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Breaking News: DOH ordered Abra Provincial Hospital downgraded to level 1 classification

The New APH: Stunning from the outside but dark and isolated in the inside.

The New APH: Stunning from the outside but dark and isolated in the inside.

This just in.

The controversial new Abra Provincial Hospital (APH) can’t seem to shake the bad omen. After so many issues on the P200 Million Hospital, here comes another one.

According to our sources, The Department of Health through it’s implementing agency PhilHealth has ordered the downgrade of APH status from Level 2 to Level 1.

Under the new DOH reclassification order, Level-1 hospitals should have the following facilities — surgery room; isolation, surgical and maternity facilities; dental clinics; secondary clinical laboratory; blood station; first level X-ray; and a pharmacy.

Level-2 hospitals require additional departmentalized clinical services, a respiratory unit, high pregnancy risk unit, second level X-ray with mobile unit, while Level-3 hospitals should have DOH-accredited teaching and training on four major clinical services, ambulatory surgical and dialysis clinics, and a blood bank.

What are the implications of this? According to our sources:

1. Patients can no longer use their PhilHealth card for major illnesses.

2. APH can is no longer qualified to handle major cases.In other words, the hospital is now reduced to a mere district hospital.

Why did it come to this point?

1. The hospital was not built based on strict building specifications.
2. After 6 months of full operations, patients have complaint about defective facilities such as licking roofs and flooding of bathrooms. Poorly lit soroundings.
3. Lack fo equipment and supplies. The facility lacks medicines and even essential supplies like gauze, plasters and gloves are not enough. The dark room for the x-ray is still at the the old APH.
4. APH waste water is now allegely polluting the Abra River.

According to our source hospital administrators are keeping silent about this issue. But patients are now aware of this situation and are starting to be wary.

Only Christian Hospital and Seares Hospital are the remaining level 2 Hospitals.

So what now?


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239 thoughts on “Breaking News: DOH ordered Abra Provincial Hospital downgraded to level 1 classification

  1. NI koma Mayor glenn ti matira ditoy ta iso na mismo ti nang manso ti kuarta ti Hospital.

    Posted by braulio | February 18, 2014, 8:21 pm
    • Giyyem mo met ni galongGonG braulio. Apay awan la ti impadigo na kenka? Ngem sabagay kanayon met nga ma abak ti tadi yi akidiablo. Abak manen diay last nga int’l derby. Isu makarkarma da len uncle yotTakio na.

      Posted by BAsBAs | February 19, 2014, 3:23 pm
  2. could our beloved governor explain this mess? since every dick tom and harry knows that his beloved manugang is the contractor,can they explain what happened to be the SUPPOSED state of the art hospital,which pales in comparison to prices spent in other hospitals?

    Posted by KARASAKAS | February 18, 2014, 8:35 pm
    • Its my turn again bottomline who is accountable for this mess definitely not only mayor glen

      Posted by eric shawn | February 18, 2014, 9:35 pm
      • eric i know who you are driving at hehehe.
        i wrote about this issue in another thread before it was posted in a.com.
        it is quite a shame that a very expensive hospital is only a level one hospital like a lying in clinic or a big rural health unit.
        certainly it is no longer the fault of the contractor but the administration of the hospital who is at fault. the problem here is that there is no really a person who runs the hospital. with a bed capacity of more than a hundred, it should have a director to run it. the work of the provincial health officer is so different from the work of the hospital director. the past few months this role of being provincial health officer and hospital director was in the handa of dr gaza but now dra berona is back as provincial health officer but i do not know if she too is in charge of the hospital.
        the provincial health officers work is more of public health and not the clinics or hospital.
        the hospital should be run by a qualified medical doctor with hospital administration as specialty or masteral or other allied masterals. for all i know, dra enerva is the chief of clinics of the hospital being one of the provincial health officer 1.
        what i am proposing is that the governor and the sangguniang panlalawigan create a position of medical director, whose only responsibility is the day to day operation of the hospital. and add to that, that the governor will give him or her the free hand and not meddle with him or her. this to my point will ensure that the hospital will be run well and not downgraded.
        in fairness the hospital has the basic requirements of being level two but again short. the APH has the four disciplines which is surgery, obstetrics, pediatrics and medicine but then again lack the manpower. there is no problem with medicine as the dept has a diplomate in internal medicine as the head so with obstetrics which has a diplomate in ob-gyn as head, so do i think with surgery but pediatrics does not have a diplomate holder among its ranks.
        the respiratory unit is not a problem as that there is a ventilator and the head of medicine is a pulmonologist. the hospital has a blood bank, a mobile x-ray but as the report said that really the hospital lack in supplies and medicines.

        Posted by mario bang | February 18, 2014, 10:27 pm
        • addendum
          if only the administration of the hospital including the governor see to it that the budgeted money for the purchase of medicines and supplies go to where they are intended for there would not be a problem. this should include not taking SOPs fot the purchases which to reach about 50% for their pockets.
          add to the annual budget for supplies and medicines are the proceeds of philhealth reimbursements which also amounts to millions of pesos which could also be used to purchase supplies and medicines but where are these funds going?
          another source of income supposed to be for the hospital is the income from the admission in the pay wards. where do these monies go?
          the difference between APH with petronilo seares hospital and bangued christian hospital is that the two private hospital has medical directors who CARE ABOUT THEIR HOSPITAL because they love their hospital because they own it. this should also be the attitude of the governor and the administration towards the APH and not divest the hospital of its funds and get downgraded. the governor and the hospital administration owe it to the people that they should manage the hospital well because it is the people who are paying their salaries and even paying the loan in building the hospital with their taxes.

          Posted by mario bang | February 18, 2014, 10:47 pm
  3. Makita itan ti nagbalinan ti sob-sobra dagiti na-agum nga politiko. Imbes ngamin nga siripenda nga nasayaat ti pannakaplano ken pannaka-implementar ti husto nga hospital, tay met ngamin ibulsada ti ad-adda nga ikurimedda. Ania pay ngarud ita. amangan no klinika ti baka (saan nga hospital ti animal) ti pagbalinan nga kategorya daytoy APH.

    Posted by Genti | February 18, 2014, 9:52 pm
  4. dinto met apatingga ti poilitika ditoy abra.,ti maipuesto koma ket tay tat tao a makabael nga mangpataray iti dayta nga hospital saan nga tay manok ti politiko. di bale no manok da basta qualifikado iti dayta a puesto tapno nasayaat met laeng. MARIO BANG has the right idea that a medical director is needed and a FREE HAND to run the said hospital. ngem ti ammok agpatingga tay laengen ti arapaap ta sigurado nga if ever the sanggunian panlalawigan will create such position, then the WOULD BE DIRECTOR is madam X !!!!! ta ngamin doktor met,saan kadi? wanna bet,ERIC SHAWN?

    Posted by pagalsem | February 18, 2014, 11:06 pm
    • Mario bang and pagalsem your comments should be taken by our good governor as constructive criticisms. He should try listening netizens sentiment as world leaders do, reorganize his people and instill among themselves the word accountability not unless he wants to be the subject of criminal complaints after he steps down on 2016

      Posted by eric shawn | February 18, 2014, 11:36 pm
  5. This hospital just broke the world record of the most expensive clinic.

    On another note, how can the operations of aph be successful if the person in power is Ruby Bersamin? She’s not a doctor or even have any experience in the medical field. She roams around aph barking orders as if she personally own the place.

    There goes your legacy Takit. It’s down the drain.

    Posted by pixel | February 18, 2014, 11:57 pm
  6. puro agtatakaw!!

    Posted by lolipop | February 19, 2014, 1:52 am
  7. basol manen ti luna apo dayta

    Posted by KADWA | February 19, 2014, 3:02 am
  8. binotboteng ti luna ni takit isu nga madi na maimplementar tay milliones nga loan para hospatay, pulos.com dayta nga ospatay

    Posted by KADWA | February 19, 2014, 3:03 am
    • i dont really understand if you are kidding or what. the lunas are the most vocal critics of takit so you are most probably are an enemy of the lunas or you are just a rah rah boy for use takit.

      Posted by mario bang | February 19, 2014, 5:10 am
  9. Disgusting! Bukod nga AGUM! Ano ba kasing akala sa politika? Business?
    At sa kaban ng bayan? Sariling payaman? Echuseroooo nga pulitiko! Hala baba na sa upuan, Mario Bang abutan ng Jacket!

    Posted by ECHUSERAH | February 19, 2014, 2:43 pm
    • The downgrade of the APH from level 2 to levell 1 speaks for itself. No amount of explanation and finger pointing can resolve this nagging problem. I and scores of other netizens have complained about this mess in the past. All we got in return were insults and hogwash. Is this the kind of legacy the good governor wants to leave to his people? “How many times can a man turn his head, pretending he just doesn’t see?” Well, no one is so blind as those who refuse to see.
      I join the sustained clamor of our people to end the deeply entrenched culture of graft, corruption and patronage in our political system. We demand that the governor ensure transparency and accountability in the investigation of all personalities involved in this mess. We insist that appropriate cases be filed and prosecuted with dispatch against all individuals whether government or private involved in this plunder of public funds. We shall remain vigilant until the whole truth behind this mess is revealed. Let the chips fall where they must. We owe this to our aggrieved and victimized people.
      May I express gratitude in behalf of our people to Mario Bang who continues to courageously inform us of the events happening on the ground. Likewise, I express gratitide in behalf of all Abrenos to Eric Bringas for keeping us informed about the issues that affect our very lives. May both your tribes increase.

      Posted by Pedro Abreno | February 19, 2014, 5:06 pm
  10. Data t pagpanpannakel u a hospital ni takit…..200 million hanna py cguro nausar t half na…kurakot

    Posted by lol | February 19, 2014, 6:18 pm
  11. When Governor Amado Espino decided to make the Pangasinan Provincial hosp[ital as his best legacy, he sees to it that the services of the hospital satisfies the public, from structural development of the hospital to the facilities as well as doctors and nurses manning the medical services. The hospital was recently accredited by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for operating quality management. Governor Takit also made mentioned in his public speeches that the Abra Provincial Hospital will be his legacy before stepping down from power. However, the APH project from its conception to date hounded the Governor because of the stinks that it produces literally and figuratively. The APH being downgraded from Level 2 to Level 1status was enormously unacceptable. I am just wondering how such a man who stayed long in the USA seems unlearned to standards and quality management. How long then will the Abrenians dwells captive from leaders that are called professionals but unlearned?

    Posted by naeling | February 19, 2014, 8:24 pm
  12. THE legacy of abra provincial hospatay with polos awan.agas.com/ parupa ti kwarta nga ag level 1 imbes nga kasla makati medical center of cordillera. you are correct mr mario bang, im not a paspasorot of GOv takit or anyone else, the killers is roaming around in Abra, Delisted na lahat ng PAGS ng Abra except Lagayan, Abra,,,,boom,,katkatawa, puro PAGS met adda kadaguiti mamayor ken pulitiko ditoy Abra

    Posted by KADWA | February 20, 2014, 3:58 am
  13. SIGE mansuwen yo latta ni Gov.
    Bareng man makunsinsiyan to latta.

    Posted by congressman | February 20, 2014, 10:29 am
    • Ti koma naganyo amin idtoy ket Perfecto Bullalayaw kaano pay aya nga nakapudno tay mangituray kanyatayo hahaha agim imun kayla ta saan kay a nakaturay …no kasta nga sir siripen yo la a kanayon ti kamali imbes nga tumolong kay koma kenni Takit ngem saan ta ragsak yo pay ketdin ti komonkontra kanyada nga agruray ammo tay met nga natawid dala dagitoy nga kamali ti pinangituray nga panagtakaw..uray pay sinno ti mangituray addan to latta komentaryu na ..kasaya atan kma ket agtimpuyog tay koma a maymaysa para tay pagsaya atan tay amin ngem no kastoy tay koltora tayu a nga kinontra pilosopo a ket bunog tayto latta

      Posted by Taripnong | February 20, 2014, 2:52 pm
      • I respect your opinion TARIPNONG and I will defend your right to express it. I’m not perfect. I commit mistakes too but I can stand correction. I admit mistakes whenever I commit them and I accept criticism fair and foul whenever I realize I am at fault. That is the only way we can learn. There lies the difference. There is this old adage that says,”If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen”. People who display canine loyalty to the governor say that he is being persecuted. If that were true, the governor must love being persecuted because he keeps on running term after term after term.
        You keep on insisting that we are green with envy because we were losers in the election. Gasgas na palusot na yan. If that had any iota of truth in it, am I to believe then that the personnel of the Department of Health and PhilHealth were also losers in the past elections? It was they who ordered the downgrade from level 2 to level 1 of the APH. It was but a confirmation of the allegations of our people about the mess created by no less than governor and his minions. To make matters worse, it is the people who will have to pay through their nose, the gargantuan debt acquired to construct the substandard hospital.
        I for one would like to help the governor succeed because like you I am also a stakeholder. But how do you help someone who is in a perpetual state of denial? It is far too easy to blame past administrations for the sad lot of our people. It is so difficult to admit one’s mistake and own up to it like a real man. For the longest time our people have noticed this can of worms but the provincial government did everything to hide it by continuously denying it and by attacking the people who complain about it. Now that it has been uncovered, the powerful stench of corruption can no longer be denied. It is time to hold all those responsible for this mess accountable to the fullest extent of the law. Our people have suffered enough.
        “To whom much is given, much will be required and to whom more is given, much more will be required.”

        Posted by Pedro Abreno | February 20, 2014, 3:52 pm
        • Whoa lakay illo! Takit will investgate himself and his f u c k i n g wife. Who are you kidding lakay? The idiocraZY takit will never learn to listen to the voice of the crying abrenios. Basta adda matakaw na, he will always be mute and deaf. Wishful thinking on your behalf to lakay illo to hold these people accountable. Takit is the biggest culprit in this mess. And YOU taripmong, yes YOU, stop blaming the past administration. This is idiocraZY takit’s 3rd term for christ sake. Ala PNOy and obama style. “Blame the f u c k i n g past administration. I inherited this f u c k i n g mess.”

          Posted by King Kobra | February 20, 2014, 5:39 pm
        • I agree with you pedro. taripnong is losing he doesnt have valid reasons and alibi to defend takit on the downgrading of the aph thats why he looked down netizens like you instead of presenting what takit did to avoid this mess that is an essence of being a public officer and he must not be too thin skinned with reference to comment upon his officiak acts. Taripnong and even his boss in authority had forgotten that the most basic reason for freedom of expresssion is to express honest criticism against officials even in a ways of vulgar and unkind and they are living under a hostile and just accusation while in public office. A clear conscience and innocence can olny set them free. This is democracy there is check and balance. imagine taripnong if the senate are rubber stamp of a bad president. Imagine taripnong if no one as a group and individual went to supreme court to file petition to stop a law for implementation na mgpapahirap sa sambayanang filipino like the power hike in mm. Even a good leaders tend to be abusive kung wala kokontra iho and takit is not even a good leader. Just imagine how the governance of takit if wala COA, ombudsman Dilg, lunas bernoses valeras s3nate investigation on graft and corruption leila delima bishop jaucian iglesia chr a.com. imagine what would be our leaders with out those mentioned and you taripnong you are INSISTING. Lastly imagine if madam x is not supportive at all to his partner

          Posted by eric shawn | February 20, 2014, 6:08 pm
      • I agree with you pedro taripnong is losing he doesnt have valid reasons and alibi to defend takit on the downgrading of the aph thats why he looked down netizens like you instead of presenting what takit did to avoid this mess that is an essence of being a public officer and he must not be too thin skinned with reference to comment upon his officiak acts. Taripnong and even his boss in authority had forgotten that the most basic reason for freedom if expresssion is to express honest criticism against officials even in a ways of vulgar and unkind and they are living under a hostile and just accusation while in public office. A clear conscience and innocence can olny set them free. This is democracy there is check and balance imagine taripnong if the senate are rubber stamp of a bad president. Imagine taripnong if no one as a group and individual went to supreme court to file petition to stop a law for implementation na mgpapahirap sa sambayanang filipino like the power hike in mm. Even a good leaders tend to be abusive kung wala kokontra iho.

        Posted by eric shawn | February 20, 2014, 5:34 pm
      • Taripnong dagitoy ti sentimiento ti husto nga taga Abra! Ni boss mo nga Takit nga agtatakaw la unay saan mo koma nga kuniberan nga MinoMolloon ta agpada kayo nga awan konsensiya na. Kitaem no kasano ti baknang na tatta ken no saan mo nga makita ket sapay koma ken apo ta agtoloy ti pannakabulsek mo.

        Posted by Principal Nga Ari | February 20, 2014, 10:51 pm
      • Ania koma nga tulong ti suggestions mo ti agtatakaw ta isakit mo, padam sa met nga agtatakaw yot Taripnong.

        Posted by Principal Nga Ari | February 22, 2014, 6:34 pm
  14. ania ti maitulong mi taripnong ket marigrigat kami laeng kadwa, naospital tay kailiak nga taga bambantay, ammom no awan kwartam awan igatang mun agas ta diay urwar ti hospital ti ayan daguiti agas ket matay kamet nga simomolagat dita hospitalen, aan nga bulsek ken toleng ti pasiente dita, ammo daguita nurses ken doktor dta aph. ania garod maaramidan da no talaga nga awan ti stock nga mausar. philhealth.wowwwwwwwwww

    Posted by KADWA | February 20, 2014, 5:35 pm
    • taripnong, you really are big fan of takit. we are helping your boss by reminding him that he is not doing what he is supposed to do and that is TO SERVE THE PEOPLE AND SERVE THEM RIGHT.
      as manong pedro abreno said, the downgrading of the APH from level 2 to level one speaks for itself. this event also proved our claims eversince that the construction of the hospital is marred with graft. we have been very vocal about this but the likes of you, who are rah rah boys of takit attack us with impunity instead of whispering to your boss that we are watching and he should do what is right. taripnong, you are doing a disservice to your boss because you are making him blind by your assurance that you are always in his back inspite of the clamor of more people that takit or his minions are not doing good anymore.
      we the citizens specially our poor provincemates who suffer as a consequence of this downgrading of the hospital. not only the patients who will bear the ill effect of the downgrading of the hospital, even our doctors will suffer from this because their professional fees to be reimbursed by philhealth will also go down because the computation of the relative value unit or RVU is different for levels 2 and one. level one will have a lower RVU. also this will affect the income of the hospital because philhealth will pay less with level one hospitals.
      so instead of attacking us taripnong, tell your boss to act immediately on this matter before all goes down the drain. tell him to appoint somebody who has management skills, conscience and has the leadership to improve the sorry state of the APH. and remind your boss that his wife should stay away from the hospital because she has no expertise in that matter. she will just make things worse by being there. your boss’s wife is not a doctor so she has no business in that hospital. also tell your boss to stop appointing his relatives into the vital positions in the hospital so as not to meddle with the affairs of the hospital.
      there are qualified people in abra who could help takit make a reversal of the philhealth and DOH ruling but is not within his circle. they could help for as long as takit will not dip his hands on the affairs of the hospital

      Posted by mario bang | February 20, 2014, 8:28 pm
      • Agyamanak tay panang acceptar yo toy nanumo nga opinion ko nga intay panag kaykaysa nga panangkita tay intay amin pagsaysaya atan ..ti ngamin panagkitak ket saan tay nga nagtitompoyog nga agkaka ilian ti nabayag nga tiempo ta tiempo payla ni limahong daytoy nga problema tay nga agkakailian nga rebbeng nala nga intay solbaren nga rugian nga amirisen toy pamagmagi tayu amin nga agkakailian..ni takit inaramid na detoy ospital gapu ti ayat na amin kanyatayu ..nopay ammo tay amin nga adda anomalyana ..nawaya a unay nga inna takawen toy pondo toy panakapatakder toy hospital agyaman tay la koma kanyanan ta adda payla imbanag na nga Hospital ..ti kayat tay metten ket completo a dagusen aguray tay koma met a ta amaden na pay kadagiti dodoktor no anya pay ti masapol ta ospital saan yo koma nga una an manen nga saan nga kompleto ta kapat patakder la ta ospital apo

        Posted by Probinsial Sekretaryo | February 20, 2014, 10:36 pm
        • No excuses for public officer who committed violation of law either by culpa or by dolo( correct me lawyers if i guess wrong word) while they are in public office every wrong actions has corresponding penalty in short he is accountable to the people

          Posted by eric shawn | February 21, 2014, 12:05 am
        • For the love of money and more money. That’s the one and only reason why he built this GhostPital.

          Posted by Gising Na Ako | February 21, 2014, 2:10 am
        • Isa rin to. GongGong! Paris kayo ken YoTtaKIO. Al-ot….. Dumb and dumber.

          Posted by Gising Na Ako | February 21, 2014, 2:15 am
        • probinsial sekretaryo, you are like your boss, you know nothing. do you know of the word or phrase FEASIBILITY STUDY? with your post, it seems you dont know it like your boss.
          before spending 400 million on a hospital, a manager should know what the people need, what the doctors need, what will take income, what will loss and what the heck will be.
          takit made the hospital for only one purpose, TO MAKE MONEY. as you claim sekretaryo, we should be thankful, that takit made the hospital, is a big SHIT, the more with your statement that”ti kayatyo metten ket completo a dagusen, aguray tay koma ta amaden na pay kadagiti dodoktor no anya pay ti masapol ta ospital” this statement only show your blind faith to your governor and your ignorance. sorry for the word but you are IGNORANT.
          why do i call you ignorant? first, you seem not to know government procedures. second, you dont know what you are saying. and third, i feel you are really just a rah rah boy of takit. let me elucidate you mr PROBINSIAL SEKRETARYO.
          before building or implementing any project in government , one has to have a feasibility study to back up the project . this means, why are you proposing the project? what is the purpose of the project? who will benefit from the project? how many will benefit from the project? how will you implement the project? how much is the project and many more.
          Spending millions of money in building a very big hospital is one thing but you telling me that the governor, your boss will still have to ask the doctors what they need after building the hospital is inane. and you SEKRETARYO is as inane as your boss takit.before you build the hospital and making a big loan, should have foreseen what you wanted to do.
          di na sana kita papatulan apo sekretaryo but your ignorance makes me even bolder. you must be educated first because you are one of the lips that bite the ear of takit. we must correct your ignorance first before we correct your boss’s incognizance..

          Posted by mario bang | February 21, 2014, 4:59 am
  15. another loan again of 300 million plus donation of filipino abroad para maayos yong bulsa

    Posted by KADWA | February 20, 2014, 9:02 pm
  16. aglablabesen daguitoy agtuturay tayo.awanen ti bain da kadaguiti tat tao nga nagtalek kadakuada ken awanan dan ti buteng iti DIOS,no saan nga agtatakaw,mam mapatay wenno saan manag babai !! awan metten ti kamang ni marig rigat ta pati daguiti kakabsat nga adda iti ruar,nagbalin da payen a bulsek ken tulpak, didan makita ken mangeg ti ar araraw daguiti umili nga mangibakbaklay ti kina abusado daguitoy nga agtuturay,ta ania ngarud ket adda met tay revolutionary taxes and gift certificates nga ited ni apo politiko! apo pedro abrenio ken apo mario bang,dakayo ti masirib,awan kadin ti mabalin tayo a kamangen iti ngato,? bareng agsardeng metten ti kastoy a kasasaad toy probinsya tayo.

    Posted by pagalsem | February 21, 2014, 12:32 am
    • my friend pagalsem, thank you for your complement that me and manong pedro abreno as masirib. to tell you quite frankly, i am not that. i also had my failures, but i did learn from those failures. and that is the foundation of what i am now. i came from down under the strata of society but now near the upper stratum of what we call society but i had to work my butt to get there.
      i know how it is to be poor. i come from a middle class family that survived with our meager resources. I and my siblings are now all professionals, me being the poorest.
      i was tempted to leave our province and the country for greener pastures but i opted to stay. i was chided even by my parents because of my decision but i had to make a difference.
      i am satisfied with what i have but seeing our people in despair makes my heart bleed. i have been in public service for 20 years and deep in my heart i know that i did my best and had helped our people with utmost dedication and without reservation but i could only do so much
      we helped takit become governor. i now regret that. we wished that without gov vicsyd, abra would be better, but to our dismay, it became worse specially with regard to our health programs. APH was at its best during the time of vicsyd with maam ching and maam vicky taking charge of the hospital. i can attest to that. That is why our group never wanted a new hospital but only wanted to rehabilitate the old APH because we foresaw that it is not a new hospital that will alleviate our health needs but all we had to do is to rehabilitate the hospital and equip it and make sure that we have supplies and medicines for our people. For the whole 20 years that i have spent in public service, the APH was and has always been a level 2 hospital but now that takit has made a very big hospital with a very big loan that it has been downgraded to a level one facility or hospital.

      Posted by mario bang | February 21, 2014, 6:17 am
  17. Personal Experience ko daytoy: Naospital tay kabagyak ditoy APH, ni Doming, siyempre marigrigat met piman nga kas kaniak, saan nga nagbayag (one week or more) natay ni doming ngamin awan man umdas nga kuarta ni baket na nga maigatang na iti agas. binoybuya lattan dagiti DR ken Nurses nga napulsot ti anges ni doming. Maysa pay nga dakes na no awan pangirwar ni baket nga kuwarta saan na manen nga maiyawid. Adda met kuwarta da ketdi ah ngem not enough.

    Posted by piman ni Doming | February 21, 2014, 11:00 am
    • No one is perfect in managing Abrenios needs until we unite each other..disregard our differences and help Takit to suceed so that we all see the light of the tunnel..no unity means coruption continues…

      Posted by Lakay illo Buenaque | February 21, 2014, 9:11 pm
      • What kind of unity you are asking illo buyaen mi ti madi nga aramid kasjay kadi wen takit won the election but he is not immune from criticism from us who dont tolerate those who do wrong.

        Posted by eric shawn | February 22, 2014, 3:18 am
      • Kasatno kuma nga tulongam ni Takit ket bulsaAmin met ti ammo na. He should lead and serve for the best interest of the Abra NOT the other way around pedring.

        Posted by Gising Na Ako | February 22, 2014, 6:01 am
      • Kasatno ti panangtulong mo ken Takit lakay Illo ibagam nga agsardeng nga agtakawen!
        Dakayo nga nangisaksasakit ken Takit ket pada yo nga awan Konsensiya na. Pisnuskolan ti rupa panagayat mo daytoy nga Agtatakaw.

        Posted by Principal Nga Ari | February 22, 2014, 6:38 pm
      • Saan nga masapul ni Gob ti tulong tayo tapnon nga agballigi nga mangibus ti kuarta ti probinsiya ta adda met da madam, Mayor Abuaya (Lagangilang-cousin), Mayor Glenn (Tayum-manugang), ken dagiti dadduma pay nga aliporesna nga nalalaing nga agikurimed ken aggastos para iti Derby (Glen), ken babbai (Abuaya). In other words LIB, Takit doesn’t need our help to amass wealth.

        Posted by Genti | February 24, 2014, 2:40 pm
  18. probinsyal sekretario ania kunam. kapatpatakder pay laeng ta ospatay isu nga awan agas pay laeng, apaya ket nagdakkel tay loan na ata nga ospatay, kasta met la gayam di kay payla ingatang ti agas tay loan ta isu naikabil diay daan nga ospital, ingka diay baro nga ospatay ta buyaem ti rigat daguitay pasyente nga mapan gumatang ti swero, dagum diay urwar ta out of stock pati plaster

    Posted by KADWA | February 21, 2014, 3:31 pm
    • Thank you very much PROBINSIAL SEKRETARYO for admitting that the construction of the new APH was fraught with anomalies. May I refresh your memory by citing to you Article XI Section 1 of the constitution, “Public office is a public trust. Public officers must, AT ALL TIMES, be accountable to the people, serve them with UTMOST RESPONSIBILITY, INTEGRITY, LOYALTY and EFFICIENCY; act with patriotism and justice and lead MODEST LIVES”. Simply stated, the governor and all those responsible for this mess must be held accountable.I am very sorry but the acts of the governor do not speak well of his character and his ability to manage scarce resources. May I remind you, Sir, that long after the governor has finished his last term, the people of Abra will still be saddled by the loan obtained in their name.
      We all want a better life for our people. It is in this regard that we must see to it that justice is done. A petty thief steals something worth a few hundred pesos and he is jailed for six years. DURA LEX SED LEX ( the law may be harsh but it is the law). While a person who stole a paltry sum is jailed, government officials and their ilk who steal millions of pesos end up as political leaders with the word “honorable” attached to their names. They wallow in luxury while the great masses of our people wallow in abject poverty. They spend money like it were going out of style. They have not ended in jail where they truly and deservedly belong. But God works in wondrous ways. Now that this mess has been uncovered, let the law be really harsh this time.
      If the DOH and Philhealth had not downgraded the APH from level 2 to level 1, do you honestly believe any positive change will be made? You spent hundreds of millions of pesos and the result is a downgrade? I am very sorry but what I see is an inept and mediocre leadership. The position of governor requires competence, integrity and vision. The people of Abra do not need someone who is still learning the ropes of governance well into his seventh year in office.
      Government officials must learn to temper their greed. They may think they can bring their ill-gotten wealth with them when they die, but Murphy’s Law says, “If something can go wrong, it probably will”. JUSTICE will catch up with them sooner than later.

      Posted by Pedro Abreno | February 21, 2014, 5:21 pm
  19. Mr. Bang and Mr. Abrenio, Sir with all due respect to all the people of Abra, I feel they way you explaining yourself and trying to get to the points of your explanation of your comments with this matter, sir please I would like you to go to the problem that we could discuss whatever the case maybe!.Kayat ko sawen ket Apay saan kadi ma-explecar ti kayat yo nga sawen, gapu iti kaatiddog ti sasawenyo?Make it BRIEF PLEASE, I don’t want NOBELA ,


    Posted by Bartek tuleng | February 21, 2014, 6:24 pm
    • With all due respect Bartek Tuleng, this is not tweeter. If you just read what they wrote thoroughly and digest it, you will find reason and wisdom in them. Their comments and insights were sometimes the reason i patiently scroll down the comments section aside from occasional comedic comments and hot gossips. They maybe sometimes off the main topic but as long as it concerns abra in general, then theres nothing wrong about it. The site is abrenian.com, may i remind you. There are a lot of priests/pastors with sleeping pills sermon, i consider them not.
      Let me bore you with a nobela.
      I once applied for a position in the old APH, i am more than qualified, but i do lack the biggest requirement of them all, an endorsement. Not that i dont have one, i do. It was signed by somebody with the title after his name, an MD and a PHD. But guess what, they needed one more important paper than i have, a paper signed by someone witha title before his name, HON. GOV. Not that i cant get it, i can, but coming from a respectable private hospital who recognize you with what you know and not who you know, i cannot stomach to go and ask people who will see it as a very big favor that will forever entail blind loyalty.
      I am far away now and dying of envy. The recent downgrade of APH makes me envious even more. I can only wish that the sevices we are offering our patients would also be received by even the poorest abrenian. But how can it be, if instead of proggress is regress. Maybe someday, but until now, i can only wait, vote intelligently and salivate.

      Posted by pepi two | February 22, 2014, 3:28 pm
      • Sir Pipi Two, I feel sorry what you have experience now,Sir what I can say about your situation,and I believed you have all the qualifications for the Job,but the only problem Mr. Pepito your not in the Camp of the Administration.I feel sorry with you. Anyway Pepeto what you are talking WISDOM,yes of course I agree, but only what I’m asking is to limit their explanation with this matter.Thanks.

        Posted by Bartek tuleng | February 25, 2014, 5:56 pm
    • Nia ya met ti daldalamantongem, attek tuleng?! What is the point of no return of your expalanatory comments? Madi ti inglisko, al-ot! Sorry, Tuls!

      Posted by atong palapal | February 28, 2014, 10:11 am
  20. Itatta ta na-downgrade dayta APH, masapul a makuwestionaran no deta nautang nga 280,000,000 para deta ospital ket justifiable. Deta DOH ket kasapulanna nga isubmitir iti ngatuennna deta downgrade nga naited. Kasta met koma nga maikkan ti kopya ti ombudsman. Deta gobyerno ti probinsiya ti accountable ta isu ti nangited kenni Mayor Glen iti Tayum deta kontrata. Ngem deta nga pannakaited ti kontrata kenni Meyor Glen ket saur manen ta manugang ni Gobernador deta nangitedanna iti award nga kontrata ti ospital. Kasapulanna nga I-upgrade da deta ospital nga saanen nga kuwarta ti gobyerno wenno dagita tao ti pangalaanda iti panggastos da no di ketdi diay naurnongda nga pannaka-kukuada!

    Posted by Naisar-ong nga Taga-Ballasiw | February 22, 2014, 3:18 am
    • Ania kunam form their own pocket ti paggapuanna? Sus marya garapun! Awan naabak diay araneta idi last month ken isu ti ingastus da idi last election. Another loan manen ah tapno adda man takawen dan para May diay araneta ken next election. Basta adda ni madam x ken glen dita. Same banana equals Saba. Second day pay laeng diay GhostPital of operation, 2 operating room we’re not functional due to leaks form the roof. Asian la ruar ti napintas ng elm inside is a JoKE. Husto ka Mario bang, there need to be a certified hospital administrator to manage day to day operations. Kasla diay merica, uray bassit la nga nursing home ket adda pay administrator na due to state or gov’t requirements. Ngem kasla met bagi ni madam x deta GhostPital. Awan met ammo na kuma nga imanage. Diay purchases ti kitkitaen na tapno adda takawen na ti aki diablis nga madam x. Yearly supply expenses ti deta ghostpital in tens of millions, ngem awan met pulos. Uray kuma kapas. What a BS?

      Posted by Gising Na Ako | February 22, 2014, 6:18 am
      • Let me correct you sir, it is not tens of millions but a total of 60 million for meds and supplies for the entire province and that includes budget for the three district hospital. You are right gising na ako, ruby is the one seeing and dipping her hands into this budget. This excludes the proceeds from philhealth which could also be used to buy spllies and meds. This too is in the tune of tens of millions per year

        Posted by mario bang | February 27, 2014, 2:01 am
        • i believe you mario bang you are insider who witnessed how corrupt the couple unano

          Posted by eric shawn | February 28, 2014, 9:04 am
        • 60 million macarones. Highway robbery with our eyes wide open. Takit is a quick learner how to become the people’s master. He is great pretending to be stupid and know nothing. But in reality, he is the biggest crook of them all. So with his wife, madam x na ngaun lang nakatikim.

          Keep it up Mario Bang. Hopefully, the BOBOtantes will learn in the next election.

          Posted by Josef | March 1, 2014, 11:08 am
  21. Napintas nga basa-en ken pagsasagpawen dagi balikas yo papagayam nga nadumaduma nga bonog …Agluto tay koma amin apo ti pagsayaatan tayu toy abra..rigat na ket kayat tay met amin nga mangan ngem awan met mayat nga agloto…agtinolong tay koma amin nga mang supporta ken ni Takit nga manglinay ti pagsayaatan tay amin ..mayat met ket ni Takit nga miki sarita kanyatayu amin ngem no ta-oll kay met la taolen nga kasla aso kada ganso nga adda la bassit makita na ganakgak manen ditoy a.com a ket awan a ???? datayo tay makasapul tay tulong isu nga agpakombaba tay amin koma a nga apan mikisarita ken umasideg ken Takit satay to damagen no apay apay apo napanan tay pondo no napan diay araneta wenno na magic..dagitoy tay masapol mi apo…kas panaka amma toy probinsia nga Abra aramiden na a amin nga kaba elan na isu nga anus laeng papagayam…awan met ti naka adal len ti napakumbabanga nga sarita ni apo Diosen…ta BOSS kaymet aminen…

    Posted by Tatang yo nga illo Buenaque | February 22, 2014, 2:03 pm
    • You can unite behind Takit and his visions, but without great leadership and his visions are only for his self serving interest as opposed to the betterment of the province, we Abrenios are on the opposing side. Being a public servant, he should always remember that he is not the people’s master and he need to restore the meaning of the word “duty”. He owe it to the people of Abra who voted for him. But, he cannot govern. Let alone, serve the people of Abra. Takit is the biggest corrupt politician, it invites every politician in Abra to become more corrupt. I can respect a man only if he doesn’t always look out for himself and his cronies. As one Japanese proverb said, “serve your neighbors as you would be served yourself”.

      Posted by Josef | February 22, 2014, 3:43 pm
    • The problem is takit’s motto, Ask not ‘What can I do for you?’ but ‘What can I do you for?”

      Posted by Josef | February 22, 2014, 3:52 pm
    • Madi talaga apreciation u ti makuna nga public office is a public trust mga alipores ni takit read the code of ethical standards f or public officials tspno uray ditoy nga forum ket agkikinawatan tau sa gawa let us salivate a kunada

      Posted by eric shawn | February 22, 2014, 5:05 pm
      • Takit lived in the us for almost half of his life he should know better the meaning of public service than us bec he witnessed how america serve their citiz3ns. Im a beneficiary of us veteran and everytime i asked that office tru mail i got what i wish abt my inquiry. Even here ung ibang gov agency just a text complaint in their hotline ,hot issue being posted in the web or a news clip involving their personnel are immediately investigated by their bosses pero si takit wala lng sabihin nya lng gawa gawa ng mga lunas ,talunan and displaced tsk.

        Posted by eric shawn | February 22, 2014, 5:19 pm
        • If one cannot accept constructive criticism, then they attack the critic. Dayta ti kapanunutan ti bassit utek na kasla alipores ni Takit and himself.

          Posted by Gising Na Ako | February 22, 2014, 6:30 pm
    • With all due respect, sir, your post reveals what is so wrong with the government we have in Abra. “Rigat na ket kayat tay met amin nga mangan ngem awan met mayat nga agloto” – What is there to cook, sir? The taxes paid by Abrenos that have been plundered have taken food out of the table of the great masses of our people. “Taol kay met la taolen nga kasla aso kada ganso nga adda bassit makita na ganakgak manen ditoy a.com a ket awan”.- Thank you, sir, for comparing us with dogs because I clearly see that this government is really treating us like dogs. Are hundreds of millions of pesos in borrowed money a minor concern to you, sir? Does the provincial leadership need to consult with doctors to know that medicines and hospital supplies are imperatives in the operation of the APH? “Datayo tay makasapul tay tulong isu nga agpakombaba tay amin koma a nga apan makisarita ken umasideg ken Takit satay to damagen….” – Every time he campaigns, the governor promises to help the people. He promises to serve the people. Now that he is in power, we must in all humility go to him for help. Sir, what we need is action on the humongous mess that is APH. If anybody needs to show humility, it is the good governor, sir. He must have the humility to own up to his mistakes. You and others like you who display canine devotion to the governor always insist that he is not to blame, that he could have stolen funds used to construct the substandard APH but he did not. But you also admit that the construction of the APH was fraught with anomalies. If indeed the governor did nothing wrong, then he should go after the people responsible for the anomalies, hammer and thongs. “Awan met ti naka adal len ti napakumbaba nga sarita ni Apo Diosen…ta BOSS kaymet aminen…” Look who’s talking, sir. Kung ang nakararami na mamamayan ng Abra na maralita ay sinasabi mo na BOSS, bakit napakarami ang nagugutom at naghihirap sa ating lalawigan? Bakit napakarami ang namamatay na lamang dahil walang gamot sa APH? Bakit may mga maysakit at namatay sa APH na walang pangbayad dahil sa kahirapan na hindi pinayagan makalabas? Sa thread na ito mababasa mo ang hinaing ng mga kapwa nating Abreno na hindi maganda and naging karanasan sa APH. Kung kami ang mga BOSS, bakit ang mga opisyal ng pamahalaan sa Abra ang napaliligiran ng napakaraming armado na bodyguards? Kung kami ang BOSS, bakit ang mga opisyal ng lalawigan na ito ang nagsisiyaman at nagpapasasa habang kami naman ang namamatay sa gutom at hirap? Gumising ka na, sir. Imulat mo ang iyong mga mata para makita mo ang buong katotohanan. Mahirap magbulagbulagan, baka tuluyan kang mabulag.

      Posted by Pedro Abreno | February 23, 2014, 3:13 pm
    • Anya ket ni ILLO BUENTAKKI, di kaman pasalsali ta nanamen mi bassit dagitoy nasayaat nga commentaryo, Shuuuuuu,,,,,, Shuuuuu,,,,,,,,

      Posted by Observer | February 25, 2014, 11:45 am
  22. Ania nga klase nga tattao dagitoy “mangituray” ti probinsiya tayo? Manipud baba (Barangay Tanod) agingga na diay ngato (Gobernador), ket tay pagsasaoda/pagsusungbatda nga, “aramidenyonto met a ta kayatyo no dakayo iti adda iti puwesto”. Adda nga pagsaysayaatan tayo ditoy Abra iti masungad nga taw-tawen? Kasano? Daytoy koma ti pagsi-sinnukatan tayo iti kapanunutan, no kasano nga masukatan dagitoy nga awan serserbina nga “nakatugaw”.

    Posted by Genti | February 22, 2014, 4:34 pm
    • Good point itneg. Let’s start with ourselves then educate people NoT to sell their votes come election time. Easy to say and very hard to do But it can be done. NoThing is impossible tetta nga tiempon. We’re all getting smarter and wiser. I hope.

      Posted by Gising Na Ako | February 22, 2014, 6:26 pm
  23. Ti kuna da nga pag sasao dagiti kriminal! No nakapatay kan ket maganasan kanto unnayen dyay maykadwa wenno maykatlo ken sumaruno pay. Kasta met ken Takit maganasan latta nga agtakaw ta adu kadakayo simpatya kadagitoy nga aramid na. Dakayo ket pasurot ni Satanas. Makaturod kay koma ti pudno naulimek.

    Posted by Principal Nga Ari | February 22, 2014, 6:51 pm
  24. awan la nga kanayon toy abra/ nagpipintasan ta luglugan daguitoy nga agtuturay puro tinakawan amin! saan kayla mabain …makasyan ti tattao a para kannia da dayta kuarta yo ita! buisit kayo/

    Posted by tito | February 22, 2014, 7:08 pm
  25. for info rubie kentay aswang ni taki..ay asawa gayam

    Posted by tito | February 22, 2014, 7:10 pm
  26. For every politician, Corruption is a word we all used to hear everyday in our province and the entire country with the PDAF scam.

    Have we ever thought who has given the birth to this never ending problem? Its us, we the people. And we are the ones who have voted these corrupt politicians and allow them to spend our money for their luxuries and personal savings instead of being used to develop to provide the basic needs for our people. It is our ultimate loss and our ultimate responsibility, so we have to pay the prize.

    Would we have said NO to vote buying and have never sold our votes during election, then this day would not have come in to our life. Today, we have not evolve. Now, every election is atrophying that it will be impossible to get rid of corruption in our province and the entire Philippines.

    Posted by Plavo | February 22, 2014, 8:20 pm
  27. Let the eye of vigilance never be closed.

    Posted by Plavo | February 23, 2014, 8:29 am
  28. awan basol gayam ni gobernardor ta amin nga pundo ket naited yanti contractor na isu nga file lan da ti kaso tay contractor. tinakaw tay nagpa contrata ken kimuntrata

    Posted by KADWA | February 23, 2014, 2:45 pm
  29. yes na yes na. gobernador jb bernos for 2016 movement, go for a change na

    Posted by KADWA | February 23, 2014, 2:47 pm
  30. gising abrenio, mayor jb bernos for gobernor. support jb bernos for 2016, pinagbabalbaliw abra

    Posted by KADWA | February 23, 2014, 7:39 pm
    • Are you kidding kadwa?. We are talking here of corruption and here you are shouting the name of jb bernos for governor! What in the hell came to your mind that all of sudden you are campaining for jb bernos? Remember jb bernos comes from a family of politicians that made no difference at all and remenber that jb bernos is one of the key players in the closure of metrobank bangued branch as has been shown in another thread in a.com. jb bernos hands are also srtained with corruption. We are talking here of clean and honest people. Maybe you got the discussion wrong, you may have understood that we need corrupt people to leads us hehehe.
      back to the issue of the NEW APH, I heard dr godofredo gaza talking on dzpa about the downgrading of the hospital from level 2 to level 1, and in which he said that the aph is now considered as a new hospital because it is now situated in another site and as such, in the application of accreditation from DOH, the hospital will be considered as level one because it is new and has to start from the bottom rank. What? Dr gaza is making fools out of us, his explanation is a big alibi. The hospital will apply for accreditation from DOH not based on whether it is new or not but because ofbwhat the hospital is capable of. of course APH applied for level 2 accreditation but after the assessment by the accreditation team from DOH AND PHILHEALTH the hospital cannot qualify because of some deficiencies. Do you mean to say that when NOTRDAME hospital in baguio city applied for accreditation, it applied for level one category because it wasnew? No! It applied as level two and was given a level 2 accreditation.
      I dont know if dr gaza is talking in behalf of the province or in behalf of DOH.. dr gaza should have the delicadeza to shut his mouth regarding this matter because when the hospital was being built and dopenned, he was the trusted aid of takit he being OIC PHO. This means he is among the team that put up this hospital now being questioned. Now he is back at DOH as its provincial team leader, and it seems that he is defending himself and takit of the accusation of graft. Take my word for it, he explanation of dr gaza is false and a bizzare alibi, He is trying to save his own skin. Why dont he just say that indeed the hospital lack certain requirements that is why it is only categorized as level one.
      but dr gaza of course would not say that because with the amount of money spent in that hospital, why should there be deficiencies.
      Completo kuman. Baka no diay balay dagitay nagaramid isu ti completo hehehe

      Posted by mario bang | February 23, 2014, 9:46 pm
      • What a dumb imbecile this guy gigi? OGAG talaga. Anong akala nya mga tiga Abra, paris nyang torpedoe. Pagbalinen na tayo metten nga tanga-agen. It is a given nga considered a NEW hospital when build a 280M ghospital but now downgraded to level 1. Di na pay la ketdi kuna nga state of the art for a level 1 hospital para tapos na. WHAT A JOKE? Su met la nga nakumpleto diay Bobila clinic. I remember the bobila clinic construction was ongoing when the hospital was being built. Saan kaya galing? Somewhere in the rain…. Your guest is as good as mine.
        Excuse me, could you tell me how to get to the new APH? I’m suppose to be giving a lecture how to built a 280M state of the art hospital in 20 minutes, and my driver’s a bit lost.

        Posted by d'homme a homme | February 24, 2014, 11:15 am
  31. damn, dr gaza again did an interview with bridget mayor of balitang ilocano. what does dr gaza think of the televiewers.. dr gaza is making all of us a fool. are there people who believe this guy gaza? if you believe gaza then you are a fool.
    a new hospital will not apply for a level one accreditation if you spent hundreds of millions to build it. if i built a lying in clinic or an rhu to the tune of 1.5 million then that would be undertandable. but my god, the new APH was built to the tune of 280 million and still is a level one facility. takit and dr gaza may be very rich now.
    dr gaza is staking his career for takit. anyway he was nobody before takit. an unlicensed general surgeon without a patient and a husband to an under specialty board ob-gyne fending to children taking up medicine and the likes.
    Again i say this. DOH do not base its accreditation process because of the status of the hospital, wether the hospital is new or an old hospital. Dr Gaza is making it appear that the new APH is categotized as level one because the hospital is new. where in the world did dr gaza get that premise. i would accept and understand that bizarre alibi if the provincial government spent less that 5 million to build the facility. but my god the new APH was built to the tune of hundreds of millions. the money spent in building the new APH in reality would have been enough to build a level 3 hospital.
    i have only this to say. takit did not do what he promised every body to do and that is to”serve the people well. Dr gaza did what takit wanted him to do and that is to keep his eyes and mouth shut. this i have to say to dr gaza, stop defending takit and keep your mouth shut.
    \dr gaza and takit, explain the truth and do not make us fools. dr gaza, dr ka pa naman. be ashamed of your fabricated alibi. you know too well that the new aph will not qualify for level 2 accreditation because of takits and your doing.

    Posted by mario bang | February 24, 2014, 6:01 am

    I would like to share with you what I know about “ACCREDITATION” of a HOSPITAL. It is based on what the

    Hospital’s ability to provide services to the public. The DOH has provided categories or levels a HOSPITAL

    may be placed.


    PROVINCIAL HOSPITAL is considered a GENERAL HOSPITAL… Meaning, it must have the following:














    To be continued.

    Dr. Leo.

    Posted by Leo B. Tuason, M.D. | February 24, 2014, 6:18 am
    • what is your point dr leo. by your posts i dont think you are in level with us. if you are trying to research on the structure of hospitals in the states and apply it here in the Philippines, then your are out of sync. your enumeration of the departments of the hospital is making you obvious, YOU ARE NOT IN TOUCH WITH REALITY!
      DR LEO, IF YOU REALLY ARE, in the philippine setting and in the level 2 setting, you will not see the departments you enumerated. even some tertiary hospitals would not have all your requirements.
      with due respect po sa inyo dr leo, dont comment on things you dont have grasp to. iba po noon at ngayon. iba rin po ang states at abra.
      we all mean good but do not make us locals as if you are better than us.this i say, STAY IN ABRA AND OBSERVE. THEN AND ONLY THEN SHOULD YOU TALK DR LEO. your opinion is good but we are not in the states. we will get there. so until then keep your experience in the states to yourself. it is not helping.
      do not apply rules in the states here dr leo, if you insist to, then stay in the states. i would help you if you were talking of attainable goals but you are not so, just stay where you are and dream

      Posted by mario bang | February 24, 2014, 6:42 am
    • ADDENDUM :…

      1O. PHARMACY

      THANK YOU.

      Dr. Leo

      Posted by Leo B. Tuason, M.D. | February 24, 2014, 1:45 pm

    SIR, my point is this…. I’m trying to clarify one thing, “ACCREDITATION ” of…….




    >>> CLINIC, private ( Seares )


    HOW ARE THESE MEDICAL FACILITIES/ places accredited by the DOH?…. LEVEL 1 , 2, OR 3 ???






    Dr. Leo.

    Posted by Leo B. Tuason, M.D. | February 24, 2014, 10:10 am
    • in the banner story of this thread, dr leo, the requisites of accreditation are clearly stated. also the status of seares clinic(Petronilo Seares Memorial Hospital) and Bangued Christian Hospital (Bringas) is clearly stated and as it says, both are level 2 hospitals. if you want more info, go into the official page of DOH (www.doh.gov.ph) and not base your assumptions on your research on other sites

      Posted by mario bang | February 24, 2014, 3:11 pm

        My understanding is that… both Seares Memorial Hospital and the Bringas Christian Church Hospital are

        categorized at level 2 and NEW APH level 1 according to DOH ACCREDITATION.

        SIR, I’m deeply sadden to learn the low level the APH has attained. The many DOCTORS employed in the

        OLD APH could have shared their MEDICAL knowledge with GOV. TAKIT on how a General Hospital

        should be. I’m certain the GOV. could have CONSIDERED their advise.

        Thank you for your input in the subject.

        Dr. Leo.

        Posted by Leo B. Tuason, M.D. | February 25, 2014, 7:22 am
        • dr tuazon, you got it right that seares and christian hospitals are level 2 hospitals. sad to say that APH which is a bigger hospital and has more doctors is classified as level one. what does this show us?
          DR TUAZON, i dont even think you know the situation in the ground, but it seems that you are a fan of takit by saying that the many doctors employed in the old aph could have shared their medical knowledge with gov takit on how a general hospital should be, gives you away. you are in the states and you believe that takit hade absorbed the democratic way of the americans, but sad to say, TAKIT IS STILL FILIPINO! takit only listens to dr gaza, who do not have any experience at all. if you read thru all the comments in this thread, you will know what kind of a guy gaza is.
          to tell you quite frankly dr leo, takit is not asking anybody but his wife.
          one request dr tuazon, tell your friend takit to save his face now. and also, please only comment on things you are personally knowledgable.
          you claim to be a doctor but sorry to say but i think you didnt have the opportunity to serve our people. you are just pretending to be. we are in the ground and we feel what the people of abra yearn for. if you really are a doctor, why not come and talk to your fellow “statesman” takit to heed to the call of the people.

          Posted by mario bang | February 26, 2014, 4:50 am
        • doking leo, you could have lend your expertise being in the medical field yourself and NOT only that, takit was also your nephew. At least you could have send him to medical school and teach him how to become a true public servant NOT a people’s master. Instead, Takit became a leon and a volture. He and his wife already have their eyes set how to rob the people of abra by pretending to care. With doking gigi on their side, everything is a done deal.
          Also, it seems you really care with my fellow abrenios/abrenias, why don’t you ask takit and his wife ruby where are the balikbayan boxes you sent intended for the hospital. I bet you, it’s somewhere in his farm or glen’s farm being used to surgically repair their badly beaten fighting cocks with Pikong as their tending unlicensed veterinary.

          Posted by King Kobra | February 26, 2014, 5:55 am
  34. Poor Abrenian!!!! I don’t see progress at all in Abra. Mga mayors lang ang may magagandang buhay. They can buy luxury cars, they can build beautiful houses or buy condo in Manila. Where do they get their monies? They are stealing money intended for you people. Wake up!!!

    Posted by mayana | February 24, 2014, 12:19 pm
  35. in takit’s world of politics, stupidity is noT a handicap. it is a talent and an art of mastering in thievery.

    Posted by grand master P | February 25, 2014, 4:03 am
  36. Whenever takit does a thoroughly stupid thing, it is always from the noblest motives in the eyes of his alipores. galit sila kay vicsyd when he was in power. mas grabe naman ngayon kurakot. suplad ken vicsyd idi. tetta grader ken takit.

    Posted by grand master P | February 25, 2014, 5:01 pm
  37. As the biggest corrupt politician, Takit is very very good in posing as a servant in order to become a master. His minions let him do a thing his cleverness forbids.

    Dumb, dumbner and dumbness!

    Posted by Josef | February 25, 2014, 6:31 pm
  38. I just saw a snake having sex with a volture, and i thought, its business as usual for takit.

    Posted by Pikes | February 26, 2014, 4:22 am
  39. Takit was a very wise man he has a lot of front man and the real mananakaw bagman connections…like in APH doctors for example.. .you can tell by looking by their houses luxury cars and lavish tour of the world which is so hard to think and understand where the heck their funds comin from ,i am looking at myself ,i am a doctor in Kaiser hosipital here in America but i can not do what my fellow doctors are doing in APH.,,,yes i know that they are laughing at me the consolation that i have is my funds are coming from my hardwork..i am not jealous but for God sake makonsensiya naman po sana kayu..ragsak yo met nga kitaen ta marigrigat nga kakailian tayun apo..when disaster comes my country Philippines begging for help like storm Yolanda hence it is only now that i realized that the funds alloted to Abra is being funneled to few people…when dissaster comes there are no more funds. available

    Posted by Vilma Wendell | February 26, 2014, 10:28 am
  40. Dr x @aka Madam x shouting at Provincial Capitol and Provincial Hospital like a Provincial Administrator and Employee. The next governor of Abra. The gobang is under the saya

    Posted by KADWA | February 26, 2014, 3:43 pm
  41. Alberto,I did not admit to anything.You don’t even know me.Awan balay ko.Just relax,masapol ti sag paminsan nga diversion ti topico.

    Posted by Meoff | February 27, 2014, 10:28 am
  42. Ado ti agkarkararag nga masalit koma dagitoy nga Agtatakaw, awan babain da pulos, tanddan yo daytoy adda met la patinggana ti amin.

    Posted by Principal Nga Ari | February 27, 2014, 9:22 pm
  43. just go and observe at the budget office of the capito lwheeinr alipores of takit who are cockfighting afficionados with documents to be signed at that office.these guys as if they are the boss ordering the personnel to rush the voucher because they dont have money for betting the cocks of their boss takit

    Posted by eric shawn | March 1, 2014, 4:40 am
  44. dapat ket ikkaten da dagita papangas nga babakla dita aph. no umasta da kasla da lng dr. underboard da met ngarud

    Posted by umar belmes | March 1, 2014, 5:46 am
  45. MANILA, Philippines – The Department of Health (DOH) and representatives from private hospitals have reached a compromise that will give healthcare facilities a maximum of 3 years to comply with the government’s hospital reclassification scheme.
    In a press briefing, Health Secretary Enrique T Ona told reporters the agreement allows hospitals to beef up their facilities and comply with the DOH’s new rules on hospital classification based on Administrative Order No. 2012-0012.
    “The AO will apply immediately to new hospitals. For those that are already existing, especially those without operating rooms, they will be given a maximum of 3 years, but I’m sure most of them will be able to do it in a year or a year and a half,” Ona said.
    Ona said half of the estimated Level 1 hospitals under the old ruling need to spend some P10 to P15 million to put up a decent operating room. This would put them under Level 1 category in the new classification.
    He said that as of 2011, there are a total of 733 government hospitals and 1,088 private hospitals. Presently classified as Level 1 are 771 facilities composed of 372 public hospitals and 399 private hospitals.
    The health secretary said he’s confident that after 3 years or earlier, more than half of these Level 1 hospitals would be able to retain their classifications under the new rules.
    Private Hospitals Association of the Philippines (PHAP) President Rustico Jimenez said they support the DOH’s move. However, he said the DOH must help in fast-tracking PhilHealth payments, which are often delayed, and reaching out to other agencies on matters that currently hound hospitals.
    Jimenez said one of these agencies is the Department on Environment and Natural Resources. It has imposed a fine of P200,000 per day for improper hospital waste management, which, Jimenez said, is difficult for some hospitals that don’t own a waste facility.
    “As I said, we are agreeable to those terms because before, our request to Secretary Ona was that only new hospitals [ought to] be covered by the AO. If you read the AO, there was no mention of 3 years. After that, Secretary Ona released the 3 years so I think we are agreeable to that,” Jimenez said.
    He also expressed the hope that DOH help the PHAP and the Philippine Hospital Association (PHA) stay as members of the board of PhilHealth. Some lawmakers are pushing for the removal of the two organizations from the board of PhilHealth on grounds that their membership creates a conflict-of-interest situation.
    New classifications
    Under the new DOH reclassification order, Level 1 hospitals should have the following facilities:
    • surgery room
    • isolation
    • surgical and maternity facilities
    • dental clinics
    • secondary clinical laboratory
    • blood station
    • first level X-ray
    • a pharmacy
    Level 2 hospitals require additional departmentalized clinical services including:
    • a respiratory unit
    • high pregnancy risk unit
    • second level X-ray with mobile unit
    Level 3 hospitals should have:
    • DOH-accredited teaching and training on 4 major clinical services, ambulatory surgical and dialysis clinics
    • a blood bank
    – Rappler.com

    Posted by leopoldo s ardiente sr | March 1, 2014, 8:32 pm
  46. “This here’s Madam X, I’m TakeIT BulsaAmin. We rob the people of Abra.”

    Posted by Gising Na Ako | March 2, 2014, 5:07 am
  47. Mayat koma no ti sumaruno nga aggobernador ket ni Dr. Pikong Abaya! Sumayaat ti probinsyatayo ngata metten o su ti aggobernador. Kapanunotak la met detoy a . . no adda makunayo ket bagayo latta,

    Posted by atong palapal | March 2, 2014, 7:07 am
  48. Ania ngata no ni dr, pikong abaya ti aggobernador. Baka nalimlimpyo ngem ni kasinsinna nga taquit.

    Posted by atong palapal | March 2, 2014, 7:09 am

    Destiny to offer services to the people of ABRA was not afforded to me during the dark years of the
    .province. ..( GOV. VICSYD VALERA ERA) who was removed from office by a democratic way by you r

    friend TAKIT.

    MARIO, could you have remained as an ADVISOR then to your friend TAKIT? IF YOU DID…

    SIR. many of your wonderful ideas for improving the province like …. rehabilitating the OLD HOSPITAL,

    instead of building a new hospital, hiring qualified doctors in the hospital , putting up a ZONING BOARD

    FOR THE COMMUNITY OF BANGUED, and many more.

    Posted by Leo B. Tuason, M.D. | March 3, 2014, 3:37 am
    • Doc Leo, Mario bang was one of the advocate to rehabilitate the old hospital and so are the Luna family. But your nephew was too stubborn cuz you and I know what that means, “less to corrupt that he will be disappointing his wife, madam X in the process”. You know as they say, every man’s downfall is a woman behind it. That’s the reason why this GHOSTPITAL is a BIG failure. It was corrupted from the beginning before it even started. I’ve mentioned time and time again that Takit and his wife are very good in pretending to care to become the people’s master and they forget the meaning of public service. In the time of Vicsyd, i don’t agree almost on everything what he does and I belong to the opposition. But I have to admit, it was far better compared to now. This is like comparing apples to oranges. Killing was still rampant just like the time of Vicsyd and the corruption in Abra is at all-time high since Takit was in power. Corruption is no longer shocking. It has become acceptable and a way of life. Abra is facing a systematic problem of corruption and payoffs which unfortunately even found its way to the military, media and CCAG people which these so called people are supposedly the voice of the masses. If we, the people of Abra don’t stand up and say enough is enough, corruption will continue to worsen. Fighting corruption is NOT enough anymore. A new breed of politics are needed as well. But with no cooperation from the public, the task seems nearly impossible. These are the people who have been elected to represent us are NOT doing their job with NO action at all. Starting from the congressman to the governor, to the mayor and to the barangay officials.

      Posted by Josef | March 3, 2014, 7:05 am
    • Dr leo, I was with the group of takit that toppled vicsyd valera. It was in the hope that, takit could had imbibed amercan values because of his long stay in the states but to our dismay, he didn’t. If takit could have only kept his promise to my group, I know and I believe that the state of the hospital would have been very different, the hospital could have been better than during the time of dra purugannan under gov vicsyd. Because believe it or not, the old hospital was much better then, than the new hospital now. The old hospital only deteriorated during the term of takit.
      sad to hear that you were not able ti serve your fellow abrenians. You could help now by talking to your telling your relative takit to heed to the clamour of the people for him to do good and make amends.
      if takit only _would listen to us, he could still save face. Takit should not listen to dr gaza who has no background in management, neither should he listen to his wife ruby because she too has no management skills especially hospital management. I have seen how ruby acts as if she were a doctor or equal to a doctor. She is very arrogant in dealing with some doctors. But her favorite is dr gaza and I wonder why, hehehe. Am I smelling some thing? Hahaha.
      having read about my comments dr leo, surely you know that if I were the adviser of takit, he would have not failed, but he turned his back on us who helped him get into power. He is very rich now and could pay his way to where he wants. Now his wife mis aspiring to be gov, damn what a big joke.

      Posted by mario bang | March 4, 2014, 1:43 am

    I’m very please to learn from you that you keep tab on the BALIKBAYAN BOXES containing machines like


    INSTRUMENTS in three boxes because STAINLESS STEEL INSTRUMENTS are heavy stuff

    through GOV. TAKIT. my one hope is that these instruments reached the hospital to be used by qualified



    DR. LEO.

    Posted by Leo B. Tuason, M.D. | March 3, 2014, 6:22 am
    • Hope is all you can do doking leo. The important thing is not to stop asking/questioning. Don’t you want to know, doking leo? Are you scared to find out the truth that’s it somewhere in the chicken farm NOT being intended for my fellow abrenios? Did they even acknowledge or send you a “thank you” note? If not, then that just shows you who and what Takit became, a volture. So much emphasis has been placed upon the false that the significance of the true has been obscured that in Takit’s world of politics, it has come to convey the meaning of shrewd, crafty politician and a cunning selfishness, instead of candid and sincere public service.

      Posted by King Kobra | March 3, 2014, 8:07 am

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