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abrenian.com-Facts: First Ever E-Petition for Abrenians

Did you know? On November 23, 2002, barely two months after abrenian.com was launched, the first ever E-Petition was launched by abrenian.com to petition then Pres. Gloria Arroyo to “Stop the Killing” in Abra. The E-Petiiton was triggered by the assasination of Mayor Clarence Benwaren of Tineg on October 29, 2002. The E-petition,  electronically signed by more than 400 internet users eventually found it’s way into the hands of Pres. Arroyo on New Year’s eve in Baguio City (Dec. 31, 2002) embarrasing the 3 top Abrenian officials (Cong. Chito Bersamin, Gov. Vicsyd Valera and Bishop Artemio Rillera). The three were present to meet the President.


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2 thoughts on “abrenian.com-Facts: First Ever E-Petition for Abrenians

  1. It did not make any difference writing to the dwarf – political murders ran unabated for years to come in the province of Abra!

    Posted by Insti | January 8, 2013, 6:21 pm
    • How about now?
      Our current President has a nationwide tall order of dwarfing all forms of corruption and other injustices that may still occur especially senseless political killings where innocent or god-fearing victims will be involved. It is respected in the province or do we still need to petition, informing him among others that his advocacy for Straight Path in the province would be a total failure again because majority candidates of questionable credibility have filed again their candidacies. Hence, we are petitioning him to support only the righteous and brave souls for 2016 Election who are endowed with deep conviction to respect and heed his advocacy based on confidential survey that will be gathered by his trusted incorruptible political advisers. I repeat…by his INCORRUPTIBLE political advisers…..Whoever they are, would they please include Rimat, Pedro Abrenio, and Mannalon on their list?
      Thank you…

      Posted by sanggir | January 16, 2013, 2:46 pm

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