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UPDATE: 2013 Barangay Elections: Today is Election day

Today, October 28, 2013 is election day!  They say every election is determined by the people who show up.

I  hope everyone exercised their right to vote. This is the election where literraly “every vote counts”. Winners sometimes are determined by just a single vote. There were instances that a coin toss or even rock, paper, scissors sometimes is used to decide a contest.

But in the end, who ever wins, let’s just hope those votes they got were obtained in an honest way.

Please post in this thread election related updates throught this democratic exercise.

Updates via @brigettemayor

According to Abra PES: voters turn expected to be lower that the 2010 barangay election. Even PES Atty. Mae Richelle Belmes, apparently didn’t vote because of lack of choices.

85-anyos na lolong may kapansanan, madaling nakaboto dahil sa itinalagang express lane. (photo by @brigettermayor)

85-anyos na lolong may kapansanan, madaling nakaboto dahil sa itinalagang express lane. (photo by @brigettermayor)

Barangay Kagawad Kandidate arrested for violating the Gun Ban. Ronald Barona Bolante of San Antonio, Bangued (photo by @brigettemayor)

Barangay Kagawad Kandidate arrested for violating the Gun Ban. Ronald Barona Bolante of San Antonio, Bangued (photo by @brigettemayor)

Ronald Barona Bolante of San Antonio, Bangued (photo by @brigettemayor)

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11 thoughts on “UPDATE: 2013 Barangay Elections: Today is Election day

  1. I did not vote either. Apparently, the lack of aspiring candidates had to do with it. With already pre-determined winners, and chosen/selected candidates, orchestrated by scheming politicians, what for? It means either democracy is dead in our dear province, or local government heads are now arrogantly wielding too much a power that cannot be resisted nor stopped, which is oppressive to the people’s right to vote. But, who’s to blame anyway? It seems we Abrenian people are too much concerned about our individual safety that we are now forgetting how to fight for our rights and liberty. When will this stop? Perhaps, when we wake up one day only to find out that we have been enslaved to our grave by our greedy politicians, and there’s no way out? If we truly care for our dear province, agriing tayon pada nga taga-Abra! It’s about time…

    Posted by Rimat T. Abra | October 28, 2013, 5:11 am
    • There’s still a way out RTA if our Police/Military, Comelec, and concerned members of our judicial system should hardened their balls and clitoris to resist the temptation of bribery and stand their ground against any pressure or intimidation from the crook/thief politicians/higher and powerful authorities who put them to their current position. The only question is where could we find them for it seems no one now cares about dignity or integrity. If they resist and try to be a hero like what we wanted by applying their own principles. I think a fair and clean election will give a chance for the rightful candidates in the like of Tagamasid, Naeling, RTA, Pedro Abrenio, etc. But this could only be done if they are really sincere in sacrificing their own personal interests and willing to face any consequence afterwards. Vote buying and lack of ample protection for the majority voters are the worse problems that prevent the election of these rightful candidates and it should be taken seriously if just in case the above-mentioned authorities would finally come to their senses and wish to leave a legacy for their loved ones or own generation to brag in the future, not the other way around. Keep praying poor Abrenian people for these authorities to do the right thing when 2016 Election comes for they are the only remaining hope as our front leaders in solving our economic problems that may lead to everlasting peace and prosperity to the province.

      Posted by kanaig | October 30, 2013, 4:58 pm
      • You want to be a martyr Pagayam Kanaig? Hehe (my humorous side). With the present political system particularly in Abra, it wont happen as you wishes. It doesn’t mean that when a person has the bible on his side he is already a good political leader. But perhaps you can validate your hypotheses if Congressman Pacquiao will leave a legacy of a true leader since he is the best example politician and preacher coming out of nowhere. Democracy has flaws, and has no rightful solution to our present problems. Socialism (Co prosperity, common cause and co existence) is still the best. But the socialism waged by communism doomed because it denies the existence of God. True socialism is based on Godism (A system that upholds humanity as one family under the fatherhood of God). I believe on the theory “evil preceding good”. False communism is a thing of the past, hence a true communism will soon flourish.

        Posted by naeling | October 31, 2013, 12:39 am
  2. Perfectly stated, it’s the true life in Abra. Radical change patterned by the early strategy by church leadership during the early period when Christianity was spread, is the need of the time. Pioneers held a bible in one hand and sword in the other one. The roots of all corruptions n lawlessness must be removed. Four demonic minded leadership used to govern abra, now , thru our alertness n some Devine intervention, the two are neutralized. Only two are now skillfully doing their expertise exploiting the general poverty and thru threat and murders. My suggestion is for our misguided brothers NPA and military to fight together, in stead of killing one another, to eradicate these undeserving leaders. The supreme God knows that the lives of more than 200 000 abused are more important than these 2 selfcenterd leaders who love only power n money. Lord, please forgive if I’m wrong.

    Posted by TAGAMASID | October 28, 2013, 8:30 am
  3. It’s is useless to cast your vote in Philippines. National or local or barangay level. It is the fault of the people why life in the Philippines is becoming hard to harder and few are becoming rich to richer. Because of 500 or 1000 or what ever amount it might be, their future worth is only that petty. Ang bababaw ang mga Pilipino. Itong mga naging manok ng mga Mayors or Governors na Brgy Captains na nanalo ay magiging utang na loob nila habang buhay at pag sila ay hindi sasang ayon sa mga gusto ng mga Mayors at Gobernador ay dead ball sila. It is a cycle of greedy and cheating and killing that is happening in our country. If you are against the incumbent Mayor or Governor then you got zero chance to win the election in fair and clean elections.

    Posted by Robert Garcia | October 28, 2013, 6:12 pm
  4. Many heaps praises to d PNP, d military, d Comelec & other concerned agencies for d holding of a relatively peaceful barangay elections. I also give my applause, because for all i know, i ought to give credit to whom it is due. But then, i realized that there was peace because in our present political system there was no fairness & justice. D election in abra, i believe, has been pre-judged from d beginning. Because only the mayors’ choices were allowed to run; those others who wished to run and also serve d people were advised against running. Now, don’t expect our selected brgy officials to serve us people; they only take commands from their masters; not d sovereign people but their scheming mamayores. Peaceful barangay elections? It’s because d right of the people to vote deserving and qualified leaders had been curtailed! And look who we got to serve us for 3 years, while d best n d brightest are relegated to d sidelines as observants. Kaasar. Tama na! Sobra na! I am now looking ahead to 2016. D future doesn’t look bleak my friends, it’s full of hope & promise, let’s just hang on…

    Posted by Arya Latta | October 31, 2013, 2:06 am
  5. Bull’s eye, arya latta! You hit all the dots! This was no democracy. It was a fiasco and a moro-more. but your optimism is touching. Future not bleak? Maybe not to a few lucky ones but i bet you that there will be more unluckier ones who will be just toys, fishing baits and hunting-pawns for those dragons who will grab authority in 2016.

    Posted by Pete Padua | November 1, 2013, 8:27 pm
    • I’m an optimist my friend. I’m still a believer that there are potentially good people out there who are willing to serve us wt honesty & dedication, not wt greed for power & corruption. If only 1 person could have d balls & d guts to go toe-to-toe with d established dynastic rules of the incumbents, especially if he also wields a great amount of voter-following, wt proven competence, integrity and performance…this, perhaps, will ignite d fire for change in our hearts. We deserve better, so we must choose people who rightfully deserve our trust. Where are they? Anyone in mind? Perhaps, d likes of a Barona, equipped wt star power, proven track record, a good reputation, n strong political will n leadership qualities could come forward. For the next two and a half years, we will be listening…

      Posted by Arya Latta | November 3, 2013, 8:46 pm
      • Arya Latta: Please dig some more information about this guy Barona particularly his accomplishments since the day he starts serving his constituents. If possible include his complete auto-biography with pictures of his and his loved ones. Maybe we could request the untiring effort of the admin of this dot com to open a separate thread exclusively for the CHICKENS to be posted by our concerned members for us to scrutinize or discern who among them could emulate the combined leadership of Pres. Aquino and the Dutertes’ of Davao.

        It’s not too early to start it for it’s far harder then to accommodate the influx of other Chickens which probably will become more desirous then to offer or sacrifice their life and little hard-earned money when 2016 Election comes just to prove that they too are willing now to take whatever it takes in serving their province in general and their respective municipalities in particular.

        Thanking you in advance sir as well as the never-ending support of this dot com.

        Posted by cassava | November 5, 2013, 5:36 pm
  6. Daytoy man ti makunak: Ti turay ket inted ti Dios iti tao babaen kadagiti tattao. Maysa ngarud daytoy a nasagradoan nga obligasyon. No utobem a nasayaat dayta a naited kenka, dakkel gayam ti sungsungbatam saan laeng a kadagiti tattao nga iturayam no di ket kangrunaan unay iti Dios. No binaboy mo dayta naipabulod kenka a turay, isun to met ti mangbaboy kenka inton agipulang ka iti bulod mo a biag. Ngem no inusar mo met dayta naipbulod a turay para iti pagsayaatan ti padam a tao, isun to met ti mangital-o kenka iti imatang ti Dios. Palagip laeng kakabsat manipud iti nababa laeng a kapanunotan a mokomg.

    Posted by MOKONG | November 3, 2013, 10:32 pm
    • Very well-said g’yem. No kas koma kenka iti kapanunutan iti kaadwan nga agtuturay, nagmayat ket ngatan. Agree that only history will judge our elected leaders. Whether or not they will be leaving behind them a good legacy to their constituents is up for them to do, and for us to decide. Panunuten da koma nga kankanayon, “with great power comes great responsibility”. A responsibility to their people, to themselves, to their Creator. D good things they do will be exalted; while d evil things will follow them to their grave. And I hope that people could still change before it’s all too late…

      Posted by Rimat T. Abra | November 3, 2013, 11:49 pm

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