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Kawayan Festival showcases Abra’s culture ,OTOP



BANGUED, Abra, (PIA) — The 97th Founding Anniversary of the province was most entertaining and enjoyable with native-inspired events to delight all Abrenians and visitors alike in the Abrenian Kawayan Festival 2014 from March 6 to 9.

The festival’s opening salvo was held last March 6 with the Culture and Farmers’ Day featuring a farmers’ parade of their livestock and produce and a trade fair displaying the goods and products of the province from the different municipalities.

The highlight of the day was the Pammadayaw, a showcase of Abrenian music, dances and traditions wherein Boliney National High School garnered first place for a prize of P60,000 for their portrayal of the Begnas, a thanksgiving celebration of the Tingguians after a good harvest.

Pupils from Tayum Central School who performed Pamulinawen bagged second place for P50,000; and students from the Divine Word College of Bangued landed first spot with their own version of Angngalo and Aran for P40,000 as cash prize.

Abrenian Beauty

Abrenian Beauty

Each school portrayed different spectacles depicting the cultures of Abrenians like the Abra State Institute of Sciences and Technology who performed Lapat, an environmental protection, conservation and management system of the Tingguians; the Abra High School with their Cascaron, a sugarcane-based industry; and the Tiempo National High School of Tubo with their Biag ni Lam-ang, the famous Ilocano epic.

Other participating schools were the Manabo National High School with their Tingguian Worship Tribe; and Cristina B. Gonzales Memorial National High School of Bucay with their Manang Biday.

Highlight of the Youth Day celebration on March 7 was the street dancing and ground demo competition which was won by Bangued with P125,000 prize. La Paz was second with P80,000 followed by Bucay with P60,000.The other six contingents got P40,000 each as consolation prizes..

It was remarkable for each contingent to have displayed such artistic combination of the Kawayan(bamboo) theme with that of their municipality’s own festival like the Bangued Dapil blended with that of Kawayan touch, the Ariba Samba of San Juan, the Mais Festival of Pidigan, and Danglas the Home of the Philippine Eagle, each depicting Kawayan as the OTOP of the province.

Bamboo Crafts

Bamboo Crafts

University of the Philippines Professor Pedro Abraham Jr. who served as one of the judges in the ground demo competition said that all delegates equally exhibited aesthetic excellence in terms of performing abstract spectacles and dance drama.

The grand parade on March 9 was streaming with various dance presentations of tribes from the north and south of Abra in colorful G-strings and piningitan, vibrant drum and lyre corps, bikers’ stunts exhibition and many more.

Provincial Governor Eustaquio P. Bersamin, Congresswoman Ma. Jocelyn V. Bernos, and local chief executives as well as provincial and municipal and national line agency employees were in full force in the grand parade.

The main highlight of the day was the display of 15 bamboo-inspired floats in portray of culture and livelihood of each of the vying municipality such as Bangued, Boliney, Bucay, Dolores, Licuan-Baay, Pilar, Tubo, Luba, Malibcong, Cluster Manabo-Lacub-Peñarrubia (MALAPEÑA), Cluster La Paz-Danglas, Cluster Tayum-Lagangilang, Cluster Pidigan-Langiden-San Quintin (PILAQUIN), Cluster San Isidro-Villaviciosa.

The Best in Float was won by Bucay LGU with P50,000 cash prize followed by Bangued LGU with P40,000, and MALAPEÑA with P30,000 cash prize.



The festival culminated with the Balik-Abrenio Night where Abrenios from all over the globe came to celebrate ‘Naragragsak nga Abra,” this year’s celebration theme.(JDP/MTBB/Ginalyn Brioso – PIA CAR, Abra)
– See more at: http://news.pia.gov.ph/index.php?article=111394439994#sthash.VWHVtlO1.dpuf

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27 thoughts on “Kawayan Festival showcases Abra’s culture ,OTOP

  1. Apay awan ni Manang Piring ta kawayan met ti paggapuan bisnisna nga decorative home product!

    Posted by poldo porontong | March 24, 2014, 9:14 am
  2. Adda met la gayam iduldulin tayo nga ipang-pangas iti sangalubongan? Pagarup ko la ketdin no puro pakaibabainan laengen? Ala ngarud appo nga agtuturay, pagtalinaeden yon nga awan preno nan iti linak ken talna wenno ragragsak iti agnanayon bareng no maasian to met laeng ni Apo Dios kadakami nga nakurapay babaen iti panangtuktokna kadagita dakkel nga panagpus-puso yo nga mangidanon to met laeng ti narabor nga makan ditoy plat-plato mi, natebker nga linong no umay ti napigsa nga bagyo, libre nga college/trade educational assistance, and real projects for real massive job oppurtunities. Tapno dagitoy nga maparaburan isudanto met laeng ti mangted ti napintas nga masakbayan dagiti ap-appo yonto wenno asideg nga kabagyan ken gagayyem yo nga pakalaglagipan danto iti kinadalus ken kinamang-ngaasi nga panagpus-puso yo, appo mi nga agtuturay!

    Sapay koma ta saan yon nga ipapa-obet dagiti sasaibbek dagiti padak nga nakapsut ken nakurapay ta dinggen yon dagiti pukkaw wenno as-asug mi nga agsar-saraaw ti tiyan na tapno mapadasan yo metten ti umisem wenno pumaggaak ti genuine nga katawa nga saan laeng nga puro fake wenno awan patingga na nga pampam-marang. Imposible senyor jues, nga marikna yo iti husto nga ragsak inggana’t saan yo nga ipaay kadakami iti husto/wenno genuine nga serbisyo nga intalek ni Apo Diyos kadakayo. Sinno ti luk-lukkuen yo kadagita dadduma nga fake nga serbisyo yo nga nabuyugan iti issem-sairo? Dagita bagbagi yo met laeng ta ammo mi met iti kinapudno, saan kadi? Wenno, sapay ngata no dinomingo dagitoy nga ragragsak wenno pa-premyo tapno adda met bassit pakairamanan ken pangi-yaw-awanan mi ti sakit ti nakem gapu iti rigat nga panagbiag? Saan kayo nga madanagan ta ibutos nakayo manen iti sumungad nga eleksyon agsipud ta awan met ti tao ni Apo Dios nga maka-itured nga mang-sarangat kadakayo, isu nga dagitoy nga gasgastos yo nga mangpar-paragsak ken mangmanted ti premyo mi, agsubli danto met laeng, no saan nga doble amangan no riniwriw nga beses to, no isubli da ti PDAF?
    Diak sa met am-ammo ti sa-sawek ditoyen? Nagatiddog met ngarud nga awan mamaay na, diaske nga biag! Gayyem nga Bartek-Tuleng ken Syoke, dinak man dillawen ti madin a?

    Whatever, we are so proud to the whole world of this rarely and unique presentation of our hidden talents, heritage, or traditions. How I wish that President Aquino will invite us to display this one of its kind festival showcases when Pres. Obama comes and visits us.
    Lastly, my sincerest admiration to the different committees who organized this event, including but not limited to, to the genuine support of our provincial/municipal political leaders, other line gov’t agencies rep, but most especially to all participants and their mentors/trainers who spent precious hours and sleepless nights just to make everything perfect for our sole delight or satisfaction. Nagpa-abagatan sa man metten gayyem BT/Syoke….help me…! LONG LIVE……..Abrenians…..!!!!!

    Posted by abrenian OFW | March 24, 2014, 12:26 pm
    • Ayswos ka met giyemmi nga ABRENIAN ofw, nagateddog meh inka insuraten . . rayak la meh agngadal nga nangbasa manepud ruge agengga udenan! Baka mamunawan ni tuleng-tulpak-attek no mabasana enka ensurat . . sabagay mayat ta saan nga madi ti inka inpasaksak., kabsat! Apo, nagpintas balasang nga nakaeggem ti begao, yors! Balenla koma agarem ditoy ket armek uray no denak kayat . . nakkong, saanak nga syoke nga talaga . . naganko laeng detoy. Mabalen te umay pumasyar diay nadayaw nga lugaryo, nakkong! Impasaksakkon baka unaannak man deta gayyemko nga attek-tulengen. hehehe

      Posted by syoke | March 25, 2014, 8:16 am
      • Stoke, mangitidda ka uray arabieb na laeng, ta adda sangpetak no agawid toy numo ti biang manipud Kazakhtan.

        Posted by Chemical Eng. | March 27, 2014, 5:34 am
      • Ha…ha…ha…tankuyo ti adu ti makapa-isem nga balikas mo. Ngem ti rigat na, kalibarennak man metten kadaytoy inapo tayo? balak ko pay met ngarud nga iyam-ammo kadaydiay syoke nga anak ko bareng agbalin ton nga toro. kunak no ni madam C ti kras mo? he..he..he..joke lang madam wen?

        Posted by dom-abrenian-ofw | March 27, 2014, 2:02 pm
        • Ayswos, ni madam C ti kunam, kabsat?! Kukuam laeng . . uray no agkolesadsad a kalla baka nga agemmak, diak talyawen . . hehehe. . talyawek meh a ngem deak aredabdaben ti kua la! Iniwey, krashko talaga adiay nakabegao nga balasang, yors! Uray no medyo agkorbetbet te pengpeng ti obetkon a keh kayak meh pay la nga isala ni nakkong balasang te chacha ken tango la! Uray tadek kayak! La nakkong adeng balasang, wen kunamon ta mayka pasyaren no krismas ta agawidak manipud ditou Ukraine . . . pareng attek tuleng ken OFW – – la sumapul kay la ti babbaketen ta su ti mayyataday kanyayo nga dua . . .hehehehe . . . . Unay na ket ti lakay nga agaremen, yos! Kalla ti marekreknak ket kalla aridabdab ti bula! nyehehe! Ops, natulkakakanak pay!

          Posted by syoke | March 28, 2014, 8:16 am
  3. Why didn’t you include Ms. Roxanne Malabed? Our very own Tinnguian beauty who bagged the prestigious award for second-place of the just concluded Cordillera Beauty Pageant! Professional jealousy or inadvertently forgotten by the deciding committee? What a pitiful mistake?

    Posted by allano | March 24, 2014, 12:54 pm
  4. Malagip ko ketdi, apay nga awan met daydi arya abra festival yo dita abran? Apay kadua ni Vicsyd a naibaloden? Maymayat sa koma no ad adu ti festivals yo dita ta adda rason nga umayan met ti turista dita Vietnam, Abra este Bangued Abra, kunak koma.

    Posted by MOKONG | March 24, 2014, 9:07 pm
  5. My heartfelt congratulations goes to the proudest of them all, no other else than the parents of these remarkable participants! In spite of hardship in all aspects of life, they didn’t hesitate to release their hard-earned savings up to the last centavo just to buy the needed attire of their beloved children. It’s hard to imagine that they saved their money for a long period of time, patiently used salt or boggoong as their viand, depriving other important needs of their family, and even ignoring any body ache they felt just to save their money for cortal. And yet, they didn’t care to any of these, just to satisfy our lusty opportunistic watching eyes during this Event. For me, they are the ones to be congratulated the most, knowing that this is just a rarely chance of their lifetime to feel the the tears of joy dripping from their eyes. Parents, you are my heroes/heroines!

    Posted by allano | March 25, 2014, 11:05 am
  6. mayat ti kastoy ta ditoy nga maipakita daguiti nadumaduma nga produkto ti abra nga mabalin nga maipag pannakkel iti sabali a probinsya ken uray pay iti ballasiw ti taaw. iti la dillawen ti tat tao ket NO APAY nga adda nagparada nga nakalugan !!! di bale koma no kalesa,tiburin,karomata wenno pasagad ta maiyan natup iti tema ti pakasaritaan ti abra ngem saan, no di ket HIGH PRICED SUV ! ken binayabay ti sangaperper a badigulyon !! flaunting their wealth ? or just afraid to be burned by the sun and exposed to dust and smell of local folks? they have ruined the essence of the festival !

    Posted by pagalsem | March 25, 2014, 8:37 pm
  7. Annia koma ti naisangsangayan nga naaramid ti kawayan ti probinsya ti Abra? Ta apay a kawayan festival ti rambakan ni Takkit? Awan makitak a simbolo na iti probinsya ti Abra.

    Posted by Kudong | March 27, 2014, 1:57 pm
  8. Nagloko ni ser sysop kunkunak la keh di kalmanen di nabasak ata taytel atoy article nga detoyen! Koltop ti nabasak . . ngem tay menerak nga uray la nga – – OTOP gayam yors! he he he, sorry ser . . . diak enggagara! Regat gayam ti lumakay ta agtabbed ti pronawnsesyonko ti ilokano wordings! hehehe

    Posted by syoke | March 28, 2014, 8:20 am
    • This is what im waiting for the three senators were formally charged at the sandigan bayan. Who is next? Guess who from our local politicians who have pending case at the ombudsman.

      Posted by eric shawn | April 1, 2014, 5:34 am
  9. Non-bailable offense/crime which means maibalud da ngata while their case is still on-going? Ni apo Enrile exempted sa met bec. he is over 70 years old? Is there any other remedy or prevention up to the extend of delaying their imprisonment? If so, moro-moro nga justice manen a apo?

    Posted by tahil na moro | April 1, 2014, 5:23 pm
  10. daytoy ti epekto na ti paka disgrasya ni awan lateg na kenni kabalyo dakayo nga miron agtalna kayun ta baka tay sumublat ket karkarumanen awan tay nasayaat nga ibungana tay intay ar aramiden idtoy a.com ta no malpas ti election itul tuloy tay latta tay pinerdi apay no naabak kayun a ket supportaran yon a tay nangabak tay electionen awan payla 2016 bira kayman nga biran ti pinerdin awan met ngarud pangabak yo amin idtoy no adda kayti ka ustuanan na pada nga bunog..hahahaha

    Posted by BUNOG | April 5, 2014, 10:58 am
  11. just wait they are next to be indicted by the ombudsman

    Posted by eric shawn | April 7, 2014, 10:12 am
  12. nengneng ka bodong last term itan ni takit saka mo lng sabihin yan meaning pwede laglag

    Posted by eric shawn | April 19, 2014, 10:58 am
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