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Abra sheds fearsome image

Abra Provincial Capitol

Abra Provincial Capitol

By Dexter A. See

BANGUED, Abra—Senior Supt. Benjamin Lusad, outgoing Abra police chief, recently turned over his post to Senior Supt. Virgilio Laya, saying Abra has shed its image as a hotbed of political conflict and violence.

“We have accomplished what others had perceived as impossible to do and we delivered. The 2013 national, local and barangay elections were the most peaceful elections in Abra’s political history,” Lusad said.

“Over and above all these, we have brought back the trust of the community in the police.”

The rites were also attended by Governor Eustaquio Bersamin along with La Paz Mayor Joseph Sto. Nino Bernos, president of the League of Municipalities of the Philippines Abra Chapter.

According to Bersamin, Lusad is credited for zero-violence during last year’s May mid-term polls due to aggressive law enforcement combined with mediation among parties up to the towns and villages.

“The people of Abra are saddened over the sudden change in leadership of the local police force but because it is for the advancement of the career of Senior Supt. Lusad, we will be allowing him to go with the hope that he will continue to extend his assistance to the province for a sustained peacekeeping campaign,” he said.

Bersamin said a peaceful Abra would spell economic growth and improved living conditions in remote communities.

Lusad expressed confidence in moving on knowing the post is in good hands.

“I leave behind a solid Team Abra that is focused on enhancing our Peacekeeping Strategy for the province,” he told his successor.

Laya said the challenge is well taken with the all-out support of stakeholders.

“We will sustain whatever the gains of peace and order in the province. We will continue to reach out to our people in order to sustain the trust and confidence of the people to our local police force,” he said.



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13 thoughts on “Abra sheds fearsome image

  1. solid team for whom? . saddened si takit dahil tong si col laya he started his career in abra siempre some of the opposing party might be his old friends before e si takit seloso yan pg malaman lng si ganito e aquiantance mo mgsuspetsa na yan

    Posted by eric shawn | May 22, 2014, 7:15 pm
  2. Intriga dity,intriga dita, iso la paglaingan dan . I guess somebody will get sick if they don’t weigh in to every topic here at the Hatred Club.

    Posted by Hater | May 23, 2014, 8:51 am
  3. then ask sysop to stop posting so that no more netizens could comment. this is an era for netizens as long there are perceived corrupt leaders in the government, private sector and other institution like the military, PNP, NGO, cooperative , netizens will use the web to criticize them. hope you would take it constructively. a.com the best web ever made by abrenian, we should be thankful of him.

    Posted by eric shawn | May 23, 2014, 10:46 am
  4. there’s always two sides of the story. there maybe zero violence but every body knows body bags started to pile up after the elections. sort of when the cat is away the mouse will play.

    Posted by jake | May 23, 2014, 11:49 am
  5. for us to believe that abra sheds fearsome image then lets start at the capitol. bakit meron palar humvie 6×6 with platoon of full batle gear of army if abra sheds the fearsome image dapat ung nakikita natin kung police visiblity e naka blue uniform with pistol lng. d ba parang thailand ang vicinity ng capitol. peace loving people like me who dont want violence are sometimes uneasy to see with those army displaying their firepower as if martial law had been declared in the capitol .

    Posted by eric shawn | May 23, 2014, 8:56 pm
    • sang-ayon ako sa u ngayon eric, dapat pull out na ang army dito sa prov natin kc wala namang kalaban lalong lalo na dito bangued. dapat sa malayong lugar army. peru ginagawa kc nilang personal security ang army kaya nilagay sila dito sa ugnayan!!!!ay pati pnp pala prov security , mayor security heh he n aders security…kc may kanya kanyang goons sila to tighten their secutiy againts their pol enemy…

      Posted by pageup | May 31, 2014, 9:18 pm
    • Sinno pay ngarud ti mangprotekta kenni Gob ken dagiti badigolyongna no pumanaw dagiti Army? Dagiti PNP ket adu met nga mamayor ti pagserbianda? Saludsudenyo a kadagiti mamayor no ania ti kasasaad ti “peace and order” iti il-ilida? Damagko ket isuda ti mangmangted ti pulotan (ken sida payen ti pamilya dagiti polis) dagiti PNP nga bunog, palileng, ken igat no agorder da la ketdi ken ni Mayor. Isu nga ti manamnama nga isungbat dagiti mamayor no kumustaem ida maipanggep ti “peace and order”, ti sungbatda ken “adu latta”. Adu latta ngamin, makoryente nga lames no PNP ti ag-Order, dayta ti panagut-utek dagiti mamayor tayo (Peace and Order? wenno Fish to Order panagawatda?). Haay, biag ditoy Abra.

      Posted by Genti | May 31, 2014, 10:29 pm
      • hah ha genti, ano sa tingin mo, no more democracy…its democrazy, pnp to serve mamayor? Army for body goryong? awanen ti oras da nga mag plano nu kasanu nga idevelop ti ili tayo…ang nasa isip palagi, panu personal secu nila. bakit kaya? parang maraming tinatago ano!

        Posted by pageup | June 1, 2014, 5:24 am
      • The governor shld be the one to protect us not the other way around.

        Posted by eric shawn | June 3, 2014, 7:22 am
        • totoo yan erik shawn, sila dapat magprotect, at magsilbi sa umili.

          Posted by dell | June 3, 2014, 9:29 am
  6. in addition to my latest comment, if indeed abra sheds fearsome image bakit ung kalsada papasok sa ating mga political leaders ay sarado and their reason is for them to be protected by lawless and opposing group, eto ba ung nawala na fearsome image. noy wag nyo naman kami bolahin matapos na nga term ni lusad na hinde nya napatangal.

    Posted by eric shawn | May 23, 2014, 10:51 pm
    • maraming nga kababaihan na mabuteng ag reklamo gapu iti harasment ken panag loko dagiti pili nga pnp, army,nasikog , napawan… nu damagem basta nabiag kami uaray saanen nga agreklamo ta kababain. sika la garud ti nadangran wenno naloko , tumatalna kan gapu iti bain ken sika ti makin basol payen nu agreklamo…. kasanu datoy nga mapaspasamak ? para kadgti PD, PNP, Politiko…

      Posted by napanawan | June 8, 2014, 6:11 pm

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