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State Prosecutor Junks Raps Vs Abra Mayor-Father In Killing Rampage

Mayor JB Bernos: "Cockfighting's next big thing" on the cover of Cockhouse Magazine

Mayor JB Bernos: “Cockfighting’s next big thing” on the cover of Cockhouse Magazine

By Artemio A. Dumlao

BAGUIO CITY (October 9, 2013) – State prosecutors in La Union has dismissed murder raps filed by the National Bureau of Investigation-Cordillera against La Paz town mayor Joseph Sto Nino Bernos and his father, Danglas town vice mayor Andres Bernos.

Finding insufficient evidence over the confession of an alleged gunman-killer, La Union acting provincial prosecutor Crispin Navalta Jr. who was assigned by the Regional State Prosecution Service after the NBI sought the inhibition of Abra state prosecutors found confessed gunman Jacobo Badua instead to answer for the murders he said were ordered by the father-son tandem (one in July 2002, one in 2004 and another murder in 2006).

Pros. Navalta Jr. in his resolution said, “no other evidence has been presented or submitted (by the NBI-Cordillera) to corroborate the accusation of Badua against the (Bernoses), explaining that conspiracy was not proven even with the admission of the self-confessed killer.

Badua, who is still being kept by authorities earlier narrated to the NBI how Mayor Bernos and vice mayor Bernos ordered him to kill at least two villagers and seeing how another assassin gunned down another also upon the father-son tandem.

The Bernoses earlier on have also dismissed Badua’s confession as fabricated purportedly to get back because of their foes’ political losses including Badua, who according to Mayor Bernos is facing a murder charge, including other cases in the past.
Pros. Navalta Jr. however explained in his ruling that the NBI relied solely on the confession of Badua and nothing else to prove conspiracy.

The state prosecutor further argued in his ruling dismissing the murder case citing jurisprudence in (People vs. Cui, et al. G.R. No. 121982, September 10, 1999, the Supreme Court) that: “the general rule is that extra-judicial declarations of a co-conspirator made before the formation of the conspiracy or after the accomplishment of its object are inadmissible in evidence as against the co-conspirators, on the ground that the accused in a criminal case has the constitutional right to be confronted with the witnesses against him and to cross-examine them.”

Navalta Jr. ruled on September 11, 2013, two days after he was assigned by the Regional State Prosecution service to conduct an investigation on the raps.***Artemio A. Dumlao*** (abrenian.com)


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67 thoughts on “State Prosecutor Junks Raps Vs Abra Mayor-Father In Killing Rampage

  1. Ay wen Apo Milioness ti imbayad manen dagitoy nga Agama ken ti Prosecutor ti La Union, Talaga awan ti banag ti sacrificio ni Apo Badua ti panangibutaktak na dagitoy killer nga aGAMA.

    Posted by Talaga Sairo Latta. | October 9, 2013, 6:56 pm

    Posted by uttig | October 9, 2013, 11:06 pm
  3. what now?!!!!!

    Posted by Godfather | October 10, 2013, 12:28 am
  4. Why are cases held in another venue? Crimes were all committed in Abra, why are they trying cases in La Union? Just asking. Thanks.

    Posted by comli2013 | October 10, 2013, 2:08 am
    • I guess the venue was the Court of First Instance in Abra. It was only a prosecutor of La Union who handled the case against the Bernoses.

      Posted by syoke | October 10, 2013, 6:34 am
      • The nbi should file a mr or try to gather more evidences to substantiate their alegation against the bernoses meanwhile the dismisal of the case wl boost the moral of politicians to engaged violence against each other except for takit for he is god fearing thief.

        Posted by eric shawn | October 10, 2013, 7:49 am
  5. Another presentation of brutal judgment where evilness reigned over righteousness. But it’s not over yet, Divine justice is the most supreme or ultimate arbiter where no one will be spared for every judgment made especially when we knew by heart that we twisted the truth for the sake of money and cowardliness. Wait for your turn to be judged Crispin Navalta Jr. for you’ll also be judged in the manner how you judged.
    And I pity you because you will also suffering now sleeplessness nights and can longer spend your prostituted wealth in a way that you feel contentment with it. May He saves your soul!

    Posted by nga | October 10, 2013, 10:02 am
  6. Whoever behind the braveness of Jacobo Badua should not shrink their balls of what’s worth fighting for. If they would, this will lead into more corruption and violence in the province. Not only the brave accuser/whistle blower suffers defeat and embarrassment, but also you good people behind him and majority Abranians all over the world are just laughing at you!
    Are you okay with that? Kababain kayo pay no puro “taray kugit/kurgit kayo la aminen. People knew or thinking that you were just out-bid with the bribe, but maybe if you could directly talk to Justice Delima, confessing that you have no money to fight what’s worth fighting for, she might use everything under her power to unravel the truth for the sake of justice that she had been advocating of.
    Good luck and may He guides you and your loved ones for your godly missions in life.
    Go and get them tiger/tigress!

    Posted by bravethruthfigtherabrenians | October 10, 2013, 10:52 am
  7. Ay apo aya, anak ka ng huweteng, kuwarta dagiti nakukurapay nga taga Abra? ipuspusta laeng dagiti kurakot nga politico idiay pallotan? lastog dayta nga PICTURE?

    Posted by anak ka ng huweteng | October 10, 2013, 11:34 am
  8. Are you kidding me? Damn and Bullshit judge…What a shame! Uttig and Nga i am with you Guys! Mr. Badua… do not be worry, for you will be with the Lord, when the final judgement come. I feel sorry for these culprit! there is “NO PLACE” for you in Heaven! Let your will be done Lord!

    Posted by poypoyot | October 10, 2013, 11:49 am
    • Aramatem pay ti nagan ti Dios gayyem Poyut, nagaalas met ta ibasbassawang mo. Adu’t kapadam ditoy a.com.
      No awan ngarud maipakita nga ebidensya dagita nagdarum, babalawem ta husgado? ikka lattan kumammeng kadagita NPA kanggaro court tapno awanen adu a sao, patayen da lattan dagita maatap nga nagbasul. Rigatna kadatayo nga Pilipino ta nalaka nga maiyalis tay alipuspos. Trial by bublicity. Adu nga tao ti agusar iti media tapno pabuyukenda nagan ti maysa a toa. mabalin da met a pabangloen dagiti kayatda uray agdadata kinapalanguadda. “Wen nga attuo” kuna latta metten ni muno nga masa. yellow media army. Ammom ti dakdakamatek?

      Posted by naeling | October 10, 2013, 5:54 pm
      • Tell that to ringnoster and supporters of takit ,review my post and i ve always telling not all written in the news are true. Am more interested the story behind the incident”

        Posted by eric shawn | October 10, 2013, 6:03 pm
      • Jesus Himself cursed the unrighteous and hypocrites. Actually, He acknowledged the power of darkness as ruler of this world, and this power of darkness shown his extreme power when he tempted Jesus Christ to worship him but failed. Our justice failed because most of our judges and fixcals valued the glare of money than being true to their job! Decency and Christianity is nothing to them compared to this ‘ root of all evil’. I’m with you my friend POYPOYOT, Utig and Nga. True justice is not possible in this world. Man is corrupt since Adam and the power of evil is supreme in this world. Money is used by the power of darkness to twist and pollute justice to
        Godless leaders and men who are supposed to serve justice. Yes, LET YOUR WILL BE DONE LORD! For we trust when You said “what you have done to others, you have done to Me” …” And vengeance is mine”

        Posted by TAGAMASID | October 10, 2013, 7:25 pm
        • Pagayam Tagamasid. You like to condemn people as not real Christians. I don’t see that in you either. You failed to mention in any of your post about the words of Christ “To turn the other cheek”, “Going the extra mile”, “To forgive those who sinned against you seventy times seven”. These are the essence of being a true christian. You exalts the justice system of NPAs, China, and Japan which is contrary to christian democracy and tenets. are you one of those communist pastors who upholds liberation theology? I think you are the typical “blind guide” that the bible mentioned.

          Posted by naeling | October 10, 2013, 8:25 pm
        • Both naeling and taga masid when they talked as if they know god.

          Posted by eric shawn | October 10, 2013, 9:22 pm
      • he he, su garud nga poyot ti naganna ta poypoyot nga kas kunana, naeling. Imbag ta diak iramraman ni Apo . . .su saanko kapada ni gyem poyot. Baka ni tagamasid ti kapadana ta puro met biblia ti bagbaganan. . . he he he. Do not talk about the bible no kaspagarigan agkikitatayo gyem poyot aaaaah! he he he.

        Posted by syoke | October 12, 2013, 7:07 pm
  9. Gentlemen,it’s only question, what going to happen now to Mr. Badua,which regards to this case that he admitted that he is the Trigger man,killing those two individual in Lapaz Abra, What will be the circumstances that will affect this investigation, although Mr. Badua admitted he is the killer,Is he liable for his admission of the Crime? Will the Court of Law will allow him to be free cause there’s no probable cause, Thank you.

    Posted by Bartek Tuleng | October 10, 2013, 7:33 pm
    • Awan ‘probable cause’ ti kunam, BT?
      Ti met kunak, dakkel ti nagbasolanna iti dayta a krimen! Di met aya inadmitir na nga isuna ti ‘killer? Ciguro kayatna lang nga iguyod dagitoy agama iti karsel ngem awan met nasken a pammaneknekna nga minandar da lang isuna!
      Anusan nan ton ti agmaymaysa a mabalud no adda agreklamo kontra kanyana!

      Posted by agin-agin | October 11, 2013, 12:12 am
    • Gimas ta tiradamon, gyem tuls . . . My response to your query, gyem tuls, is this . . . No, he is not liable because the judge from La Union thinks he, Mr,Badua, is telling a lie . . . . I am sure he, the judge, does not believe that he killed any human . . . narabaw nga kapanunotan . . ngem su ti sigurado nga nonot ni apo hues.

      Posted by syoke | October 12, 2013, 7:18 pm
      • Sorry my dear SYOKE saan mo siguro nga naawatan ti kayat nga sawen dear, pasessya kan wen, Ngarud itatta ta saan metnga inadmitar ti complain ni Mr. Badua iti husgado, kayat ko koma nga maamuan no ituloy da ti pannakakulong ni Mr. Badua, ket gapu ta inamin na met nga isu ti pimmatay,diay dua nga personalidad.Ania ngarud itatta ti mangyari?

        Posted by Bartek Tuleng | October 14, 2013, 3:43 pm
        • He he hehe, diak naawatan aya, tuls. Saan nga mabalud ni Badua ta saan nga patien ni apo hues nga isu ti pimmatay. Agololbod ni Badua kuna ni apo hues … Uray no isu nga talaga ti pimmatay, saan nga patien ni apo hues . . Uray no ti panunot ni apo hues ket usto ti bagbaga ni Badua, saan latta nga patien ni apo hues . . . apay a kasta? tapno mayat latta isem ni father and son . . agraman ken judge . . . .ops, karkaron sa nga dimo met maawatan bagbagak gyem tuls . . . lol

          Posted by syoke69 | October 15, 2013, 6:36 am
        • Kasta ti kapigsa ti kuarta daguiti bernos . . . uray sinno nga hues ti pakaydaruman ni Badua ta inaminna ngarud nga isu ti pimmatay ibaga ti hues nga manghandle ti kaso nga agololbod . . . ti labasna saan nga isu ti pimmatay ta agololbod garud, baka itan ta natay ni kapitan evangelista ket ibagada nga isun ti pimmatay . . . he he hehe . . . mayat latta ti isem da father and son . . . .complicated n crazy, eh! lol

          Posted by syoke69 | October 15, 2013, 6:43 am
        • Su nga ibabawita pay la ti agawid sa bartek tuls, ta baka pagkoripaspasendata met nga dina oras . . . pagay-ayamanda ti biag diay Abra. Santo ibaga ni Badua nga isu ti nagpapatay kenka ken siak, sana ibaga nga ni poyot ti nakin-utek. LOL

          Posted by syoke69 | October 15, 2013, 6:50 am
  10. Friggin’ NBI! What were they thinking – relying solely on the ‘confession’ of one whistle blower-himself a criminal? They knew it would not hold water and they do a half-assed job filing a case and hanging it there to dry? Why did they not establish an air-tight case? Or why did they not have a fall-back reinforcement to the case? Looks like someone got paid by someone just to shake the Beejesuz out of the Father and son pair! Another psywar tactic post 2013 Election in preparation for 2016 election? Is this an attempt for an early demolition of enemy by demoralizing the prospective opponent and corroding them bit by bit?

    Posted by Scarface Pacino | October 10, 2013, 10:32 pm
  11. Yes I understand what you mean AL pacino, I know its his mistake, he supposed to talk ta a lawyer before he went to the NBI,and gave himself cause this case I believed there’s no probable cause. Now what happen now to this poor Badua, Do you think he could have BOnd for this case?

    Posted by Bartek Tuleng | October 10, 2013, 10:44 pm
  12. Bartek Tuleng ‘Adre, I think he’s better off making peace with his maker, just in case. Unless he’s got money to fly him to the moon, I think he’s now jammed in a spiky corner. He’d better work hard on having photographic memory of where to find missing bodies (if there are) and re-sell his soul to whom his memory would serve some purpose.

    Posted by Scarface Pacino | October 10, 2013, 11:09 pm
  13. Thanks Al Pacino God Father
    That’s a bad move.Salamat.

    Posted by Bartek Tuleng | October 10, 2013, 11:38 pm
  14. Kasano ngarud metten Appo dagidiay pinatay ni Badua nga tattao? Awan kadi ti rebbengna nga hustisya nga maipaay kadakuadan? Gapu laeng ta nagpudno ni Baduan nga isu ket mammapatay iti tao gapuen iti dikta dagita ipul-pulong na nga agama, palusposan kadi latta isunan nga malibasan nga medusa iti daydiay kriminalidad nga inaramidnan? Dagidiay pinatay na, uray man no kunaenyo nga dua da laeng, ket tattao da met nga addaan kararua, inna, amma, kakabsat ken annak. Masapul a met Apo nga pagdusaanna.

    Posted by Taga macarcarmay | October 11, 2013, 1:20 am
    • TM, we call that DEMOCRAZY. Ti imas na ngamin ken Badua isuna laeng ti agpatpatang awan met ti mangpaneknek ti kinapudno ti sasawen na. No adda kuma met maysa nga tao nga mangpaneknek tay kunada nga “corroborating statement”
      mabalin nga agprosper dayta. Take the case of Ryan Luna, idi biniyag da tay kaso na (Syempre Politico) nagdarum ni lakay na daydi natay, adda maysa nga nangpaneknek, su ti nangyari “BINGO” fugutive isunan tatta. Maysa pay syempre uray adda probable cause na, no tapalam ti million plus impluensya ni ipag na (Congressperson) awanen a, baka pati tay NBI ket adda tatta idiay Hongkong madama nga i-enjoy na tay pannaka bagi na.

      Posted by Bodong | October 11, 2013, 3:42 am
  15. Reaction para ken kabsat Naeling. Adda kinaagpayso dagiti dinakamatmo nga verses. Kinapakumbaba ti maysa nga napateg nga sursuro ni Apo. Ngem saan nga pudno nga awan sinagidko maipanggep day toy nga banag. Review my previous posts, kinunak” nagasat dagiti napakumbaba ta isudanto ti maitalo”. Matthew 5:3-12 ti kompleto nga sakawen ti nasantuan nga sursuro. Saan nga agpayso nga kanunongak ti kangngaro justice ti NPA. Kinaagpaysuna kinondinar ken concondinarek ti kinadamsak dagitoy nga kakabsat aglalo dagiti pannakapapatay dagiti civilian nga ‘suspetsa’ nga awan gawayda. Konkondinarek ti NPA ken militar nga mangsupsuporta kadagiti rinuker nga politico gapu laeng ti kuarta. Konkondinarek ti amin nga law enforcers nga manglikidar dahiti activists nga manglablaban ti justicia. Ti puntosko ko ket ti panagtipon ti dua nga puersa nga mangdadael ti ramot ti riribok ken rigat- politico nga criminal ken Pags, saan ket nga isuda ti agpipinnatay. Ania koma ti kaipapanan ti democracia no kinarangas ken personal la nga pagimbagan ni agturay ti kapatgan? Palub-osan tayo kadi lattan nga agim-imas ti biag dagitoy nga mananggudaway nga agtuturay ken tulotuloy nga ibadbaddek datayo ti nakailomloman tayon nga rigat? Ayannan tay pudno nga kaipapanan ti husticia, patas ( equality) ken wayawaya nga kangrunaan nga ramen ti democracy.

    Kayat koman nga dakamaten ti tallo ka dagiti kalalatakan nga tao diay biblia, Old Testament . Ni Moises, ni ari David ken Joshua ket agpapadada nga ‘criminal’. Ni David ket Jeshua ket nakapapatayda ti ad-adu pay siguro ngem ti amin nga napapatay ti Abra manipud nangrugi ti politica. Yet God with all His commandment against murder blessed and guided these 3 until their death. Apay kuna tayo siguro, ngem bakod ko nga panangamiris, dagitoy nga tallo ket nagbiagda ti kinalinteg ket nakapapatayda nga kinanonongan ti Apo gapu ti kinalinteg. No maaramid ditoy Abra nga umasping daytoy, ammok nga ti Apo ket isu idi, isu ita, ken isunto nga agnanayon. Ay-ayaten na ti kinalinteg ket kagurana ti kinadakes! AGAIN, THIS IS A CHALLENGE TO ALL BROTHER NPA N LAWENFORCERS.

    Kenca brother Shawn, Eric. Read the bible to find the right path. Romans is in the new testament not in OT.Don’t trust your boss, he nothing like anybody else. Remember,Many things is impossible to man, but with God, everything is possible.

    Posted by TAGAMASID | October 11, 2013, 8:51 am
    • Tagamasid and Naeling were both rights and I think the main thing that Naeling were questioning was: why can’t we practice of what we are preaching like loving and forgiving each other regardless. If so Naeling, it’s a good question, but why does the Catholic priests keep condemning also government corruption not to mention their bitter opposition against the RH Bill? They could just shut up their mouth and surrender their democratic rights on free speech among others but they can’t as long as the majority of God’s people are denied to exist with dignity and respect, right?

      Posted by bravethruthfigtherabrenians | October 11, 2013, 6:55 pm
      • Iba yata naririnig ko sa ating highnes na bishop all praises naman sya ke mila valera and mayora jansen sa speech nya sa soma ni jansen alipores kc ni gma ang bishop na to.

        Posted by eric shawn | October 12, 2013, 6:08 am
        • The catholic church has their own dogma and doctrine. Historically they are used to control the state. If they think that the state run against their belief system they mobilize their forces to go against it. Morality speaking, the government are now wading into what we called liberalism to which the movement like free sex, divorce, and same sex marriage is lurking in spearheaded by materialist/maoist who are now connected to the government. It is a moral obligation of the church to protect the spirituality of our society.
          With regards to some people who are making their post here in a.com quoting bible verses but with evil intentions against people/politicians’ perceived currupt practices would not sit well with me and to some perhaps because of its double standard. Imagine a priest or known minister would teach the scripture and yet yell out “malicious words” That is no good to hear from a good priest.
          If somebody is spiritually enlightened, he could not talked anything against anybody but be remorseful of the burden of sins of humanity, he may asked forgiveness to the Creator with heavy heart as if he is the sinner himself. Remember the story of Saint Francis of Assisi?. The kingdom of Heaven start with “me”. Change starts with “me”. “ako ang simula ng pagbabago” says abscbn. If I think i have done enough to be a good member of the society, then that would speak for it for others to follow.

          Posted by naeling | October 15, 2013, 10:58 pm
    • Tagamasid do u know god?

      Posted by eric shawn | October 12, 2013, 6:03 am
      • Reading the bible isa sure way of knowing God. When you are reading, you are actually listening to His loving words.This is the Holy Book written by people whom He inspired. Remember, a true christian believes by faith. Read for your peace and Guidance. Jesus said ” if you believe in my Father, believe also in me”

        Posted by TAGAMASID | October 12, 2013, 7:51 am
        • Tagamasid, look at the question before answering “god” is different from “GOD”. I heard this from a good teacher, “god” refer to idols and “GOD” refer to the Mercifull & Almighty Creator of Heaven & Earth.

          Posted by Bodong | October 12, 2013, 8:42 am
        • In the bible, god refers to the false ruler to this word “Satan”. God refers to the one true God who were cast out from His throne due to man’s blood relationship to Satan. Si Satanas ang nakaupo sa truno kaya kasamaan ang nangingiral dito mundo. If you have seen Jesus you see God. If you seen… (somebody else), you see god. gut the point pagayam Eric Shawn?

          Posted by naeling | October 13, 2013, 9:33 pm
      • Eric Shawn.. We know that you smart and you are an Atty. but please do not challenge God! slow down men! for this is a blatant disrespect to the prince of God, everybody knows that Tagamasid was a Priest in the first place because of his Ideology and Words of Wisdom. I salute this humble man, please continue to inspire the people of Abra thru the love and knowledge of Jesus. I will pray for the conversion and transformation of your heart… Atty. ES. And to all Politician. We are sick of being poor thru this rampant corruption and killings. Let us join together and walk in the isle for the common intention.Who will gonna start? We need a new dawn , a new beginning for new ABRA. stop corruption no more hatred no more killing please. DO GOOD ON EARTH! I feel sorry for all my comments….( please remember me Tagamasid when you are in Paradise)…..

        Posted by Poypoyot | October 13, 2013, 4:07 am
    • Have u murdered people tagamasid or have u witnessed people begging for mercy not to kill them? Ask me the questions and my answer is affirmative.

      Posted by eric shawn | October 12, 2013, 6:18 am
      • Eric, probably we have the same experience. Napno ti gulo ti biag ko idi awan nak pay Kinkuana. Ita talna, ragsak ken ayat ti nangbungon ti biag ko. Remember again what I usually mention in my posts, ” no one is righteous, no not one” “all men fall short to the glory of God ” Romans 3:10 and 3:23. He also said “………..repent, confess your sin (direct to God) ,have a new heart and mind, and LIVE”. Think about it, for your own good, for your family and for a better life after death. I pray for you!

        Posted by TAGAMASID | October 12, 2013, 8:09 am
        • I think the main purpose of Tagamasid here is to save soul one at a time. It’s just happened that a lot of fish could also be found in this dot.com who are longing to be caught but they don’t know how to smell yet the bait of Tagamasid. Don’t worry, if God could discern the sincerity of your heart to change, He draws you near to Jesus Christ not just thru Tagamasid. But as a living proof, Tagamasid wants us now to experience our life to the fullest with complete peace of mind, free from fears or worries due to illnesses, financial, thief/criminal politicians problem, etc.. because of the unwavering Faith that he wants us to have likewise. Look, he still expressing his Godly (Agape?) love to anyone of us in spite of the insults we kept throwing at him. Believe me, he won’t quit because the more you hurt him especially if you can’t sleep of thinking what he has quoted from the Word/Bible, the more he will receive the rewards through the out-pouring blessings into his life. But don’t get me wrong, what he all wanted is for peace and prosperity for all God’s people not for himself as his ultimate wish in life. Therefore, I applaud his way of using the Scriptures as his only weapon in circumcising our hardened uncircumcised hearts and minds. Believe me, not just here in this dot.com but if opportunity knocks, he will bring and spread it also everywhere and anywhere until the end of time and at the end of the earth. He won’t get tired like Pedro Abrenio and Rimat Ti Abra.

          Posted by bodowan | October 12, 2013, 9:34 am
        • Tagamasid i know a lot of politicians posting in their fb the verses of the bible peru corupt naman cla. Amen amen pa sya.

          Posted by eric shawn | October 12, 2013, 6:49 pm
      • don’t generalized it eric for there are those who are just lukewarm believers, only pretending Christians, and the real true believers.

        Posted by nga | October 12, 2013, 9:18 pm
        • May i ask u nga nga if u know the politicians whom i am referring with who loves to post bible verses wd amen amen pa?

          Posted by eric shawn | October 12, 2013, 11:32 pm
    • Ayan, hope you guys find the right path. Tuls, dika unay aginom ta nakarkaro nga dimo masarakan ti right path. Otherwise puro wrong path ti inka masarakan. Su awan ti essemko nga patang a patang ti ti relihyon ta kasta deydi ulitegko nga poldo . . . puro la versiculos ti tantanawtawenna. . .vedrsiculo uno, versiculo dos . . .di kuan dakesen . . . agbagtit metten . . . he he he. su diyo palaluan ta dikayto pumada ken deydi ulitegko . . . kaasi ni apo sysop nga mangkamatkamat kanyayo ditoy no kaspagarigan . . he he he

      Posted by syoke | October 12, 2013, 7:30 pm
    • You are misguiding people, Gayyem Tagamasid. Narabaw dagita kapampanunutam. Dakkel ti responsibilidad mo nga ispiritual kadagita mamati kenka ditoy. “How can a blind man guide?” ammom daytoy nga linia saan kadi? Sabali dagiti linteg ti Old Testament iti linteg ti new testament. Saan mo a mabalin nga isagpaw pay dagiti napalabas a linteg iti agdama. Dimo aramiden nga simbaan mo toy a.com. Agsukimat ka pay a naimbag. Saan a makatnay ti maysa la nga libro no panggep iti sekreto ti Pagarian ti Langit.

      Posted by naeling | October 14, 2013, 12:24 am
      • Naeling kabsat, you are entitled with your opinion. But I believe without doubt that what I quote here are based on Truth. And Jesus words in the New Testament and God the Father Decalogue given to Moises in mt Sinai is (collective) the Truth. Do you believe when Jesus said ” I did not come to destroy the Law but to fulfill the Law” ? The law that Jesus is referring here is His Father’s law in the OT. I don’t expect everybody to believe in me. Even Jesus Himself being the Son of God, the Word, ‘ shines in the world, but the world did not comprehend’. How much more to poor Tagamsid, a humble son of of a lowly farmer and housekeeper. But i praise the Lord that few of our participants are convinced that im really telling what is right. Sorry brother Poypoyot, I’m not Christ; I’m sure to remember you but it’s only you and you alone who can help yourself. Search the Truth by reading the Bible. Ask church leaders, pastors of 7th day Adventist or fr Jehovah’s Witnesses or from other sects.im sure they are glad to give you one. Try to ask supplementary materials such as : 3 steps to heaven, Ania a talaga ti isursuro ti Biblia?, Sunday Law, The great Contravercy, etc. Bibles are given free by the millions every year.
        Your words Naeling implies that you have better knowledge about the Scripture? I encourage you to share and together, we help reorient the values of our kababayan who are exploited by greed of leaders who are self entered devoid of ethics and decency. Dakkel nga banag ti maaramidan no adu tayo nga agtitinnulong. Ti mapaspasamak ti Abra ket bunga ti rigat nga gungundawayan ti kinaagum ni agturay. Ikarigatan tayo nga luktan ti mata ken lapayag dagitoy nga kailian, which is majority, nga mangamiris ti rebbengenda tapno matulonganda ti bagida nga manglapsot ti pannakairurumen.

        Posted by TAGAMASID | October 14, 2013, 4:58 am
        • Anyway, I’m not a pastor nor a priest. I’m only a bible student inspired and guided by a pastor lawyer for several months now. I have 2 Godfearing and well versed in the bible friends whom I discuss with about God’s doctrines among others against some church practices based on traditions/ pagans belief. I read the Scripture everyday thru High tech, supplementary religious materials to strengthen my relation to God and sing religious songs every morning as a way of honoring and worshiping God. AndI’m grateful to God for having wonderful parents who worked hard to give me and my sisters education in spite of poverty.
          Reading the bible and constant prayers are the best weapons against temptations of evil. If only our leaders spend tmore of their time in searching the truth rather than in their cockfighting roosters, I’m sure they will realized the true meaning of public service; a true leader must be someone focused, committed and dedicated to uplift the socioeconomic life of his constituents.

          Posted by TAGAMASID | October 14, 2013, 7:49 am
  16. If Jacobo really did kill those that he confessed he did, then he should suffer for it. It is but unfortunate that our copycat Rules of Court does not give any merit to his confession due to the requirement that it should be corroborated by other evidence. To all those who are cursing the prosecutor, that is unfair. His findings are based on the rules/law. The law may be stupid but it’s the law.

    Posted by JOMA | October 12, 2013, 6:33 pm
  17. numan pay diak naka high school graduation,ti ammok narigat nga sumayaat wenno agbaliw toy probinsya tayo ken daguitoy mangidadaulo a politiko no ni apo dios ti intay ipannuray. adu ti professionals ken agkakasirib ngem awan laeng ti makaitured nga mangidaulo a sumaranget kadaguiti saan a mayannatop nga aramid daguitoy pinili tayo nga agtuturay.

    Posted by pagalsem | October 13, 2013, 8:31 pm
    • Isu ngarud Pagalsem nga adda ditoy ni Tagamasid and others bareng no adda maallukoy da nga brave real Christians nga sumaranget kadagitoy thief/criminal politicians. Agpayso ta kunam nga adu dagiti nasisirib nga professionals ngem awan lateg da pay laeng nga sumaranget agsipud ta saan da pay laeng nga naamiris ti difference between sacrificing their lives for the sake of God’s people and for the sake of their personal interests or the true rewards awaiting for these godly Abrenians, who are still hiding and waiting for the right time to launch their godly missions in life. It’s maybe an impossible task but who knows if the likes of Naeling and Tagamasid will get out from their comfort zones and willingly bite the bullet of Change that could lead us to the road of real peace and prosperity. Like what Pedro Abrenio and Rimat Ti Abra says: Don’t lose your hope for a cause worth fighting for which Madam O and others are doing right now. If you lose it, although it’s just only a hope or dream, the more we couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. I couldn’t explain it well like PA and RTA does, therefore, I urge each and everyone of us who really love our birthplace where we left our loved ones as sacrificial lambs for this unfortunate and pitiful life in the province in prolonging our patience that maybe someday they’ll come back and ignite again our burning desire to turn around our province 360 degrees. If Duterte of Davao could do it, I don’t see any reason why we couldn’t do it also. Don’t you think?

      Posted by kabulyog | October 14, 2013, 2:18 pm
  18. Apay napaltugan kanu ni capt. T zone 6? Agpayso?

    Posted by Brgy motit | October 14, 2013, 4:31 am
  19. apay a nagsuicide, eric?! gapu ti kua?! hehehehe

    Posted by syoke69 | October 15, 2013, 11:14 am
  20. Are you talking about financial empire? I have a church who have guided me to be a true person. I am not interested to put another one. Tell that to Tagamasid, perhaps he is as implied by his ardent proselytizing. I am just obliged to correct his caprice.

    Posted by naeling | October 17, 2013, 12:58 am
  21. wen lattan ah

    Posted by danglas mavericks | October 21, 2013, 3:17 am

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