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Public Service: Help is needed

Aftermath fo Typhoon Yolanda

Aftermath fo Typhoon Yolanda

By now everyone knows the horrific calamity suffered by our kababayans in the Visayas. Here’s your chance to help out – abrenian.com

Comment: Good day Sir!
May I ask your good office to send this message to our fellow ABRENIANS for help in regards with the recent typhoon Yolanda victimizing our kakababayan in Visayas region.


CONTACT#: 09151290374


Address: Corner Taft & Washington Street, Zone 6, Bangued, Abra
Phone:(074) 752 5393/09176974047


And I feel that we should all help each other in times of needs.

Thank you for your support.

Name: Gemma Angel Medrano
Email: ge_an4980@yahoo.com


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49 thoughts on “Public Service: Help is needed

  1. I would like to appeal to fellow Abrenos to help in any way we can our brothers and sisters in Eastern and Western Visayas, Palawan, Mindoro provinces and the Bicol region. Time is of the essence. Let us act now.

    Posted by PEDRO ABRENO | November 11, 2013, 12:01 am
  2. MR. Abrenio with all due respect, how could you encourage our kababayan in Abra to help the Eastern and Western Visayas, Sir ania ngarud iti maited daguitoy nga ka probinsya tayo ket ag kukurang da pay ti pab Biag da.
    Mr. Abrenio, apay saan mo diretswen da APO GOVERNADOR , NI APO CONGRESSWOMAN, ken dagidiay MAMAYORES ti ILI nga ABRA,Agdepdepel da laeng ti BUGGOONG ken ASIN piman saan mo nga maawatan ti panagbiag ditoy ABRA SIR.

    Posted by AWAN PUSOM | November 11, 2013, 5:05 pm
    • Jesus Christ, your are one of those atypical Filipino always want to say something that humiliate others effort. We might be underprivileged but we do have hearts.

      Get a life looser

      Posted by Q | November 12, 2013, 1:25 am
  3. I really fell sorry what happen in Visaya’s but you have to understand the people in Abra are poor,they could hardly survive,so Mr. Abrenio, like what I said go to the Govt. and NGO’s thank’s

    Posted by AWAN PUSOM | November 11, 2013, 5:10 pm
    • My apologies, Awan Pusom. I’m sorry if you believe people in Abra are so poor that they cannot give help. I know how impoverished our people are. But many of our brothers and sisters have lost lives and everything they have. I am not asking you to help if you are not in a position to help. My plea for help goes out to everyone and that includes government officials. Perhaps, we only have to look around us to know how far more blessed we are. I am sorry if I offended you.

      Posted by PEDRO ABRENO | November 11, 2013, 5:45 pm
      • I live in Abra. I have seen how hard up our people are. Victims of Typhoon Yolanda lost everything. Can anyone be any poorer than that? Some of them have not eaten anything for four days. I never thought my appeal would offend people. I am sorry.

        Posted by PEDRO ABRENO | November 11, 2013, 5:51 pm
        • Please do continue on your effort, I would fully support you. Soon later, I would ask my family to bring boxes of clothes from Australia.

          Thank you Sir/Madam

          Posted by Q | November 12, 2013, 1:30 am
      • Please don’t apologies to a dump person, who doesn’t used his/her front lobe before typing the words.

        Thank you

        Posted by Q | November 12, 2013, 1:35 am
        • Who ever you are, I just want to tell you right now that you don’t have business to make judgement to every person, I’m just trying to explain to you about life in Abra.

          Okay you collect P38,000. pesos, BIG DEAL how could you know that money will go to those people in VISAYAS.

          You know what, we just pray our kababayans in Visayas. and don’t worry they have $301,000.000.00 come from other coumtries.

          Posted by AWAN PUSOM | November 12, 2013, 6:49 pm
    • Jesus Christ, your are one of those atypical Filipino who are always want to say something that humiliate others effort. We might be underprivileged but we do have hearts.

      Posted by Q | November 12, 2013, 1:33 am
      • Thank you very much, Q. Gemma Angel Medrano is the one who initiated the appeal for help. She deserves all the credit. I just want to help in my own small way.God bless.

        Posted by PEDRO ABRENO | November 12, 2013, 4:18 pm
  4. My friend A Abrenio and A Pusom are both correct. Karamihan sa taga Abra ay hindi kayang mag bigay ng tulong material dahil sa kahirapan; ngunit nakakatulong pa rin sa pamamagtan ng dasal. Ikarkarag tayo ti Dios nga bindisyonanna koma dagiti victima ti talna ken tured pakinakem nga mangsango ti nakaro nga didigrra nga impaay ni Yolanda. Saan met nga malibak nga adu ti nasayaat ti biagna ditoy Abra, ket gundawayda dsytoy nga mangiparekna ti kinacristyanoda. Jesus said ” Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy”. Matthew 5:7

    For the elected officials: congresswoman, governor, and mayors. You have a yearly calamity funds. Since Abra is lucky to have been spared from calamities for,many years, it is believed that you have enormous savings. This is now your opportunity to do something in the name of the province of Abra to extend help to ease the sufferings of our countrymen in the visayas. Siguro, mabalinyo pay nga isakrificio ti maysa nga Domingo nga awan tadi ket itulongyo laengen ta pustayo kadagiti victima ni Yolanda; bareng daytoy ti pangaasian ti Dios nga manglisi nga agtultuloy kada tayo ti umasping nga didigra. May God continue to bless us.

    Posted by TAGAMASID | November 11, 2013, 7:22 pm
  5. I take pride in the potent memory of what have always been inculcated in my mind about being taga-Abra. And it is that, however poor one was, he would always find a way to ‘makisaranay’. It might not be monetary. It might not be be a commodity in kind. It could be a fervent prayer in the heart that others, too, be graced by the good heavens above. The havoc that the wrath of nature in Yolanda has lashed unto our fellowmen is heartbreaking. It is humane that we empathise in anyway we can. It would be a sad disgrace to not even be able to spare that.

    Posted by N.Hennessy | November 11, 2013, 10:27 pm
    • I absolutely agree Tagamasid and Madam Norma. That is why I wrote in my appeal “in any way we can”. I fully understand Awan Pusom too and that is why I said I am sorry.

      Posted by PEDRO ABRENO | November 11, 2013, 11:41 pm
  6. Sharing this post by Lee Collo from Abra media In Action (Facebook)

    “As of yesterday, the collection/pledges received by the Abra Community Broadcasting Corp. (ACBC), of DZPA AM and DWWM Spirit FM Radio Stations for the victims of Typhoon Yolanda in Tacloban and Leyte is at P38, 000.00. On Monday, Bishop Leopoldo Jaucian of the Diocese of Bangued appealed for help for our devastated fellow Filipinos in the Visayas and since then, donations poured forth from our very own Abrenios, in cash and in kind. The said donations will be turned over to the Bishop of the Diocese covering the said provinces. Once again, the Abrenios have reached out to extend help in these darkest hours just like we did during the Zamboanga siege and after the onslaught of Typhoon Ondoy. God bless us all.

    For those who would want to contribute, take your donations to the ACBC at the St. Arnold Janssen Communication Center or call the station manager, Ms. Merla Ruiz, at (074) 752 8438 for info. Thank you.”

    Bless your good hearts, fellow Abrenians!

    Posted by N. Hennessy | November 12, 2013, 4:40 pm
  7. Ito ang katutuhanan na masakit tanggapin, ang 38 000 pesos ay average lang na pusta ng isang manok ng mga swap….. Na mayoress sa ‘ulutan’ sa Weekends. ( i used to watched cockfighting until 2 yrs ago ). Ito ang pagkatao ng karamihan ng pinuno natin at ibang may kaya sa buhay. Kunwari palasimba ngunit sarili lamang ang mahalaga at wala sa puso ang tunay na makatao. At pagkamakaDios. While around 10 percent have more than enough, some 30 percent are living in extreme poverty with 2 or less meals everyday. Japanese and communist countries have no gods but their ancestors and leaders but they understand the true meaning of compassion, love and self respect. We claimed to be Christians, but our attitudes is worst than those who don’t know our lovingGod.

    Posted by TAGAMASID | November 12, 2013, 5:12 pm
    • Sorry for my comments about the meager amount of donations. I didn’t notice that monetary contributions is discouraged. Sapay koma ta dagiti adda mabalinna, kungrunaan dagiti agtuturay ket mangriknada nga mangiburay ti ayatda kadagiti kakaasi nga biktima ni Bagyo Yolanda. Uray kadi ti calamity fund yo ti maysa nga tawen laeng, gov, cong.,mayors bareng isu ti agtultuloy nga pangangaasian ti Dios AMA nga mangileklek ti Abra ti aniaman nga didigra.

      Posted by TAGAMASID | November 15, 2013, 8:33 am
  8. I would like to ask an apology to the people that, if I have ever offended them what I post earlier. I’m very sorry, what I said, that you think I’m a cold stone heart,the only reason I said that, just because we have a Govt. that’s corrupt, why in the world that OUR BELOVED GOVERNOR suppose to do the same what the GOVERNOR in Isabela did.

    Ay wen apo naka adaddu ti kuarta daguitoy nga binutosan tayo.APO TAKIT dagidiay SIR, nga imbulsam nga kuarta ken ni Congresswoman, Mayors in the entire of ABRA, Wake up you be ashamed of your self. Thanks.

    Posted by AWAN PUSOM | November 12, 2013, 6:36 pm
  9. i strongly urge also top brasses of the PNP to please help the people of ABRA specifically in LAGAYAN. Townspeople there were afraid to go to their livelihood because of rampant indiscriminate firing of PAGS. KAKAASI KAMIN APO DITOY LAGAYAN TA MADIKAMI MET MAKABIROK TI PAGBIAG MIN TA MABUTENG KAMI METTEN MAPAN AGKALAP TI LAMES KEN MAPAS MANNGED TI GAPAS. DITOY PULOT APO KET AWAN PAYEN TI MAPAN AGGAPAS TI TINALONAN GAPU TA MABUTENG KAMIN. URAY AWAN BASOL MO DITOY KET NO MKITAM DAGITA NGA PAGS KET PATAYEN NAKA MET. PANGNGAASI YO TA TULUNGAN NAKAMI KOMA. Jay Visayas ket sabali ti kaso da ijay ngem kasla parehas met lng ditoy lagayan ta madi nga agpayso nabagyo ngem awan metten makan ti tao gapu ti buteng mi nga mapan agsapul ti pagbiagmi.

    Posted by uttig | November 12, 2013, 6:49 pm
    • Uttig, I commend you for your courage to speak up. The people of Lagayan have suffered long enough. They have no one else to turn to. Gov. Takit is the father of the province. Lagayan is very much a part of Abra. Mr. Governor, do you still remember the giant billboards you put up in Bangued after the death of your brother? The billboards screamed, “Thou shall not kill”. You placed the picture of your brother and several victims of murder in those billboards. Your intention was crystal clear- to win sympathy votes. Fast-forward to the period after your victory in your first run for governor – what followed was the darkest chapter in the history of Abra. People were being butchered left and right, at times on a daily basis. I never heard you say, “thou shall not kill” anymore. It is your sworn duty, Mr. Governor to implement the law and to do justice to everyman. But you just sit idly by while your people are being murdered. “To whom much is given, much is required; and to whom much more is given, much more will be exacted”. Mr. Governor, you will be judged not just by the things you have done but more so by the things you should have done but refused to do. Lagayan, La Paz, Danglas, Dolores and Bangued have perenially been the places where the law of the jungle prevails, where might is deemed right, where respect for human life has become a thing of the past. Mr. Governor, you have been sitting on your fanny for far too long, feeling safe because you are surrounded by your security people. There is a calamity similar to that wreaked by Yolanda as expressed by Uttig in Lagayan. When will you act? When will the PNP act, aside from just going through the motions and filing cases against people they do not want to name? You all know who is responsible for the attrocities in Lagayan. The time to act is now. Tomorrow may be too late. Our people only want to earn a living. Is that too much to ask for?

      Posted by PEDRO ABRENO | November 12, 2013, 10:35 pm
  10. @Uttig, Is there any way that these PAGS be taken photos of? Pics can be stolen-shots and even random, using mobile or cell phones and then upload in internet social media. Indicate the place where the photo was taken, the time when it was taken, the identity of the PAGs if at all possible and the incident of interest. This can be done with the uploader not having had to identify himself – for safety. This can then be circulated in social media. It’s a way to get the issue to the attention of those who can do something about this.

    Posted by N. Hennessy | November 12, 2013, 7:51 pm
  11. Oh my God, there’s no way you could identify this PAGS, especially in LAGAYAN, these people are all protected by the Government of ABRA.

    Saan yo nga ammo ti maar aramid ditoy Lagayan, we call that CHESS PLAYER, sika UTTIG saan mo nga kuntraenen ni MAYOR JENJEN ta talaga nga patayen na kayo, your best bet kunam,{ BOSSING KAYAT ME SIR TI MAKIGAPAS TA ASYENDAYO} Thanks

    Posted by AWAN PUSOM | November 12, 2013, 8:10 pm
  12. we all have seen the devastation and loss of lives, typhoon Yolanda had brought into our country. indeed a terrible catastrophe for the world to see and for the world to unite in helping us. my heart and emotions are one with millions out there who feel the same but could not grasp the true reality and hardships our countrymen are suffering right now, they felt , they saw and they heard the howling of the winds and incessant rains, and from it death, hunger and helplessness…I wanted to cry but could not because of Anger at the way governance was and is being trampled and corrupted from the lowest level of government…few selected generations of people enriched themselves from the vaults of people’s money intended to build infrastructures, buy reserved food and other public needs. wantonly and shamelessly using public funds to build mansions, luxurious cars, condos, jewelries and best foods money can buy for their families not minding the commoner in the streets who has nothing at all…reading the total donation of 38thousand from our province, i start to wander where have all the leaders gone? the leaders who can bet hundreds of thousands of pesos in a cockfight? the leaders who intentionally build low quality roads and projects? the leaders who paid and bribed thousands of pesos to win in the election? the leaders who try to outsmart and outdo their fellow leaders in project procurement and SOPs? for once LEAD in this humanitarian effort to help our fellowmen in dire need of basic things to survive. shell out some of OUR money, pls…you may have done theses things in your own private ways to help but organize one coming from abra itself to show that we one with them and that we care too.
    CNN news said, donations are delayed because CORRUPT politicians in affected areas, unpacked the goods, PUT their stickered names and repack them as one or the sole donors!! what a shame…is this how corrupt and shameless our politicians now?? everywhere in our country, these multitude of leeches suck every bit of blood they can get to get their fat asses fatter and their heavy pocket heavier…only a few of our politicians are truly leaders and only a handful truly deserved to be recognized yet they are the ones who silently work quietly and efficiently and no brouhaha of accomplishments, no photo-shoots of handshakes here and there. from where i am right now, we are doing our part to help but how i wish and hope, that change must come to resolve…

    Posted by neil | November 13, 2013, 1:55 am
    • I agree absolutely Sir Neil. Our people have been benumbed by graft, corruption and violence as though these were the natural order of things. Many of our people have lost their sense of right and wrong. Amassing wealth through all means, fair and foul, have been the order of the day for most of our public officials. It is so disappointing to see a few good men offer themselves as the better alternative in the elections only to fail and even reap scorn from people who know no better. Perhaps, our people have come to love their chains too much that they are no longer outraged by public officials flaunting their ill-gotten wealth.
      It is indeed a crying shame that our public officials are blind and deaf to the unspeakable calamity that has visited our fellow Filipinos in the Visayas. When will we ever have public officials we can be proud of?
      While we are on the issue of extending help to people desperately in need, may I share with everyone the words of St. Albert the Great, “IT IS BY THE PATH OF LOVE, WHICH IS CHARITY, THAT GOD DRAWS NEAR TO MAN, AND MAN TO GOD. BUT WHERE CHARITY IS NOT FOUND, GOD CANNOT DWELL”.
      I am a dreamer. In case our public officials are touched and decide to give help to the victims of Typhoon Yolanda, may I request them to give their contributions incognito. It may show your sincerity because you cannot be accused of contributing in order to earn pogi points. Just this one time, shed your EPAL, please.

      Posted by PEDRO ABRENO | November 13, 2013, 4:15 pm
  13. Per Lee Collo (Abra media In Action), donations towards the Yolanda disaster victims and survivors continue to flow in. Way to go fellow Abrenians! Incidentally, Neil (above) is doing his part to help. A number of Abrenians are leading donation drives. Others are quietly onto similar helping-hand and outreach efforts. All these, in the face of scarcity that the province is in. This sense of decency just couldn’t be a rarity. And how touching it is, that it is from the ordinary folks that it emanates. One wonders then about the ‘privileged class’ or those in government positions who pin ownership to their posts and regard these posts as their private personal play pens; whether they are endowed with lucid intellect to discern grace of heart and mind from the shameful grip of inequity. Or has man’s primal nature allowed unbounded authority to simply overwhelm his sense of conscience and humane decency….

    Posted by N. Hennessy | November 13, 2013, 4:05 am
    • Where are you die-hard followers of corrupt politicians? Are you only good in opening your big mouth during the heat of political campaign? Why can’t you defend them against all kinds of humiliation they are reaping right now? Abrenians all over the world are waiting for your defense or rebuttal. Come on, speak up now or forever be ridiculed by even your small circle of friends and relatives which majority of them are laughing secretly behind your back or hiding their faces with shame.

      It’s really nerve-cracking for you’re already losing your honor or dignity in spite of the fact that some of you were even professionals or highly educated. Prove that we were wrong by donating at least 10% of your prostituted wealth to the victims of this wrath of nature because of your wickedness. If you have a little common sense left, place take this as a warning that if you won’t stop stealing and killing God’s people in the province, you and your loved would be next!

      Posted by thunderlolo | November 13, 2013, 8:49 pm
      • Yes, you and all the corrupt politicians all over the country are the main reason why the Nature is pouring out his wrath to us for you to realize that what you’re doing are against His Will. For you who were not God’s people yet, better join now to any religious group/s (I don’t think it’s a sin to hear the words of God from the different kind of religions offering Bible studies) and seek relationship with God and His son Jesus Christ before it’s too late for you to repent. Save your loved ones against these natural disaster/calamity that may still come and we can not stop their occurrences until these thief and criminal politicians learn how to fear God. Think smart for once in your life, will you?

        Posted by thunderlolo | November 14, 2013, 9:48 am
        • We have witnessed how our fellow Filipinos was devastated by the super typhoon Yolanda. most of us wept with the scenes we saw on TV. Foreign volunteers also could not hide their pain as they witnessed thru their own eyes the havoc brought about by the typhoon. The community of nations have shown once again that we are a family regardless of race, skin colors, and belief by the way it responded to somebody in agony. On the other hand, Some of us were shamed on the loathings and other conducts unbecoming to human that happened amidst these crisis that was broadcasted in TV all throughout the world. We still have to seek the true humanity in us specially when we are in a difficult situation. With the relief efforts of many individuals and organizations, Samar, Leyte and Cebu will rise again for sure. On a side note, why does it takes too long for this relief goods to reach its destinations? Definitely, there are untold stories of heroism, and some who took advantage of the situation for their personal interest. Let us not forget the teaching of Jesus on helping others: “whenever you give alms, do not sound a trumpet before you, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, so that they may be praised by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward. But when you give alms, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your alms may be done in secret; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you” (Matthew 6:2-4). In every Christmas for many years now, one good Samaritan, make a habits to took care of the hospital bills of poor patient in PGH without their knowledge. This person maintains his unanimous personality, refusing to show his identity even when being mobbed by TV crews. Such person incarnates the words in the scripture.

          Posted by naeling | November 15, 2013, 7:03 pm
  14. mr. awan pusom, I am not against anyone, but i am just speaking through in behalf of my fellow Lagayanos.The most affected with the conflict and barbaric acts are the townspeople in Lagayan. Kaykaysuna nga makapan kami koma agkalap ken makigapas tapno ada ilako ken ipabayo a pagbiag mi ket awan a ta agbuteng kami met a mapan ta baka makitami ida ket patayen nakami met.Dayta ibagbagam mr. awan ti “pusom” nga makigapas dita asyenda yo sir thanks ket mabalin a koma no adda asyenda da nga agpayso ngem awan met sir ta awan mer nalawa a talon ditoy Lagayan ta puro met kapanaran(kabatuan) ti adda isu nga mapan kami gumatgatang dijay La Paz.Maminsan lng ti makatawen ti apit ditoy sir isu gundawayan mi koma ti mkiinnagaw ti pakigapasan.@ N HENNESSY, Sir, please watch the GMA documentary in you tube entitled “Batang hitman”.what you can watch there is the same as that in Lagayan. I wish that a respectable media be going to our municipality and ask the townspeople what is really happening here.

    Posted by uttig | November 13, 2013, 4:37 am
    • Sorry Uttig ti ammok ngamin ti Laud ti balay ni Apo Mayor ket nalawa nga mabalin nga pagtalunan, ta ti ammok nagaramid ti IREGATION para it Lagayan,Dispensararen nak ta ti ammok ket inaramid na na asyenda daytoy Laud ti balay da, I’m soory.

      Posted by AWAN PUSOM | November 13, 2013, 6:17 pm
  15. in addition sir, you may also watch “the blood politics in abra” also in you tube.And in relation to the topic above,are we abrenios waiting to a super typhoon that will occur also in our province to wake us up what is really happening here? Or maybe it should be done to be able us to feel the presence of GOD and treasure the life HE gave to us?

    Posted by uttig | November 13, 2013, 4:46 am
  16. Uttig gayyem,diak ammo no kasano nga sungbatan ka dayta nga saludsod mo,Of course mamati ak ti ayat ni Apo tayo nga Dios ket agkaragrag tayo koma amin tapno Masalba tayo ti didigra.

    Wen Uttig ti politics ditoy ayan tayo,nakarkaro pay ngem ti DELUBYO, ta daguitoy agtuturay tayo aramiden da amin nga kina sairo tapno makapuesto da ti Gobierno.We call that DO or Die just to take their Position which post they wanted too.

    Posted by AWAN PUSOM | November 13, 2013, 6:27 pm
  17. Actually sir nagrugin nga nagayos ti danum ti irigasyon ditoy Lagayan ket medyo maktalon kmi met cguron ti mamindua ti makatawen no man pay sangka bassit lng ti talon ditoy sagpat isuna laeng nga saan pay nga siyento porsiyento a mapakinabangan ti mannalon ta madi pay nasimpa amin a pagdalananna isu agingga lang jay loblob-ong (near boundary of malabbaga La Paz.)Idiay laud ti Balay ni Mayor mi ket awan pay maysa ektarya jay ammok a nagatangda ta adda pay met sumagmamano nga talon daguiti Ag-Layao ijay. Ti nagdakkel a problema ket baka manen madi matuloy nga masimpa jay irigasyon ta jay paggapuan ti danum ket siguraduek nga mabay-bay-an jay a lugar ta mabuteng ti tao nga mang maintain jay naaramid. Aglalo ita halos rinabii nga agput putok daguiti saan a katata-oan ditoy ayan mi. Here is an anecdote by the townspeople who are embarrassed as gunfires broke every night. “AWANEN BA NAYON NAN”?(now it becomes a music to their ears) or adda man natayen apo!..WHERE ARE YOU PEOPLE WHO’S MOTTO IS TO SERVE AND PROTECT? WE CANNOT FELL YOUR PRESENCE!!!!! Can you please make indiscriminate firing stop at once……

    Posted by uttig | November 13, 2013, 8:18 pm
  18. Uttig sorry,according to my information before, daguidiay kataltalonan diay Laud Apo Mayor ket nagatang da amin kadagiti Layao,ta isu ti insalda ni Ruben Layao nga pinag kandidato na ngem inabak met LUNA. Sorry Uttig I get the wrong information.Pasensiya kan gayyem,

    Mamatiak nga saan nga padanonen ti Mayor ti Lagayan ti danum nga mapan parte ti Lapaz..Well I hope the PNP could help you with those problem.

    Posted by AWAN PUSOM | November 14, 2013, 4:44 pm
    • You better shut your mouth and sleep for the rest or your day and do this the next day again. You got a name the describes you very well. You got trash inside your head. So my dear friend sleep! Awan ti pusom such a crazy abrenio.

      Posted by Pablo | November 16, 2013, 7:10 pm
  19. The comment below is one I posted on Facebook as a reaction to a news about DILG Sec Mar Roxas’ poor handling of response and his poor attitude to CNN’s Anderson Cooper during an interview about how the Phil government is responding to the Yolanda disaster and its aftermath. His (Roxas’) callous and shallow city-brat responses revealed his propensity for defensiveness at the obvious lack of organization and absence of an agency in-charge of handling the disaster. Sadly, it is a pathetic reminder of our luckless fate with our government leaders.

    We see the same attitude and incompetence in various shades and levels amongst our officials – national and local. They are mostly clueless about responsibility and are experts in hypocrisy. Their view of decency is cosmetic. Their sense of humanity is rotten. And when we put them into authority to lead, they put nooses around our necks, cannibalise our souls for their defences and feed on our wretchedness to enlarge themselves. It is painful to see that despite this they continue to wield power and get venerated.
    Here’s the comment:
    “We are culturally and traditionally, by nature very poor at structured organisation. Much less professionalism. Our polarised two-dimensionalism makes us see the world in two visualisations only. I.e. either ‘you’re rich or poor’, ‘you’re high up there or low down below’, ‘you dictate and I follow or I dictate and you follow’, or ‘you own me or I own you’. In the vernacular, it is either ‘ikaw ang nang-aapi o ikaw ang inaapi’, O ‘ikaw ang nang-iisa o ikaw ang iniisahan’. We cannot handle a barrier of formality between us and others. Our take of geniality is that it is limitless to a point that it extends beyond the perimeters of our personal space and it trespasses over other’s space with or without them knowing. We are inclined to overfamiliarity which results to us taking people, things, duties and obligations for granted. We are ordinary citizens and we hope that our leaders who audaciously present themselves to lead us to be better in everyway, are no exempt from this two-dimensionalism. Often, many are far worse ….”

    The relevance of this comment to this thread is that, as PA stated, we get the government that we deserve. Having said this, we need to re-examine our values. We need to embed in our minds that we matter as human beings with rights and that we cannot simply go about our day-to-day lives as zombies or as scared subjects and passive constituents.

    Posted by N. Hennessy | November 15, 2013, 8:37 pm
    • I agree, Madam Norma. The reporters of CNN, Anderson Cooper included, were only reporting the news as they happened. Mar Roxas showed the whole world that he was incapable of handling the rescue and relief efforts. To hide his shortcomings, he vented his ire on Anderson. His wife, Korina Sanchez even added insult to injury by weighing in on Anderson in her radio program. Our countrymen in the Visayas were screaming, “Where is the government?” It was there for all the world to see. The mayor of Tacloban was complaining about the 700 body bags he requested from Roxas that was not given. The stench of death, they say was everywhere. Dead bodies were lined up in the streets for days.
      The irony of it all can be seen in the statement of Pres. Aquino to a CNN reporter saying that he was able to reassure the victims of help from the government, oblivious of the fact that people of Tacloban have been leaving in droves for Manila. It shows how out of touch with reality the president was. Pres. Aquino even chided reporters, telling them to show how resilient the victims of Typhoon Yolanda are. For days there was no food, no clean water, no medicines. It is as clear as daylight that the government wants to manage the news to hide their shortcomings. I am so unhappy with the way the president and his people handled this crisis.
      I know that we have an honest president. Is is too much to ask if he could be competent to boot? The same things happen everywhere in our country. People who have an axe ti grind against the government are being attacked. Perhaps, it is still not too late for our leaders to realize that only a true friend will tell you if there is dirt on your face. Onion skin and public service do not mix. Only sincerity, humility and public service do.

      Posted by PEDRO ABRENO | November 16, 2013, 4:44 pm
      • Please not so fast to judge on what really happened on the ground. For what I’ve understood from Geraldine Wong testimony at Raissa’s corner (ABS-CBN News), ships could not dock nor plane could land on the very first day the typhoon stopped. But Anderson still blamed the government headed by Roxas for their untimely or slow rescue operation. What does he knows about our land, water, and air transportation in terms of availability or capability. I I think he was just overreacting trying to catch more worldwide attention by blaming the government for poor judgment or his sisters who might be friends of Napoles daughter supplied him that tooth-grinding information or ideas. He thinks that we are all dumb unlike the way his government handled the aftermath of their Katrina storm. Would they be able to rescue the victims right on time or was their President blamed for slow or delayed reaction in spite of their more sophisticated logistics than us? One mistake that Roxas made though, was he forgot to borrow our “Rakits” (bamboo shaft) and used our “bartek barselos” so that Anderson would have not been able to shout to the whole world his stupidity or ours.

        Posted by gakad | November 17, 2013, 2:28 pm
        • By the way, he allegedly admitted that he is a gay and Syoke was one of those who met and embraced him.

          Posted by gakad | November 17, 2013, 2:36 pm
  20. Politician A – I won thru massive vote buying so now that I am in this position I will get back what I ‘ve spent no

    matter what and how I do it….anyway I have paid my dues to these ugly, filthy, good for nothing citizens who only

    look up and crave for money in their hands during election time. ( ugly and filthy because you, politicians kept

    them that way by not giving what is due to them from work opportunites to healthcare and education. They need

    food to survive, hence they accepted the money you offered to buy their integrity and self worth.) On the other

    hand, a greater number of electorate is what I can say, opportunists too and the electoral winners or who the hell

    will lead them doesn’t matter at all. Their votes go to the highest bidder. meaning these people have lost their

    decency and moral values too either by neglect and loss of hope of a brighter future. a vicious cycle of dirty and

    win-loss scenario by the politician-electorate. 98% of policiticians belong to this category. They will get back every

    cent they have spent with a 1000% interest rate and zero public service.

    Politician B – I will do public service 25% in my first year and 75% corruption to get back my expenses and enrich

    my self. On my second year it will be 50-50 of public service and corruption..On my 3rd and re-election year it will

    be 75-25 for public service and corruption, so that these ugly, filthy, good for nothing electorate can see and

    feel that I am doing so much more for them and remember me during the election. I will go to mass, attend religious

    festivals and show to them that I am God-fearing and loving by publicly rejoicing of how great God is.1.8% of


    Politician C – I will serve my people and do what is needed for them…but i should get a little for my efforts too, as

    everybody does. Not much but I will, nobody cares anyway. Just to try experience it…soon this politician will be one

    of those in type A or B, within 3 years. 0.19%

    Politician D – I serve my people and do what is needed for them. I am not corrupt no matter what the

    temptations will be. I will fight it and I like to change the way politics is run and show to my constituents that there is

    good governance, that yes we can change if we all can join hands. I do not bribe, i do not use guns and goons

    and gold to win in the election. I ask the electorate to shun these 3 Gs for their own good in the end instead I

    will show them compassion and give them hope, i will give them care and understanding, i will give what the

    government can offer and mandated to provide equally for all. I am not a hypocrite to run for public office with a

    slogan of fighting corruption and of good governance and once voted will do the opposite. I will keep my name

    clean even after my term ends in 3 years. 0.01% or less of our politicians in position right now.

    Posted by A-B-C or D? | November 15, 2013, 11:42 pm
  21. Unfortunately so, A-B-C OR D? However, life moves on and times keep changing. If there is one whose voice out there, no matter how small, stay long enough, there will be others that will catch on with it in time. For now, we must at least do what we need to do. Use the social media to try to squeeze out some good that is still left in the minds of our politicians. Habang buhay, sabi nga nila, mayroon pa ring pag-asa. Sana nga!

    Posted by Citizen Pinadis | November 16, 2013, 4:15 pm
  22. How I wish the percentage of politicians type D become 10 percent! Your description of politicians A,B, n C proves correct the in memorable statement of our ‘super nationalistic’ pres M.L.Quezon, when there was a move by Filipinos and desire by America to have the Phil.be the 49 th State of America during the commonwealth period when he said “I would rather see the Philippines be governed by Filipinos like HELL, than to be governed by a foreigner like heaven”. This unfortunate wish was fully blessed by the god of our politicians, not by our God, the true God of our fellow poor Filipinos who expect a better life after death. ( again to be worthy of that LIFE, let us have faith with the inspired words of The Lord in verses Ezekiel 18:31-32 n Revelation 21:4)

    Posted by TAGAMASID | November 18, 2013, 8:50 am
  23. Here’s an update on my earlier post about the donation-drive efforts from Abra. It’s truly nice that the response of our kababayans has been overflowing.

    “This is a call from the Diocese of Bangued by Bishop Jaucian. It will be a Diocese to Diocese connection just like we did after Typhoon Ondoy. We at the Radio DZPA only receive the donations and arrange for its delivery to the recipient diocese for the cash while the goods will be coursed through Caritas Manila for delivery and distribution.”-Lee Collo (Abra Media In Action)

    As at 5 PM. 23rd November Saturday, this post came through at a social network wall:
    “We already breached the 500K mark, fellow Abrenios. At 6PM today, the loaded trucks will be off to Manila to deliver our donations. Thank you very much, Abrenios! God Bless Abra!”- Lee Collo

    Now, that’s touching.

    Ergo, I’d say: If we – ordinary, long neglected common tao in Abra have maintained to have hearts of gold, we sure deserve QUALITY LEADERSHIP of integrity and high moral compass.

    Posted by N.Hennessy | November 22, 2013, 11:24 pm
    • Yes, Madam Norma, Abrenos can be counted upon to respond in times of need. There is no dearth of good, compassionate and industrious people in our province. They certainly deserve much more than what the government has done for them. You could not have said it better, integrity and a high moral compass are imperatives for good governance.

      Posted by PEDRO ABRENO | November 23, 2013, 4:34 pm
  24. Adda nabasak nga amin kano met nga Rummuar wenno Umuneg toy probinsya tayo nga Abra ket ag Tax da. Adda kano checkpoint diay Sinalang. Saan ko unay nga maawatan ngem ti kuna da ket uray kano pay Balikbayan Boxes nga ipatulod dagitay adda ti sabali nga Taaw ket masaka ti 1K bawat karton. Adda koma apo mangi ekplikar kadakami no anya daydiay ipatong da nga TAX ket kuna met dagitay agtratabaho diay ballasiw nga taaw nga nagbayad da ti Tax dan, nagbannogan da dagita ipatpatulod da no apay nga pakikbiangan pay la ti Municipyo ti Bangued. Ti pay kayat mi nga maammuan no kas pagarigan mapan ka gumatang ti personal mo nga gamit ti sabali nga probinsya tax san da ka? Adu ngamin ti kuro kuro nga mangmanggeg ngem saan mi met nga ammo no sinno ti dapat nga pagsaludsodan mi. Agyaman nak apo.

    Posted by LenrA | December 1, 2013, 2:17 pm
    • This are BANDITS in broad daylight who enjoy the hardships of others. Nothing is going to the coffers of Abra they use this for there own personal needs & capricho.

      Posted by Bodong | December 3, 2013, 6:42 am

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