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Ailing Abra Power Coop Reverses Fiscal Deficit

By Artemio A. Dumlao (abrenian.com) Bangued, Abra (October 16, 2013) — The “health” of ailing Abra Electric Cooperative (Abreco), hounded by fiscal woes in the past, has shown considerable improvement. After undergoing its rehabilitation plan since February, Abreco was able to reverse it financial deficit from an average net loss of 4.9 million monthly pre-rehabilitation … Continue reading

Update: Abra Capital Town Village Chief Murdered

By Artemio A. Dumlao (abrenian.com) Bangued, Abra (October 15, 2013) — A village chief of the capital town of Bangued in Abra was murdered Monday night, in yet the latest among the apparent rash of killings resuming in the province.

State Prosecutor Junks Raps Vs Abra Mayor-Father In Killing Rampage

By Artemio A. Dumlao BAGUIO CITY (October 9, 2013) – State prosecutors in La Union has dismissed murder raps filed by the National Bureau of Investigation-Cordillera against La Paz town mayor Joseph Sto Nino Bernos and his father, Danglas town vice mayor Andres Bernos.

Daily Shooting Incidents Resume In Abra?

By Artemio A. Dumlao La Trinidad, Benguet (October 9, 2013) – For its second day already, another Abrenian was murdered Tuesday evening which is feared to signal the outbreak of hostilities in Abra ahead of the barangay polls.

New APH issue sticks like a sore thumb

This issue keeps coming back. I guess it will remain a burning issue until the hospital will serve Abrenians the was it was supposed to.

Road to Boliney

By Ma. Elena Catajan Sketches ONE cannot say how one is going to go up or down Boliney, a town high up in the mountains of Abra. One is never certain what day or what time the lone jeepney will arrive or leave.

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