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Abra officials offer higher education to ALS graduates of DepEd

I very nice gesture from our Elected officials. Will they get employment after school? Are they creating jobs too?
By Maria Teresa B. Benas

BANGUED, Abra, Aug. 1 (PIA) — High school graduates here under the Alternative Learning System (ALS) of the Department of Education will have a chance to pursue their college education through scholarship.

Both Congresswoman Ma. Jocelyn V. Bernos and Governor Eustaquio P. Bersamin offered the graduates scholarships during the special recognition ceremony for ALS graduates held last week. These will enable them to continue their formal schooling.

Bernos offered her Joy Educational Assistance Program (Joy EAP) while Provincial Administrator Genalyn Verzola said the governor’s scholarship program is available to everyone willing to undergo not only formal schooling but also to train in special trades and skills trainings offered by the Technical Education Skills Development Authority (Tesda) which he is sponsoring.

To avail of the scholarship, interested applicants can file an application form. After they have enrolled, they must submit a photo copy of their school ID and registration of enrollment.

According to Noe Magayam, the OIC Education Supervisor for the ALS program of the Division of Abra, 69 learners graduated in December of last year.

Although they finished their modules last year, they received their certificates and diplomas only this year because they had to undergo the Equivalency and Accreditation examination.

The ALS program of the DepEd is a special learning module that caters to the needs of the disadvantaged sector of society especially the youth who have dropped out from school for one reason or another. The conduct of the classes is based on the availability of the learners especially if the learners are on the job.

There are also inmates of the Abra provincial jail who graduated from the ALS program.

Once the ALS learners finished their modules, they can already go back to the mainstream of the formal educational system. Otherwise, they can go into special trainings under the Tesda if they choose to. (JDP/MTBB-PIA CAR,Abra)


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13 thoughts on “Abra officials offer higher education to ALS graduates of DepEd

  1. Awan ti joy of sex?

    Posted by Juan de la Cruz | August 1, 2013, 4:57 pm
  2. I wish that they will not politicize or play favoritism with this great opportunity regardless of our youth parents’ political affiliation. All high school teachers especially in the far flung areas should encourage and guide their students to participate on this very rear chance of a lifetime without hidden personal agenda or expectation of any personal reciprocation to serve as their legacy to our beloved province. If they do, they will surely reap the fruit of good Karma together with those other individuals (our respected political leaders, In-charge or Staff of this Program, etc.) and their loved ones that vowed to make it successful.
    My heartfelt gratitude that finally they came to their senses and you recipient youth of this free scholarship, please promise us to do your best at all cost for indeed you are our only remaining hope for the province economic and political advancement. We adult or senior citizens had failed due to our cowardliness to do the right thing, therefore, we challenge you to do the opposite.

    Posted by river cross | August 1, 2013, 6:38 pm
    • There is a big possibility that they will choose according to political affiliations of their parents. I know Abra! Mangala ka la ti business permit mo nga paggastusam pay etc pagsayaatan pay ti ili agkurno ka pay ,,,lol! bareng a saan ngem ay pakawanen nak aya …!

      Posted by leo | August 2, 2013, 1:39 am
  3. This is a rare show of concern by both the governor n our congressman! If this is a kind of compeititiom with or without hidden personal agenda, you deserved to be called ” apo madaydayaw”, true to your pledge ‘to serve n not to be served, so help me God”. Thank you so much! Hopefully, recipients of tis wonderful privilege will study hard n work hard and help not only your families but try to contribute to the development of your community to help Abra a better place to live in.
    No agtultuloy nga kastoy ti aramid nga natakneng ken maiparbeng dagiti appo nga agtuturay, dakkel ti namnamata nga maipannakkelto met laengen nga datayo nga taga Abra ket ammo tayo ti kaipapanan ti biag nga civilized ken maysa nga christiano nga ammuna ti kaipapanan ti sarita nga Ayat. Sapay koma ta agriing met ten dagiti mamayores ta tuladen da apo governador ken congresswoman kas pangsupporta ken pres. Pinoy nga nanglapsut ti kinatao tayo nga Pilipino nga ‘agsasakit” ket itan maysa nga nasalun-at nga ap-apalan ti kaadu an nga pagilian. Thank so much gov. N cong. May God continue to bless n guide you.

    Posted by Tagamasid | August 1, 2013, 9:10 pm
    • This is not their concern, this is one of their duties as Congreswoman and Governor respectively. They are the chosen individual by Abrenios to use and implement projects for the best of Abra. Give to those students who are disciplined and deserving and whose parents are incapable of sending them to colleges. And one thing, for your information, putting your name on the program just brings you bad eye brows. Just an advise, avoid to attaching to much your name on gov’t programs and projects. They know you already if you are doing good. No need to attach your names.

      Posted by joan | August 2, 2013, 1:36 am
  4. KUDOS 2 u both Gob. Takit and Cong. Joy 4 spearheading and supporting this undertaking!
    Dagiti koma kakastoy a programa ti gobyerno ti kankanayon a pakaidamdamagan ti probinsya
    tayo nga Abra. Saan ketdi nga dagitay “vote buying, graft and corruption ken pinnapatay”.
    I really hope that the Municipal Mayors and other government agencies would emulate this
    noble project.

    Posted by philam | August 2, 2013, 1:21 am
  5. bareng a no saan manen a dagitay kakabagiyan ken nasinged a gagayem dan t ipangpangrona dan dagita staff incharge ti daytoy a prorgaman, apo gov sipotan yo koma ida tapno saan nga iso nga mangperdi manen kadakayo.oray sika mam joy. Masansan gamin a kastoy t obserbasiyon ko dagita babaen ken taohan yo iso mangperdi kadkayo. Agyaman kami apo.

    Posted by kamacho | August 2, 2013, 4:42 am
  6. Napintas man dayta apo Cong & Gob, sapay koma ta saan nga favoritsm ti mapasamak, wenno pang-bayad laeng iti utang nga maimbag nga nakem? Rebbeng na laeng dayta nga project yo apo ta saan yo met nga kuarta ket? kuarta tayo amin nga umili iti Abra……agbiag kayo.

    Posted by makitatalon laeng kami! | August 2, 2013, 12:35 pm
  7. Tay koma trabaho nga uray bassit a pagkakita-an apo madaydayaw nga Gobernador ken congresi woman ti inkay sponsoran nga agapo tay IRA yo apo.na over educated tay aminen ditoy pilipinas ket saan tay nga masapul ti nangato unay nga edukasyon no din to metla mayyaplikar

    Posted by kooltoop | August 3, 2013, 11:30 pm
  8. It appears that only few are interested to participate to give their opinions on subject matter of great value like this ALS program. Our main concern is on politics, polluted with violence caused by greeds of power n money. Maybe we have good reasons, because dirty politics/politicians are the roots of our miserable socio-economic conditions. But sad to accept the truth that Most of us allow ourselves to be exploited by the power of money n sometimes yield to threats to the joy of these undeserving political leaders.

    Sysop sir, why not include in this forum on the news that caught my attention on the outstanding performances of the teachers of Tangadan Elem.school with the inspiring support of community n local mun.officials. This is one of its kind in Abra to be emulated by schools, barangays, and municipalities. CONGRATS TO ALL TEACHERS OF TES! Good job mayor Diaz of San Quintin n PTA of Tanadan! May God continue to guide n bless you!

    Posted by Tagamasid | August 8, 2013, 5:13 am
  9. Naragsak nga aldaw Apo. Damagek man Apo no Anya ti requirement ti ag apply nga maestra no naggapu ti abroad. Nag damagek diay embassy ngem kunada dida met ag issue ti certification. Agyamanak unay. God bless po. 😊

    Posted by Jelyne Berame | May 5, 2014, 9:11 pm

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