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Metrobank closed down in Bangued

Metro Bank

Metro Bank

Reports coming from our contact in Bangued, that Metrobank in Bangued remains close since last week. According to the report, the bank manager and other staff are being investigated with allege fraud.

Customers are now forced to go outside the province to get access to their account.

Metrobank is located at McKinley St. cor. Taft St. in Bangued.


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35 thoughts on “Metrobank closed down in Bangued

  1. Intaray kan ni manager dagitay kuwarta dagiti depositor!

    Posted by marcelo ton | February 2, 2014, 11:52 pm
  2. kasatno tay adda vault nan apo baka intaray na payen. sinno t dapat nga ka negotiate ti deta nga banag ngatan..

    Posted by raine | February 3, 2014, 7:29 am
  3. i am wondering why not a news coming out in the media about the glaring closure of the bangued branch of metrobank is coming out. this is news big time but it seems that the blazing guns of the media are silent. why? not even the men of magalong, CIDG is making any effort into prying into this matter. why?
    the media reports trivial events like domestic violence, accidents and others but this big time news of a bank closing is nowhere to be heard of from them. i smell something fishy about this silence. somebody is spending to cover up what realy is happening in metrobank bangued.
    my sources say that the closure of the metrobank branch of bangued has something to do with some big political figures in the province. this is big time corruption. these politicians corrupted the poor bank manager into approving to the whims of these politicians just to maintain big deposits in metrobank bangued. the name of one politician was mentioned and i know that this politician has the machinery to liquidate anybody and get away with it. this case will have many ramifications not only in the bank which is private but also with the government, LGU and a dept of the national govt in abra.
    according to reliable source, the case started when a contractor who finished a project in abra discovered that the chech supposed to have been paid to the construction company was deposited in the personal account of this politician which prompted the contractor to complain as to why and how the check was deposited in the name or personal account of this politician. the check is allegedly 15M.
    with this, it is now pressumed that this is just the tip of the iceberg. how was the politician able to get the check from DPWH? is it not the payee which is in this case the contrator who should receive the check? this alone is anomalous. the fault of the branch manager of metrobank babgued is that she allowed the said check to be deposited in the personal account of the politician, who’s cars we see often parked in front of the metrobank branch in bangued even after regular bank hours. the poor manager could have been pressured or whatever to allow the deposit to be made. poor manager, she is now talk of the town, but could we blame her? knowing this controversial politician, i could only pity the manager.
    corruption is the root cause of the poverty of abra. but the media do not seem to see this as one incident of big time corruption that is why they are silent or are they being corrupted themselves by these politicians for their silence.

    Posted by mario bang | February 4, 2014, 6:24 pm
  4. Kusto ni Mario Bang, la DZPA ibagam ti huston tapno dida ket mangpagpagto daguitoy depositor.

    Posted by Bodong | February 4, 2014, 10:02 pm
  5. i think mario bang knows more than he posted on this alleged MAGIC of DPWH and the politicians for he got the figures right ! DZPA reporters has no EARS and NOSE when it comes to news where there are politicians involved for they got selective AMNESIA syndrome,ngem no tay traysikelan nga nagto tong it diay paradaan just to while away the hours, AY SUS APO, kasla mabtak tay karabukob da nga agpuk pukkaw ! ENVELOPMENTAL journalism? kakaasi la nga nagsagrap ni manager ti metrobank ti KINALOKO daguitoy imbutos tayo nga tat tao ! QUO VADIZ ABRENIO?

    Posted by pagalsem | February 4, 2014, 10:49 pm
    • that is what i am driving at, my friend pagalsem. you are absolutely right in tagging it as ENVELOPEMENTAL journalism. i have been witness to some of them. most of them from DZPA.
      the figure i posted could only be part of a larger sum because many projects accomplished during the past administrations are not being paid by DPWH to the contractors themselves but to self-serving politicians who even put an office inside DPWH to watch over cash flow of the department. everybody know who these politicians are but DZPA and the local media do not know. As a matter of fact, i did call the attention of GMA Ilocos about this, but they too are3 mumm on the matter of the closure of the bangued branch of metrobank. why? look who’s tagging along with the interviews of balitang ilocano of GMA, reporters of DZPA. call it influence, bad influence.
      many people know about the anomalies inside DPWH but are too afraid to meddle into these because of fear. Even government auditors know about these but they too are afraid of the powers that are.
      But this is what i have to say, it is also our fault, we voted for these people, we were also corrupted by them. i dont say all of us, but most of us. or may i say most of you, i didnt vote for them.
      clue: the politician who put in his personal account the money supposed to be of the contractor is also involved in one of the most controversial issues posted in A.com, very recent.

      Posted by mario bang | February 5, 2014, 2:28 am
  6. iba naman ang aking nasagap na balita, parang naging “collateral damage” daw ang MetroBank. you see, noong nakaraang election ay naging kasangkapan ng dating mayor ang radio station ng Abra Valley College para maiparating ang kanyang mensahe sa madlang pipol. yan ang naging dahilan kung bakit hindi na raw binigyan ng business permit ang Abra Valley College, pati na yong kanyang Hotel sa calaba. Ang MetroBank ay nangungupahan sa building ng Abra Valley College, hindi ba? Ang sabi daw ng taga munisipio ay “structurally unsound” na raw ang building ng Abra Valley College kaya dapat ay umalis na daw sila doon at kung gusto ng MetroBank na ipagpatuloy ang operation sa Abra ay lumipat sa ibang building. at eto na ang pinakamasahol, dapat magbayad ng “20 million” para sa Business Permit. Sagot naman daw ng pamunoan ng Metro Bank..”let us close it, what is Abra anyway”.

    hindi po na-bankrupt ang Metro Bank, mas pinili lang nila ag mag-sara kaysa pagbigyan ang kagustohan ng sumiskil sa kanila

    ang Savemore Supermarket na dapat uupa doon sa bagong building ng munisipio ay nag-backout na rin daw dahil sa laki ng hinihinging tongpats. umentra ang JTC at nagkasundo sa halagang &%$#@ maliban sa buwanang upa na %$#&*, kaso nagdadalawang isip na naman daw ang JTC kasi pinatongan na naman daw yong orihinal na napagkasundoan..

    Sa issue naman ng Bank Manager na nagtakbo ng pera ng depositor, ito yata yong dating Manager na matagal ng na-terminate dahil sa ginalaw niya yong pera ng kanilang depositor, may gambling problem ang dating manager na ito.

    Posted by mar bon | February 5, 2014, 6:08 am
  7. isa po ako sa depositor ng metro bank, nung pumunta ako kanina sa candon para iverify yung account namin safety po naman kahit papaano pero di na daw babalik ang metro bank bangued branch kundi magrerelocate sila sa narvacan ilocos, sur as the staff said to me. i ask him if what is the real story behind the issue of the manager and he said they still dont know but they are all investigating. beside the fact na binabato sa manager wag daw po tayo maniwala muna kasi wala pang result ng inbestigasyon.

    Posted by raine | February 5, 2014, 8:03 am
  8. Owwww,,,,,,, nasiyaat met no agpukaw amin nga banko dta bangued tapno maawatan daguiti corrupt ken garapal a politico nga saan a mabalin nga kasjay nga ipiten da ti business permit, Susssssss,,,,,,,,nabayag dayta nga aramid ni mayor ken madam. Di met kasjay ti inaramid da ken Ambong Reyes idi naglukat is-isuna ti gasolinaan na nga nakasara tay gasolinaan ni mayor idi damo na ti agmayor, sus, madi na met nakayanan ti dagsen ni ambong reyes, in-released da met la ti business permit na. Ala ket kasta manen a ti mapasamak dta metrobank ken isaruno na kanu ta BDO ken Allied, hala pangatuen na aminen nga permiten. La manso!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by Bodong | February 5, 2014, 8:18 am
  9. Sinno ata politician nga bagbagam, Mario Bang? Ni ngata man dominic detan, al-ot!

    Posted by siokoy | February 5, 2014, 9:29 am
    • mar bon i dont agree with you that the cause of the closure of the metro bank brach is collateral damage to the feud between political families in the 2013 elections, as you say that the radio station of abra valley broadcasted the program of mayor jendricks luna so the present administration is retaliating the owner of abra valley colleges. while it could ne true but logic dictates otherwise. of the private schools in abra, abra valley is one of the highest tax payers. so the municipality would not dare close this but as you say, dominic valera and his minions are very fond of tongpats. that is very understandable now specially that pork barrel has been abolished, where will dominic and his daughter get money to replenish their expenses during the last election.
      i stick to my informants version of the story of the closure of metrobank. as i’ve said and is now xollaborated by one depositor that the manager is not at fault but a politician, a mayor, is at fault. this mayor as i’ve previously posted deposited in his personal account the check written in the name of one contractor from another province. the only fault of the bank manager is that she allowed the deposit, for whatever reason she only knows.
      siokoy the politician is involved in a controversial love affair hehehe.

      Posted by mario bang | February 5, 2014, 9:32 pm
  10. mas mamatiak iti bersion nga inlanad ni apo MARIO BANG,ta ngamin kastoy met laeng ti arasaas daguiti tat tao nga mangipad padamag, tat tao nga awanan biang ti POLITIKA ken addaan ti KREDEBILIDAD,ken nakita tayo met daguita nga lugan nga nakaparada ti sango dayta a bangko iti mano nga aldaw. saan nga nakaskasdaaw ta asino ti BOSS dita DPWH?asino tay politiko a nangideposito?1+1=3 simple laeng a sumada !!! ngem talnaem ta ngiwat mo apo M BANG, baka putden da ta dilam heh heh heh,sabagay mas nalalaing a sumao kano tay martin no maputdan ti dila na..psssssssssssssssst gayyem,dimo la ammo ti ayan ni metrobank manager?

    Posted by KARASAKAS | February 6, 2014, 5:42 pm
    • hehe tnx sa palagip karasakas. well whatever it takes to let the people know what really is hapenning. somebody has to do it. it is really frustrating that our local media is very silent. but i do not wonder anymore because they are under the payroll of these powerful politicians.
      hehe i don’t even know the bank manager hehehe.
      by the way as i’ve heard from depositors of metrobank bangued who went to candon to transact business told me that their money is intact. the only thing that besets us is the inconvenience of transacting business in another province.

      Posted by mario bang | February 6, 2014, 7:10 pm
      • I admire your courageous heart Pagayam Mario Bang. It’s been so long that Abrenians are captives by fears preferring to keep mums on the evils that plagues the province rather than to speak up and be killed. The scripture said “The wicked flee when no one pursues, but the righteous are as bold as a lion (Proverbs 28:1)”. The Good Lord blesses and protect those who fights for righteousness.

        Posted by naeling | February 6, 2014, 8:29 pm
  11. no talaga natured ka Mario Bang, apay ngarud a di ka ruuar nga agsao? naadalan da metten ngata dagita media ta isuda met naus- usar a bala kanyon. Patang kayo a patang puro met ngarud lemmeng. Nagan yo langen di ko kaya iparangarang.

    Posted by gil-ayab | February 6, 2014, 9:09 pm
    • “There is a wisdom that knows when to go and when to leave; what is to be done and what is not to be done; what is fear and what is courage……That is pure wisdom.” – Bhagavad Gita
      My friend, Mario you are indeed a man of courage and you are blessed with wisdom. I have written time and again that you have an indispensable role in the fight for good governance. Your vast knowledge of events happening on the ground and your resourcefulness contribute a teasure trove of information for our people. By your efforts, our people will be empowered to make the right decisions when the opportunities present themselves.
      You will be derided because the information you provide strike at the very heart of graft and corruption and abuse of power. Take heart, my friend because you are not alone in this journey. I and countless others are on the same page with you. Many will say that you are a coward like most of us who hide under a nom de plume. Ignore them because they know no better. It may be well to remind them that “prudence is the better part of valor”.
      The “powers that be”, their supporters and their minions are the real cowards. They cannot walk the streets of our province without their bodyguards. It is so ironic that while they swear to high heavens that they are honest and squeaky clean, they are so afraid of their constituents. In my book, only those who have committed sins against the people should be afraid. If they are indeed as clean as they picture themselves to be, let them go to their respective government offices unarmed and without their armed bodyguards. May we now see who these courageous government officials are?
      On another note, it is indeed both deplorable and lamentable that Metro Bank has decided to pack up its bags and choose to move outside our province. We all know that Metro Bank is among the top five banks in the country. You can just imagine the inconvenience a great number of our people will have to go through if they have to go all the way to Metro Bank in Candon in order to deposit or withdraw from their accounts. This may just be the beginning as more and more banks and businesses become disnchanted with the way our governement officials are dealing with them. Surely, the netizens are not to blame for the giant mess Abrenos have found themselves in. We cannot just sit idly by and watch while life in this province turns from bad to worse. We are certainly within our rights to express rightful indignation. Let those who want to laugh or sneer at us continue to laugh and sneer. Let those who decide to do nothing, do nothing. But the trouble with those who do nothing is that they will never know when they are done.
      My friend, Mario, let us find inspiration in these words of wisdon, “The greatest acts of courage are not physical, they are moral. The most dazzling act of bravery is not to leap out of the trenches, rifle in hand to assault the enemy. It is to hold on to one’s beliefs when they are being sorely tested and to walk quietly in one’s path”. Mabuhay ka Mario Bang.

      Posted by Pedro Abreno | February 8, 2014, 5:21 pm
  12. Mario bang, why not write an anonymous letter to the ombudsman. Im sure it will be taken cared of since you can give the details. You can even email it if you like to be just an unknown complainant. You might as well send the information to the DILG. Ive heard gustong magsample ni mar roxas ngayon to redeem his name. If only i know the facts, ill be the one to do it. Go go go!

    Posted by Godfather | February 7, 2014, 7:52 am
  13. thank you for the kind words my friend Pedro Abrenio.It is indeed very hard to get out in the open when the “powers that are” are in power. Gil-ayab, my friend, I have tried coming out of the shelter of anonymity but i dare not now, to tell you quite directly, we did, but my friends and relatives are now at the cemeteries rotting without justice.i have a family to feed and children to send and spend for their schooling, so you must understand that i have to live to fend for my family. GIL-AYAB, you should also not use an alias if you are brave enough, pareho lang tayo, the difference is you are just a rah rah boy for these politicians. IF YOU ARE ALSO BRAVE ENOUGH, USE YOUR NAME.
    GODFATHER, i dont need to write an anonymous letter to whatever court, because there is a case filed by the contractor about this matter. just wait. the contractor sued JB Bernos and the bank manager for the scam, i just don”t know if the inutile DPWH district engineer was included as respondent. the good thing about it is that it was filed outside the province so there are no FIXCALS involved.
    the latest from my informant is that JB Bernos gave the bank manager 12M to pay the contractor, but the deposited check is 15M, quite a discrepancy.the contractor is not about to nudge with the offer of settlement. i hope they will not.
    the true scam in here is not with MetroBank, but with DPWH. How did the check end up in JB Bernos”s hand? It is quite obvious, Who is Bernos? The congresswoman is a Bernos! Thanks God no more PDAF!
    call me whatever you want to call me. wait till my children get their diplomas too, then i will come out in the open.
    I did not leave abra for the mere reason that i know abra is deprived but inspite of all the efforts, abra is still in need.

    Posted by mario bang | February 9, 2014, 3:49 am
    • to u sir mario bang im proud of you for being good spokes person on your own..gogogo i adore your credibilty to attain more and believing that you are the most commentarista here..i read all comments here and you are the one i want to concentrate. your blog so interesting. i support you all the way..good job for this..aim for your children first before this kind of mess issue.

      Posted by raine | February 9, 2014, 8:33 am
  14. 2016 mario bang for gov.

    Posted by tangken marsmallow | February 9, 2014, 5:42 pm
  15. maipanggep tay komento ni APO GILAYAB ti kinatured ni MARIO BANG
    apay madim kayat GIL AYAB nga maibutaktak ti madi nga aramid? bareng no makissayan ti kinaagum daguitoy nga politiko wenno pribado nga tat tao numona ket kuarta tayo met nga umili ti maseknan? saan ka a kagura gayyem ta ibagbagam la ti kapanunutam ngem uray dakami a nagkomento ken kasta met ni mario bang iyebkas mi laeng toy rikriknaen mi ditoy A.COM !
    no maysa ka kadaguitay adu nga nabayadan para pagpaguni da, ay ket talaga nga naikaro mon tay sueldom gayyem !

    Posted by pagalsem | February 9, 2014, 9:29 pm
  16. awan nagdumaan je pagsasao ” the same banana equals saba” , ukis nan,bagas nan equals lasona. kaano py aya nga ada nakapudno nga nabotosan a mangituray t maysa nga lugar? datayo nga umili ket sumangka otro ty met corrupt,py t pagarup u,tayo,ket nalinteg met t kinatao?, nagbiddut tyo kakabsat,uray siak han ko maibaga nga nalinteg t kainata-ok.ty to dios nga namarsua t manngibaga inton dumteng t tiempo. isu dakayo nga agin sasanto,han ky man puro agindadalus,amangan nakarkaro ky py ngem ni satanas.pwe.

    Posted by ambo l igan | February 10, 2014, 7:19 am
  17. awan latta progreso. jay nabaknang, isu latta bumakbaknang, jay marigrigat lalo a rumigrigat.

    Posted by uttig | February 10, 2014, 5:41 pm
  18. awan latta

    Posted by mario ringpis | February 10, 2014, 7:29 pm
  19. Wan ltta pulos..valera-bernos ti agbaknang ti buo nga abra..cong. bernos adu lalaki dta..pay ammo met ngata ti pamilyam da lalaki nga businessmanen djy manila,kn ni gen magalong..

    Posted by jose | February 11, 2014, 10:10 pm
  20. Mayor JB, Apay nga inikkat met ni cong joy daguidiay batam diay dwph sen?

    Just asking apo.

    Posted by Gising Na Ako | February 12, 2014, 6:18 pm
  21. baka adda met isukat na a nga Tao na.jeje..

    Posted by uttig | February 13, 2014, 10:46 pm
  22. Overshadow daytoy nga news’n….

    Save ka mayor for the time being.

    Posted by Gising Na Ako | February 21, 2014, 2:18 am
  23. the closure of metro bank ket diay manager rogel ti gapu na ta nausar ni manager rogel daditi kuarta ti depositors. 100 millions pesos ti naawan nga kuarta. saan nga gapu ti sasawen dayta mario bangs nga nagpost. saan nga politico ti gapu. dagidiay ket politicos ti naawanan kuarta. ti management ti metro bank ket kikitaen na pay la no mano ti total nga kuarta ti innala ni manager rogel.

    Posted by taga masid | March 2, 2014, 6:51 pm

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