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Election 2013: Bangued Mayor – Luna vs Valera

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Mabalin iti ag Ilocano ditoy? Kayat ko kuma met iti agsurat wenno mangishare iti kunkuna da nga Blog. Ammo tayo nga umasidegen iti election. Nabara iti debate  kas mabasak met kadagiti padak nga subscriber ken sumupsupurta iti Abrenian.com Amin tayo ket seryoso no maipanggep iti Politica ditoy Probinsiya tayo.  Nakaaramid kayo  iti article about Election 2013: Luna vs. Bersamin ken tay Congressional Race.

Idawat ko kuma nga adda kuma met article para kada Ryan Luna ken Dominic Valera. Ditoy Bangued,..saan laeng nga cento iti Abra,..ti Bangued ket maysa nga key municipalities iti Abra,…agarup amin nga masupul ti tao  iti sabali nga  munisipyo ket  ditoy Bangued iti pagtungpalan da. Basic necessities, medical, education, kaaduan ket ditoy Bangued latta. Uray extension office dagiti dadduma nga mayors ket adda ditoy ili. Napadas mi nga nagbalin nga Mayor ni Dominic Valera kasta met kenni Ryan Luna,nga isuna ita iti agdama a mayor. Anya kadi iti napipintas nga naaramidan da? Wenno nagapuananda.  Siasinno iti mas adda karbengan na nga agbalin nga chief executive  iti Bangued?


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107 thoughts on “Election 2013: Bangued Mayor – Luna vs Valera

  1. mabalin ngata nga botosak ni Mayor luna nga mamin sangapulo ken ikatatan yo met iti sangapulo nga botos ni Dominique! hehehe

    Posted by Jollibee | January 9, 2013, 10:26 pm
  2. Adu ti simmayaatan ti linak ken talna ti panagmayor ni Luna. Daytoy ti nabayagen nga arapaap ti Bangued. Linak ti poon ti amin a kinaimbag, panagbiag, salun-at, ayat ken panagdur-as. Ania koma pay la ti rason nga saan nga ituloy ti kinalinak ? Go Ryan Luna! Go our loving PEACE!

    Posted by Tagamasid | January 10, 2013, 6:06 am
    • Awan ti nangnangruna nga agbalin nu ti mangabak nga mayor ti bangued ket LUNA. Kitaim laengen ti Lagayan. Manu nga dekada da nga inignan ngem awat met nagbaliw ti kinarigat da.

      Posted by ANTIPOLITICAL | January 11, 2013, 3:13 am
    • Bilibak ti kina-independent minded mo Tagamasid. Nalaing ka nga talaga nga agmasid agsipud ta Luna ti mayor mo Bersamin met ti gobernador mo. It means that you’re not partisan or political loyalist but you are simply choosing the least among the alleged beasts based on your own analysis.

      Posted by sanggir | January 17, 2013, 3:13 pm
  3. sakbay koma ti botos ket apipinarparda kada agpipinnaratopotda agingga awan mabati kanyada nga dua . . . tapno makapagmayor diay nasayaat nga tao . . ni apo doctor litong valera.

    Posted by perperroka | January 10, 2013, 8:25 am
  4. para kanyak nga maysa nga taxicle driver,..pilyek tay agdama nga mayor, ni ading mi nga Ryan Luna,..ammo na iti dumayaw uray no tricycle driver kami laeng. Idi tiempo ni Dominic,..pinagbalin da kami nga pagbagasan,..agnegosyo da iti uniforme mi nga red nga tseleko,..kasla kami la banbanti, adda pay print na jay likod: “Ang galing mo mayor”,..ken tay rupa na iti makitam iti tricycle ditoy Bangued. Epal kuna dan sa iti tagalog. wen Epal laeng ni Dominic…ta puro NIC NIC NIC laeng iti makitam.Kasta met laeng jay anak na nga ni Domino,..negosyo na idi jay uniforme,..ken agdawat kanu pay kalding para frankisa iti. Demonyo da nga talaga. Isu nga dakayo nga taga Pidigan,..saan yo nga ibotos ni Domino ta umay na kayo laeng pagbagasan met dita. No ni baket na iti mangabak,..kakaasi kayo.

    Posted by BATODA | January 10, 2013, 9:58 am
    • BATODA, ammo na ti dumayaw ngem saan yo nga ammo nga pati para kanyayo tinakaw pay ni mayor ryan seares luna ada inted ni pnoy nga appropriations nga aggatad ti 500 pesos kada prangkisa ti tricycle, addaan ti 4000 nga prangkisa ti traysikel ti sibubukel nga ili iti bangued ngem ti rigat na 150 pesos laeng iti nayted iti 746 nga traysikel operator/driver. daytoy nga programa gandat na koma nga maikkan ti kada prangkisa, ngem daksanggasat ta uray 3 ti prangkisa ti maysa nga operator naikkan laengen ti 150 nga para ti kadagupan ti amin nga prangkisa na. iti pangiwaras da ti 150 naaramid laeng ti maysa nga aldaw idi mapan sapulen dagiti dadduma awanen ta iti imbagada iyuray manen diay sumaruno nga release ket naywidrow met aminen isu ingana tata awan ti releasen nagpatinggan naibus payen. manu ngarud ti naypaay? manu ti naybulsa 4000-746=3254 x 500=1,627,000 plus diay 500-150=350×746=261,100 isu nga ti kadagupan ti naybulsa ket 1,888,100.00
      ay apo ket nagadun aya ti natakaw nga kwarta nga para koma kanyayo traysikel operator ken driver

      Posted by darlo acosta | January 12, 2013, 5:00 am
      • gayyem Darlo, uray takawen na amin nga pundo,..haan met matmaturug iti diyos no agpayso talaga ta ibagbagam,..adu ti haan mi nga ammo ngem naragsak kamin nga tricycle driver nga haan nga nakacheleko..aminen tayo nga nagwapgwapo kami ngamin iti porma ken pumorma kumpara iti empliyado ti munisipyo.

        Posted by BATODA | January 12, 2013, 9:33 am
        • no man pay kaykayat mo gayyem batoda ti saan nga nakacheleko, napipia latta idi nu malagip mo diay yellow nga naggapu keni miss ching ta libre pay. mamati ak ta kunam nga naguguapo kayo nga pumorma nga batoda gapu keni apo cris bachiller ngem piman met dagitoy taga munisipyo ta awan met pagporma da ta naksayan pay sweldo da iti sabado ken domingo uray nu sumsumrek da dagidiay laeng met abuyot ni mayor ryan ken ghost da ti kompletun.

          Posted by darlo acosta | January 12, 2013, 1:42 pm
    • doctor nga manangaasi ti bagay dta pidigan

      Posted by natanyahu | January 13, 2013, 4:40 am
  5. Makita tayo met nga talaga,.adayo nga ad-adu iti nagapuanan ni Mayor Ryan Seares Luna ngem ni Dominc Valera. Ni Ryan Luna ket ubing ngem natakneng.

    Posted by Syd Vasquez II | January 10, 2013, 12:09 pm
  6. mas adda puso ni Ryan kmpara ken demonic

    Posted by kailyan | January 10, 2013, 8:51 pm
  7. I admire the two of them because they are man enough in words and in deeds,both of them are playing coach to any activities and wont shy to dangers either .Apo Dom has projects too like our mayor and had BGs as numerous as the other.During Apo Dom’s reign,and as far as i know,no members of his immediate families had meddled in the affairs of the local goverment, same as to the present mayor. Their only difference is in their ego’s.Noon halos may nic lahat ,plaza,lightings and tricycles ay may nic o mukha ni Apo Dom….Ryan Luna has an edge

    Posted by KARASAKAS | January 10, 2013, 11:42 pm
  8. Wwwwhhhhhaaaattttt???????…..both had done good things?….lay down your cards and i will lay mine guys…….ive been in bangued my whole life…..try to see the other side of both coins…..i knew you knew what i mean…….you scratch their back, they’ll scratch yours……bangued’s political gain vs their personal gain?………threir personal gain outruns the latter…..whew…..death polls?…,corrupted projects?…..,to name a few……they show you good things, but they gain much….thats their strategy……to add even their goons over rules the law…..is that what you want to lead you into what you call peace?…..there had been too many eye-opening incidents in bangued but people shut theirs eyes for they choose life……im not counteracting your perceptions but these are really happening…….REALITY BITES but THATS WHAT LIFE IS…..now vote your “guys/friends/relatives”,…..and enjoy the wrath in the end……

    Posted by qif | January 11, 2013, 9:27 am
    • What????!!!! I agree with you qif. What accomplishments are these pro-ryan are talking about? Maybe they mean the HOTEL in casamata, the gas station in cabaroan, the resort in tayum or the commercial stalls at the megacentrum and the 200 cavans yielding per crop period riceland in cosili…..or the houses in baguio and manila and primarily the n___e of you know who that went under the knife.. And by the way the unfinished mansion on the other side of casamata with the towering iconic statue of greed…those are the accomplishments that i am aware of. See them to believe!

      Posted by abstract | January 11, 2013, 7:45 pm
    • as i said we dnt have a choice but i have to vote only one n dat s ryan. i have my own criteria in chosing cndidates so wd u guys just vote whom u know u cn approach if u have cncern to deal wth.aftr all they are corrupt n no respect d sanctity of life.

      Posted by eric shawn | January 13, 2013, 3:30 am

    Ada dinanun na nga pundo ti LGU BANGUED nga 32MILLION
    gravelling of barangay roads
    covered waiting sheds
    roofing of some portion of the Bangued Public Market (old good conditioned galva sheets were brought to
    reallignment of funds to personnel services with no SB resolution
    -para sweldo ti ghost employees ni ryan 150 names
    -para sweldo ti ghost employees ni jelly ann 25 names
    -para sweldo ti ghost employees ni jendricks 25 names
    -para sweldo ti ghost employees ni cromwell 5 names (piman)
    ( at 4950/head each month)
    collected 200 pesos per head from all employees of the lgu for the Municipal Cooperative (kuno) nga tresurera ni Jelly Ann, nga haan met nga empleyado ti munisipyo, tatta awan pay nabati nga lako dan
    Bought a lot (lote) adjacent to Jendricks’ house at Don Antonio Heights Q.C.
    2 House and Lot in Baguio City
    Construction of Jelly Ann’s Resort
    Construction of Rylanyan’s place
    Collected various Make and Caliber of guns displayed at the Mayor’s office
    Kotse ni Jelly Ann (Honda)
    Dagidiay binulan nga agsangpet nga pondo ti LGU ke naigatang ti equipments, supplies (overpriced), ken programa ti dswd nga minaniobra ni Jelly Ann nga han pay naytungpal uray kagudwa koma
    Amin nga pwesto dita plaza barbeque stalls, burger stalls, empanada etc…awan ti sumsumrek nga bayad da ti upa kada ticket ta diretso nga pagbingbingayan da jendricks ken ryan ( ni kag sherwin acosta ti para kolekta)


    ay wen gayam abstract didiay riceland nga kunkunam idiay cosili nga 200 cavans ti maapit na ket inagaw na kadagiti tattao kaasi piman dagidiay 18 nga pamilya nga sibubuteng nga agkamat gapu ta isu ti mayor.

    Posted by aluminum foil | January 12, 2013, 3:33 am
    • show dat at d ombudsman.

      Posted by eric shawn | January 13, 2013, 3:32 am
      • iyuray mo gayyem eric shawn ta madama pala maisagsaggana dagidiay sworn statements ti complaints requesting for a preliminary investigation ken lifestyle check on ryan seares luna malinlinay nga nasayaat tapno saan nga maisubli to the complainant for lack of merit uray nu awan ti panagtaray ti linteg ditoy sipapati ak met nga ada nangatngato nga ahensya nga addaan authoridad iti kakastoy nga an anekneken

        Posted by aluminum foil | January 13, 2013, 6:15 am
        • good tapnu ada chk n balance ket sapay kuma amin nga ada kaso na nga graft ket maadaanen ti resulution tapnu ada pgpanpanunutan ti lilideres tau i salute uray asinu man ti complainant uray pay nu pada da mt lng nga agtatakaw bsta impnmrtante dakame nga babasit ket maprotektaran

          Posted by eric shawn | January 13, 2013, 5:56 pm
    • nya ngarud koma met kenni dominic la irwar mo man met t accomplishment da ALUMINUM FOIL

      Posted by lapis | January 14, 2013, 4:49 pm
      • Lapis fyi since the time mayor ryan seares luna assumed office there was a common cry amongst the electorate to try and test the promise of the young mayor to lead in decency and accountanbility. i am one with the many hopefuls of his promises being ascertained with his statements during the campaign i was once a believer of his slogan as “ubing ngem natakneng” as a challenge i followed the progress of his leadership style and to much dismay above are the accomplishments that were delivered. You ought to see them to believe. if you want to be informed of the accomplishment of then mayor dominic everything were laid down after his term, if you have been most keen in observing and asserting the ploy of politics in our town you could have known them earlier. But mayor ryan seares luna is at the helm of his incumbency and all eyes pry on his every move and decisions. Common knowledge na ung kay ex mayor dominic kasi pinagsawaan na at napagdebatehan noong nakaraang election

        Posted by ALUMINUM FOIL | January 14, 2013, 6:33 pm
    • maipapan dayta daga diay cosili nga inagaw da, kastoy man ti nasagap ko. imbaga dayta agbibisin a kapitan ti cosili west anni barreras nga awan ti akin kukua.nailaed la dagiti a dagdaga. ngem nabaybayadan ti buis na inggana ita. pinasingkedan met diay maysa pay nga agbibisin nga assessor ti bangued idi a ni boy peig nga awan ti akin kukua ta unknown kano iti records da. ngem no inaramid da ti rebbengen da, haan koma a napasamak. apay a di da nagdamag kadagiti kolinderos dagitoy a dagdaga? ta imbaga da koma nga adda akin kukua. sada da nagdamagen idi agkaprobleman. dagiti dadduma nga agtawid kadagitoy a dagdaga ket empleado pay ti munisipio. napan da nakipatang ken apo mayor. ngem anya ngarud ti namnamaem a matunos? idi damo imbaga kano ni apo mayor nga adda mapa da isu a pinaboldoser na. anyan aya apo ti natuturay a tattaon. apay ngarud nga agduma ti linaon diay mapa nga iggem ni apo mayor yanti mapa a kinadastro ti denr? kas kunada, ti panpanunuten yo ket kasla met la kaniak

      Posted by dodo | January 17, 2013, 7:06 pm
    • wow!!! ala ibutos yo ngarud manen apo nga taga bangued!

      Posted by huh | January 19, 2013, 7:28 pm

      Posted by oxygen | July 19, 2013, 4:47 am
  10. Ket no kasta nga agpada nga kurap-kurap ti pagpilian a ket, di pugpugto laengen. Agparis to met laeng ti ganaben ti Abra nga matakawan, ken ni mannalon nga makakaasi. Nia la ket ta nataknengen, aya, Syd Vasquez! Mano nga pusipos ti ferriswheel aya ti nangulaw kenka ta bulsek ka met ti kinapayso, kailian. Ti natakneng nga opisyal ket unaenna ti pagimbagan ti tattao sakbay daydiay pammagbagi ken ibulsa na! Ngem ala, ibutos yo latta uray sinno. Dikayto la ketdi mangnamnama ta di ketdi saan la nga tuok ken rigat ti kinapanglaw ti sanguenyo nga mannalon no di pay ket kas-ang ken liday ti nalpay nga arapaap!

    Posted by Ruben C. Piston | January 12, 2013, 4:10 am
    • ti kasayaatan pay lang nga ng mayor ti bangued ket ni MISS CHING VALERA… i compare yo man kaniada..

      Posted by zha zha | January 12, 2013, 4:55 am
      • Zha zha, mabalin siguro ta konam, ngem ti kinapodno, posposiposen ngamin ni Apo stallon (Vicshit) jay olo ni mam Ching iso nga madi makaporma… kayat ko nga saw en gobernador idi ni Vicshit at the same time Mayor of Bangued…. anya kayon aya… idi time ni apo Felix Ballesta mamatiak iso la nga bassit pay la ti pondo idi….

        Posted by TAGA_BAKIR | January 29, 2013, 7:17 pm
  11. Ni koma la joey brillantes ti agmayoren ti bangued. nasayaat nga tao isuna. mabalin nga sumayaat ken rumang-ay ti biag ti tao ditoy bangued ta stateside suna.

    Posted by kurarapnit | January 12, 2013, 7:23 am
  12. Whatever you say Ryan will still be the mayor of Bangued! Demonic Valera can never and will never win any elections ta ammmo ti Tao ti abra nga isu na ket ado ti aramid na nga madi ken ado la unayen ti pinapatay da nga tattao nga awan basol na.

    Demetrio Pre, James Bragas, siasino ngata paya po ti sumarono manen nga papatay da?

    How about the Kumander Britanico of Langiden abra?

    Posted by braulio | January 12, 2013, 8:58 pm
    • is dat d guy who died at tayum infront of d police station during d time of cop filena?

      Posted by eric shawn | January 13, 2013, 3:36 am
      • eric haan aya nga ni britanico jay pinatay ni vincent guzman nga hitman ni jendricks? paging sir magalong sapulen yo ni vincent guzman isu ti tirador ni jendricks luna isu pay nga maykissay iti problema iti abra

        Posted by RSL | January 13, 2013, 6:20 am
        • mali ah garud ti inbulung taga tayum kanyak pandadael da ah garud ti pada da. nu ada warant dyta vincent dapat lng matiliw garud

          Posted by eric shawn | January 13, 2013, 6:01 pm
        • for d information of evrybody d late lando bersamin was a gun for hire like hs brother who was arrested at pasig for various offense.all ur haka haka are all wrong for his death.just ask me i was there.

          Posted by ex-cop | January 19, 2013, 6:59 pm
  13. whatever, dua la ti pagpiliantayo-ryan or dominic, no ti records ti pag basarantayo,sinno ti pilienyo? makikaduaaak la ti kailiyakon……………..

    Posted by korikz | January 13, 2013, 6:07 am
  14. eric shawn no ni cop felina iti nangidaulo ti imbestigasyon idi awan talaga ti posibilidad na nga rimwar diay nagan ni vincent ta kabagyan diay kabatch ni jendricks isuna didiay metla pulis nga ni john beleno nga kabsat ni trece nga police escort ni ryan tata

    Posted by RSL | January 13, 2013, 8:14 pm
  15. I know this is a very hot topic but PLEASE follow our Rules of Engagement! thank you

    Posted by SysOp | January 13, 2013, 10:09 pm
    • moderation pls d persons u r mentioning are nt our topic very serious allegation yan conspiracy theory to be proven.

      Posted by eric shawn | January 13, 2013, 10:40 pm
    • sir sysop,
      sorry no madi detoy naysawang toy pagayam mo detoy ngatan ket makagapu ti saan nga pannakataming diay nadumaduma nga ar arungaing ti padak nga babassit laeng nga tao numanpay kasta hanko met nga lablabesan ti agsarita siwayawaya metla ti uray sino nga mangkorehir iti anyaman nga kapanunutan nga innak met ipablaak ditoy. amangan laeng met sir ta idtoy nga site ti pakasapulak ti na an anay nga lawag kadagitoy bassit nga impormasyon nga salsalimetmetak. Agyamanak unay sir.

      Posted by RSL | January 14, 2013, 2:41 am
  16. As per survey,boy negro will win by a slight margin if the election will be fair and square and
    i agree.

    Posted by pagalsem | January 14, 2013, 12:53 am
    • pagalsem detoy man ti idamag ko kaanu aya nga limmaban ti fair and square ti Luna? Ken maysa pay tapno mailawlawag nga nasayaat nya aya ngamin ti kayat na sawen ti fair and square? nya dagidiay panglatagan tapno makuna detoy nga fair and square?

      Posted by darlo acosta | January 14, 2013, 2:25 am
      • darlo amin nga nakatugaw ita ket madi da ammu ti fair nga laban mapaluna valera ken bersamin. jay asesment ni pagalsem ket secundaak mangabak ni ryan nu masabayan na ti kwarta ni dom

        Posted by eric shawn | January 14, 2013, 2:40 am
        • nu haan nga makasabay ni ryan ti kwarta ni dom sa haan met nga makasabay ni dom ti goons ni ryan fair and square latta ngata didiay? gayem eric shawn bareng detoy ti pagkinaawatan ta nga kapanunutan

          Posted by darlo acosta | January 14, 2013, 2:47 am
        • as per info gathered both have pags. meaning they have 3g’s but we do hope wd fair police intervention haan makagaraw dagtoy nga pags.

          Posted by eric shawn | January 14, 2013, 3:44 am
      • Darlo gayyem ti kayat ko a sawen ke tay patas laeng plain and simple nga butos, awan buteng,awan kuarta.no ta ibagbagam nga di ammo ti luna a lumaban ti patas ay ket sabali a patangan daytan,tay manok mo santo kadi?sinner or saint i dont care i am just stating a fact and adhering to the topic.

        Posted by pagalsem | January 14, 2013, 10:56 pm
        • pagalsem ti la dinamag ko nu anya ti kayat na sawen ti fair and square, umuna unay haan nga nagfile diay manok ko nga dati a mayora iti bangued numanpay kasta gayyem yamanek met ta nalawlawagam no nya kayat na sawen ti fair and square nga laban ken haan met ngata nga kumaniwas iti topiko dayjay nga panangdamag ko ta pagsasaritaan tayo ngarud nu asino ti ada karbengan na nga manggun od ti saggaysa nga botos tayo.

          Posted by darlo acosta | January 15, 2013, 12:13 am

    Continuation ti ghost employees
    -100 names laeng ni Ryan
    – 25 names latta ni Jelly Ann ( mabalin aya nga awan agparirin a)
    naawan ti sabado domingo dagiti taffic enforcers, basurero, ken para ticket ti tiendaan ngem sumrek da latta
    Delivery of supplies to different LGU depts twice only each year
    – but disbursements and collection of payment are done monthly as the IRA becomes available
    Jelly Ann started purchase of LV bags, chanel bags ( which are seen on her pictures as backgrounds posted at her fb account) jewelries
    Continuation of the construction of rylanyan’s place
    Start of the construction of phoenix gas station
    Heavy Equipment owned by the LGU are used for the construction of Rylanyan’s,Jelly Ann’s resort and Phoenix
    -all laborers came from the roster of casual employees of the LGU
    Gravelling manen- isu ti kalakaan nga maaprubaran ken kadakkelan ti kumitaan
    Purchase of CCTV units that do not function when incidents happen infront of the municipal building and the old Bangued East Central School Building ( coincidental )
    The use of units at the Megacentrum Building for business purposes of some immediate family members of the Luna’s
    Asian Tours of Jelly Ann bound to China and Hongkong (kasla tayum-bangued la ti pappapanan na)
    Blessing of houses in Baguio City on two different dates
    Blessing of the Resort
    Blessing/Opening of the Phoenix Gas Station
    Disbursement of Gasoline slips from Phoenix Gas Station (thousand of liters) using official receipts of other gas stations
    Construction of the nose of Jelly Ann
    Purchased of three (3) Big Bikes worth millions of pesos
    Reconstruction of the nose ni Jelly Ann gapu ta nadanug ni mayor ta nagriri da panggep pondo ti fiesta ti Bangued
    Solicitations from business establishment to sponsor activities for the annual fiesta ( withdrawn funds went directly to the pockets of the first spouses)
    Ada 1.3M nga inted ti DSWD region, gimmatang met ni mayor ti agarup nakurang nga 200 cavans of rice ngem idi sumangbay iti bagyo agkurangen iti mayted kadagiti biktima ta nakadanun met diay Lagayan ken Tineg didiay bagas nga para koma iti umili ti Bangued
    – the mayor applied for a loan with Landbank amounting to 80Million which was approved for the purpose of constructing a new commercial building at the site
    Purchase of a second hand truck from Jelly Ann (isu iti imbayad ti maysa nga konsehal iti Danglas keni Mayora para dagidiay ut utang na ngem ginatang metla ni mayor keni Jelly Ann for the LGU tapno agbalin nga cash)
    European tour with at least 10,000 euro pocket money each for mayor and mayora ( shopping spree of mayora at chanel Italia)
    Purchase of a brand new Toyota Hi-lux for beloved Jelly Ann in preparation for the midterm elections in Tayum
    Inspection of the premises of the Bangued Public Market for probable renovations ( ngem haan pay nayrugi)

    Posted by aluminum foil | January 14, 2013, 4:12 am

    The salvaged good conditioned galva sheets from Bangued East Central School old building were brought to Lagayan to serve as roofing of the piggery owned by jendricks and ryan
    Nadrillo bricks from the same demolished building were sold to a businessman from ilocos sur for eight (8) pesos each (good conditioned bricks)
    A mini carnaval was set up within the bangued town plaza every christmas and bangued town fiesta (ngem awan ti pamastrekan nga sumsumrek iti munisipyo ta ngamin bagi deytoy ni jendricks
    The mayor aided in the implementation of projects given to various brgy captains from the governor by allowing the use of the heavy equipments of the municipality but later demanded fair share of the funds as payment for the use of said equipments (pagarup da nu libre ngem ada met gayam bayad na)

    note that Ryjel’s Hotel ( Tirahan located at calaba) ket saan nga naynayun iti deytoy nga listaan gapuna ta napatader met sakbay iti panagtugaw ni ryan seares luna a kas mayor dati deytoy nga sanikua nan.

    Posted by aluminum foil | January 14, 2013, 6:55 am
    • We deserve the leaders that we get. In the past, there were candidates who could have served us with sincerity and integrity. Roding Millare was one of them. He had all the qualifications of a good executive. He was ready to lead Bangued to the genuine progress that had eluded us for endless ages. Sad to say, we were not ready. He never used violence when he ran for office. He had no mean bone in his body. He was a very decent person and well-educated. Again, sad to say the people of Bangued chose to vote for the familiar. Roding Millare again offered his services to the people as a congressional candidate but Abrenos never learn.
      Now, we find ourselves stuck with leaders who have no intention of serving us and giving us a better life. All of them, and I mean all, only serve themselves. This coming elections, we really have nothing much to choose from, except for a handful of well-meaning souls. Only the faces are different. Their brand of leadership is centered on self-service – plunder, malversation, and regretably even murder. The Bible says, “By their acts, you shall know them”. It does not take a rocket scientist to know that they have enriched themselves in power and have stuck to their positions like barnacles. They are ready and willing to kill and be killed just to stay in power.
      I cannot imagine how government employees can survive on 4,950 pesos a month. That, to my mind is equivalent to starvation pay. It makes all the more unconscionable the acts of our leaders. They plunder to their hearts’ content while the great majority of our people wallow in poverty.
      In the coming elections, we can start cleansing the system by not selling our votes. Remember, the money these evil politicians are buying your votes with can only buy meals for a day and what you get in return is another 3 years of plunder and misrule. Let us report incidents of vote-buying. intimidation, violence and other election-related offenses. Only through an enlightened and vigilant citizenry can we hold all our government officials to account for everything they do. Let us not be intimidated. Let us remain steadfast. We only have our chains to lose. There are a couple of well-meaning, freedom loving and patriotic Abrenos we can rely on to lead us to the straight and narrow path like Rimat ti Abra and Manallon. We can listen to their suggestions. It is my fervent hope and prayer that when the time comes, we will all be ready. Remember the adage that says, “When the pupuls are ready, the teacher will come”. May the good Lord bless all long-suffering and freedom-loving Abrenos. The time for change is now. Kung hindi ngayon, kailan pa. Kung hindi tayo, sino?

      Posted by pedro abreno | January 14, 2013, 6:20 pm
      • Rimat Ti Abra and Mannalon: The WRITING ON THE WALL is very clear, what else are you waiting for?
        Start organizing now a worldwide organization or charity aimed to improve the total well-being of the majority poor Abrenians as a show case of your deep conviction in turning the province upside down (until we reach our journey towards “Matuwid Na Daan”) preparatory for the 2016 Election. This involves soliciting aids of any kind and honestly distributed to the victims when natural calamity disaster occurs, free counselling and guidance of free scholarship or low tuition fee for the poor but deserving students, free financial assistance or low interest loan for those qualified to work abroad, free bible distribution to the less-educated idolatrous in order to get rid of that doom or curse of not having righteous political leaders, medical/dental assistance in the far-flung or remote areas, and other civic and social services that our government failed to deliver inspite of their million funds.
        Sir PEDRO ABRENIO please don’t stop feeding our minds with your extra-ordinary knowledge or ideas that might finally bring justice and peace to the present predicament of our beloved province. You are one of a kind and maybe the only one besides Rimat and Mannalon that has a true love and burning desire to see our province redeeming its lost glory one more time. How about joining with them on the 2016 Election, Sir?

        Posted by Barangay Citizen | January 15, 2013, 1:39 pm
      • Baka sika ti masapol da Pedro Abreno, datay man kunak nga kalaingan nga ag intriga ken agperdi ti tao nga nakatogaw, sika la koman ti umay agkandidato itogot mo payen kuman dagita pagayem mon.

        Posted by braulio | January 15, 2013, 7:09 pm
        • I respect your observations. Although I do no agree with what you said, I will defend your right to say it. Allow me, however, to refute your allegation that I have discredited people occupying government positions in the province of Abra. Just in case you have not noticed, accounts of abuse and iniquity committed by several of our government officials are all over the net. In a couple of instances, complaints are even very detailed. Moreover, unlike in Metro Manila where the government of officials are very rarely seen by constituents, in Abra we see them very often. We all have an idea of how much a government official earns. Coupled with the scores of people asking them for financial assistance, it boggles the mind, how these government officials can accumulate so much wealth. Graft and corruption is so in your face, you have to be blind not to see it. Some of these officials are so shameless they even go around in their latest-acquired SUVs or luxury vehicles with the windows rolled down just to show off their latest acquisition.
          I am a taxpayer and a senior citizen. I have spent the better part of my life paying the salaries of our government officials through the taxes that I have paid. I expect honest, self-less and resolute leadership. I demand nothing less.
          To be candid about it, I feel short-changed and betrayed by the lack of quality of leadership I see today. If you, Braulio believe in your heart of hearts that what we have today is ideal, I have no quarrel with that. You are entitled to your own opinion. But am I not within my rights to say otherwise?
          I have always wanted nothing but a better life for all Abrenos regardless of religion, station in life and political belief. I subscribe a hundred percent to the words of the late President John Fitzgerald Kennedy when he said, “Some people see things as they are and ask why? I dream of things that never were and say, why not? Braulio, I too can dream, can’t I?
          I believe that what we must have is a government of the people, for the people and by the people. In all honesty, what we have obtaining today is more like the description painted by the late Senator Camilo Osias, “a government off the people, fool the people and buy the people”. Braulio, is that the kind of government you want?

          Posted by pedro abreno | January 16, 2013, 3:38 pm
        • agree ako pedro beside if a govt oficial does nt wnt to be criticized then never seek public ofice.

          Posted by natanyahu | January 17, 2013, 3:50 am
  19. Voting shows that ryan and dominic no longer enjoy the confidence of theier constituents.Sawa na ang tao sa inyo! Its about time people of Bangued might look for a new breed of leaders to govern the municipality. Wala bang maglalakas loob jan?

    Posted by bogart | January 14, 2013, 5:16 pm
  20. aluminum foil nu nasurotam diay tiempo ti kampanya idi uray la isangit ni apo ryan ti sakit ti nakem na iti pannakatubtub daydi parte iti Bangued East nga nakaypatakderan ti jollibee ta isu kanu iti nagbasaan na iti elementarya ket ngarud tatta napanan na dagidiay kunana nga sakit ti nakem apan na ket ngarud dinemolish diay sibubukel a pag eskwelaan awan ti nabati yanti dati nga nagadalan nan. Ay na apo awan la met nga prinsipyo ti kastan ken ti maysa nga inwaragawag na idi ket mamantenar ken mapapintas dayta nga eskwelaan tapno agserbi nga historical site ken agbalin nga museum ditoy ili iti bangued

    Posted by sangit ni kap jing | January 14, 2013, 8:53 pm
  21. Pudno unay dagiti pantos mo Pedro Abreno. Thees are the exact sentiments of peace loving people of Abra. Results of survey justify that we have no choice this election. Uray koma la ni ma’am Beth Alzate ti nangpadasen, sigurado nga botos na diay 57 percent. Sigurado pay nadalus, natakneng, mapagtalkan ken nadur-as nga panagturay. 3 years is long wait, but with improved peace n order innetiated by nonpartisan Police leadership inspired by no other than pres. Pnoy’s ‘tuwid na daan’, there is hope for better leaders n better Abra come 2016.

    Posted by Tagamasid | January 15, 2013, 12:46 am
  22. awan latta ngarud iti nasayaat nga intayo pagpilyan,..uray bise mayor lang kuma nga nasayaat ta bareng madedbol ton tay mangabak nga mayor hihihi,

    naudi tayon unay kadagiti sabali nga probinsiya,..awan pay iti ummno ken nasayaat nga programa dagiti politiko (in general,..i.e. Health, Education, Livelyhood) daytay IRA latta iti sisiimen da.

    ngem adda damag ko nga adu kanu pundo ni NIC,..5K kanu maysa botante,.. maibus manen ah tay pundo no Ryan no makisabay gastos no haan da nga maala iti pinnabuteng.

    Posted by sillang | January 15, 2013, 8:33 am
  23. Same old shit

    Posted by Palpallatoc | January 15, 2013, 10:54 am
    • What I meant apo ket kastoy, awan latta ti pagbanagan ti abra no Dominic ti agballaigi ta ti direction da ket para ti bulsa nga Saan pulos agserbi. Agaammo tayon!

      Posted by Palpallatoc | January 15, 2013, 10:58 am
  24. papagayam,..adu iti agkakapamilya nga candidato iti sabasabali nga posisyon,..awan met iti mapiar nga pagpilyan tayo,..sapay kuma ta haan da nga mabukudan iti turay tapno adda latta check and balance,..adda latta mangibuyakyak iti madi nga aramid da. Kada pamilya,..maysa maysa laeng kuma iti makapwesto. Good luck kanya tayo nga Abrenio.

    Posted by sillang | January 15, 2013, 12:59 pm
  25. It is very disappointing that the above survey shows that “none of the above” is winning by landslide! Abrenians are sick and tired of constantly choosing the lesser of two evil.

    Posted by Dilemna | January 15, 2013, 11:04 pm
  26. Base in above survey nabangsit dagitoy intay pag pillian apo.no panonotem nga nasayaat apo ket no mabalin ket dida kayat ti bomotosen ti ka adwan nga agindeg toy ili tay nga Bangued.Madi aya ngata apo nga domawat tay la ti tolong ken apo Presidente nga mangipa takder laengen ti oic kas inaramid ni nanang na idi

    Posted by odorless | January 16, 2013, 7:14 am
  27. No choice…yan ang bukambibig ng karamihan. Pareho daw questionable our mayoralty candidates. Kung ganoon ibase na lang sa peace and order situation ng Bangued. Noon, tama ang tsismis na laging nadi-discrimanite or hina-harass ang mga Tingguians lalo na ang mga students. Sa ngayon ba ay hindi na dahil may dugong Tingguian ang Mayor? Bahala na kayong humusga….Kung ako lang ang masusunod, aggayyem la koman dagitoy student nga Ilokan and Tingguian uray sinno ti agmayor or gobernador total no dumayo dan to ti sabali nga lugar (manila, usa, middle east, china, etc.) isudan to met laeng ti agsin-sinnakit..Regionalism…kuna dan sa?

    Posted by sanggir | January 17, 2013, 3:00 pm
  28. mayat koma met a ni dominic nga nagmayor idi ngem kasatnu ngarud ket datay met AMBISYoSA nga ASAWA na nga ni MiLA ti AGiToToRAYEN diay Municipyon… Ryan or Dominic for me?… i’d rather go for RYAN!!!! none of them is perfect but i’d rather like ryan than the ex mayor dominic who kills infront of people…

    Posted by eye of the tiger | January 17, 2013, 7:37 pm
  29. Nupay paborak kn Ryan gapu ti simmayaatan ti linak ken talna, nasaysayaat la koman nga awan ti agbotos ti mayor ta makadismaya ti percentage ti mayat kadaguitoy dua. Awan pay 50 percent, kasano ngaruden ? No blanko, bareng no adda special election wenno appointaranla ni Pnoyen.

    The results of the survey is slap to the faces of thes two. It means, both don’t deserve respect and trust of their constituents. My God, why kind of leaders shall we have? By 2016, it’s hope , that deserving candidates will show themselves.

    Posted by Tagamasid | January 18, 2013, 10:55 am

    Posted by sakulang | January 19, 2013, 6:22 pm
  31. Am I late in commenting, or am I not? I’ve just awoken from my long hiatus/personal slumber, and then I realized, that based on the current survey I was reading, “None of the Above” will be an easy run-away winner in d upcoming polls and will surely beat to dust the two (2) candidates aspiring for d mayoralty position in Bangued. Nice! What now, Mayor Ryan & Ex-Mayor Nic? Unfortunately, “None of d Above” is not even a candidate, but could ideally be representative of what to come in the next succeeding elections…

    As expected, people (not only in Bangued but in d four (4) corners of Abra as well) are clamoring for change…a true, systemic change that is reflective of the common wishes of d ordinary Abrenian people.

    For me, it’s as simple as putting an abrupt end to dirty tactics in politics employed by some greedy politicians like intimidation of voters and opposing candidates alike….So that a new breed of righteous leaders in a New Abrenian Order will rise to challenge d incumbents. Or is this not that simple?

    And well, it could be as simple as being offered in every election with enough number of candidates to choose from, with at least some who embody the following characteristics of a true leader: M.A.T.U.W.I.D.

    1. Man of Action – In general, a man/woman who is capable of acting on currents issues and and getting things accomplished quickly and efficiently. “Aramid iti pakakitaan, saan nga adu a sao” – and so we say! A person who brings desirable & concrete results; and delivers on his promises. He lives up to expectations, and shuns on lip service!

    2. Accountability – It is an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility/answerability or to account for one’s actions. A person who makes himself accountable for all of his actions, good or bad; ready to receive adulations and praise, a tap in d back for a job well-done; more willing to take criticisms for bad judgments/decisions, and build from it moving forward…

    3. Trustworthiness – He must be deserving of trust or confidence; he is reliable and dependable. He is a person who is worthy of d people’s trust, valuing to d highest degree d confidence reposed in him by his constituents, fully realizing that it is so easy to lose their trust, but very difficult to regain…like a broken glass!

    4. Unwavering Faith – A faith in God and in d people. He must develop confidence in God, and keep His words in his heart. He must be equipped with firm determination and resolution, with a steadfast resolve to do things “nga maka-ay-ayo iti Apo” and that benefit the common people. He must reward his people’s loyalty with even more loyalty; faith with more faith!

    5. Willingness to Sacrifice – He must be willing to give up something, for the sake of a better cause. How about spending less time in “cockpit arenas”, in “around d world tours”, in d luxurious lifestyles you live…and share more time with d less fortunate constituents, who also want to hear from you but only see you during election time…

    6. Integrity – It is adherence to moral and ethical principles, having a sound moral character. Candidates and elected leaders must possess this attribute – the condition of being incorruptible and moral – rolled into one.

    7. Dedication to Public Service – A person must be devoted to a particular purpose, and what better devotion could that be than to serve d public with honesty, competence, and integrity.

    I believe there might still be probable candidates out there who embody these characteristics/attributes. All we need to do is to encourage them to take a chance in d next election, perhaps 2016. What about a Manifesto of Support to these individuals once identified. Someone has to lead the way, so that others may follow…If not now, when? If not us, then who? It’s a challenge to each and everyone of us…I remain!

    Posted by RIMAT TI ABRA | January 21, 2013, 1:13 am
    • THAT’S YOU RIMAT, including Pedro Abreno, Bernadine Joson, Mrs. Trinidad of DZPA, the current COMELEC provincial chief, SYSOP, Tagamasid, Mannalon, and others whom you want to include in your list for future election/s. All we need to do now is to ask our soldiers of Christ to redouble their efforts in encouraging God’s people that there’s nothing to fear in our search for a genuine change because there’s a divine protection that is always present in our midst.

      Posted by malagantz | January 22, 2013, 10:26 am

    Posted by killer | January 21, 2013, 1:46 am
  33. no talaga nga kayat yo ti nasayaat nga liderato ditoy probinsya tayo go for ENGR. IRENE BRINGAS manager ti ADTEMPCO isona ti ammok nga solusyon ti problema ti probinsya….. ti saludsod kayat na ngata aya ti agkandidato?????? ibackground investigation yo isuna tapno mamati kayo kanyak….

    Posted by TAGA_BAKIR | January 21, 2013, 5:36 pm
  34. I was just relaying what transpired with me and Dominic V. during the last elections, one thing i can say ket awan pangabak ni Dominic no fare and square ti laban.

    Posted by Darlo Bello | January 22, 2013, 4:47 pm
  35. Uray siasino kanyada ti mangabak, mabalin a mabalbaliwan iti klase ti panagturay da. Basta dakayo nga umili ti Bangued ket di yo itulok nga abusoen dakayo. Awan ti mangbuteng no awan ti agbuteng. Ken umuna, di yo ilako ti botos yo.

    Posted by PiNikPikan | January 22, 2013, 7:54 pm
    • Pinikpik…..”mabalin a mabalbaliwan iti klase ti panagturay da”……dakkel ti kaipapanan na daytoy nga “phrase” mo gayyem. No diak agkamali adda am-ammom nga di mi ammo nga kaadduan nga siguro adda aramiden ti national government kadakuada no agpatpatuloy latta ti kina-agtatakaw da. Ikkan nakami man ti uray bassit laeng nga tip gayyem?

      Posted by manok | January 25, 2013, 2:52 pm
  36. saan yo nga paatiddagen ti storya, parehas da dagitoy nga dua nga mokong, parehas da ti galad isu nga awan lumaban pagkamayor nga salbali, kuarta ta kuartan to met lang goons,guns, nger nger kasla aso ti aramiden da.

    Posted by patricia | January 22, 2013, 9:49 pm
    • PAT..magustuak man daytoy comment mo. Ket kasano ngarud itan, agan-anus tayo lattan nga kasla awan ania man nan? No koma agsardeng ti gobierno nga mangpalpalubos ti panagtaktakaw da, awan koma ti pangalaan da iti igatang da ti paltoog nga pangbutbuteng wenno pangpatpatay dagiti pags da, saan kadi? Isu nga saan laeng nga basol dagitoy agtatakaw nga politikos no di ket ad-adda nga basol dagiti diff. law enforcement agencies tayo agsipud ta agingga ita awan pay laeng ti makita nga panangiraked or panangpungo da kadagitoy tapno rummuar to koman nga kumandidato dagiti husto nga mangisakit ti probinsiya.
      Ngem agan-anus tayo pay laeng bareng asidigen ti pannangileppas ni Presidente Aquino kadagitoy. Siguro bassit laengen nga lualo wenno panagbalbaliw dagiti nakurang pay laeng ti pammati da ti Dios tapno agsardeng metten dagitoy nga kinamalas (or curse) nga sagsagabaen ti taga Abra.

      Posted by bonifacio jr. | January 23, 2013, 5:41 pm
  37. awan iti ibutos kadakwada. . . .nalpas. . . .han nga ado a sao . .nu tao na kayo iti maysa kenkwada, siyempre pabangloan yo. . .ngem nu dakami a marigrigat, ammo mi nga uray siasinno kenkuada, awan iti nasayaat nga mapasamak . . pulos. . .ado a iti matay . . . . . .ado a iti mapukaw a pirak iti tattao . . . . .mangted kayo man iti nagsayaatan iti ili tayo nga inda naubra. . . . . . puros kurakot. . . proyekto, nalpas ken nalpag. . . . .serbisyo, ay ket napan iti bisyo(da) . . . . .agbirok tayo ket iti maysa a nasaysayaat . . . han nga agpipinnabanglo kayo iti kandidato yo nga ammo yo met nga awan serserbi da para iti ili tayo. . .ada serbi da kadakayo wen…kasatno kamin a nanumo nga ibagbaga da payen a namuno?. . . . . . .iti gobyerno ket BY THE PEOPLE ken FOR THE PEOPLE. . . han nga ado nga sao . . . . . .nalpas!

    Posted by qif | January 24, 2013, 12:37 am
    • QIF……….very impressive ti taray ti panunot mo…..diretso awan pakillo-killo. Bagay kenka ket agturay ti nangato a puesto ta paksyatem wenno iluges-lugis mo nga insigida dagiti agtatakaw wenno dagiti agtultuloy latta nga mangperdi ti administrasyon ni apo Aquino. No sika ti mayor ditoy ili mi, awan duadua na nga agbalin nga maysa nga pulgada laengen dagiti ilemlemmeng da nga bots ken pati dagiti tarabitab inarasaas laengen ti pagpatinggaan da. Kastoy ti husto nga mangidaulo, adda tured ken puso da nga mangkaasi met laeng kadagiti mailupit-lupit aglalo no awan ti hidden agenda da. When 2016 Election comes, I want you to align yourself with the prospect candidates of Rimat and Pedro Abreno. Abrenians need more like you….You know what?…your aggressive kind of approach will surely drown those shrewd/thief politicians and eventually influence them with no choice to respect and follow your footsteps towards the right direction. Good luck and bless your heart…..

      Posted by brave heart | January 24, 2013, 10:01 am
  38. Wen husto ta kunam CQB agtatakaw deta nga DAvid guzman ta isuna kano ti damag idi dita dolores ket nagtakaw kano idi ti tsinelas ken candy idi agtawen kano suna ti 18 iso nga binagkong na kano ni lkay Britos .Ti pagkarit na ngamin datoy nga David guzman ket gropo kano ti BERNOS dita lapaz ken tao NI JUN seares the partner na ti crime.

    Posted by Darlo | January 25, 2013, 5:10 pm
  39. Apay irugi met ti bata mon nga ni POPOY ti pumaltog gen GOV.! Naglaing kayo agpabasol! Dagita met la gayam alipores mo ti mangirugrugi ti pinnatay ditoy!

    Posted by TadERo | January 26, 2013, 12:36 am
  40. Damagen ni jendricks Luna diay programa na diay radio no ania ti adal ni mam ruby. Damagek man met ken jendricks Luna no ania met ti adal diay asawa na joy baro Luna. Ti ammok ket awan adal joy Luna no d ket high school graduate. Ni nanang na cesy high school graduate kasta met Ryan Luna high school graduate met.

    Posted by Tony barras | February 4, 2013, 7:50 pm
  41. RYAN SEARES LUNA FOR MAYOR! ISU LATTAN TI MAYOR TAYON TI BANGUED.no choice apo ta ni DOMINIC met laeng kalaban na.Siak nga tao ket haan ko kayat nga dominic ti agturayen ta nakita tayon nu kasak nu ti serbisyo dan .pati ti projects ti anak na nga cong joy bernos ket palpak haan pay pumasa gapu ken dominic.Isu nga idi 2010 RYAN SEARES LUNA TI MAYOR KON.TATTA RYAN SEARES LUNA MANEN>uray nya ti panangperdi yon..Basta haan nga dominic.adu wise voters ti BANGUED.What are their reason??? that they voted RYAN SEARES LUNA last 2010 when infact Dominic was an incumbent mayor. la man nya iti nakita da ken RYAN DAGUITI TAGA BANGUED.HAAN AMIN KET MAGATANG TI BOTOS TI TAGA BANGUED.MOSTLY PEOPLE OF BANGUED ARE EDUCATED

    Posted by lealyn ramos | February 14, 2013, 10:00 am
  42. Uray ngatan han nga agkwarta ken ag pabuteng ni mayor ryan… Iso latta ibutos ko ta adu met nakitak nga mayat inaramid na bangueden… No doubt… Ur the MaN mayor ryan! Hehehe… Suportado ka ng family namin all the way… Good Luck!

    Posted by SistEraKaSbEkiAkeTcH | February 19, 2013, 7:09 am
  43. good luck amin nga kandidato

    Posted by yna | May 12, 2013, 2:17 am

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