problems, one at a time. I am hopeful it will be resolved sometime. Think positive!

    Posted by comli2013 | December 14, 2014, 1:42 pm
  28. @comli2013

    Next week to pay lat sueldo da abreco? Sus ginoo! Aanhin pa ang sueldo kung patay ang… mmm., (kaw na lang) … kung patay ka na? Apay nga next week pay laeng? Datoy nga week koman!

    Nea met ti makonam madam? Nasayaat pay la dayta? Sobra met onay delay suedodan?

    Nea, masapol agthankyou da kenka ta agsweldo da next week?

    Posted by team mckey | December 14, 2014, 2:00 pm
  29. @Team Mckey….I am not asking anything in return. I did what I needed to do after learning employees have not gotten paid.

    BTW: CONGRATULATIONS ! to the newly elected Board of Directors.

    Posted by comli2013 | December 14, 2014, 4:53 pm
    • madam omli, they will be paid what month? What about the retirees, the illegally retrenched employees? what about the non-remittance of SSS, Philhealth and withheld income taxes. What about their bonuses and allowances? To tell you quite frankly, you play dumb for your idol GM seares.
      You aver that Sec Petilla has trust and confidence in your idol GM Seares that is why your idol is still GM. To tell you madam omli, Sec Petilla has no power to remove your idol because ABRECO is still under CDA and also, it is the General Assembly with the Board of Directors that could remove your idol. That is the reason why your idol Seares would not convene a general assembly. See, you are to obsessed with GM Seares that you loss reason. As I have said, Sec Petilla is also a politician, and I see him too as one corrupt politician that could be bought. So I don’t wonder if your GM is able to bribe him too.
      The new Board of Directors are now composed of people who your idol could not hold in their necks. This means the days of your idol in ABRECO is numbered. The General Assembly is forthcoming. The consumer/members are itching to skin your idol, maybe you would want to come that we could include you too.

      Posted by mario bang | December 14, 2014, 6:18 pm
  30. In my personal belief, it’s everybody’s desire, except for few with vested interest, to solve once and for all of the endless corruptions not only on Abreco but corruptions entire the province that has keep us a shameful member of the 20 poorest provinces in the country. It is also my belief as I mentioned the nth times that love of money for most, especially the ‘honorables’ both elected n appointed, is the source of all the evils and miseries. But I have to mention here again that the exploitation of the poor masses, the ignorant which is the majority, the less educated, seemed to be helpless with our failure as better enlighten to reach them by proper information dessimination of their rights, duties and responsibilities. High tech like here in Abrenian A. Com is only limited to probably no more than 3 percent. My question is how do we make this forum, with noble thoughts, reach the less fortunate poorly educated majority to maximize its impact to awaken them of their responsibilities?
    I really don’t understand the magic of these political leaders, mostly dynasties, keep themselves where they don’t deserved.

    Posted by TAGAMASID | December 14, 2014, 8:39 pm
  31. awan silao entero abran. ay appo. riga ti biag.

    Posted by ako ikaw | December 14, 2014, 9:02 pm
  32. Agis’isemak laeng kadagita panagsasao yo. Why are you guys so mad at me? Am I complaining kadagita kapanunutan yo?.
    It’s my prerrogative to say what I want to say about the GM & how he manage Abreco. I have my own reasons. How about you guys? All you do is nagging & complaining? What have you guys done? Tell me.

    You’re so judgmental as if you had done something to resolve the situation. All you talk about is his personal life? Does that help the problems. Did you guys even think that there might be a problem in collecting some of the accounts? That he might
    be covering up something?

    I am speaking for the last 3’days to a former secretary of a GM & BOD of Laguna ElectricbCooperative….same as Abreco.
    She told me the same problems Abreco is going through. The GM was doing a lot of cover-ups and so much behind on their payments. We talked about the cover-ups. So, I thought those are the same reasons why Abreco is always having the same problems…disconnections, late payments, salaries & wages not paid on time, sss deposits were not made, retirements not paid when due , etc. etc.

    You want solutions? Let’s all work together to get the following:

    1. Billings of each municipality of Abra.
    2. Billings of each of the Mayor’s residences.
    3. Billings of the Kapitolyo.
    4. Billings of the Governor’s residence.

    I want to know if they are up-to-date on their payments.


    If there are no discrepancies on the above, then I can personally say to GM to step-down and we can hire an independent acct. mgt. to inspect the books…NOT NEA.

    So,for now….let’s not put all the blame on him.

    Posted by comli2013 | December 14, 2014, 11:15 pm
    • Madam omli, laguna is so different than abra. Do not compare a first class province to a fourth class province and a class 1 electric coop to a 2nd class coop. How does a person from laguna the situation in abra? You are really talking of nonsense.
      Whose cash advances are you talking about. Remember madam omli that cash advances are given to officers of ABRECO and the Board of Directors and not people outside of ABRECO. To tell you, most of the cash advances that appeared in one report are made by the the people of GM Seares. Cash advances made with supporting documents are just the tip of the iceberg here. There are cash advances made with no proof it were made, these are cash advances by GM seares, Dymphna Seares, David Guzman Julimar Trinidad, Toots Villanueva, and others. Look at the hotel expenses of the GM and the board, where most of the time are on official travel even when they should not be.
      Have you not ever wondered where Your idol GM seares get money to buy luxury cars for himself and his mistresses. Remember Gm Seares is not a professional, neither is he a businessman. He has no other source of income but yet can afford cars that his sibling and cousins who are either mayors or professionals could not afford.
      Madam omli, have you not seen the clamor of the people. We are giving you a solution to resolve the situation but you are either are blinded by the charm of Jun Seares or you are just simply dumb not to understand the solution. I, Pedro Abreno and others are saying that to resolve the problem with ABRECO,,Your Idol GM Seares has to resign because he does not know how to manage ABRECO. That is the solution to this mess madam omli.
      If your idol as you say maybe covering up somebody, why does he not come out or call for a general assembly and divulge who this people are. But the truth is he is the culprit that is why he can not say anything.

      Posted by mario bang | December 14, 2014, 11:54 pm
  33. And let me add madam omli, you can keep your opinion to yourself. Don’t preach falsehoods and brag about what you do or have done. You don’t know us, we may have accomplished more than you do or i may have more experience, more connections and more influential than you do. I am not bragging like ypu do, i am just cautioning you. If you want my respect, earn it. But as long as you preach of your high regard to a very corrupt person, that everyone in abra know you will never earn my respect and you will never be congresswoman as you dream. You have lost your dream by showing your stupidness of not listening. A leader is a good listener but you’re not. You are ruled not by reason but your feminity, charm to you mean goodness. I call that idiocy. You will never be part of the history of abra. We do not need people like you.

    Posted by mario bang | December 15, 2014, 2:05 am
  34. Laguna may not be the same like Abra but they had the same problems. So I was told to look at the accounts I mentioned earlier. I did not even think of those early on. I was told each of their municipalities were years behind in their payments and so with the mayor’s residentials. The GM resigned because of so much pressure from the .Mayors. I didn’t even realize the BODs are recommendations of them. I need to find WHY is Abreco is in a mess?

    Posted by comli2013 | December 15, 2014, 4:26 am
  35. COMLI, it is elementary, very basic. How do we solve the problem of ABRECO? Check all the bills, collect payment, and do not steal the funds/collections-that means replace the GM who is not doing these basics in running a cooperative.

    Posted by Giron Gustavo, naikamang iti Abra | December 15, 2014, 12:04 pm
  36. Mario Bang & Gustavo, why don’t you guys become the GM? Bareng sumayaat ti ABRA.

    Posted by comli2013 | December 15, 2014, 3:39 pm

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