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Participate in politics

One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors – Plato

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19 thoughts on “Participate in politics

  1. nt aplicable in abra where 3 gs is d key to win

    Posted by eric shawn | December 26, 2012, 5:13 am
  2. nt aplicable in abra if u dnt have 3gs dnt dare to run even in national level where those popular candidates like actors are most likely to win

    Posted by eric shawn | December 26, 2012, 5:18 am

    In 2012, I posted in this Website Abrenian.com a CALL for people of ‘TRUE TINGGUIAN HERITAGE’ to come forward to lead the people of the province after Gov. Takit P. Bersamin
    last term. (I considered my nephew TAKIT being the last ILOKAN to serve the people of ABRA).

    I have predicted that after WW II, many Abrenians would leave the Province for places to advance themselves… in education, business, entrepreneurs.

    Many went to Manila to become LAWYERS, DOCTORS, NURSES, ENGINEERS, ETC., Many went to distant places, countries…. HONGKONG,, HAWAII, CANADA, USA.

    Ten years ago, I took my family to Hawaii and there I met an Abrenian Lady residing at Mauii, Hawaii. She owns a BUSINESS Enterprise and a CEO of the same Business. The Lady goes by the name of Ms. Carmelita Omli. She was born in Langangilang, Abra.

    The name ‘Omli’ struck a cord in my brain…My uncle DON LONGINO F. BERSAMIN, Mayor of Bangued at the time, mentioned the name ‘CAPITAN OMLI CAGAID’ (Spanish Era for MAYOR is CAPITAN).

    To be continued:..

    Posted by Dr. Leo Tuason | December 26, 2012, 7:37 am

    When I called for people of TRUE TINGGUIAN HERITAGE to come forward to take the reign
    of the ADMINISTRATION, after Gov. Takit P. Bersamin’s last term (in my humble honest opinion Gov. Takit is the last ILOKAN leader of the Abrenians).

    I was elated that four educated persons emerged and answered the call.

    Allow me to individually state their ‘NON DE PLUME’ names and statement from each…..

    1. ARADO— he said, ‘he accomulated some wealth, that he is satisfied to remain behind
    the curtains and see the political events passes by… not to be involved in politics’,
    rather give free ‘legal advises to anyone in need’.

    2. INSTI — he said, ‘he wants to be an advocate for good goverment’. Not interested in Politics.

    3. PALPALATOC — he said, ‘he wants to go in Politics when the political atmosphere is clear of turmoils/ killings –graft and corruption.

    All above three are “LAWYERS” by profession.

    4. BARRAG — not a lawyer, but attained BACHELOR’S DEGREE. Not interested in Politics.
    …>He said, He likes to make people laugh (a comedian)…. his ILOCANO dialect is “NAUNEG” and his ITNEG dialect is “NARABAU”.

    Why they are not interested to go into politics…Folks, they have their own reasons…

    One thing I learned in politics…overheard the conversation between my brother Meno and Carmelo Barbero… the setting was at my brother’s house… Mr. Barbero recently removed self from the Paredes Party where he learned the workings of politics as a member of the Paredes Party at the time of CONG. Casing Paredes and GOV. Pepito Valera( VICSYDS Father).

    Barbero wants Tuason political support.

    Mr. BARBERO was disappointed to learned from brother Meno who remained loyal to the Paredes/Valera party to the end.

    What my brother Meno told Carmelo, …>”You must have a political machinery to win a seat in the Govenment”.

    To be continued:..

    Posted by Dr. Leo Tuason | December 26, 2012, 3:16 pm
  5. adda aya iti maibaga nga GOOD POLITICS or GOOD POLITICIAN ditoy abra???… adda pay baro a term ita GOOD GOVERNANCE!!! Q..adda ba dagitoy iti abra?… iti ammok nga pakakitaan iti good politics wenno good governance ket iti panagbiag iti tattao. are the abrenians better off now than10 years or 20 years ago?.. adda sumagmamano nga makita nga simmayaat panagbiag da ngem iti general average ket adu latta iti narigat ken adda pay nakarkaru nga remmigat.

    pagsasauan dagiti nagkakalaeng nga politicos iti napalabas, ania iti naaramid da tapno napasayaat kuma iti biag iti kaaduan nga abrenios?? iti makitam nga sumay-sayaat iti panag-biag da ket dagitoy politicos and their relatives. those who were lucky to improve their life did it the hard way.. napan da ballasiw taaw nagpatagabo, nagsakripisyo tapno laeng masuportaran da pamilya da. ket dagitoy nabati abra ket makita nga narigat or rumigrigat biag da. APAY?? where is the good politics and good politicians who should have spearheaded ways to improve the lives of abrenians? awan maserrikan trabaho uray nakaturpos ka college. no adda man kasapulan napigsa padrinom no haan awan pag-asam makastrek.

    we see a lot of road paving, gymnasium building, presidencia renovation, beautiful lightings, etc. but do these projects help in improving the lives of ordinary abrenian? haan sa met ta dagitoy nga projects are implemented because the incumbents are also the ones who are the contractors. kayat na sawen maar-aramid laeng gapu ta dakkel kita politico iti pana-contrata project. ket no mangala da pay workers pilien da met bata da. no haan ka konectado haan ka makastrek. awan met iti konkreto nga projects tapno masolbar kinarigat panagbiag abrenios.

    politics is service. service means you have to serve not be served. narigat iti makasapulen iti nasayaat kapanunutan na nga politico ita ta kaaduan ket sumrek politics not to help and serve but to enrich themselves. haan ka pay makapag kandidato no awan kuartam ta uray kas-kasano ket maki-kadua ka met, maki-gayyem, mangited iti bassit nga tulong. maysa pay naruamen taga abra iti agdawat kadagiti kandidato uray haan dan to met la iboto 😦

    it might be good to involve yourself in politics ta medyo makatulong ka iti husto iti lugar mo no isu iti intensiyon mo! but really abra politics is very dangerous and ridiculous. dagitoy incumbents ket haan da kayat iti makontra and they are ready “by all means” to silence anybody who dare to go against them. if that is the situation then i would choose then to be silent and just work covertly against these evil politicians.

    Posted by manna.lon | January 1, 2013, 10:24 pm
    • Perhaps, d saddest part of it, is that in our present Abra politics, it looks like only d powerful, d ruthless and d wealthy stand to gain power, and keep that power to themselves and their family. Like democracy is now dead; and in its place, anarchy/dictatorship has been unleashed by our evil politicians. Our voice silenced, rights curtailed, we become less and less of who we are as a people. We tend to move one step backwards, instead of taking one step forward to greater heights…”No ania iti kuna iti agturay, isu ti masurot!” we have been told.
      From one generation to another, we have been made to observe and then realize that in Abra, politics starts at d barrel of d gun. By tradition, people are made to believe that in politics d 3 G’s (Guns, Goons, Gold) is d norm – that you must have all of those in order to win an election or even to simply survive d campaign period.
      But then again, I believe that all is not lost, as people are still capable of making a sustainable change! I still envision that change could still come our way, no matter how unrealistic, far-fetching and remote it seems…
      Who knows, someday, somehow, d just, rightful, and righteous leaders will come to our midst, they who are equipped with dedication to public service, faith in God and in d Abrenian people, with honesty, integrity and patriotism – who will take d baton of new leadership and good governance to its true meaning, and show us what we’ve been patiently waiting for – “Baro A Sirmata ken Rimat ti Agsapa iti Baro Nga Abra!”

      Posted by RIMAT TI ABRA | January 2, 2013, 1:51 am
  6. kabsat rimat in your honest opinion, adda aya democracy ditoy abra?.. look at the way we conduct election. haan met nga election no di ket selection!!! the political lords choose whom the people will vote. awan kalaban da. it soooo ridiculous and painful to the heart and brain, ta iti ibagbagada nga rason ket nasay-sayat kanu ta wan ti gulo. ania klase nga kapanunutan dayta??!! we conduct election for the people to have the chance to choose whom they deem capable of guiding them in making their life better and make their place a better place to live in. i don’t see democracy in action here. no freedom of choice, no freedom of speech, NADA ZILTCH!! we the people who try to tell the wrongs of these politicians and their families/cronies are definite target of caliber 45 bullet. and since we value our lives and don’t want to see bad things happen to our family an-anusan tayo langen iti agpapaigid. narigat met bumangga iti bulldozer to iti lugan mo laeng ket VW beetle 😦

    but then adu iti mapasamak iti panaglabas ti panawen.. MARCOS, MUBARAK, KHADAFY, et al they all look indestructible in their power but where are they now? so we all know that someday addan to panagbaliw iti political atmosphere ditoy abra. sapay kuma ta makita tayo pay sakbay ayaban na tayo Apo Dios.

    Posted by manna.lon | January 2, 2013, 6:55 am
    • @ MANNA.LON: Honestly, I am of d opinion that presently d democracy in Abra is dwindling to d point of dying. If democracy in our beloved province were a Ship, I say it is SINKING, but then we can still salvage our ship! I believe, however, that the sad state of democracy in our province is not d sole wrongdoing of our politicians, but whether we like it or not this could also be attributable to our own fault, to a certain degree…we, d Abrenian people, who voted for these kinds of people thru monetary considerations and other factors other than on d basis of their qualifications, platforms of government, and actual performance in office. And that holds true.
      We have a Choice; we have a Chance. But we have become a passive people; no ania ti kayat ti kaadwan sumurot tayo lattan. Wrong! And that should not be d case.
      As a people, we have our own Freewill; and we are capable of standing up for what is Right! We can set good examples for others to emulate. Again, when do we realize that we have d Power over these politicians when it comes to d Ballot…that it’s also true that their “fate”, as well as d future of our beloved Abra, is in our hands comes election time! Who we vote into office is our choice and ours alone; hence, we become accountable to our own actions. If we choose poorly (as in d previous elections), we have to pay d price that comes with it (3 more years of tyranny & corruption!); but, there might be some other rightful candidates out there who deserve our trust…we all need the same thing: A CHANCE! Can we not give them that?
      I strongly agree with you, d once indestructible powers of dictatorship/tyranny has come and go…you cited d cases of Marcos, Mubarak, Khadafy and rightly so. Then, we should realize that we can counter our politicians’ power with an even stronger power, d power of an invisible/indivisible, united Abrenian people desirous of initiating change for a better Abra…You and me, my friend, with others, I believe we can make a Difference…

      Posted by RIMAT TI ABRA | January 2, 2013, 7:40 pm
  7. NO…NO…NO…!!! Don’t ever, ever give up your burning desire to have a “New Abra”! Only the weak suffering mental problem and coward does that they ended up in hospital, cemetery, jail, disgusted or always have fear for the unknowns. It is because their spiritual faith is so weak or none at all that would protect them against the forces of evil particularly our thief politicians and some other dishonest government personnel especially the COA and our judicial courts. Why do you think Bernadine Joson is so brave now, if she is not equipped with such unwavering faith that if she dies, she will die with the noblest purpose on earth, serving God’s people in the area of politics. If she lose, she is still be one of the happiest on earth for she fulfilled her mission by courageously offered her life and yet her constituents were in fear to support her due to lack of divine faith on their part. What about us, what kind of service we have in mind or what kind of mission does our Maker wants us to accomplish before He allows the devil to devour our souls at no time? I don’t need to elaborate that if we want to have a New Abra, rightful/righteous leaders would not be enough if our constituents are always fearful in defending their lives. They need to be Christianized if they want to be fearless in facing or laughing any problem/challenge or to repel the so-called generational curse we inherited from our thief politicians. Ask the priests, preachers, or any true believer why they appear so calm, confident, fearless, loving and compare their outward appearances to our vicious politicians and christian pretenders if there’s a difference or not… then we need to talk again……..

    Posted by brave heart | January 2, 2013, 11:26 am
    • @ BRAVE HEART: We won’t give up g’yem, and we won’t quit…we are still dreaming of better days ahead!
      Surely, all eyes will be set in LAGAYAN this coming polls. I believe that if and when Ms. Joson makes it in her first run at d mayoralty post of her town, this will have a transcendental effect in d political landscape of our dear province. If that happens, just imagine how many people would follow suit…and participate more in d political affairs of their own municipalities, and d province as well, as aspiring candidates in 2016. Just imagine, too, how this will restore d belief in d people that they are indeed d repository of all powers from where government authority emanates, and how strong a united people could be to bring change even to one of our smallest, and more remote localities. It’s funny sometimes, but it seems that only now after a very long time, that politics in Abra has become interesting and significant, and Ms. Joson and all d “underdog/unknown” candidates we have now, are d reasons why…Who knows, I might as well try my luck 3 years from now! Or am I again dreaming…

      Posted by RIMAT TI ABRA | January 2, 2013, 8:18 pm
  8. well said my brother.. 🙂 can i ask how brave really are you in your heart?. ..agpayso ta kunam ta iti kristiano nga husto, kuna ta man langen ta adu met aginki-kristiyano, ket talaga nga haan nga agbuteng mapukaw man wenno pukawen da man biag na ngem iti maysa met nga kristiyano kitaen na met dagiti miembro iti pamilya na.. i myself don’t fear death becoz i know that sooner or later we will come to that but what i fear is my family. if for example i will be summarily executed kasanon to ngatan babassit nga anak ko ket awan met ngarud ibatik nga baknang ko kaniada ta uray mapukawak ket siguradok nga nasayaat la iti panagbiag da. but of course the burning desire is their to see a “New Abra”. no doubt i would sacrifice a lot of me to see a better place for my family to live in. ket isu nga sitayo nga mamati iti Dios ket naynayunan tayo kararag iti bassit nga maar-aramid tayo “in silence” iti dungdongwen tayo nga abra. uray bassit basta adda ket sapay kuma ta manay-nayunan met iti dad-duma ket husto nga haan tayo nga mauma uray napalikmutan tayo iti sairo

    Posted by manna.lon | January 2, 2013, 7:57 pm
  9. You are a loving family man Mannalon….you have a good heart and a deep conviction like Rimat of saving our present and future generation from further abuses of our voracious politicians and other government crocodiles. But you are worrying for nothing because your kind has a mission on earth that needs to be done and your rewards will be very far from premature death. You have to finish it first then start worrying what comes next, otherwise, His purpose of giving you a good heart and brave intelligent mind is just useless. Besides, do you really think that He will allow your loved ones to go unnoticed when you are done with your mission or purpose of living? I’m sorry but that’s what the unbelievers or christian pretenders think that’s why they are so busy in looting here..looting there….But don’t worry, because you are not, it’s just a normal feeling of a normal person.
    But, WORRY and FEAR are words of the devil not from the loving God and he wants us to feel them as often as we can so that we are powerless to stand our ground against his agents of destruction (thief politicians, murderers, corruptible judges and other govt. workers, etc.) thus makes him so happy watching our miserable life suffering from all kinds of mental anxieties and physical weaknesses while still living. But another but like what Rimat says: “WE HAVE A CHOICE; WE HAVE A CHANCE, and if I may add Matthew 6:33 “Seek the Kingdom of God first, live righteously, and all things will be added to you”.
    Rimat, if you don’t mind. will you replace “dreaming” with Burning Desire when 2016 Election comes? Don’t forget to bring Mannalon with you….You can trust him…..thank you…

    Posted by brave heart | January 3, 2013, 11:00 am
    • @ BRAVE HEART: I don’t mind, and I won’t mind g’yem. Next time, I’ll heed your friendly advice by using stronger words like “burning desire”, and even “non-stop passion” instead of “dreaming” in my posts…
      Me, too, I can sense d “burning desire” (there you go) of MANNA.LON to see Change in our dear province; although he has some reservations in mind and understandably so. Indeed, families are immensely important. That’s where we came from and always come back to, no matter what! It takes precedence over everything.
      So it really requires a supreme sacrifice for someone to fight a noble cause, if that is one’s calling/mission/purpose in d greater spectrum of life, from simply standing up for an aggrieved brother, protecting/defending other people’s right, to fighting for freedom and honor, justice and righteousness.
      In d past many have been called, but only a few have been chosen, and somehow they made their marks…
      I don’t know, but it reminds me of d life of Cong. Chito, Bokal James, Mayor El, among others, they who lived for something, with purpose, but were gone too soon (while at their prime)…But it is my humble opinion that death did not extinguish their existence; it even defined and immortalized them!
      I’ve learned that d greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing; because d person who risks nothing accomplishes nothing; he feels nothing; and in d end, becomes nothing. Simply, he does not advance; he becomes stagnant.
      To these people, it was indeed a blessing for them to die for a cause, because we (other people) can easily die for nothing. It strikes something, that “only d brave and righteous enjoy noble and glorious deaths.”
      But to the crooked/corrupt leaders, it is also true that aeons of infamy survive d oblivion of d grave. Remember, d evil that men do lives after them.
      So, if d opportunity presents itself, it seems always better to grab it by d horn. All things are possible to one who believes. To try may be to die, but not to care is never to be born! Chance is what we need…but for now, Hope that’s all we have!

      Posted by RIMAT TI ABRA | January 4, 2013, 1:18 am
  10. I forgot: Don’t let HATRED consumes you. Medical research revealed that hate and anger runs through your veins which are connected to your heart and brain and the result is devastating…high blood or heart disease and other organ diseases. It’s okay to express them for it makes you feel good but don’t allow it to linger in your mind or better yet, practice the art of forgiveness silently in your heart and trust our judicial system or divine justice will just take the rest. Good luck….

    Posted by brave heart | January 3, 2013, 11:25 am
  11. Many wonderful things are witnessed in the philippines, including Abra, tru the ‘matuwid na daan’ ni Pnoy. The former Big Boss, now little Gloria, is now reaping the fruits of her greed. The Big chief of dept.of justice is in trouble. Peace improved particularly Mindanao and abra. Lagayan has abruptly produced not 2 but several candidates for mayor, to prove that the Lunas made the biggest ‘change’ in Abra. Is it possible that this scenario was caused by the influenced of a young prof. Atty Luna, the only deserving candidate of all the candidates? Deserving not because he is professional but because he is still clean compared to all others. Ti Tao agdferecia diay mula nga no ania ti kayo, isu met la diay bungana. Ti Tao adda panunotna, adda reknana, ammuna tiagayat, ken ammuna ti agbalbaliw ken mangbalbaliw ti aglikmutna. Look, the late pres. Diosdado Macapagal was an honorable man, but what kind of pres.was little Gloria?

    Pres. Pinoy has accomplished toward peace more than all the efforts of past presidents combined! Incredible but true. Mindanao which had been in turmoil for decades is now the focus of international investments, because peace is now at hand. Abra, our beloved province, is a beautiful place endowed with fantastic sceneries with equally beautiful people known for bravery for justice n peace. With the good governance exampled no less than by the pres.,our potential for tourism focus is great possibility. Many rich nations became progressive tru tourism alone. With new faces like ms Joson n Atty Hans Luna in politics of Abra, there is hope for a better Abra. Let us remove the exclusive pride of ilocano or tinguians. We are Abrenians. Together, we have to move forward with the guiding hands of One God, the God of both Ilocano n Tinguians.

    Posted by Tagamasid | January 6, 2013, 7:01 am
  12. aiwa. . .we can participate in politics by doing something good….say “QIF” if they offer you money/anything for the vote/evil things for their personal gains…..open our eyes!….speak-out!…..to arms!…..its time to work for the betterment of our beloved town/province……….let abra be the abra before our existence……bring back the life of abra!…bring back the heart of abra…bring out the good of the people living ……bring back freedom…bring back the camaraderie…bring it back!……..banzai abra!

    Posted by qif | January 9, 2013, 1:12 am

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