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DOH continues to equip health facilities in Abra

By Maria Teresa B. Benas

BANGUED, Abra, Feb. 13 (PIA) — The Department of Health – Center for Health Development (DOH-CHD) has started delivering health equipment to the different hospitals in Abra including the newly constructed Abra Provincial Hospital (APH).

Agnes Pizarro-Casia, team leader of the Abra Field Office, said the DOH program of equipping all the health facilities in the province is already in progress especially those not covered by the Maternal and Child Health Care – Strengthening of Local Health Systems (MCHC-SLHS) project funded by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

The Hospital has over P50-million budget to procure ultrasound, CT Scan and X-Ray machines; operating tables and all other necessary tools and furnishings needed in the operating rooms, delivery rooms, intensive care units, and recovery rooms.

Another important equipment being provided are two units of generators for alternate use to ensure the sustainability of its operation and life support program especially in times of power shutdown.

Some of the equipments have been delivered last week.

Casia said the DOH also programmed the construction of new rural health units (RHUs) and expansion of existing RHUs. The newly constructed P1.5-million worth RHU building in Dolores was inaugurated last month while the the extension of the existing RHU building in Tayum is already finished with a total project cost is PP2.5 million.

Five RHUs are also implemented this year in the municipalities of Tubo with P2 million; Luba with P2.5 million; La Paz with P1.5 million; Lagayan with P1.5 million; and Licuan-Baay with P2.5 million.

The RHU in the municipality of San Juan is also given equipment.

Likewise, the district hospitals of Bucay and Dolores are also provided with funding from the DOH-CHD for their extension, repair, and rehabilitation with a total project cost of P1.4 million and P1 million each, respectively. (JDP/MTBB-PIA CAR, Abra)



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29 thoughts on “DOH continues to equip health facilities in Abra

  1. Please include other not mentioned municipalities of this foreign-aid assistance regardless of political affiliation of their residents/constituents. This is a blatant disrespect of the intent and purposes of the donating country whose only purpose is to help the general under-privileged public not to satisfy any public servant In-charge or politician’s personal interest.
    Be fair……

    Posted by hadji bodo | February 14, 2013, 1:00 pm
  2. How can you equip a hospital that’s not even operational? what a waste!

    Posted by Chuck | February 14, 2013, 5:49 pm
    • if the news is true then abrenians shld be thankful to takit and ruby. at last it would be relatives of ruby frm penerubia to be benefitted first. lets not pray for it.

      Posted by eric shawn | February 15, 2013, 3:27 am
  3. naglalaing dan a naggatangen…..ket buloken da manen ah dagitan wenno idolin da manen ta para kenyada man laengen a fooliticsen…..kasatno nga usaren da dagita idjay kunkunada nga baro na ospital ket di pay ammo nu maloktan or agbalin nga operasional….dios mio…..suktan yu pay kuma dagiti tattao dta dati nga APH……nagado ti tattao dita a paspasweldowan yo ngem awan met iti tao nu dakami a nakukurapay iti maitaray…..pweh!…….nu iti rabii nga adda imirginsi, awan ni doktor ta naulaw iti arak…wenno napan naki-date jay kabit na nga nars….or wenno nagawid…….dayta kadi iti baybayadan mi manipud iti tax mi nga nagdarakkelan?….kuna garud daytoy a website – SIMPLE LAENG LAKAY

    Posted by qif | February 15, 2013, 1:15 pm
  4. dakay ketdi no adda aramiden da Dakes da, no Awan aramiden da Dakes da latta! hayyyyy! taga Abra saan kayo nga mapunpuntaan!

    Posted by CCitizen | February 15, 2013, 6:55 pm
    • What has take it done my friend regarding these projects. He was not the author of the proposals, it is the health officials of the province and municipalities who made it in their plans. So ruby is not included here nor takit. These were made by the health officials in their development plans. So I don’t see why takit should be cred8ted for these. Mind you there are several projects downloaded to the province which were given last year that are not yet implemented because of the deliberate delaying tactics of takit and his team which as I heard over the radio texted by one prominent health official in bangued in one block time progream of hot fm. I believe this health official because as he texted he is an end user and therefore he knows the details

      Posted by mario bang | February 17, 2013, 12:04 am
  5. Negativo nga panunot ti laped ti balligi. Kasla kastoy ti makitak nga mentalidad ti kaaduan nga abrenians. Napia pay ni Supt. magalong ken dadduma nga law-enforcers ta makitada ti kinasencero ni gov. nga agar -aramid tipagimbagan ti Abra. Agtitinnulong tayo koma ketdi iti mabalin nga isuporta ti pagimbagan ti provincia, saan ket nga puro panangpadas nga mangdadael ti napintas aramid ti dadduma nga ditay met ngarud kabaelan nga aramiden.

    Imagine, we even attack the good image of the good PNP supt .who is working hard for peace in Abra. Saan tayo nga makagin awa nga simmardeng ti patay ti Abra. Awan personal nga maalak ken gov. Takit ngem panagkitak, isu laeng ti pudpudno nga mangilablaban ti kinatalna ti Abra kagita nangangato nga agtuturay. Sapay koma ta danggayanto met ni atty. Hanz ta Isu ket dara ti pudno nga taga Abra, Tingguian n Ilocano. MY BEST WISHES CONGRESSMAN ! May God guide u and bless Abra thru your leadership.

    Posted by Tagamasid | February 16, 2013, 4:49 am
  6. Some of our Abra politicians are really weird. They don’t care anymore if that fund/assistance donated/given out of good heart will be equally benefiting or not all municipalities as long as they could take care for themselves first. I am not implying corruption here but how come that the new hospital got the biggest slice of the cake when it was rumored that it was already loaned for 700 million? Why, was it not enough?
    At any rate, I want an audit report by private auditing team to be supervised by our NGO of the total actual expenses incurred from that rumored loan plus the above-mentioned Japanese assistance-fund for the sake of accountability and transparency as what the National government widely bragging about.

    Posted by apo iban | February 16, 2013, 4:26 pm
  7. its easy to say those words but i know deep within you is doubt…right?…..lets see how will this project of your friend Gov works out…and how long will it last?…and if you will try to visit the hospital and try to be treated (not using your fame)….lets see how will you react….its easy for you guys to tell its good to have seen some projects but you dont know how they work internally…you only see the physical aspect of those……maysa nak nga membro iti health-team dita APH idi tiempo, ammok nu kasatno da agtarimaan iti pasyente…ammok nu kstano iti palakasan dita in terms of medicines…gamitan lang ang ginagawa nila sa loob…now i will ask you – AMMO NI GOB ITI MAPASPASAMAK nga kasta?….anya iti inna inubra?….nagado iti natay dita ospitalen, ngem ammo da ngata dagiti fouls?….well, see and observe…/…be in the patient’s shoe so you will appreciate what is to be appreciated that you guys are talking about…goodluck!….bangon abra!….god bless.

    Posted by qif | February 16, 2013, 10:00 pm
  8. Takit has nothing to do with this so it is not right for anybody to thank him or his arrogant wife for the benefits doh have given. It is not his project nor was it given by doh because of his intercession. The truth of the matter is that the equipments given to the hospital was given because doh saw the dire situation of the hospital. The construction of the rhus given by jica or doh is certainly not because of takit. The proposals were submitted to doh by the concerned municipalities. In other words he has no hand in all of these projects given by doh. Thank doh and jica for they see the plight of the people. Then thank your health officials in the municipalities for they are the ones who proposed these projects. So why thank takit or even his wife? Since eustaquio bersamin took over as governor we have seen the decline od the health care system of the provincial hospital. This is because of the meddling of his wife madam X who acts as if she were a doctor. If jun seares has abreco to corrupt, ruby has the aph as her milking cow. So you see everything is lacking pati gasa kulang, si dr gaza na lang natira hehehe.

    Posted by mario bang | February 16, 2013, 11:43 pm
    • its been a long time that i heard dat joke when takit became a governor.

      Posted by eric shawn | February 16, 2013, 11:50 pm
    • Mario: So those health officials of the different excluded municipalities did not submit their proposal for lack of information or management supervision from their superiors not because of political intervention? Assuming that none of the above, how come that the DOH only funded those who submitted their proposals without regards to impartiality or the general objective of JICA? Do you think JICA is happy with this if they will find out that only few municipalities were benefited because not all Abrenians were victims of WW-2 atrocities?
      Let me add that all national projects were coordinated to the provincial government as “Standing Operating Procedure” (SOP) or show of respect for their consent/comment which is inconceivable if this JICA funding thru the DOH did not reach the attention of the governor. The alleged meddling of his wife is between them for we don’t know if she is duly authorized/appointed as chief of his Staff or not and maybe one of her duties is inspecting or trouble-shooting those affecting the provincial government interests. We don’t really know, so it’s really hard to just accuse anybody without tangible or DNA (he..he..) proof. I also heard that she is indeed a medical graduate but I am not sure if she is licensed to practice or not in the Philippines.
      Those observations brought up by QIF need priority action IMMEDIATELY. Our NGO should coordinate with the FBI-Health Division or something for immediate covert operation before the victims of this Japanese funding will increase at very alarming rate. Gee, if this is true, please forgive the souls of those who are guilty and responsible for this horrible atrocious hospital management.

      Posted by apo iban | February 17, 2013, 2:29 pm
      • local autonomy is in effect. project proposal like rhu rehabilitation can be given directly to lgu concern. ang masama e kung ipadaan sa kapitolyo marame boy abang dun at may madam x pa raw.

        Posted by eric shawn | February 17, 2013, 4:51 pm
      • Apo iban not all doh projects are from jica. Others come from hfep of doh.jica is funding those municipalities with inter local health zones. Every municipality submit their proposals to doh, but every proposal is studied by technical people of doh for their feasibility. Not all proposals are approved.you said that as a respect or courtesy to the governor, all projects are shown tto him does not mean that he should be credited for these projects.
        Ruby is not a graduate of medicine as you say. She only reached second year med proper. She has no position or designation at the provincial govt. But she meddles in everything.

        Posted by mario bang | February 18, 2013, 10:04 pm
        • So how many more municipalities that doesn’t have RHUs because of the absence or infeasibility of their proposals? Could you tell us if what driven the ineptitude or ineptness on the part of whoever is concerned and who/what are these municipalities, anyway?
          With regards to Madam X, could she not be hired as employee regardless of her citizenship status without violating any other existing PH government laws like nepotism? Do we have laws allowing provincial first lady to conduct social and ceremonial public gatherings or to observe or meddle in any provincial affairs in the capacity of a regular citizen?
          I really appreciate your patience and unselfishness Mario for you are not only helping the constituents with your invaluable inputs but more the Abrenians scattered all over the world that are also interested or dying to know what’s going on in our beloved province. Thank you.

          Posted by apo iban | February 19, 2013, 11:11 am
  9. Ney, apay ket met nga nagadu nga sasainneken aya apo nga mangngeg maipanggep ken ni Gobernadora! Maikkan koma met bassit a ti credit na ta nupay saan nga isu ti naka-posisyon, ket isu ti matalged ni Gobernador nga katitinnunaynay na.

    Posted by Cirilo Rustia | February 18, 2013, 10:43 pm
  10. Apo iban.thank you for your kind words.
    Almost all municipalities in the province have projects from doh either last year or this year. There are new constructions of new rhus which are to be implemented by dpwh this year. Renovations of some rhus were already bided at doh baguio last feb 18 and works will begin in the six municipalities. These are bangued, malibcong, pidigan, villaviciosa, manabo and bukay rhus. Funding of these proj3cts came from doh hfep. The other projects will be up for bids at dpwh. That is one of my concern. Why dpwh? I fear that the face of joy bernos will be posted again in these projects. She has nothing to do with these projects. But knowing the family they will again claim these to be theirs like the roads or may I say the bad roads in abra where the face of joy bernos is all over the place. Epal is the word for that.
    The problem of our health cars system in abra is realy not the absence of facilities like rhus but the lack of medical practitioners especially in the rhus. There are no takers but sometimes even if there are takers, some mayors would not hire doctors because the salary of the doctor is higher than the mayor. Some mayors opt not to hire to use the salary intended for the doctor to pay for their casuals.
    Gov takit could hire his wife as liason in a co-terminus basis. Personally I would not mind madam X’s meddling with the affairs of the province if it were for the good and not the other way around. That is specially with her meddling with the hospital. Because of her meddling, the hospital devlined ti its present state. She could have emulated the example of then gobernadora ma zita claustro valera. There are no laws prohibiting the wife of the governor from doing social works but that does not include meddling with funds of the province. I don’t see anything wrong if she observes and advises the governor but she should stay out from making decisions because she has no personality to do so. It is her husband who shuld decide and to dictate people under him and not ruby who dictates.

    Posted by mario bang | February 20, 2013, 10:55 pm
    • haan la nga funds ti provincial government ti bibingan ni madam x. pati pannakaipromote ti empleyado, wenno panaghire ti empleyado ket isu pay ti dapat nga matuloy ti decision na. ti sungbat ni gov takit no adda mapan mangfollow up tay appointment da ket: ” damagen yo ken ni ruby” wenno : “ania ti kuna ni ruby ti daytoy”… see??? kasta kaawan desisyon ni gov takit…agdepender amin ken madam x

      Posted by ronald | February 22, 2013, 5:03 pm
  11. Let me add that 11 rhu laboratories were scheduled to have been repaired or renovated last year but for reason we don’t know is why the these are up to now not implemented. Funds from doh were downloaded to the province in the amount of 200,000 pesos each facility.as I heard in one block time program in hot fm, the municipal health officer of bangued , if my memory serves me right is dr madriaga complained as to why these funds are not released to them by the provincial government. A pre-bid congerence was held on feb 12 at the provincial capitol for these projects and as I heard the bids will be opened on march 4. For transparencies sake this is alright but to my mind something is wrong with the process. We are to know that the 200,000 alloted for each facility is for materials only and no laabor iss included in that. Now my question is why bid the project to contractors when there is no labor included in the fund? Why not a canvass not a bidding should have been done to suppliers in the locality? What about those who upon hearing about the funds to have ben downloaded to the province implemented the project, just like the case of bucay rhu.? Is this not again fraudulent? Or are they at the provinvial capitol only after the bac fee.? I heard that the bids and awards committee will deduct 7,500 from each project. That to my mind is another way of stealing from the cofers of the government. I know it is standard operating procedure that the bac team gets some remuneration for bids conducted but to my mind why set these for bidding if what we need is a simple canvas? Even little things are not kept away from our corrupt officials. Pati barya pinapatulan na.
    I know that if. I argue about the new hospital now is a little bit futile. My stand before that new hospital was conceptualized was not a new hospital but for the renovation of the old hospital. This is because of several reasons. First, in the rationalization plan, the provincial hospital should be accesible. Meaning it should be near the town proper that if you ride in a tricycle you pay the minimum fare. Second, we will not need to loan to build new buildings. Third, what we need are equipments not a new building. And lastly what we need are medicines to be given to our constituents. But that I know is impossible now. They have loaned and built the new hospital but up to now is not being used. The paint is already fading but still unused.
    My only hope is for the people of abra is to wake up from their slumber and chose people who will serve them right. Is that not what we all dream of?

    Posted by mario bang | February 21, 2013, 1:57 am
  12. Do we have minority bloc in the Sangguniang Panlalawigan to tackle these issues or are they all members in the majority or ruling party? Then our NGOs should do something about it and if still nothing happens, elevate it to higher level or proper authorities in the national level. And I think DOJ or COA have website that we can report any fraud, anomalies, or abuses without divulging our real identity. Just type in the proper space whatever you know, and that’s it.
    Thank you Mario for your relentless effort in bringing us these important issues that we never have had the chance to know. This contribution of yours although looks simple, it promises a great impact to the progress of our province and keep enlightening us for I am sure if not you, someone hiding out there, fully awake from his deep slumber, and driven by his unconditional care and concern for the poor helpless Abrenians is willing to help us.

    Posted by mamarinta | February 21, 2013, 11:49 am
    • Mamarinta on. Thank you for your comment. It has always been my mission to pry into things that are anomalous. I know there are people willing to help in this endeavor. All we want is for abra to get out of the 20 poorest province in the philippines. If we just select our leaders well and not sell our votes, I know we could do this.

      Posted by mario bang | February 21, 2013, 10:35 pm
      • Hang on in there my friend! By 2016 Election I could sense that the true leaders in the person of Rimat, Madam C, and Pedro will emerge and bite the bullet if our Comelec and the different law enforcement agencies headed by the Police will be firmed or steadfast on their committment in maintaining peace and order situation in the entire province particularly the fulfillment of their promises for a clean and peaceful election. If everything sails smoothly as envisioned, if cowardliness and insufficient financial resources or political machinery would not not be their final excuses, and if they could take all the risks including the impossibility of defeat, there’s no doubt in my mind that overwhelming support will flood on the mind and heart of every electorate. But there’s just one and only one stumbling block for its success or offers hard resistance if Hans Luna will be elected and be able to eradicate corruption and senseless killings in the entire province during and before his term expires. If this happens, he will become the real lord of all lords in the arena of politics where even the all unborn yet child and all the dead from the graves will bow down for his extraordinary courage and his impeccable dedication to transparency and good governance. But if he fails, there’s a big big great divine hope for Rimat and others as our only remaining chance for total peace and sustainable economic growth where all abrenians will finally salivate for the first time.

        Posted by mamarinta | February 22, 2013, 2:59 pm
        • Mamarinta, it is neithe the comelec nor the pnp could make change in abra but it is us who could affect change, we the electorate. I don’t know the people behind the pseudonyms rimat etc which you say will run on 2016 but for now let us concentrate on the candidates this coming election. Let us look at their credentials.for the congresional race there are three of them. First on the list is bernos. With the one term she is having has there been a significant change in abra? All I see are tarps on ugly built roads and canals. No legislative agenda at all but all she thinks about is her cdf. Next is atty hans luna. Not every body know that this young lawyer has served as vice mayor for one term to further his studies to become a lawyer. Everyone know of his unfearing remarks about issues plaguing the province, and his advovcacy for transperency. That to my mind makes him charismatic to people esp the young voters. Last is vice gov somera who rules pilar. His credentials are amazing except for his term as vice gov. As the presiding officer of the sangguniang panlalawigan what has he done for the province. No significant legislation has ben passed. As the vice gov he could have thoroughly investigated ABRECO. Then the mess could have not blown out of proportion. As a young leader myself I dream of a person who could legislate and not do rpojects alone. Everybody dreams of a peaceful abra. We know who the perpetrators are. The father of joy bernos is the evilest politcian we have. It fits his name demonic. Between the two left, I go for a lawyer.
          Oh aam I so glad we have a choice for the governorship. The non opposition of takit for the gobernatorial race during the last election swelled his head. That is why he forgot to serve his people well. He made loans that are questionable. He made substandard structures just for show that he is doing something. Add to that his wife who meddles with everything. Now the province is bancrupt just like abreco. Add to the fact that he is a traitor. TAKUSA should be his first name. For that I opt for cesy luna. We have seen her performance as congresswoman, I think we have abetter choice. Then we have to wa8t and see and hope for the best.

          Posted by mario bang | February 26, 2013, 1:51 am
  13. I agree mario bang….

    Posted by SistEraKaSbEkiAkeTcH | February 27, 2013, 4:05 am
  14. awan kwarta takit for this election kc nainvest na kano jay us jay 2 million dollars na.

    Posted by pop pop | March 3, 2013, 3:46 am
  15. Wow, this article is fastidious, my sister
    is analyzing these things, therefore I am going to tell her.

    Posted by Read the Full Post | July 3, 2014, 1:13 am

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