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The New APH

The New APH

The New APH

The New APH


One thought on “The New APH

  1. SAVE and PRESERVE Karayan Abra. Stop the political bickering and concentrate finding resolution to the Abra River dilemma. Government incumbents from top to all down-lines must engage themselves on this pressing issue. Abrenians must get involved in whatever capacity, wherever they may be. Remember the CelloPhil problem & local resistance in the 70’s? History repeats. There is a solution to solving this issue, and it begins with the political incumbents, NOW rather than later. I think, this is an opportunity for the incumbents to leave a “good” and lasting legacy to their constituents. I believe, we all want to see Karayan Abra remain unadulterated, pollution-free, and fertile.

    Posted by talamey | November 7, 2014, 8:17 am

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