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Abra pols trade barbs at peace dialogue


A HEAVILY armed police officer stands guard at the house of an Abra political candidate in January, when political families volunteered to surrender or to have police muzzle their licensed weapons to prevent violence during the midterm election campaign. RICHARD BALONGLONG/INQUIRER NORTHERN LUZON

A HEAVILY armed police officer stands guard at the house of an Abra political candidate in January, when political families volunteered to surrender or to have police muzzle their licensed weapons to prevent violence during the midterm election campaign. RICHARD BALONGLONG/INQUIRER NORTHERN LUZON

By Desiree Caluza
Inquirer Northern Luzon

BANGUED, Abra—Representatives of Abra’s political families exchanged heated words on Wednesday in a government-monitored dialogue to address alleged violations of an election peace covenant.

One of the possible violations is a campaign jingle, written in Ilocano, that had offended an incumbent Abra official.

Cordillera police officials and representatives of the Diocese of Bangued oversaw the dialogue among the families of Gov. Eustaquio Bersamin; Rep. Joy Valera-Bernos and her father, Bangued mayoral candidate Dominic Valera; and the families represented by former Abra representative and gubernatorial candidate Cecilia Luna, former Bucloc mayor and vice gubernatorial candidate Mailed Molina and Luna’s sons, congressional candidate Hans Luna and incumbent Bangued Mayor Ryan Luna.

The families were asked to confront their concerns about the local campaign in a “conflict and mediation diffusion” session before lingering anger escalated into full-blown conflict during the elections, said Chief Supt. Benjamin Magalong, Cordillera police director.

They discussed cases of vote buying and intimidation during the campaign, and traded barbs about their leadership skills. The families ended their quarrel by renewing their commitment to keep the elections peaceful on May 13.

Abra has become notorious for violence and politically motivated attacks during election season.

“Everybody was expecting an agreement but [conflicts] could not be resolved in one sitting. You could see that these politicians have so much animosity from way back but they share the same goal for a peaceful Abra. They all did not want a violent election,” Magalong said.

But mediators had to first endure heated exchanges between the families, particularly after the Bersamins questioned the propriety of a Luna campaign jingle that had offended them.

Sang to the tune of novelty song, “Totoy Bibo,” a stanza of the jingle was sung this way: “Idi ubing ka pay/Sinuruan na kan lolom agtakaw…. naglaing, naglaing ka agtakaw (When you were young/You were taught by your grandfather how to steal… now, you’re so good at stealing).”

The jingle does not mention names but Bersamin said it violates a provision in the covenant, which says that the candidates agreed not to hurl personal attacks at one another.

Magalong said his office had consulted the Commission on Elections about the jingle to determine if the Luna family had violated the election law.

The Luna family said the jingle’s lyrics referred to all “corrupt politicians.”

Bersamin also reacted to a statement made by Hans Luna on the governor’s brother, the late Abra Rep. Luis Bersamin Jr., who was murdered in front of a Quezon City church in December 2006.

“Perhaps that’s what he sowed. We have this saying in the Bible: He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword,” Luna said.

Bersamin said: “We are relatives but because of politics we behave this way. It hurts me that there is so much animosity in the family.”

“We need this mediation [session] because politicians here need to communicate [and its absence has led to] too much violence during the elections. I was a victim of ambush before but I never retaliated,” said Mayor Luna.

Magalong said the families agreed to talk to their supporters and instructed them not to resort to violence, threats and intimidation.

“If Abra is not listed as a hot spot this year, it’s going to be a victory for the province,” he said.
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42 thoughts on “Abra pols trade barbs at peace dialogue

  1. handa palaket agpipinnatay nga aglalaban t politika nu j mabyag isu t agtogaw..puros ulbod tomet lng amin patpatangen da dgita agindadalus aglalo dgta luna.huh!

    Posted by palpallatok | April 6, 2013, 1:16 am
    • Damdama a ket ni mailed Molina man ti natayen wenno naambusen… Nagalas nga tabas ti pamilya dagitoy luna

      Posted by baglangencassitnitatanghannainsalsal | April 6, 2013, 1:57 am
    • Ti la pagpatangan , uray Anya aramidem maidaramidom kayo nga agin buabuakaw a politico ditoy abra. Let’s wait that Dominic Valera will give way to his nephew Ryan and then Hans Luna will also give way to his cousin Joy …. And that will be the end of killings and bye bye Takit we won’t see you anymore. No more Bersamin’s in the political arena of abra . No more vote buying and the Valera clan instituted by kabalyo will soon be gone, at least we see Cecil ” Luna. Th governor , joy as congresswoman and Ryan the mayor Then nalpasen ti riri ti politica ti abra. I hope and pray that this will be the end of Takiiiii puruggganansia Bulsaamin mangit!!!

      Posted by Cqb | April 6, 2013, 1:58 am

    Posted by maeurmaeur | April 6, 2013, 9:02 am
  3. Amin nga masiitan jay jingle ti luna… GUILTY! Hahahaha…

    Posted by SistEraKaSbEkiAkeTcH | April 6, 2013, 9:51 am
  4. Lahat ng mga pikon TALO… hihihihi….

    Posted by SistEraKaSbEkiAkeTcH | April 6, 2013, 9:52 am
  5. Ti uleg ti nangilunod t perfecto nga kinatao. Pinagbalin nga corrupt ti dati nga kina- incorruptible ti tao. Ti uleg t provincia ita uy-yawnen na ni bannias ket naynay nga kunkunana ‘ oy bannias, nagatiidag ta iposmo’ . Saan na nga ammo nga ti ulo na laeng ti saan nga parte ti iposna. Sinnot uleg, sinno t banias?

    Posted by Kabawsan | April 6, 2013, 5:00 pm
  6. bareng apo no awan ton ti James Bragas nga matayen, Atty Demetrio Pre. Dagitoy ket napapatay da.

    Posted by Gayyem | April 6, 2013, 8:20 pm
  7. Puro patang daguitoy Luna. Madi da met maibtoran ti agpapatay. Kitam diay bangir, madi da nga kotak nga kotak ngem maibtoranda. Bang kunana dita

    Posted by Gayyem | April 6, 2013, 8:22 pm
  8. no mangabak ni takeit, THRILLION to ti gatad ti utang ti probinsyan, bassit laeng pay ti kurang na nga BILLION itan ti utang ti ABRA. uray to pay tay apo ti apo mon taluna ket naiyutang ni takeiten. awan to latta ti asenso ti abra no ni takeit ti mangabak aglalo no mangabak met ni kaanakan na nga chari bulsaamin, ay ket talaga nga maibulsaamin danto amin nga pundo ti probinsya ket diay utangen pay ni takeit..

    Posted by puyat | April 6, 2013, 11:30 pm
  9. Before 2007 ket ordinaryo laeng met nga tao daguita Luna, apay ngata nga nakabakbaknang da met itan. Diak masolve tay puzzle, tulungan dak man gagayyem……..nakali da ngata tay yamashita treasure? Ngem kuna ni Marcos nakali na met kano idin.

    Posted by Dilemna | April 7, 2013, 6:57 am
  10. Aramid pakakitaan….awan t agsangit sangit ket kbabain simple a gapo…

    Posted by django | April 7, 2013, 11:33 am
  11. moderated if comment is against
    l u n a?

    bye abrenian.com
    someone is right, change this site to l u n a f a n s . c o m

    Posted by Ismael | April 7, 2013, 12:30 pm
  12. grabe tlaga di u alam un nangyayari the great pretender tlga…kunada aan da agiwaras ti kuarta ktaen u bssit apo ket naulbod kau unay valera-bernos at bersamin…

    Posted by KILLER | April 7, 2013, 5:06 pm
  13. awan ti nalimpyo n politician apo….xmpre adda latta maala da pero c takeit bulsaamin ket na i loan n ti probinsya tau na abra…kaasi lng ti taga abra kng ganyan lagi ang gngawa ni take it bulsaamin……huhuhu….

    Posted by KILLER | April 7, 2013, 5:09 pm
  14. Umuna unay, dayta Conflict Mediation and Diffusion nga napasamak idi jay Pastoral ket kasla met haan nga naka set ti standards na! Awan ti serbi ti rules! Awan pay ti mang advice kanyada nu niya kuma ti possible nga solusyon. Nagpipinadamag da lang met ti impormasyonen. I suggest you give them a sociologist, psychologist even a psychiatrist!
    > Ibaga da nga daytoy ket mangresolva ti adu nga issues because of the presence of Communication. Yes, it may be true in some circumstances but it is not always the case.
    Perhaps the following could significantly improve your program.

    >Strict Time limits, it will procure time efficiency.
    >It should be publicized, perhaps in Plaza of Bangued. Also, candidates will be more succeptible to tell the truth.
    >You need to give advice, wheras a certain conflict is resolved.
    >Add your audience, let people exercise their freedom of speech.

    I have watched a video recording, but unfortunately it was incomplete. There was the part where Chari Bersamin walked out because she did not endure the statement said by Hans Luna; that her father Chito Bersamin was involved in a drug sindicate in Baguio. The side of Lunas were calm, and as I observed the other side of the table were irritable, atleast some. Takit’s reaction to the jingle is not to be expected, since, why would you complain if you are clean? He is angry, (my evidence was that he drank his water like a sweet delicious juice, in a swift manner. Then He asked for another one.[he requested it from Joy Bernos]). As Hans delivers a statement, Takit interrupted(angrily[during the statement about Chito]), then Cecy Luna asked Takit to calm down.

    As I observed, the Lunas were paying more attention. The other side seemed to care less about what the speaker will say.

    It was not a success at all! What happened in summary was just information dissimilation, there were no solution to actual problems that was stated.

    Because of This I will vote Cecy and Hans (Undecided for mayor, I did not see the full video, to be judged.) But I am still open to change my decision, unlike OTHERS who are FIXED because of Cognitive Dissonance.

    My Credibility ~ I’m studying Psychology as my Pre law.

    Posted by Abbat Iddot | April 7, 2013, 6:36 pm
    • It doesn’t matter whoever wins because the connivance on corruption continue to exist. My only concern is, I would like to see the intense campaign of President Aquino in eradicating corruption will also be applied seriously or vigorously in our province. The different law enforcement agencies including COA should at least start by investigating the veracity of ghost employees’ tax identification numbers (TIN) employed by all Mayors and other government agencies like DENR. DPWH, etc. and see if they were deducting their “tax withheld”, health net, pag-ibig, GSIS, and other deductions. If they didn’t, what’s their verdict and even if they did, how could these ghost employees claim their respective benefits?
      There are so many questions that need to be addressed first but here we are again, electing government officials for more pain into our already wounded miserable life. COA and other government agencies concerned, the silent poor majority Abrenians are begging you again to please do your job honestly and courageously, for you are not only fooling us but more the President who trusted your honesty or dedication to serve above and beyond the call of your duty. Sapay koma ta marikna yo ti rigrigat ti panagbiag mi ken mananam yo ti imas ti kankananin yo nga nagtaud iti pannaki-gamulo yo ti CORRUPTION!

      Posted by Malaguena | April 8, 2013, 12:00 pm
    • There are rules in the dialogue. One rule is so simple as this, “Only candidates can express their sentiments”. Alas! a non-candidate lambasted the opposing candidate. Fingers flying and drool spraying, she did it with gusto. Out of respect for the non-self-respecting, she was not stopped hence, she was able to diffuse her emotions-good for her.

      If you put strict time limits, all issues could not be fully expressed and pent up emotions could not be fully diffused. Also, the freedom of speech you mentioned could be curtailed.

      If you publicize it/or add the public as audience, the more that the candidates will lie for the benefit of the listening public. The freedom of speech could be exercised by the public during the candidates’ miting de avance.

      Advice were given such as the joint conduct of campaign activities.

      Posted by JOMA | April 9, 2013, 7:42 pm
  15. The Lunas are out of their minds! Accusing a murdered and an honorable man in Chito Bersamin that he was involved in a drug syndicate in Baquio. He was also accused as a murderer. These are bigtime lies by the Lunas, a desperate statement…..lies, lies, lies, whatever it takes to win an election!

    Posted by Dilemna | April 7, 2013, 7:20 pm
  16. IRA and PDAF are mentioned as the source of money why these political clans are fighting for. I presume most abrenians are not aware of another source which the gov. behind bars kept it among himself and corrupt mayors, especially tobacco producing municipalities who received 85 percent of this, for 20 yrs. This is RA 7171 with an average of 5 billions pesos tobacco tax per year for virginia tobacco producing provinces .This is known as 7 awan 7 awan. The town of pilar received one of the biggest if not biggest with whooping 50 to 70 million pesos per yr.which made Somera capable of making a challenge for congressman position. This RA is his golden mine making him one of the richest man in Abra today from rugs 20 yrs ago. I have the opportunity to visit barangays in Pilar and found out that there are still many dirt roads. Good,
    gov. takit extended the provincial road from Poblacion Pilar to Dalit with governor’s share. Anyway, there is also representative share. And for the information of all, gov. Takit was able to concret Pidigan to pilar road in 3 yrs time which the doomed former hustler failed to construct in 20 yrs.( previously mentioned)

    No Ibatay tayo ti pudno a mapaspasamak ita ti Abra, ti para governador, ni payla Takit gapu kadagitoy nga rason: talna ti kayatna nga agari ti Abra, napaneknekan tayon daytoy; adu a naaramidan nga infra; defensive isuna saan nga agresibo, aramid nga maraem; idudur-as ti umili ti kangrunaan nga focus na ita, kalsada ken ilolong-aw dagiti kakaasi ti kabanbantayan.

    Ti para congressman,ni atty. Hans Luna. Rason, nupay agresibo, ubingpay nga mangbaliw ti pannakilangenna; awan pay nakairamanan na ngakagurgura tayo nga aramid, tay corruption.; ti congress, agaramid linteg, abogado ti kasapulan; kangrunaan, adu unayen ti Luna, agal-alinggagitak no malaglaguipko ti Pasamak diay Maguindanao. We are aware that power and money are the source of evils.

    Posted by Tagamasid | April 7, 2013, 10:45 pm
  17. dirty tactics latta met dagitoy luna…. kasla kalkalaingan nga agsasao…diay plasa nga saan sports dagidiay kalaban na… isuna met gayam ti saan nga sports….

    Posted by belo | April 9, 2013, 2:22 am
  18. no kayat yo dakayo amin nga mayat nga agpulitiko… tapno awan switik…awan kinuarta awan pinnatay etc. tambyolo laengen.. amin nga nagan ikabilyo diay tambiolo ta bunoyek ti mangabak… daytoy ket no mabonot nagan mo… sikan ti congresman, wenno gobernor, mayor etc… awan pay nakautangam ti naimbag nga nakem, awan pay gastos mo, awan pay switik na ken maamuan pay a dagus ti resulta na……

    Posted by goodgovernance | April 9, 2013, 2:30 am
  19. Nine’th poorest province???!!! Bwahahahaha? Nya ububraemon takit?

    Posted by Peñarubytiagarin! | April 10, 2013, 9:06 pm
  20. dawat ko lng maabak takit ken chari b.

    Posted by pop pop | April 11, 2013, 8:49 pm
  21. Mabulsek kuma apo! Ti mangibaga nga awan project nga naaramid ti luna!

    Posted by Joylibee | April 16, 2013, 10:53 am

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