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abrenian.com-Facts: Tangadan Tunnel

The ‘Usok’ in Tangadan was built in 1934 and  took 2 years to complete. During World War II, Allied forces tried to destroy the tunnel twice to impede the advancing Japanese soldiers. It did not totally collapse. It was restored in 1961 through the efforts of former Congressman Lucas Paredes who worked for the appropriation of over P200,000.00 for the tunnel’s reconstruction and improvement.


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18 thoughts on “abrenian.com-Facts: Tangadan Tunnel

  1. Bitin naman. I thought there was more to it than that. Good to know though. Thanks

    Posted by miguel | February 2, 2013, 6:37 am
  2. Kababayans and Friends:..

    Long before the Tangadan ‘Usok’ was constructed, there was a ‘Tangadan Pass’ in this area

    that allowed Ilocos Sur people through Narvacan would gain access to the province of Abra.

    (Take note that the community of Narvacan, Ilocos Sur separate from Abra through the

    “Tangadan Pass”

    Another way entry to the Province of Abra from Ilocos Sur during the period of Spanish

    Era , the Conquistadores and Friars used ‘bamboo rafts’ to spread the Christian Faith to

    the TINGGUIAN Natives at the ABRA RIVER ‘Gorged or Gap’ in the Ilocos- Malayan Mountain

    Range at BANAOANG, ILOCOS SUR and the Mighty Abra River or Rio Grande de Abra as the

    Spaniards once called, empties into the South China Sea.

    During the American-Filipino Conflict of 1899-1901, an excerpt taken

    from THE TINIO BRIGAGE, “Anti-American Resistance in the Ilocos Provinces” a book

    authored by Orlino A. Ochosa, publhised in 1989. General Manuel Tinio hails from Nueva

    Ecija was commissioned by President Emilio Aguinaldo to command the Filipino Resistance

    (Filipino Forces) in the Ilocos Provinces against the American Aggresors during the Am-Fil


    The exploits of Filipino Forces recorded and compiled in the National Library of Congress.

    To be continued:.. Next, the courageous attempt of Col Blas Villamor to guard the “Tangadan

    Pass” from the advancing American Storm Troppers.


    Posted by Dr. Leo Tuason | February 4, 2013, 5:12 am
  3. Pardon my rude intrusion Doc! But if not for the selfishness or arrogance of Aguinaldo and Quezon, all Filipinos including Ilokans and Tingguians should have had been afforded unlimited free unquestionable entrance from and to the United States allowing us among others to drink their coffee and donuts. The Tangadan Bridge would had had been remodeled as one of the best tourist spots in the world and importantly enjoying US protection from China’s aggressive claims to our Spratly Islands, isn’t it Doc? The said Islands would be able to produce to the tune of allegedly $50 billion a year enough to satisfy our greed politicians appetite even just 1/100 of it.
    But unfortunately, we are still hanging on the cliff of miserable life because Aguinaldo and Quezon just played politics for their personal advantage during their time which we like it or not inherited by some of our thief politicians not to mention our non-elected government imaginary servants.
    What a none sense interruption! Thanks for allowing me Doc..

    Posted by prince wan | February 4, 2013, 2:32 pm
    • Correction: The Tangadan Bridge should have had remodeled as …..

      Posted by prince wan | February 4, 2013, 2:37 pm
    • Further correction: …..time which whether we like it or not such attitude was inherited by some of our thief politicians…..

      Posted by prince wan | February 5, 2013, 11:47 am
    • My reply to Prince Wan on his posting of Feb. 4, 2013:..

      Sir, your article intrigues me as it encompases many varieties of issues on the young
      Phil. Government of President Aguinaldo and President Quezon to the many faceted history of the early Abra.

      Prince Wan, I Dr. Leo and I’m certain the Adm. of A.com welcomes you and many more Abrenians out there to join us in this Forum with the main purpose is to educate the “Agtutubo” (Younger Abrenians) who will be the future leaders of our province.

      We shall begin with brief history of the Philippines… which is an archipelago consisting of 7,107 islands, stretches from south of China to the northern tip of Borneo.

      In the book “The Mergence of Early Men”, each Nation on earth has its own Aboriginal
      people…. North America has Indians, Aboriginals of Australia, in the Phil has ‘negritoes’ only certain regions..mostly in the Mountains of Zambales snd Eastern
      Cordillera. Negrito is short built about 3-4 ft tall, kinky hair, dark, almost black skin.

      Before the Spanish Explorers came, people of Indo-Malayian origins (later on called Itnegs or Tingguianes) settled the Islands and Chinese came to trade.

      Prince Wan if you are of Tingguian Heritage, your distant ancestor might have originated from the Indo-Malayan people. Dr.Leo has a distant ancestor of Chinese Blood.

      To be continued:..

      Posted by Dr. Leo Tuason | February 7, 2013, 1:10 pm
      • Yes Doc…I AM A VERY PROUD MEMBER OF THE TINGGUIAN TRIBE. Wherever I go and whatever happens to my heritage, I will not allow anybody or any circumstances take that pride away from me. I was born as a Tingguian and I will die as a Tingguian for without my Tingguian heritage, I should have not been given the chance to receive the greatest gift from Above nor watch helplessly how our corrupt politicians pulverizing us.
        Doc, Thank you very much for giving us the right to discover our ancestral origin and I hope that this will go down in history unimpeded and could stood the test of time for more generations to uncover who were they really are . So, we are both emigrants here? But look, the Chinese people practically owns now our economy as evidenced by their gigantic businesses, and yet they could not convince their relatives back in China to just allowing us in exploiting whatever natural resources found in the Spratly Islands as our only remaining hope for economic independence or complete survival. Anyway, I still consider your ancestral origin as still the best among other nations based on how they are treating our OFWs in their homeland. See, the only Country if comparing to other big Countries that hire the most number of Filipinos for domestic jobs which indeed a big boost to our municipal or barangay economy? Sometimes, I am secretly smiling when I realized that maybe it’s a dictate of nature or about time for our province mates to go back and find their own and real ancestral heritage/roots in the different Asian countries like China, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc. I can’t think anymore doc, forgive me…my tears are dropping….

        Posted by prince wan | February 7, 2013, 4:05 pm
        • Forgive me for being too emotional because I can’t just find valid answerss for the so many questions lingering in my mind. Why are we forced to leave our loved ones where majority of us work as slaves of other countries especially if where our own ancestors had originated from? Our ancestors were lucky to find our country endowed with vast rich natural resources enough to provide our people’s needs until the end of time, but here we are, defying against all odds in preserving our moral values just to survive or not to be victimized with any form of injustices wherever we are? What are we missing despite of the fact that we are almost 100% christians and considered internationally as one of those having the highest rate of educational background? Why can’t we live our life to the fullest inspite of these?
          I can endure the coldness of the nights, the unbearable heat during summer, the indiscrimination of vying and doing glamorous or unglamorous jobs, but how could I hide the truth that my thoughts are killing me when I terribly miss my loving family especially when the devil whispers to my ears that my beautiful wife was on someone’s arm at that very moment while my children were already influenced or corrupted by human forces of the devil? Who am I to blame for all of these that may stops the flowing of tears from my eyes? Just act like a real man pretending and torturing my mind that as if nothing bad happens? Great! you want me to be a hypocrite with my own feelings while we could just help our President to stop corruption completely in our barangay. Whether you will agree or not, because of corruption majority of us became slaves of other countries due to poverty and the very bad peace and order condition of our province.

          Posted by prince wan | February 8, 2013, 1:59 pm
  4. Prince Wan baka Tangadan Tunnel and ibig mong sabihin???

    Posted by TAGA_BAKIR | February 4, 2013, 9:37 pm
  5. I hope other Abrenians dare to read such information like this for them to be able to understand the history of Abra. Much more to it, the History of our beloved province must be taught to the next generation. History is very important because it help us to track back our past…We know many things from other places but guess what, we don’t know our own origins….

    Posted by kakashi7sensei | February 5, 2013, 1:16 am
  6. The replica of a horse built by our our gov kabalio should not been removed near The tunnel ’cause Abra was known for fine breed of racing horses during the early times. The replica was symbolic history of Abra not a gov. Kabalio himself. It’s unwise, a nonsense decision showing our kind of values, ready to take revenge and to show ‘our power”.

    Posted by Tagamasid | February 5, 2013, 8:15 am
    • apay TAGAMASID awanen aya tay kabalyo? saan ngata a nakatalaw laeng? baka adda dita checkpoint napan nagarab ti young grass? but we must thank apo lucas paredes for the restoration of the tunnel for it is the TRADEMARK of our province. NO ADDA MAKITAM NGA USOKAN.ABRAN as the saying goes.! di pay met ngamin taliawen ni apo takit ti ayan nan ket parupa pay met ngarud ti probinsya tayo

      Posted by KARASAKAS | February 7, 2013, 11:13 pm
  7. You are very correct tagamasid, why should we mind those things done by the previous admin. let there bi it, and do what you think better to add that identity of Abra so people from other places has the interest of visiting our province.

    Posted by lavander | February 5, 2013, 8:35 am
  8. Reply to Prince Wan on his 2 postings of Feb. 7-8 2013…

    Sir, you strike me as an articulate and decent man. You show certain potential as leader, perhaps for the provice of Abra. You talked about our beloved Abra, its natural resources, the diversified emigrant people who settled the province, the past and present politicians who are “temporary stewards” for the province, who remain insensitive to the ailing economy and desparate cries for better life.

    Prince, you mentioned a people (Pilipinos) much educated from a country (PHILIPPINES) the only Christian country in ASIA has to become domestic help (slave- people who are not conpensated) to earn a decent living to other people who are much less educated. Here lies the discripancies in the “Movement of Men”. IT SHOULD BE THE WAY AROUND.

    The action of men is governed by two forces…

    1. by necessity (to earn money)

    2. by design ( to earn more knowledge)

    Many Pilipinos including the Abrenians took the NO. 1 route…

    Perhaps, you Prince Wan took the No. 1 route and Dr. Leo took the No. 2 route.

    YES! friends, the destinies of both people of the two different forces are the same…for the betterment of the province of Abra.

    To be continued:..

    Posted by Dr. Leo Tuason | February 9, 2013, 5:04 am
    • CONTINUM:..

      Prince Wan, the ‘usok’ at the Tangadan Hills was constructed in 1934 which took about 2 years oo make a hole through the hills…by manual method, using dynamite to loosen the rocks and ‘carting’ the rocks and dirt out into the open. No machineries used at the time. After the tunnel was crated, uit maesured 61 meters from end to end… thus allowing people from both sides of Abra and Narvacan. Ilocos Sur to egres and ingres.

      The construction of the Tangadan Tunnel “Usok” was during Don Julio Villamor Borbon Governorship… thus Gov. Borbon should be honored by naming the tunnel his “LEGACY” to the people of Abra.

      Prince Wan.. there never a brige at his area.

      To be continued:..

      Posted by Dr. Leo Tuason | February 12, 2013, 7:24 am
  9. i’m still very proud of it, the tangadan tunnel which made abra more beautiful than ever

    Posted by tangadan | May 19, 2013, 5:22 am

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