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New APH Finally in Full Operations?

Got this email from a user you wants to remain anonymous. This should be a good news to considering the big controversy surrounding this facility since the construction started back in 2010. Thank you for sharing abrenian.com user.


Greeting Sir sysop,

I would like to share to you some pictures I saw on facebook regarding the new Abra Provincial Hospital. I am sure that your audience are interested to see what has been going on. hope you can post it in your website. There isn’t much details about it but I hope the pictures would speak for itself.

Thank you
abrenian.com user.

Billing Section

Billing Section

Medicine Supplies

Medicine Supplies

New borns at the Pediatrics Section

New borns at the Pediatrics Section

Supply Room. Gov. Takit and wife Ruby

Supply Room. Gov. Takit and wife Ruby

Waiting Area

Waiting Area

Information Area

Information Area


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102 thoughts on “New APH Finally in Full Operations?

  1. It’s about time! The availability of this hospital for use is long overdue!

    Posted by Pete Padua | November 8, 2013, 5:32 pm
    • Verbatim Analysis re: Gov Takit,s State of the Province Address

      Provincial Capitol of Abra
      June 30, 2007

      Sr. Associate Justice Lucas P. Bersamin, Police Chief Supt. Eugene Martin, distinguished guests, my fellow Abrenians:

      Before I tell you of hopes and dreams, I must remember how I arrived in this place, at this time, and for this purpose. I never sought to become the Governor of Abra. It was borne from the gruesome death of my brother, Congressman Luis “Chito” Bersamin, in the hands of an assassin. It was a moment in history that we never thought we would see and fervently hope that we never see again.

      Comment: He only sought the mayoral post of Penarrubia; but he fell short in this ‘hope and dream’ because then Cong. Chito knew the awkward reality of Takit’s extremely low winnability even for the post of a barangay captain or kagawad.

      Ngem, kalpasan iti panagledda-ang iti Familia Bersamin iti daydi naranggas unay nga panangpatay da ken Congressman Luis “Chito” Bersamin idi katengngaan iti Disyembre idi napalabas a tawen, naipabaklay kaniak a kas inauna nga kabsat na nga nabati daydiay nakadagdagsen nga responsibilidad nga mangiturpos kadaguiti amin nga tagtagainepna para iti Probinsiya ti Abra.

      Comment: A public position emanates from a firm character, and must be borne by an unassailable track record in good governance. It does not just pass on as a family heirloom, especially glaringly so if the next to the eldest son cannot fill the big shoes of the illustrious ‘manong’.

      Wen, naisakripisyo diay biag ni Congressman Chito – maysa nga mannulong unay ken managserbi nga lider ditoy Abra – ngem saan nga mapasardeng iti bala daguiti naimas ken naimbag nga programa na para iti pagiliantayo. His achievements and accomplishments have been felt by so many and are visible to most of us. Guided by his example and inspired by his dreams for Abra’s future, therefore, I humbly assume the mantle of leadership and thank my brother, the late Congressman Chito, for his laying out the plan for the brighter future of our province and our children.

      Comment: The first part of this paragraph is beyond question. Chito is one of a kind. He broke the mold of a traditional politician. It is the last part of this paragraph that makes the first one a farce. Takit is trying on a ‘mantle of leadership’ that is too big for him to carry.
      Daytay napalabas nga eleksiyon ket saan laeng a panangpili yo kaniak a kas Gobernador, no di ket pay met pinangpamatmat iti entero nga umili ti Abra no ania iti rikna ken kalikagum yo nga pagbanagan ti probinsia kadaguiti masakbayan nga panawen. Agyamanak kadakayo amin iti panangitalek yo kaniak ti gundaway nga agserbi kadakayo. Kabayatan iti panagkampaniya, adu iti napadasak ngem saan ko nga malipatan uray inton kaano. Kayatko nga lagipen daydi baket dita Pidigan nga aglulua nga immay nangsabat kaniak ket kinunana: “Sika aya ti kabsat daydi pinatay da a Diputado Chito.” Saan ko pay nga malipatan daydi paralisado sadiay Manayday nga naglugan iti pasagad tapno makiam-ammo kaniak iti personal. Nadamag ko iti nabiit pay nga pimmusay met gayam isuna ngem saan ko met nga nasubliananen. Kayatko pay a laguipen unay dagiti adu nga si-ayat nga simmabat kadakami idiay Bucay, Baay, La Paz, Luba, Manabo, Pilar, San Juan, San Quintin, Villaviciosa, Penarrubia ken dadduma pay a luglugar ditoy Abra, nga uray damdamo nga makitadak, nabara iti panangsabatyo kaniak. Iti panagtalekyo kaniak saan nga mapa-ay.

      Comment: He (or, more accurately speaking, his ghostwriter) got confused in the use of personal pronouns. Abrenios did not vote for him; they voted for Chito in memoriam. Sympathy vote is not an idle phrase. It is earned in blood, sweat and tears.

      I wish to thank DILG Sec. Ronaldo Puno, a leading light of the Kampi party, who unfailingly encouraged us to fight on despite the greatest of odds that we were made to face. Without Sec. Puno’s steadfast support, victory might have been unreachable. I also thank General Eugene Martin and the whole PNP provincial command for seeing to it that the elections in Abra would not fail and ensured that the true sentiment of the electorate would be freely expressed. My personal debt to General Martin is boundless because his concern for my personal security made it possible for me to see and meet so many of you during the election campaign. To you all – Mayors, Mayors-to-be, Mayors-who-couldn’t-be, ken amin a lideres nga nangtarabay iti partido mi, no saan a gapu iti regta yo, saan ko nga nadanon daytoy nga kanito – DIOS UNAY ITI AGNGINA KADAKAYO!

      Comment: At least, he came out clean in this aspect. He acknowledged the numerous fathers of his so-called victory, to whom he surely would pay a lot of IOU’s in terms of juicy political bonanza. The spoils of war go the power-brokers.

      Usarek pay daytoy nga gundaway a pagyamanan ni Justice Lucas P. Bersamin, ading mi ken ni Congressman Chito. Like a true brother, he served as my constant adviser and steady rooter, especially during my many moments of frustration in the homestretch of the election campaign. My others brothers and only sister were also there when I needed them; thus, I thank them, too. My nieces, the children of Chito, led by the ever-ready Chari, also have my lasting gratitude.
      I wish to thank my wife, Ruby, and our children Corky, Tricia and Trina, and our 5 grandchildren for supporting my decision to run for public office in Abra without reservation. Had they withheld their support, my campaign would have been impossible.

      Comment: It’s all in the family now. The children of Chito deserve this wholeheartedly. They paid the ultimate price of public service: the loss of a beloved Papa. As for the extended family and kin, we have to set the limit somewhere because it is emerging as a ‘kamag-anak’ and family corporation now, with the power center located in Penarrubia.

      Kalpasan iti panangyebkas ko iti panagyaman, dawatek kadakay amin nga kailian iti panangtultuloy yo iti nangnangruna unay nga suportayo. Narigat daguiti sumungad nga aldaw gaputta mangbukel tayo iti baro nga administrasyon ti probinsiya. Adu ti problema nga risutan nga imbati daguiti nagakem ti turay iti uneg ti duapulo ket maysa nga tawen. Agtalgued kayo kaniak iti daytoy a kanito nga agakemak iti turay as kas Gobernador – saanak nga namulitan ti panagtakaw ti pondo ti Abra, nalakadakto nga asitgan. I have every intention to discharge the duties of Provincial Governor to the best of my ability and with your welfare foremost in mind.

      Comment: After seven years and still counting, he has learned fast and furious enough to systematically raid the coffers of the provincial government in wild abandon. Chito must be turning restlessly in his grave now, while Madam Ruby is dancing gleefully in her poor imitation of Imeldific profligacy and extravagance.

      This is the time to ask the crucial questions: Ania daguiti kasapulan a mabaliwan tayo? (What do we need to change?) Sadinno ti pangrugian tayo? (Where do we start?) Ania ti maaramid tayo? (What can we do?) Sadinno ti pangrugian tayo? (Where do we start?).

      Comment: Like an urchin left alone inside a candy store, he should have asked: Where do I start to gobble up the IRA? What can I do to enjoy everything and top what Vicsyd and all who came before him have enjoyed?

      Ania daguiti kasapulan a mabaliwan tayo? (What do we need to change?).
      The time to heal has begun. Today we chart a new course. Today, we begin to restore faith, integrity, and trust to our government.

      Comment: As soon as he has mouthed these platitudes and empty words, he has already set in motion the grandiose plan to enrich himself and his Penarrubia matriarch’s inner circle. Abrenios were taken for a ride. They thought they were seeing a second coming of Chito. We had been had.

      My incoming administration is the heir to a mountain of problems that demand immediate but permanent solutions. The first problem is that the culture of corruption that has plagued our province for far too long has cost us so much in terms of lost infrastructure, business opportunities and investments, and made worse the poverty among our people. The second problem is that many of our provincemates have lost faith in their local governments. The third problem involves unfair prioritization and distribution of amelioration projects among the constituencies and municipalities, with special mention of health care and education. And the fourth problem concerns unemployment and denial of valuable opportunities.

      Comment: He recognized these problems as he saw it, or as his handlers has fed to him. In the long run, he managed to contribute much to make these problems a part of life in Abra. By first attributing the blame to his predecessors, and then accepting the little he could do to change them, he decided to join the bandwagon of patronage politics by doling out meager manna to his favored ones and reserving the choice chunks of the pie to his family and to his benefactors.

      As I traveled around the different municipalities during the campaign, I personally witnessed how difficult it was for anyone to earn an honest living. Many households have little food to sustain their members. I struggled to find the causes for this difficulty, and I quickly realized that it was caused by either the lack of or the defects in the physical infrastructure as well as by the absence of any viable incentives or opportunities for any willing investor to come to the province. Saan laeng nga kalsada ken rangtay ti kayatko saw-en no di pay ket maysa nga nasayud nga programa nga masurot maitutop iti panagserrek ditoy Abra daguiti kompanya nga mayat nga agnegosyo ditoy sidong tayo. Babaen dayta, sumaruno nga sumangpet iti progreso, nga isunto iti aganak iti ad-adu nga trabaho ken panagbaknang daguiti umili. Ti ekonomiya ti probinsiya tayo ket agricultural, ngem agkurang tayo iti nawadwad nga danum a mapan kadaguiti taltalon. As Governor, therefore, I assure you that I will give top priority to public infrastructure by building more roads to the rural areas to provide access between them and the markets and centers of population, bridges where there are waters to be crossed, and irrigations systems to water the dry areas and increase agricultural productivity.

      Comment: We now see those substandard infra and non-infra projects, much touted in the beginning only to flicker out in the end when funds are fast disappearing. To cite a few of them: Tayum road, APH, very few opportunities for local trade and industry…these are the net results of those high dreams and tall tales. He simply fell short with a deafening thud.

      Tapno mapasubli ti panagtalek iti umili kadaguiti local governments, dawatek nga manipud ita awan koma iti absentee nga mayors ken local leaders. Your service to your constituencies is essential to their faith and trust in government. For my part, I assure all the local leaders that today begins a more meaningful partnership between the local and the provincial governments. Let us work hand in hand to make Abra united and progressive.

      Comment: Yeah, yeah, yeah. With all the rampant killings, irregularities in local government units under him, and shenanigans in Capitol, he is not absent. His silence is not golden. Mayors do not trust him as much as they run for succor to Congresswoman Joy. Meanwhile, he let his overbearing, shrewish wife to do much of the talking. Who is running the puppet show, Mr. Governor-by-the-sideline?

      My administration will focus attention to the improvement of health care and education facilities. The provincial government promises to the children of Abra that no one will be denied the opportunity for education; and to the sick and the weak that no one among you shall need to spend too much for medicines and medical attention. I have seen the sad plight of our elementary and high school buildings and our provincial and district hospitals and I was appalled why, in this modern age, such schools and hospitals were dilapidated, dirty and unkempt despite the supposedly huge funds spent for them. While we will examine the application of those funds, we will not hesitate to improve the schools and hospitals and assure that those who work in them – the teachers, the doctors, nurses and pharmacists – will act with professional efficiency.

      Comment: Again, think of the sad plight of APH and the community hospitals in Dolores, La Paz, Villaviciosa, and Bucay. Think also of the school building projects contracted by his subalterns. This is social injustice at its most ridiculous hour.

      We will also prioritize environmental protection and proper use of our natural resources. Many of us still live off the land in antiquated ways. Numan pay kasta, nakitak a ti Abra ket nabaknang iti natural resources, forests ken kasta met daguiti kataltalonan. Let us work hand in hand to sustain and protect our natural assets.

      Comment: Ok, there is mining now in the uplands. Are Abrenios benefitted by the operations? Logging is not regulated. The Abra River rehabilitation program is not yet forthcoming. Our forests are fast depleted. Quarrying is done unabated along the riverbanks. He has not done anything about these.

      Ania ti maaramid tayo? (What can we do?). Adu ti maaramid.

      We need to set an ambitious agenda to solve these problems, but we also need to be honest and sincere about the task. Today, therefore, we must chart a new course in the history and life of our province.

      Comment: We commend his ambition. He has reached unprecedented heights of folly and megalomania in just seven years and counting.

      Our government needs to be open and transparent, and under my administration it will be like never before. I will establish an Office of Open Government, to provide the immediate access to my administration. This Office will report to you, Abrenios, what your leaders and public servants are doing to solve the problems that you bring to our attention. This is the people’s government that will always be open and transparent to all.

      Comment: He manages to become scarce when crises arise in the province. Media cannot even understand where he stands on several issues besetting our government. He has mastered the art of befuddlement and obfuscation. And applied that art to him first.

      Iti mabiit, rugiak to iti top-to-bottom review iti trabaho iti Provincial Government, kangrunaan na unay tapno maamuan no kasano nga mapapintas ti serbisyo ti amin nga umili ti Abra.

      Comment: The provincial bureaucracy is still bloated as before. We cannot see boosted morale and competence of the provincial employees.

      To you, my provincemates, whether you are here in Abra or elsewhere in the Philippines or even abroad, I need your understanding and patience. Expect much from this administration, but please accept that we are going to undo decades-old problems. Join us, for only if we work together that we will overcome these problems. I know you share my belief that it is time for change – that is why I am standing before you as the new governor. CHANGE IS NEVER EASY, NEVER COMFORTABLE OR CONVENIENT, BUT IS MUST BE DONE. It is what you voted me here for.

      Comment: We cannot expect positive change from this administration. We were shortchanged. We got the lower end of the Bersamin legacy.

      My mantra during the difficult weeks of the campaign is borrowed from Mother Teresa: “There are things that you can do that I cannot do. There are things that I can do that you cannot do, but together we can do great things.” I repeat my mantra, for the work we need to do, we can only do together.

      Comment: These perhaps are romantic words which he often whispers to his wife at night. A henpecked husband is eager to please his dominatrix. He loses his perspective as a local chief executive and public servant, servant to all, because he only listens to another tune/drum, i.e., that of his wife’s booming voice.

      It is time for a new beginning. There is much to do – and today our work begins. If we come together, work together, we will succeed together. We will face many long and difficult days, days that will require courage and the willingness to make tough decisions for the sake of our future. Today, I’m asking all of you to join with me, to work together with me, to help make Abra a better place. We look to the future with hope in our hearts, and gratitude for every person who will walk this journey with us.

      My pledge, as your new governor, is a simple one. I will work tirelessly, with honor and dignity and I hope not to lose my humor in the days and weeks to come.

      Comment: You had neither honor nor dignity to begin with; you lose nothing in the long run. Do not humor us with your hollow promises. We do not appreciate that kinky sense of humor. All these things you promised to do were done and are being done unscrupulously and unconscionably, within the realm of conjugal greed. Your short objectives have already created the long-term woes of Abrenios long after you have gone back to America, laughing all your way to the banks.

      I ask for your support, your understanding, and your prayers.

      Comment: No go. No thanks. We have to stop supporting, understanding and praying for the lifestyle of nouveau riche expats who could not even realize their simple dreams in the US on their own before. God has nothing to do with this.


      Thank you.
      Comment: Your speech has neither rhyme nor reason. On hindsight surely, the ghostwriter is now having epileptic fits and sleepless nights now.


      Posted by Jaime Perdon Buenavista | January 21, 2014, 10:15 am
  2. That’s true. It was due to open March 2011 yet. It’s more than two years now when it opened and all the monies for construction have long been released and spent. So stop crowing and go to work! BTW, it’s the peoples’ hospital, i hope – and not for only those who have the money!

    Posted by Concerned Ilocano | November 8, 2013, 6:03 pm
    • Huh? 2011 ? As far as I know, they were still building the new APH back in 2011. How can they open it? Somebody is lying big time here or doesn’t know what he is talking about.

      Posted by Ringnoster | November 10, 2013, 7:25 am
  3. It is fully operational and kudos to all those who made it possible. Who cares if its long over due, the most important thing it is now fully operational. I hope the people who were so critical to stop flopping your gums. I know that people will always find things to complain about the hospital. If you are really concern about the people you should be celebrating this. Not everybody can afford decent health care and now they have a place for that, hopefully people know how to cooperate to make this hospital clean and safe.

    Posted by Costa | November 8, 2013, 6:56 pm
    • I agree. It is not easy to open a facility especially for a large facility like APH. There is s lot of things to consider like buying a house. Can we not just be thankful thst a province as small as Abra was given a beautiful facility? There’s lot of places wishing to have the same as what we got. Thank you to all those who worked hard to make things happen.

      Posted by Ringnoster | November 8, 2013, 7:27 pm
      • no my friend good if it is already operational dapat lng mapakinabangan namin na taxpayer kasi pera ng taong bayan ang pinangalingan yan, nevertheless better late than nothing but i dnt nid to thank the couoplle for the long over due.

        Posted by eric Shawn | November 9, 2013, 5:49 am
  4. Kudos too to all the netizens for being vigilant and didn’t stop exposing the issues on this hospital and pressuring the governor in opening this very important building.

    Posted by sub | November 8, 2013, 7:17 pm
  5. Why the grim faces gob and Ruby? You should be beaming with pride. What’s wrong? Kulang and gamot? Is that the pharmacy? Looks so bare.

    Posted by grimreaper | November 8, 2013, 7:21 pm
  6. You did not care about the delay COSTA because you did not have any need for it. Your ass is sitting comfortably on a padded cushion elsewhere but Abra. I bet, and you’re on some welfare security that pays your hospital expenses if you need to. So shut your gloating social-climbing mouth. Or do you need to return the favour of a complimentary ticket to the INNILIW in Vegas or the KAWAYAN festival in Abra so you are all praise? Or are you praising so that you will be the money-launderer of Abrenian tax money to be smuggled out of Abra into US soil to buy investment properties?

    Posted by Pete Padua | November 8, 2013, 8:16 pm
  7. It’s good to know that the new APH is now operational and is readily servicing the public. It would be good, too, if it has or will have direct link (telephone/radio) as well as ambulance-dispatch service to and from operational rural clinics and the birthing facilities which have been put out on the news a couple of months back.

    Posted by N. Hennessy | November 9, 2013, 1:40 am
    • Cheers to the new APH! Cheers to those who worked hard to make things happen. Who are they? The people who are living and working in Abra. For those who are abroad, here’s a challenge: If you are a Doctor can you go home and work at the Hospital to serve our kakailyans? If not, what are you doing to support the new APH? Come on, ipakita sa GAWA, hindi puro SALITA!

      Posted by Ringnoster | November 9, 2013, 6:50 am
  8. CHEERS! to the new APH……finally it is in operation and I’m sure abrenians are happy to see a beautiful hospital at last!

    Posted by comli2013 | November 9, 2013, 4:00 am
    • of course thats why i am very vocal since the beginning bec we abrenian desrve medical facilities not far from our neighboring province.

      Posted by eric Shawn | November 9, 2013, 5:51 am
      • Ur urayen naka tay X’ray technician Eric Shawn masapul nga makita no annia ti nagyan ta nagbassitan nga utek mo. Kaasi ka man nga umap apal!

        Posted by Costa Rica | November 17, 2013, 9:26 pm
        • Costa rica since cka ti ada aces na dta aph ni takit umuna kan ta sumarunu nak dapat haan lng xray ti maaramid ipa ct scan mu ta tyan mu ta makta jay milyons nga tongpats mu ta hospital

          Posted by eric shawn | November 21, 2013, 8:39 pm
  9. Salamat, sa wakas nabuksan din! Better late than never. Hopefully, services will be better, sanitation is better and medicine is available, especially for the poor. Abrenians deserve something worthy from their hard earned taxes which made this new hospital possible.

    Posted by TAGAMASID | November 9, 2013, 8:32 am
  10. Aguray kayo, cheers nga cheers tayo ditoy no agtudo la bassit wenno dagiti sumisida ti baboy ken baka nga umay agpaagas gapu iti hi-blood, diabetes, etc. ket imbes nga maagasan da natuloyan dan, SANABAGAN buisit, kunkunayo tayonto manen!
    Siguraduen yo pay a nga nalaing ti strength dayta nga building ken kalidad dagiti doctors ken machineries/equipments and medicines and wait for at least a year sakbay nga ag-cheers tayo a kadagiti aglaklako iti baboy ken dagiti nangiyutang kadatayo ken kadagiti saan pay nga naiyanak. Ken sapay koma ta saan nga selective ti agasan da or will not politicize it ta bareng makapudno tayon kadagiti purpose or mission no apay nga naiparsua tayo.

    Posted by an-nini-wan | November 9, 2013, 10:32 am
    • anya ket dagitoyen Aya.nga tattaon …kodus ..cheers…thank you salamat ..anya ket dagitoy polpol nga abogadilyo nga super poyot toy abrenian.com men anya addan amin kanyayo tay kina pilosopo apal …agtarabako kayo tapno agbiag tay amin a sipakombaba

      Posted by Rofel Poypoyot | November 9, 2013, 4:25 pm
      • no my friend kahit work ka ng work kung wala tulong ng gobierno worst inapoles nila ung fund intended for mitigating the hardship of poor abrenian e wala din . ok lng if you start to work with an initial capital of millions cguro d mo mafeel ung corruption pero ask mo ung balut vendors, food court owners and others na nglalako para mabuhay? they dont even appreciate infra projects mas gusto nga nila e ung nakawin ng politko e ipamomod na lng during elections

        Posted by eric Shawn | November 9, 2013, 5:12 pm
        • Wake up and move on people..Go find a better job ..trust your goverment official that majority voted ……us alone..we are not a baby anymore..shut up people ..learn how to respect ..if you loss you loss..please dont ventilate here ..salavagan

          Posted by Buaya | November 10, 2013, 1:03 am
  11. May I bring to your attention this- that the APH is a long overdue public facility that ought to have been made available long time before now. It is the Abrenean people and the Abrenean public that it is owed to. The hospital was NOT a favor to the people by the government officials but it is their obligation and duty as public servants to the people who voted them. The governor is a California boy and he should know what being a public servant is under our democracy. Afterall, our democracy is copied from the Americans. We are the public and when we air our valid discontent about the delay in the operation of hospital, we have every right to do so. When we say thank you, kudos or cheers for whatever reason, then that is our privilege also. And if we do not kiss-ass to get personal favor but respectfully demand for more public service because we feel that we are entitled as Abreneans for more from the taxes that we pay, then that is still our right. We do not need to kiss-ass to deserve a good government because competent and efficient government is our right.

    Posted by Pete Padua | November 10, 2013, 3:07 am
    • Hahahahahahahshahahaha! Nasakit ka unayen ti nakem yo nga naabak idi electionen ta kumpormi lati pagbabannukotan uon. Ala uray ket nganngani manen ti 2016. Bareng a no mangabak to met tay manok yon. Agkikita tayto manen ngem awan koma ti agsangit nga maabak.

      Posted by Ringnoster | November 10, 2013, 7:37 am
      • ringnoster you are insisting! bakit mo iniinsist na Kame andito sa barenian.com e talunan im speaking for myself i
        was not bec im not politicians nor alipores of politicians like you. admit it that the bloggers here are keen observers of whAT HAPPENING IN OUR PROVINCE IT IS NOT HEALTHY TO A GOVERNANCE THAT NO ONE DARES TO EXPRESS THEMSELVES WHOM THEY BELIEVE THAT A GOVT OFFICIALS LIKE TAKIT IS CORRUPT.

        Posted by eric Shawn | November 10, 2013, 8:39 am
  12. Kadagiti negatibo pay laeng ti komentaryoda, ania ngarud ti kasayaatan nga panakalukat ti APH? iTAN? wenno idi kalman? Adda kad pay nasapsapa no di ita? Agyaman tayo laengen appo ta nag-operational met laengen. Ti ket sipautan tayo ket no sinno ti “maserbian” daytoy nga ospital, dagiti kadi laeng adda “kapet” da iti opisyales wenno amin nga awan labas na nga agkasapulan ti pannaka-agas iti nasakitda?

    Posted by Genti | November 10, 2013, 10:25 am
    • no genti why we should be thankful for the long overdue. for those invidividual who caused for the delay should be held accountable abrenians are victims here bec we are the one who will pay for the interest alone.

      Posted by eric Shawn | November 10, 2013, 6:02 pm
  13. Apay ta agpalangguad kay unay kakailian iti pannakalukat dayta nabayagen nga ur-urayen dagiti umili nga pannakalukat ti hospital? Apay apo ta mang-lais kayo pay nga mangakusar kadagiti posters ditoy nga abogado polpol? Saan kam ngata nga amin ket abogado ditoy apo. Ken uray no ania kami pay, abogado, doktor, mannalon, tindero wenno dyanitor, no deta kabaelan nga inted ti Dios ket polpol iti panagkita yo, ay ket yamanen mi latta Appo nga agkakangato uray no lalaisen yo ta dakayo ket nainsiriban. Nagasat kayo Apo nga agkakangato ta nangato ngata unay ti adal yo ket dagita nabalitokan nga puso yo ket polpol ti panagkita kadagiti saanda nga ammo nga tattao. Saan nga amin nga posters ditoy Appo nga naindaklan ket pas-pasurot ken alipores ti partido nga politika. Dayta panag-papareho ti gandat dagiti komentador ditoy nga mangkalikagum iti panaglukat deta APH ket awan koneksiyon na iti politika ta nabayag ngaruden nga ur-urayen. Naimbag nga aldaw yo natatakneng nga kakailyan.

    Posted by Sirmata | November 10, 2013, 1:36 pm
  14. ala ket agyaman tayo ta functional dayta hospitalen, at least adda mausar ti taga abra. at the same time, no man bilang adda tattao nga rebbeng na nga agsungbat iti kasta unay nga kabayag panaglukat daytoy hospital, ay ket they should be held responsible a kunada.

    Posted by Godfather | November 10, 2013, 9:26 pm
  15. talnakayon . . no dikay agtalna, papispisankay amin la. . . . ayay!

    Posted by syoke | November 11, 2013, 7:28 am
  16. rebbeng na laeng nga adda masao ti kakailian ken kaprobinsiaan,ta ngamin saan a natungpal tay usto nga aldaw ,bulan ken tawen nga pananglukat na dayta nga ospital. umili ti nalugi iti panagserbi koma daytoy a ospital,kadaguiti babaknang,awan ti problema da no aglukat wenno saan ta adda ngarud kuarta da nga pag paagas da,ngem no kas kaniamin nga awan pay agat siping a maangot mo,saan ka ngarud nga masuron? saan na kayat a sawen nga naabak idi eleksyon wenno adda sakit ti nakem ni ERIC SHAWN ,ibagbagana laeng!. ita saludsudek man apo mano ti LIQUIDATED DAMAGES na ti saan na a pannaka ileppas dayta nga ospital? mano a ribo ti maysa nga aldaw?napanan tay KUARTA?sinno ti USTO a contractor?just asking, hoping that i will not be branded as a loser in the last election also !

    Posted by pagalsem | November 11, 2013, 7:42 pm
  17. For all intents and purposes, tama si Eric Shawn. The issue here and reason for pagka-matabang is the hospital and its long delayed opening. Hindi maipagkaila that it was not even operational at the recent calamity in Abra when it was needed most. Just becoz it is opened now does not erase the fact that it was a white elephant at some time when it was needed most. Indibidwal na karapatan din ni Eric Shawn ang mainis sa rason na yan. This reason stands alone on its own to make people feel what they feel about the final opening of the hospital. Anyhow, now that it is finally available for public, it is also again our karapatan as taxpayers and constituents to express our expectations. Eric Shawn is simply expressing his own.

    Posted by Pete Padua | November 12, 2013, 2:20 pm
  18. ania met dayta napasamak dita new aph?? natnag diay ubing diay yan ti planggana isu nga natay diay ubing? imbestigaran da koma nga nalaing met dayta. diay mismo ina nga naganak ti mangibagbaga nga saan nga natenggel tay nurse wenno tay doctor tay ubing isu nga natinnag diay planggana. AYUSIN NIYO ANG SERVICE NIYO!!!

    Posted by concerncitizen | November 14, 2013, 3:34 am
  19. ney, napintas man detoy baro nga ospital! napipintas pay daguiti nurses and attendants, yos. . . . diak iraman nga dayawen daguiti guys baka pagarup ni taga ken eric nga talaga nga syokeak . . . hehehe

    Posted by syoke | November 14, 2013, 8:50 am
  20. Regarding the comment of ConcernCitizen (as quoted here) is this a fact? Who is the victim? What happened and how did it happen? Please post detailed facts about this. If it did truly happen, is this a police case? Or is it a “MERE INCIDENT” that is shoved under the bridge to be forgotten forever? If it did happen, the BREACH OF DUTY OF CARE makes it a crime against life. It is absolutely wrong to regard it as an accident by any thought of justfication. Such an incident is far more than a measure of a hospital’s standard of service. The kind of action done in response to it is a measure of a people’s collective regard for their individual self-worth. It is indicative of either callousness or respect for life. The issue is the incident as per the quoted comment below:

    “…..ania met dayta napasamak dita new aph?? natnag diay ubing diay yan ti planggana isu nga natay diay ubing? imbestigaran da koma nga nalaing met dayta. diay mismo ina nga naganak ti mangibagbaga nga saan nga natenggel tay nurse wenno tay doctor tay ubing isu nga natinnag diay planggana. AYUSIN NIYO ANG SERVICE NIYO!! “POSTED BY CONCERNCITIZEN | NOVEMBER 14, 2013, 3:34 AM

    Posted by N. Hennessy | November 15, 2013, 3:05 am
  21. halla manso Vicsyd nabiag ka manen.hehehehe….somarono kanto kenni Eric Shawn nga ma X-RAY ti utek na wen ket dimon ammo ti sar sarita emon….nabartek ka manen…

    Posted by Dr.Roy Tarambotso | November 16, 2013, 2:38 am
  22. It would be such a blessing were there more leaders who have Don Sergio Osmena’s decency. But it is a sad reality, PA, that such degree of moral compass is a rarity. It is a rarity everywhere and more so in our country. Such virtue that’s espoused by what civil authority is in its ideal context is such that it takes a rare breed of a man or a high culture of breeding for an ordinary one to achieve the moral strength to uphold it or live by it. Yet, while it may be so that acquiring such virtue is by itself a challenging ‘high-mountain-climb’, it is not impossible. Intellectual beings that we are, we are high above the level of primacy. We therefore cannot give up on hope, nor must we succumb to less demands from ourselves. High sense of morals must remain the ideal that we seek to achieve. Any less, and we are simply elemental animals crawling over the crust of the earth.

    We cannot hopelessly, totally and absolutely be unsalvageable from our primal crude nature. There are basic elements of good in man that get awaken by forces of nature. This can be seen, for instance, in the ordinary or even poor Filipinos forking out from their meager earnings to donate to far less unfortunate life’s victims -like those left ravaged by the typhoon Yolanda. In so saying, it is not impossible yet, that current changes of the times will draw out positive change of hearts and mind from our politicians. Those who bask in all-round decadence in lavish and wild abandon at the expense of others’ social exclusion and below-poverty line-existence, may yet get to wake up with sudden surge of conscience. They may yet take a chance to redeem themselves and bring about some good. We can only gamble on hope for this chance. We express such hopes, therefore, in ways by which we are heard and in which our clamour for positive changes are acted upon.

    Posted by N. Hennessy | November 16, 2013, 5:56 pm
    • I agree absolutely, Madam Norma. I expect scorn, insults and the like to come my way. But that is a small price to pay. I am convinced that if we persevere long enough, we will see a new dawn.

      Posted by PEDRO ABRENO | November 16, 2013, 6:30 pm
  23. Bayyek ken Sabidokong, dayta kinakirang ti panagawat yo ket saan yo nga pangsabidong iti anag ti masurat nga maykabil ditoy. Deta panangmironyu ket awan banagenna. La ngarud ta uray no kasta nga saan a pallotan ditoy nga inkay pagpayakpakan nga kasla naduyok ti tadi wenno nalupingan nga kawitan maka-adu kayo latta nga agpayagpag. Suna laeng ta nagkaro met la ti panangipadillawyo deta bawbaw nga mga kukote nyo. Deta kapanunotan ni Pedro Abrenio ket adda anagna. Pruweba nga adda pay laeng dagita natidda nga respektable ken adda takneng na dita Abra saan lang nga dagita kulang-kulang, naagum, nabuakaw, naturay ken awan lategna nga pas-pasurot ken para-ilo. Nya adres, robot kayo nga para-ilo wenno para-ngaw-ngaw?

    Posted by Demi Delfun | November 17, 2013, 1:17 am
  24. nasayaat la unayen ta adda baro nga pasdek iti APH. baro nga lugar ken panagkunak ket baro met amin mga mausar. siguro adu pay met baro nga staff. sapay kuma ta baro met iti klase iti serbisyo ta bareng nasayaat iti performance iti hospital ngem nia ketdin aya, sumagmamano laeng nga aldaw panag-operate na ket adda metten natay nga kayyanak?.. imbestigaran kunada ngem ammo tayon no sadinno pagturungan na dayta nga imbestigasyon.. AWAN!!.. kuna gobernador tayo “napintas iti hospital tayo, sapay kuma ta napintas met iti panagserbisyo” kasla kasdiay 🙂 nalawag iti papanan na daytoy nga comment ket kadagiti staff iti APH. ngem kasano daytan nabiit pay laeng nga panawen panag-operate na addan natay ket daksangsagat ta ubing pay nga kayyanak. daytoy kuma iti karit kadagiti staff dita APH starting from the upper management down to d utility staff nga haan laeng nga pammagusto wenno tungpal bilin laeng iti panagtrabaho da. panunuten da kuma nga biag iti tao iti responsibilidad da haan nga biag iti aso wenno pusa. kasta met ken apo gov kitaen u met ah iti performance iti hospital. no adda agkamali ah ket pagsungbaten yo haan yo kalluban. apo nabayag nga inuray iti abra dayta nga hospital nabayag iti pannakadelay na ngem uray no kasta appreciaren latta iti kaaduan uray dagiti KONTRA-BIDA iti pannakailukat na .but mr governor we expect a better performance out of this very expensive hospital. give back to the people of abra d worth of their tax money. no ania man kinita yo dita nga proyekto makaamo kayton nga sumungbat kadagiti mangusig kanyayo but we abrenians should get a better service out of this VERY VERY EXPENSIVE HOSPITAL!!!

    Posted by manna.lon | November 20, 2013, 5:29 pm
  25. magustuak man toy style mo highway 54 nga sumungbat. you are pliant to the blows of a ballbreaker and you had countered with wit and humour ! ti KUNA daguitay BALIKBAYANs, ni kano apo TAKIT is a good orator and fluent in english during his high school and college days but after he had MARRIED kano, his english now was limited to TWO WORDS ! sinaludsod ko ngem dida met ibaga ! YES kano tay maysa,ket tay maysa?dimo la ammo highway 54?please share…….

    Posted by KARASAKAS | November 21, 2013, 12:47 am
  26. Madlaw nga saan nga naragsak ni gov. uray naloktanen ti hospital; kasla nauneg ti panpanunotenna. Ania ngata ti makagapu? Concerned ngata ti halos empty nga supply ken medicine rooms? No concerned, good for him and for the needy Abrenians; ngem no ti panpanunoten na ket sumaruno nga project nga pakayyutangan ti Abra nga pakaaramidan to manen ti substandard, ammok nga agtungpalto ti saan marukod nga liday ti sagabainna ta subran ti rigat ni Abrenio nga mangbayad dagitoy nga utang nga agbalin nga lunod ken dadagsenna.

    To be fair, you have accomplished more projects and demonstrated a kind of peace campaign in your six years compared to your precedence. But the projects are substandard to be proud of, your peace campaign lacks action. They are right, you allow criminal allies and foes alike to continue killing innocent people as if you hear nothing and knows nothing. Never did you attempt to do something as if these victims are not your constituents who deserved your concern. A leader must be like a true shepherd always ready to sacrifice for his sheep. This is the kind of leader we need in Abra. Because of your deteriorating image, you have less than 3 years to recover and to improve. Three years is a lot of time. The Lord devoted His ministry on earth only on more than 3 years. He did what He said. Foremost, He showed compassion not only to the sick, but most especially to the needy. He had no material wealth, not even cloth for His burial. Yes, He has nothing but love. He died for us, for our sins, not His. He lived only around 33 years, which ii less than 1/2 of your age. Because of Love, compassion and dedications to his sheep/ people ( not with material wealth ) he is not only remembered well, but worshiped throughout the world. We are not sons of God but sons of man like Him. If we humble ourselves, we will be blessed to understand the meaning of Love. That God is Love.

    Posted by TAGAMASID | November 21, 2013, 5:17 pm
    • Tenk u tagamasid ive been telling since i started posting coment here hw takit played his card. He let his allies and foes to commit murder for him to be saint for abrenians. Am very flattered that tagamasid who has good comunication skills believe in my impresion to takit.

      Posted by eric shawn | November 23, 2013, 11:46 pm
  27. Nagsakit nga damagen? Naibbatan ni doc ken nurse tay kaiyan-anak nga ubing? Dakayo nga NGO for human rights ania ti kukuaen yo? Ammoyo nga nakurapay laeng dagiti nagannak apay aguray kayo pay laeng iti mangiduron kadakayo? Napanan dagiti konsensiya yon? Idarum ken paibalud yo dagiti nagkamali ta maikkan ti hustisiya tay ubing.

    .Dakayo nga nakabasol, nasisyaat no ag-bolunter kayon nga mangikaro ti biddut yo. Saan yon urayen ti darum ta nagastos unay ken tapno saan nga dakdakkel wenno nasaksakit to ti malak-am yo. Saan nakayo nga paulimeken dagita kunsensiya yo pati dagit loved ones yo mairaman da tapno maiparikna la kanya yo ti sakit nga sagsagabain tatta dagiti nagannak. Kasla kankanayon to nga matustusok iti dagum dagita puso ken panunot yo ken awan iti kanito nga saan nga agpalagip kadakayo. Diak kayat nga ag-drugs kayonto tapno makalipat ta dakdakes ti ipaay nanto daytoy nga kas pannakadusa yo. Saan kayo nga agdanag agsipud ta no adda kayonton diay pagbaludan, maka-ammon ton ni Lord nga mang-comfort kadakayo babaen kadagiti ipatulod na nga pannakabagi na. Ngem no adda kayo laeng ditoy ruar, saan nga agkamali dagiti inlaw-lawag ko iti ngato. NGOs, please provide any assistance to the parents like moral support or any kind of support that enable them to face and accept their present predicament. It’s so sad…..

    Posted by kalapati | November 22, 2013, 8:36 pm
  28. Ni apo gob takit adiay nakatugaw nga puraw ti polo-shertna?! Apay kasidiay panagtugawna?addan sa almoranasna .he he he . baka aginkakasta laeng ni gob ngem talaga nga kastana la. .he he he . . . djok lang gob . . .dimo ipapauneg.

    Posted by syoke | November 29, 2013, 8:08 pm

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