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Results of the Elections 2013

We just posted the results of the Elections 2013 broken down into Municipalities. These results are based on the COMELEC data.

You can view them through the drop down menu on these pages:




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62 thoughts on “Results of the Elections 2013

  1. uray siasinno iti nangabak, isun tu latta isu iti likos iti biyag ti bangued. . inutil iti lider, inutil iti mapasamak, inutil iti tattao. . .sumarono met to tay pulis nga inutil . .awan lang pagbanagan iti biyag ditoy . . .siete!. . . .nu apay ket a demonyo iti tattao ditoy itan. . pati iti pulis a makuna a protektor, awan met serserbi da. . . siete!. . . .kaano aya ngata nga dakayo metten iti maikali iti uneg ti daga tapno agtalne met bassit iti ili . . punye!. . . . ..

    Posted by FOOLitiko mandaraya | May 19, 2013, 12:58 am
    • Foolitiko your comments is for you…

      Posted by wedelia | May 19, 2013, 7:00 pm
    • I could feel your sentiments FOOLI but in the mean time, get over it and just let it go. Let the effect of good and bad karma takes its place or the divine justice pour out its ire or revenge. Stop hating for its bad for your mental and physical well-being. It’s really hard to overcome hate or disappointment for it’s a human nature but at least you could minimize it by forgiving silently in your heart the person or events that hurting you if you can’t do it in person. If it doesn’t work, try saying or murmuring I love You although you don’t really meant it and feel its instant effect. No wonder that this Commandment “love your neighbor as you love yourself, even your greatest enemy” is the greatest of all for it works wonder for those who experienced and continually experiencing it.
      For the unfortunate candidates, just think that it’s not in accordance with God’s time or will yet (or again) but don’t give it up, if it’s really your calling to serve His people in politics. Instead of just crying in the corner or “pagpupudotan” your loved ones, why not just start sowing good seeds that might bear good fruits in the future election? Be nice and respectful even to the lowest, poorest beggar, or mentally retarded human being; help in any way you can especially in a dire or emergency situation, and try to be understanding, forgiving, and loving to one another. Pretension or hypocrisy doesn’t work for He sees what’s in your heart and knows what you are thinking. Baka pag nagawa mo na ito, you will understand that life is bigger than itself, politics ,or worldly things for you will become a new person that you have had never imagined.
      Fooli, I am not really targeting you. I’m just using you to help those who have already lost their strength, hope, and soul to be trully happy in life. Pls. forgive me, will you?

      Posted by river cross | May 20, 2013, 9:38 am
      • I am referring to the REAL christians here for I know that they are the only ones who are not afraid and doubtful to do what is right. They have the secrets of why they mirrored such courageousness and total fulfillment in life The lukewarm believers and pretending christians are full of craps. They are so afraid to do what is right but they are so brave, shrewd, and thick-faced to do what is wrong, secretly and publicly. They could pretend to be happy or contended in the outside, but the truth is, their life is so miserable in the inside, because of lies, pretension, or hypocrisy that they have mastered in their life.
        I am sorry, but I must tell you that there’s always a second chance…….IF…….you want your name to be remembered as the way you want.

        Posted by river cross | May 20, 2013, 5:04 pm
        • Magustuak man daytoy post mo @River Cross. Naemma nga panagsao saan nga kasla kadagita narasao ti dila la nga kasla kenni AMIPOL? What you said is a “fact”. I m trying to stay away from those kind of people; somehow there is always one following me? I don’t understand. Sysop, dila mabalin nga “salakiem” dagidiay aso nga surot nga surot kaniak, please?

          Posted by comli2013 | May 20, 2013, 6:37 pm
  2. clear enough that Abra election is nor fair WHY still corrupt mean to be seated??? HORRIBLE PEOPLE of Abra,Sick politician all the way…………..

    Posted by Mumford Jackson Hutchison | May 19, 2013, 2:31 am
  3. result ng vote buying yan sa pagsisi dagiti tag umili sa susunod balik sa dating nakaupo mabuhay ulit mga luna

    Posted by takki | May 19, 2013, 10:04 am
  4. may ginawang karumal dumal sa sa election sana malaman din…

    Posted by takki | May 19, 2013, 11:34 am
  5. Sysop: page 2 of the results is the same with page 1. Where are the other municipalities?
    Can you also please give the number of voters in each municipality so I can know how many did not cast their votes? This is important for the upcoming 2016 election. I appreciate it very much. Thaanks.

    Posted by Carmelita E. Omli | May 19, 2013, 3:58 pm
  6. Thank you!

    Posted by comli2013 | May 19, 2013, 6:01 pm
    • Adda madi a napasamak datoy a eleksyon..kwarta inususar da…..bagi da turay a luko luko!!

      Posted by inggo | May 19, 2013, 6:16 pm
      • Highest bidder for the cf cards that us already ready made, governor is up to 100 million or more while congressional is 100 million also, now fellow abrenians you know who really won the elections in our province . Cf cards from comelec that is already programmed is the name of the game.

        Posted by Close quarter battle | May 19, 2013, 8:11 pm
  7. Mrs. Omli , isu nga ado to Kuarta ti congressman ti Abra gapo ta isuda ti Mang control mam ti pundo ti department of public works and highways to the tune of 660 million a year mam Omli aside from the 70 million pork barrel a year , now tell me fellow abrenians uray gumastos ni gob ta ki kenni joy ti 220 million nalaka da la nga abroten ti abak da isu nga awan a talagan ti namnama ti probinsya tayo.three more years again of massive graft and corruption for the whole province.

    Posted by Andy | May 19, 2013, 10:13 pm
  8. for all you know miss carmelita E Omli, technical defects lang nangyari sa mga pcos machines.lumapad lang ung ilang ballots kaya hindi pumasok sa machines pero nagawan ng paraan by cutting a little portion both sides o kaya plinantsa. kaya pumasok diN sa machine. SANA ANDITO KA PARA NAWITNESS MO ANG NANGYARI PERO MALAYO KA.do not speculat but u have to base on facts.

    Posted by concerned citizen | May 19, 2013, 10:39 pm
    • ditoy ngamin America madi mabalin nga sika nga watcher ket pakialamam ti balota no adda defecto na. masapul nga masukatan ti baro nga ballot ket daydiay defective isubli da diay office to be noted nga defective…daytan ket kartib met kada plantza ti usarendan kada payongen? Just wondering why was that allowed in Abra?

      Posted by Carmelita E. Omli | May 20, 2013, 4:47 pm
  9. Vote buying, apay ngamin nga intay ilako daguiti butos tayo “No awan lako, Awan gatang” simple as dat

    Posted by wedelia | May 19, 2013, 11:58 pm
  10. nya koma t pakasikoram madam omli? Nya t planom nu 2016 agkandidato ka met? Ita pay laeng rogrogyamon t agolimek tapno dika makisawang t banag nga rason a saan danto pangayatan kenka.

    Posted by AGKOKOTEL | May 20, 2013, 2:13 am
  11. @agkokotel…nia la dakes ta panagdamag kon? dagita nga informacion ket importante kaniatayo amin nga taga Abra tapno ammo tayo ti mapaspasamak nga rebbeng na nga mabaliwan no adda kabalbalinan ti pannangbaliw ti dgita nga election practices. Masikoranak ah ta taga Abra ak met nga kasla kenka. Apay sika agkandidato Kamet no 2016 ta magasangan ka ti innak panagsaludsod? Aramid nga nasayaat ken ayat mo ti padam nga tao ti basis ti panangayat kaniam ti umili. Na koma dakes na no ag-ambitonak no 2016?
    Natakneng ti panpanunot ko nga tao ken naanadak nga tao. Yamanek ta naimpusuan nga advise mo.

    Posted by Carmelita E. Omli | May 20, 2013, 5:29 am
    • Saan ka nga agambisyonen Omli ta sigurado nga maabak ka. Nakalalaing ka nga agfabricate ti sao. Ulbod ka pay. Dimo pay ammo no sino ti pagyanam, Seares wenno Luna? Apay saan mo ammo nga magkalaban ang Seares at Luna. Agkaaw kan san ket nalaing ka pay la nga umay ditoy bumudibudi.

      Posted by Ringnoster | May 20, 2013, 11:52 pm
  12. Sysop: a question came up to my private message: Is the above results official already? Sinno kanu ti official nga #8…Tacis or Balmaceda? Kunak, bay-am ta dmagek diay abrenian.com

    Posted by comli2013 | May 20, 2013, 5:34 am
    • Nya agkandidato ni Omli nu 2016? Ni Omli ap-apera? Mangabak ngata? Nya’t makuna yo apo? por juice

      Posted by amipol | May 20, 2013, 5:58 pm
      • @AMIPOL…dim ket sungbatanen no saan met nga nasayaat ti pangsasao da? Sika ah no lamutem lattan uray takkiannakan? Maki-apa aya no dfenderem ta karbengam? Apay aga-apa ngarud dagitoy posters ditoy? Kunam la dayta ah ta nadatag ni nagan ko. Diak ngamin ammo no kasanu ti ag “peke” met ti nagan nga kasla kaniam tapno mai-saok kuma met ti kayat ko nga isao. Nia husto nga nagan mo aya? No maysa ka kadagidiay aso nga mangbungol kaniak diay fb, dispensarem ta aramidek la met ah ti rebbeng na.

        Adu met ti nasayaat ti kapanunutanna ti pada nga tao ditoy abenian.com saan nga kasla kaniam. Nalaing ka unay nga aghusgar ti padam nga tao ket diak kayat ta panag ngiwngiwat mo.

        Posted by comli2013 | May 20, 2013, 6:29 pm
        • idatag mo man ngarud ti platoforma’m para 2016 manang COT ta bareng maalam ti rikna mi, agsapsapul kami ti matalino, mapagkakatiwalaan, makadios, makatao, makakalikasan, makakabataan, makabago, mapagmahal tska walang bulsa. Addan sa dagita nga galad kenka ngem laglagipem madi ti plataforma nga panay libre kasla koma libre nga agas kada doctor wen? dole out ngamin nu panay libre

          Posted by ikkis | May 20, 2013, 10:29 pm
      • Maabak nga sugurado ni Omli uray no consehal laeng ti pagkandidatuan na. Sino ngarud met ti mamati kaniana? Daldal nga daldal ngem dina la ammo nga PASPASABLUGAN la dagitay kapatpatang na. Apo met ragragsak nan. Dina ammo nga katkatawaan da ti liklikudan na.

        Posted by Ringnoster | May 20, 2013, 11:58 pm
  13. @Ringnoster….ammok ti ar-aramidek. Nia nga agkalaban ti sao-sao-em? agkakasinsin dagita nga adda la saan da nga nagkikinnaawatan. Ammok ti rikna ti maysa ken maysa kaniada uray no madi da agsasao. Adanto met la aldaw ah nga agsasayaat da? Nia bibiangmo? suportaram ta kayat mo suportarak met ti kayat ko. Sika laeng met ti satanas ti kapanunutanna kaniak? wan pay nasayaat nga panagngiwngiwat mo? Sinno ka aya nga mangpaksiyat kaniak ditoy ket ni met Sysop ti akinkukua ti daytoy nga site? Sika ketdi ah ti tumappuak no dinno ta nagdakes ta kababalin mo. Awan pay respetar mo ti padam nga tao?

    Posted by Carmelita E. Omli | May 21, 2013, 2:05 am
  14. @Ikkis…..you can visit my website: www-save-lives-and-save-dignity.org anusam nga basaen ta bareng maallukoy ko ta riknam. you can also visit” http://www.omlisolutions.com ta makitam ti qualaifications ko ta di nak ket matmata-en. Bagam no mayat wenno saan ta revise ko with your help. Tita kunam pay kaniak, saka ibaga nga “remain silent” kada agtumar ti diatabs? Am-ammo kan sa uray no adim ibaga ta naga mo. Dayta panangawag mo ti Tita kaniak, ammokan….

    Posted by comli2013 | May 21, 2013, 2:19 am
  15. Magustuak man daytoy post mo @River Cross. Naemma nga panagsao saan nga kasla kadagita narasao ti dila la nga kasla kenni AMIPOL? What you said is a “fact”. I m trying to stay away from those kind of people; somehow there is always one following me? I don’t understand. Sysop, dila mabalin nga “salakiem” dagidiay aso nga surot nga surot kaniak, please?

    Posted by comli2013 | May 20, 2013, 6:37 pm

    Apay Omli pangiramramanam kaniak? Niya dakes nga pinatang ko ta apay napalalo la ti guram kaniakon? Damdamagek lang no agkandidato ka no 2016 dakes laengen? Ken haan ka nga sursuroten a!

    Posted by amipol | May 21, 2013, 3:23 am
  16. @AMIPOL…..basaem tay immuna nga comment mo. pinasarunnuam pay laeng ti saan nga nasayaat….ap-apera kunam pay laeng? ita sungbatanka, ap-apaenka ngarud? Nia kay ket nga tattaon. kyat yo agkidemak lattan ura no saan nga nasayaat ta pang ngiw-ngiwatyo? Respetarennak met a nga kasla panagrespetar ko kaniayo amin

    Posted by comli2013 | May 21, 2013, 4:54 am
  17. wen met dakayo ai sitayo gayam,respetaren tayo met ni madam umlek ai este mam omli ta pada met a tao nga adda rikna na. Apo onayen ta oray ka met la nga agtamtmbling nak pay ti illek kon,oray ngata ni admin sysop ken ikakatawa na pay met ngata dagitoy a mababasa nan.

    Posted by AGKOKOTEL | May 21, 2013, 5:31 am
  18. Apay metten nga kakaasi met la ti panangtirtiradakayo ken manang carmelitan? Awan met ti mabasak nga madi nga isursuratna, kakabsat. Medyo naive lang suna no kasano ti panagtaray ti politika ti pilipinas aglalo ditoy Abra. Manang mely, no adda man planom nga sumrek ti nabangsit nga politika ditoy Abra, lipatemon, kabsat. Saysayang la ta bannog ken kuartam. Deta la ti maysaritak . . . mamatika kanyak.

    Posted by candido palpallatok ti bigbigat | May 21, 2013, 5:42 am
    • Anya ket datoy Allen Bayle aya nga nalaing agtotop ti Babai .

      Posted by Andong Guzman | May 21, 2013, 6:03 am
    • Magustoak man ta tiradam palpallatok, napulido ken kasla adda panangisakit na ngem no alaem ti ababa a sarita, maabak ni Omli no agkandidato! Ngem no ituloy na ti agkandidato, baka supalpalek! Ipadisqualify ko ni abogada. idarom ko ti illegal possession!

      Posted by amipol | May 21, 2013, 6:06 am
      • Thanks, amipol . . . kas pagaammotayo ditoy Abra ket no awan ti turedmo ti linoloko nga aramid dika agballigi ti politika. Kuarta ti magna. Paltog ti agtaray. Ken kinasuitik ti agtarokoy, kakabsat. Apay nga agballigi daguiti luna, valera, ken bernos? Sinungbatakon. No addaanka kadaguitoy nga galad, manang mely, ala tumapogka ti nalibeg nga politikatayo ditoy Abra.

        Posted by candido palpallatoc at dawn | May 21, 2013, 8:51 am
        • Mangabak, amipol, ni manang mely no patas laban . . . I mean awan binnuteng, kinnuarta, ken pinnatay. Nia koma met ti paycompararan daguita agdama nga politiko ditoy Abra no brain ken pagsayaatan ti Abra ken Mrs. Omli? Awan a.

          Posted by candido palpallatoc at dawn | May 21, 2013, 1:40 pm
  19. ay alla ta ditoy met abrenian.com pagiinareman yon.jajaja apo onay kan madan omli may asim pa si mommy. Siripek man t facebook mo mam ta sanak to agsobli nga omay agkomentar manen.jajaja

    Posted by AGKOKOTEL | May 21, 2013, 8:31 am
  20. Neysus, inunaanak met ni chinese sanglay communityn, yos. he he he.

    Posted by candido palpallatoc at dawn | May 21, 2013, 8:55 am
  21. isao yo latta ti kayatyo ket awan mabalinko ta diak met ammo no sinno kayo. Nia serbi na nga sungbatankayo? Sikayo ah koma ti el-ellekak ta kasla la lunatic ta kapanunutanyo. Idatagyo no sinno kayo ta kitaek no pudno kayo.
    Awan ti panagbaliw ti Abra no barking kay la nga barking nga awan met miabuga ta barking yo. Ag-komkomentryo kay lattan ah ta tarkok kay met nga mangidatag ti husto nga kinatao yo? Anusak ti panaglais yo kaniak ah ta kayat ko laeng met nga maadal ti klase ti politico tayo diay Abra. Ket yamanek ti kina ngaw-ngaw yo ta adu ti nasursurok kaniayo…. Kaasi pay ti Abra ta awan met gayam ti disiplina ken prinsipiyo yo. Ammoyon no sinno kayo.

    @Palpallatoc, at least ket adda makitak nga respetar mo kaniak. agyamanak. uray sika IKKIS, agyamanak ti bassit nga confianzam kaniak. Have you visited my website yet?

    Sika AMIPOL awan ti pag-asamon nga sumayaat. Satanas ti kapanunutam kaniak…..padam dagidiay barking dogs didiay facebook nga kakadduam. An-analysek ta panagsaom ket ammokan. Adu pay la tiempom nga agbaliw….refer to RIVER CROSS 2nd postings. Sapay koma ta ma=amammo ka didiay Las Vegas no Inniliw ta siak met ti mangkilatis kaniam.

    Posted by Carmelita E. Omli | May 21, 2013, 11:50 am
    • Manang, I practice the golden rule. Naangawak laeng ta su ngata nakayyanakak wenno upbringing kunak man laengen ta uminglesak met bassit. he he he.

      Posted by candido palpallatoc at dawn | May 21, 2013, 1:52 pm
    • Tor Pe do da dagita mrs. Omli no siak ti Sika am Amom met la dagita kariririm

      Posted by Andong Guzman | May 22, 2013, 3:30 pm
      • @Andong Guzman…thank you. ammok ah… those are the ‘friends” nga naragsak nga mangguyod ti sakam no makita da nga pagsayaatan ti ibagbagam. Madi da ammo ti agapresiyar. Baya-amon ta awan serserbi na nga
        makidangdanggayak ditoy ta nauuyong da dagiti kaadduan. Agbasa-ak laengen. Thank you manen..

        Posted by comli2013 | May 23, 2013, 7:47 pm
  22. @Palpallatoc…how is Abreco? How is the GM?

    Posted by comli2013 | May 21, 2013, 4:25 pm
    • I have no idea, manang. Adayo ngamin barriomi a mokog su diak makapkapan unay diay kabisera. But, rest assured, Mr. Seares is still the GM. Ngem agkudrekudrep silawmi di kalman. Kunak no agawan manen power. Gayam maponpondir met 15-watt nga bombilyamin nga ginatangko diay jowins. Kunak no tangken (street lingo for long life ti kayatna sawen ti tangken, manang) detoy bombilya nga nagatangko . . saan gayam. jejeje. Anyway, re your desire to dive into the muddy politics of Abra, it is your personal decision. Ngem ne nasimientoka a kunam, baka pumariska ti deydi fernando ang panday poe — naatake piman ta swinitkda. Maryakosep, agkolisadsad ni chinese sanglay community a dina orasen no maypariska . . hehehehe

      Posted by candido palpallatok ti bigbigat | May 21, 2013, 8:49 pm
  23. Manang Mely, nasayaat met no tumapog ka ti politico ti Abra ta adda pangpadasan (lithmus paper) no annia aya ti adda a karirikna ti Abrenio, tay kunadan alternative a candidate nga saan a Trapo wenno Bimpo. Dita a makita no talaga a pudno a kasapulan ni Abrenio ti baro a lider a nakasagana nga mangisakripisyo ti siyaat ti estado ti biag na a agserbi kadaguiti umili ti Abra a mauwaw unay ti panagbalbaliw. Kas makitam met awan pulos ti panagbabaliw na ti adda a kasasaad ti tao ditoy Abra
    wenno Abra along in particular. Ket sapay kuma ni sika ti mapagasatan ket saan mo nga irarem ti adda a kasasaad ti Abra.
    Kas maudi maysa ka nga tumanor nga linya ni Gabriela Silang no maramid mo daytoy. Good Luck in 2016, see u in Abra.

    Posted by Bodong | May 21, 2013, 6:40 pm
  24. @Bodong…makallua-ak pay ta panagsaom. Nasintemiento-ak nga tao no pagguep kadagidiay less fortunate ti pagsasao-an ken dagidiay maidadanes. Peace and Development for Abra is what my heart is beating for! Believe it or not, diak pay makaturturog nga agpampanunot no kasanu ti aramidek nga maktulong ti probinsya tayo. Ammok nga kakaasi ti situation ti pangbiag yo amin dita Abra. Kanayon ko nga ikarkararag ken Apo nga 20-years laeng ti ited na pay nga salun-at ko ta adu payleng ti makasapul ti tulong ko kunak. I registered my NGO: SAVE LIVES AND SAVE DIGNITY with SEC hoping that through it maipapasko ti itutulong ko ti Abra. Please refer to my website: http://www.save-lives-and-save-dignity.org Al-alimunek ti pangmatmata dagitoy dadduma nga kakaddua tayo ditoy but I hope and pray I can touch their hearts no makita danto ti magappuanak. I will update you guys of my activities para ti ABRA tapno makita yo met laeng ti abilidad ko nga manangyo. Of course, with all your help and support we can all make a difference for our beloved province. We do not need our politicians….we can do it ourselves!
    Dayta kunam nga awan ti panagbalbaliw it Abra uray sinno ti mangituturay….daytoy la ti masaok. I had been observing and eyeing all the administrations, past and present. My observation is there is no “managearial experience” or “leadership experiences” da. Kasla ta kunam 3G’s ti nagar-ari ket no siak la nga maysa dagita ket mabalin nga sukatan ti 3G’ met laeng nga GOODNESS, GOODWILL GOODWORKS.

    I love this quote from Mohandas Ghandi: “When I despair. I remember that all through history the way of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall. Think of it–always”.

    Sapay koma ta naikkan kayo ti bassit nga namnama for a NEW ABRA!!! GOD BLESS and you guys take care always bareng madanun tay pay ti 2016 (:

    Posted by Carmelita E. Omli | May 21, 2013, 7:57 pm
  25. Sir awan baro a damag diay probincya tayo?

    Posted by citizen | May 22, 2013, 12:09 am
  26. Ne, talaga nga ipapati ni gyem chinese sanglay communtyn, yors . . . Kas expression daguiti taga-bangued . . . exitakon, rigat nga karebal ti chinese ta adu kualtada . . . Good luck, gyem . . sapay koma ta denggen ni manang mely deta ar-ararawmo. No modelation coz yol ploposal to manang mely is as sweet like honey. hehehe

    Posted by candido palapallatoc ti begbegat | May 23, 2013, 4:34 pm
  27. Loko kayo!

    Posted by comli2013 | May 25, 2013, 5:08 am
  28. Mnang mely, talaga nga serioso ni community chinese nga agrayo kenkan! Damdamagenna no baloka? Baloka kadi? Ney, will you mellyme kunana payen. Maryakosep!

    Posted by candido morning star | May 25, 2013, 8:53 am
  29. congrats doc ramon dickson, you are the man. kasta koma amin nga nangabak nga pulitiko, agsubli da nga umay agyaman ti tattao, han da la nga ipakita ti tarpaulin ta panagyaman da, sika pay lng doc…god bless…. sapay koma ta sika ti makapudno ti abra

    Posted by sukir nga umuli | May 25, 2013, 10:18 pm
  30. @ ringnoster aka Freddie boy how are you?

    Posted by Init Bringas | May 28, 2013, 7:59 pm
  31. Two newly re-elected mayors from Lapaz and Tayum fielding an entry “JayBong” in Araneta World Slasher Derby were in attendance last night. This is where our IRA goes and working for us.

    Great job mayors!

    Posted by Sabongero Ako | May 29, 2013, 4:17 pm

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