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Benguet’s loss is Abra’s gain

Here’s an interesting Change.Senior Superintendent Benjie Lusad, the Most Outstanding Provincial Police Director of 2012 during his stint as the head of the Benguet PPO is taking over. What do you think Abrenians?

By Jonathan Llanes
The Maryknoller

IT’S final, Benguet Provincial Police Office now has a new chief in The name of Senior Supt. Jun Azurin as outgoing police chief Senior Supt. Bejamin Lusad is the new head of Abra’s finest.

Col. Lusad who showed prominence in leading Benguet’s Finest will be facing the tough job of ensuring that Abra fulfills its quest of being a non-Comelec controlled area in the coming midterm elections in May.

Governor Nestor Fongwan in his speech said that although Benguet will lose one of its sons to the province of Abra, it will be the gain of the Abrenios.

Fongwan stated, however, that hopefully, after six months, Lusad will again return to take the place of Cordilleras Top Cop. A tough job since he will be compared to his predecessor. And hopefully again, not with Regional Director Benjamin Magalong.

But Lusad may get some tips from General Magalong on how to engage the people of Abra who now are in high spirits with the continuing efforts of engaging and empowering the people.

And with Lusad’s management skills, I think the son of Benguet can make it in Abra.

But of course, let’s see the performance of Col. Azurin who will be having his debut as a provincial commander for the first time.

Azurin comes from PMA Class of 89, and have served as a Captain for Criminal Intelligence Service in Baguio City and is probably a native of the countries summer capital.

He’s being a product of Asia’s premiere military institution will be put to the test. Just like Magalong, Azurin will be tested and hopefully for the third time, succeed in managing the affairs of the provincial police of Benguet.

As Governor Fongwan welcomes Azurin, he s now tasked to continue the fight against illegal loggers and marijuana plantations in the thirteen municipalities of the province.

And then again, let us welcome both Lusad and Azurin to their new post. Let’s give them the support they need like what the Cordilleran’s have given to Baguio’s son, General Magalong.

For after all, it has to work both ways. The support of the community is integral to ensure the maintenance of peace and order in their respective areas.

So nice again, good luck to Col. Lusad and Azurin!


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13 thoughts on “Benguet’s loss is Abra’s gain

  1. Congratulations to both of them to their new posts. I hope for a Zero tolerrance. Policy in our province.

    Posted by musilat mulagat | January 11, 2013, 1:32 am
  2. We are lucky to have the Best police officer of the Phil.assigned in Abra. Let’s give also our Best support to achieve lasting peace with the hope to make Abra one of the Best provinces in term of Peace, stepping stone for economic progress. Abrenians this is a big opportunity for us. Let’s work hard together.

    Posted by Tagamasid | January 11, 2013, 6:38 am
  3. Well, goodluck sir!….i wish you the best…clean up the germs from abra…….go go go!….

    Posted by qif | January 11, 2013, 9:10 am
  4. >hello

    Posted by adasdsd | January 11, 2013, 2:54 pm
  5. welcome to the real world sir…..eradicate the guns-for-hire and their coddlers in the province…….grant my wish that these people be spilled around in my beloved province and i will adore you forever….

    Posted by watersnake | January 11, 2013, 5:39 pm
  6. Dayta man ngarod ta makita ti korit takken dagitoy boyot da Gob Takit, Mayor Luna ket Dominic…. umal alikeskesak no makitkitak ida…… Pag paknyem amin ida Col….. and Welcome to bra…. iraman mo man payen ti JUETENG ta ad adda man nga raemen kan….

    Posted by TAGA_BAKIR | January 11, 2013, 6:44 pm
    • oos. to eradicate jueteng s next to imposible .

      Posted by eric shawn | January 11, 2013, 7:12 pm
    • popoy jerome dennis melo darlo mitra, tugade. junar bersmin dagtoy ti bata pulitiko nga nakasabikel paltog uray awan jay bos da

      Posted by eric shawn | January 14, 2013, 11:23 pm
      • Apo, Iyarasaas yo man kani col lusad or ni gen magalong dayta no makita yo ida wenno siasinoman a nakapaltoog. Uray itxt yo lang. Di met kasapolan nga agwitness kayo. Confidential amin. Ngem no ditoy laeng ti inkayo pangiplastaran data nga impormasyon, useless. tsismis lang a di met makatulong.

        Posted by PiNikPikan | January 21, 2013, 10:48 pm
        • its up to the pnp to prove if the information is true u go wd the politicians in their sorties to see by urself pinikpikan cop

          Posted by natanyahu | January 24, 2013, 6:51 pm
  7. Nasimbeng nga inkay isasangbay, ditoy DAGA , eheste, ABRA nga pagluluaan, eheste, pagdua-duaan, Appo nga Col. Lusad ken Sr. Superintendent Azurin. Sapay koma Appo nga nain-galadan ta maipakat yo ti mai-yannatup nga regta iti natanang nga pamuspusan tapno magan-ad ti kappia ken talna kadagitoy nga panawen ti panagkikinnarit, panagkikinnis-siim ken panagsisinnallupang dagiti aggigidiat nga pulitiko iti daytoy umadani nga panagbubutos. Ta ngamin, appo nga mamaingel, ket dakami met nga babassit nga tattao ti maisikat nga agbalin nga bat-bato ti ay-ayam da! Bala ti paltoog kas kada biktima ti kinadangkok -kasta ti pagbalinenda nga pagmamaayan dagiti sumang-ka-otro nga simberguensa-de-karamba nga kakabsat nga paspasurot ken asu-aso ti tumunggal maysa. Ay wen, Appo nga opisyales, kadi ah, pasimbengen yo toy ili mi!

    Ken sapay koma ta dayta simbeng nga inkay gun-oden ket manayon iti mabayag nga panawen iti labes ti eleksyon.

    Posted by Ruben C. Piston | January 12, 2013, 1:02 am
  8. Saan ngata ya nga mahilig daguitoy dua nga maingel ti chicks? No mahiligda . . ay, ket awan latta ti pagbaliwan ti Abra, kakadua.

    Posted by warek-warek | January 13, 2013, 3:18 pm

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