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abrenian.com-Facts: 2010 Congressional Elections

In the 2010 Congressional Elections, there were 5,735 ballots not counted because it was either invalid or blank. Joy Bernos went on to defeat Cecilia Seares-Luna by just 1,082 votes.

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17 thoughts on “abrenian.com-Facts: 2010 Congressional Elections

  1. Nasuitik ngamin ni Cecilia Luna, impakat ni andiditttttt ti kinasuitik na.

    Posted by Cqb | February 2, 2013, 11:21 am
  2. Sinuwitik da ni Gov. Vicsyd impakat ni black bird ti kinaswitik na isu nakatugaw ni cecilia luna. weder weder lang, karma karma laeng met a

    Posted by san isidro | February 2, 2013, 11:36 pm
  3. Part of the evils committed by Gloria to her CURSE. Vics won a slim of more than 500. KARMA!

    2013 congressional elections is the focus of interest!

    Posted by Tagamasid | February 3, 2013, 5:31 am
  4. ahu, switikda amin. nangabak diay nalalaing ti switikna, nia ketdin aya!

    Posted by switik nga itik | February 3, 2013, 3:25 pm
  5. Datoy Vicsyd sinagrap na laeng ti kinalangong na, datoy met Jollybee Bernos nga nalukmeg unay nga mayor ti La Paz iso nga ti nagmanipular ti panag botos ti 1000 nga natay dita La paz, but i bet you this time Cesy Luna will be the nexrt governor of abra!

    Posted by Pedro Acena | February 3, 2013, 8:42 pm
  6. 1) Politicians
     Governor Eustaquio P. Bersamin – the incumbent Provincial Governor of Abra who is running for his third term; he is the Provincial Chairman of the LP in Abra; the brother of the late Congressman Luis P. Bersamin
     Congresswoman Ma. Jocelyn Valera Bernos – the incumbent Representative of the Lone District of Abra. She defeated then incumbent Congresswoman Cecilia Luna in the May 2010 elections
     Former Congresswoman Cecilia S. Luna – though she was defeated during the May 2010 elections by Congresswoman Ma. Jocelyn V. Bernos, she still enjoys the support of quite a number of die-hard followers. The mayor of bangued, abra, Mayor Ryan S. Luna is her son. The former mayor of Lagayan, Abra, and Mr. Jendricks S. Luna is her son also.
    2) Clans
     The Valera Clan of Bangued, Abra – this is the biggest clan in the province having produced two governors and supported the victory of politicians in the capital town of Bangued and in other towns. As a clan they have the greatest number in terms of registered voters

     The Bersamin Clan – this clan has produced two governors, one congressman and one Associate Justice in the Supreme Court. As of now it is the most influential clan in the province of Abra

     The Seares Clan of Bangued, Abra – This clan has produced one provincial governor, a constitutional delegate and two mayors (in bangued, Abra and in Dolores, Abra) they own one of the hospitals in Abra and has a family member who is presently a MCT judge. A member of their clan is also the incumbent General Manager of the Abra Electric Cooperative. The son of the MCTC judge is the incumbent Municipal Vice Mayor of Bangued, Abra

     The Bernos Clan of La Paz, Abra – This family has one produced one Vice Governor in the person of Mr. Andres Bernos who became Provincial Governor by succession. Has lorded over for approximately four decades the mayorship of La Paz, Abra and Danglas, Abra. The late Mayor Marc Ysrael Bernos , who is the husband of incumbent Congresswoman Ma. Jocelyn Valera Bernos, is the son of former Governor. Andres Bernos and his wife, Danglas Mayor Esther B. Bernos . The incumbent Mayor of La Paz, Abra, Mayor Joseph Sto. Bernos is the son of Mr. Andres Bernos.

     The Bernardez Clan of Bucay, Abra – This family has produced one Congressman in the person of the late Congressman Rudolfo A. Bernardez, who prior to his election as Congressman has served as Municipal Mayor during the pre-martial law years. His brother and son served after him in succession for three consecutive terms each. This family has lorded over the political leadership of Bucay, Abra for more than four decades until their mayoralty candidate was defeated by Mayor Victorino B. Barona, Jr.(former Vice-Governor) in the May 2010 elections. Be that as it may, they still have significant number of die-hard supporters in Bucay, Abra, the town with the second largest number of registered voters

     The Barona Clan of Lacub, Abra – This family has produced one Vice-Governor in the person of former Vice Governor Victorino B. Barona, Jr., now the Municipal mayor of Bucay, Abra. Their family has produced also three Municipal Mayors in Lacub,Abra, besides the incumbent Mayor of Bucay, abra, Mayor Victorino B. Barona,Jr. This is the family of Cesar Barona, the former NPA Supremo of Northern Luzon

    Posted by Pedro Acena | February 3, 2013, 10:25 pm
  7. Great input Ped but you forgot to include the clan of the Chinese, the true lords of all lords( with the exception of the Abrenian chinese maybe?) in any big city or part of the country. They are the alleged biggest political contributors that presently influencing the state of our economy thru crafted and crafting of laws for their advantage or other tricks in the book that will challenge the ideals of our law enforcers, hence, the spiraling or rising cost of our daily commodities or basic human necessities. In other words, they owned our economy, they owned us, they could dictate whatever they want while we are busy killing each others’ christian values in and outside the area of politics. Adding insult to injury, China refuses to give our little claim at Spratly Islands where they could just allow their relatives here to do the mathematics and economics on how to explore and exploit any natural resources found therein. After all, we are all their extended families not just the localized pure Chinese because all Filipinos except Aetas and Negritoes were allegedly originated from other Asian countries Look at the Tingguian “ganzas” and their ancient attire, they are closely similar from other Asian countries present attire like Indonesia, China, etc. Jerusalem or Midddle East? No Eric, shut up!
    What a fate!

    Posted by prince wan | February 4, 2013, 12:55 pm
  8. Ang pagkapanalo sa election ay dahil sa laki ng clan but sometimes sila sila din ang naglalaban kay nahahati ang kanilang clan, in this time we voters are holding the key of who will rule us the best, dapat d tayo napeperahan, instead tingnan natin kung sino ang tunay na may malasakit sa atin at sa ating bay an, we should not depend on how are we related to the candidate but how the candidate will work for us when he/she will be given the chance to serve us…. He/ she should first understand the real meaning of being a true PUBLIC SERVANT…To serve the public devotedly, heartily NOT to serve their pocket immediately.

    Posted by lavander | February 5, 2013, 8:31 am
  9. Kanya kanyang suki kakailian.no sinno tay nabayadan tay kal labes isu manen a tay inda sublianan nga ikkannen ti kuarta ta agtalinaed ti panag kakadwa..awan kuartam saan ta nga agkadwa ..

    Posted by Diak Pati Diak Kita | February 6, 2013, 6:32 pm
  10. Ti politica ti exception ti pagsasao nga ‘birds with the same feathers flock together’. Ad-adu ti marigrigat ngem tay met ad-adu ti kuarta na ti ibutosda. Ti nakaal-alas pay, kaaduana nagalaanda amin. Kaasi pay dagiti natatakneng ken siaayat nga agservi a sipupudno nga nagundawayan. Nupay saan nga mapabasol dagiti marigrigat gapu ngarud ta kasapulanda, dagidiay koma nanakem ti pinilida. Sabagay daytoy Lando somera nga para congressman ket tinalek dagiti marigrigat nga padana idi 20 yrs ago. Marigrigat konak ta nagtricycle daytoy idi diay Manila. Ngem itan awanen daydi dati nga maritigat nga Lando ta inusarna ti kuarta ti Pilar ti bukodna nga pagimbagan. I kayo diay Pilar key kitaenyo ti dua pagtaengan ti pamilyana. Pasiarenyo ti barbarangay ket paggiddiatenyo ti biag ti tattoo.

    Ti kanrunaan nga nagtaudan ti kinurakotna nga kuarta ket ti tobako excise tax nga RA 7171. Daytoy 7171 ket pinagbalinna (somera) 7awan, awan nga indalan ni piman gov kabalyo. 20 million kgs ti producto ti tabacco ti Pilar/ yr. At 40 pesos for RA 7171, 80 million ti buis ni mannalo nga para kalsada, tulong nga agsubli Koma kas agas, infra, equipment ni mannalon etc. ngem napan ti kaaduanna ti mansions, nangingina lugan, sugal n derby, private investment (mansions including Manila), balay tay chicks . Ti inawatna idi 2010 para Pilar ket nasurok nga 68 million pesos! Kitaenyo ti COA website http://www.Coa.gov.ph. To verify that this is fully documented.

    Daytoy daydi dati nga marigrigat nga agim-imas ita nagritigatan dagiti appo nga kakaasi nga taga Pilar. Sibubukel nga taga Abra, karit kanyayo no kayatyo ti magundawayan kas kadagit kakaasi nga mannalon ti tabako diay Pilar. May the good Lord guide us in our decisions on election. God bless us all.

    Posted by Tagamasid | February 7, 2013, 11:41 am
    • I went to this website suggested by Tagamasid and found out that thru this website we can report any fraud, anomaly, or the like that we observe in our municipal and provincial government offices (be it LGU, BIR, Lands, etc.) without divulging our identity. This is a great contribution Tagamasid in annihilating these pests or confining them in the dog house. Crusaders from the different groups for good governance, IT’S YOUR NOW CHANCE OR TURN TO PROVE YOUR WORTH….until now we haven’t heard anything yet! Thanks…..

      Posted by ngowelkayo | February 7, 2013, 12:07 pm
  11. Yeess…!!!……they are going to be tortured with worries, fear, and nervousness. But if they are smart enough, this is their great opportunity to seek divine protection by repenting what they are doing and force themselves to redouble their efforts of doing the right thing. The most loving and understanding divine Force might intercedes on their behalf and saves them from the axe of the President thru the COA with the collaboration of our different human rights groups or groups of good governance and concerned law enforcements to prosecute those who are still testing his determination to end up corruption and other form of injustices.
    THINK…..THINK….!!! I think this is no longer a joke for international businesses are pouring in but they are still worrying for long-term sustainable success due to our corrupt practices. WATCH….!!!

    Posted by concerned relative | February 7, 2013, 2:27 pm
  12. If the Lunas will win the congressional seat, governorship, and Bangued mayorship this coming elections, I believe that our hopes for new leaders in 2016 will not happen. With this scenario, the Lunas political power and influence in Abra will be deeply entrenched and it will be difficult to change or defeat them in 2016.

    Posted by Dilemna | February 7, 2013, 9:42 pm
    • If your prediction Dilemna will come true, then we have no other recourse than to show the world that Abrenians are more courageous than our muslim brothers in the south. If they were able to confront and stand their grounds against the Ampatuans, we too with or without the assistance of NPA/AFP/Police could surpass their supreme sacrifice of gambling their treasured life if we UNITE and if indeed we want our present and young generations would not suffer what we are suffering now! Nauy-uyong da ketdin ngem datayon? Imposible senyor hues…….

      Posted by abra crusader | February 8, 2013, 12:29 pm
  13. That is your own opinion my friend but the will of the people will prevail because they do not want a leader with no balls maawatam?

    Posted by Pedro Acena | February 7, 2013, 10:58 pm

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