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Joson: I’m not withdrawing

Lagayan, Abra. Days before the deadline (December, 21, 2012) to withdraw or substitute election candidacy, Berna Sibayan Joson reiterate she’s now withdrawing from the Mayoralty post in Lagayan.

In a message sent abrenian.com, Joson also denied allegation that she’s will be substituted by her uncle Antonio Maduli Bilong.

“My own uncle is questioning my domicile”, she wrote. “I was born, grew up, until I finished my studies, in the same barrio where he resides. When we left the barrio for employment opportunities outside Abra he was caretaker to all the properties of our parents (R.I.P.). Imagine, he filed a disqualification case against me for non-residency?”

She said that this is an effort by the camp fo the powerfull Luna clan to intimidate me. “I was born and raised in Lagayan and I will die in Lagaya”, she said. “It is unfortunate that my own uncle is being used by the Lunas”.

“I have no money as much as they have, no guns used to fright and murder, no influence as much influence they exploit, and no power as much they utilize. The only weapon I have and I am sure they do not possess is the principle of righteousness and my determination to change the culture of violence in my birth place”, she said.

Joson has filed plunder case against the Lunas. In turn the Lunas filed falsification of public document  against her.


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59 thoughts on “Joson: I’m not withdrawing

  1. Ahh… It fate permits you to win for the mayoralty position… I just hope, history will not repeat themselves… No compromise. O falsification of public documents. Awan koma ti switik

    Posted by sweetik | December 18, 2012, 12:57 am
  2. Ahh… It fate permits you to win for the mayoralty position… I just hope, history will not repeat itself…sana mapanindigan mu ang snsbi mong righteousness. No compromise. No falsification of public documents. Awan koma ti switik

    Posted by sweetik | December 18, 2012, 12:59 am
  3. SWEETIK, abra can not move forward because you are one of those people who relied on history repeats itself. seems you are sour graping ha? if you always look at history repeats itself, you are still a member of satan’s clan, you never believe in the washing away of sins by the blood of Jesus. move forward dear, do not let history repeats itself on you. let go of your angst! believe that God forgave us by dying on the cross. Makimisa ka ‘day, natatalukbungan ng demonyo ang utak mo..kawawa ka inday. Pero gusto kita ‘day, matalino ka.

    Posted by SOUR GRAPING | December 18, 2012, 2:37 am
    • sour graping,read again my statement…comprehend,ok? I dont rely to history in terms of governance. I rely on the person who leads a certain community not history. The situation of abra as a whole is a product of history but moreso due to our leaders who gain just because of personal interest. A satan knows well a fellow? Again,comprehend,day.Credibility matters in public service…

      Posted by sweetik | December 18, 2012, 6:15 am
  4. agpapada kayo amin dita lagayan.han kayo agindadalus man dita? ada met la aramid mu berna.kunak manen agpapadakayo amin da luna.inamin mu taga lagayan ka met la gayam.agpapada kayo amin.Amen!

    Posted by ikis | December 18, 2012, 5:11 am
    • Ipinanganak tayo na hndi perpekto,,tao lng tau n ngkakamali,,,peo may panahon pra mgbago at bguhin ang ating kinagisnan,,,lht nmn ng tao pare parehas,,walng mdaya wlng dinadaya,,,lht tau mndaraya,,,d lng ntin nkkta kc gngwa nti at ang alm ntin ito ay tama,,,so, wag sna tau mgsalita ng mga bagay n kinakain dn ntin,,,walng taong mtino s abra,,kung meron mn xa ay takot,,,My hometown lagayan, di mn lht ay mpagkakatiwalaan peo may puso dn nmn n bndang huli ay mmhalin ang byang sinilangan,,,iisa tau so dapat mgtulungan pra puksain ang kadilimang dulot ng masamang dinastiya,,,wake up abrainians may bukas pang nghhntay sa

      Posted by zombie | December 27, 2012, 8:16 pm
  5. wen agpapada da amin nga taga lagayan ta taga lagayan da met amin

    Posted by Capt. per | December 18, 2012, 5:15 am
  6. We should salute the courage of this lady. She is the famous David reincarnated in Lagayan. She is a true legacy of Gabriela Silang! One of the few true blood Pilipino. Mangabak ken saan, malaglagipto latta.

    Ni ari David adu met basolna, killer ken ginundayawan na diay asawa ti soldaduna. Ngem nagbabawi ket inkarigatan ti nagbalin nga nalinteg. God said ‘ get rid of your sin, be born to a new heart and I ‘ll give you life’

    Posted by Tagamasid | December 18, 2012, 8:22 am
  7. We were born with a mission. God gave us a free will to choose between darkness and brightness as our guide to fulfill that mission. Whether we like it or not, we all die and nobody knows when and how, thus cowardliness should not be an excuse to do what is right. But true believers are unafraid to die for they understand that dying without a good purpose is worthless. You might owned the world but behind that power, honor, and anything that a money can buy, are all just worthless for they have no room in heaven or in hell where you ended up. Vanity is vanity as Solomon says, where all his wisdom, wealth, honor, and anything that he worked-hard for were just vanished on the day he took his last breath. But wise as he is, as if he concluded by saying that “Be brave to do the anything in accordance with the will of God if you want to feel real fulfillment of life”.

    Posted by life is worth dying for | December 18, 2012, 11:31 am
  8. Sour grape means one tries to do something but can’t while others can.

    Posted by atcheng | December 18, 2012, 1:56 pm
  9. Atcheng…are you talking with yourself again?
    Don’t spread your virus!
    Take your medicine, will you?

    Posted by dok | December 18, 2012, 2:59 pm
  10. your guts is admirable no doubt! whatever your plans are stick to what is right. awan mapukaw kenka no nasayaat iti aramid mo. uray iti biag ket haan mo nga panunuten maaramid mo lang nasayaat. sapay kuma ta agballigi ka ket maipakita tayo met nga ditoy abra ket adda pay la lugar iti nasayaat nga kapanunutan.

    Posted by manna.lon | December 18, 2012, 4:49 pm
  11. ask ko lang mga igan,siya ba yong berna joson na nag work noon sa capitol? kung siya ito ay EXCUSE US !!!!

    Posted by pagalsem | December 18, 2012, 7:11 pm
    • kht sya bsta she cn substantiate her allegation. kht nga c leo nolasco maging whisle blower against takit ok lng dn kc mga anomalies e ung nakakaalam talaga e ung kasama mu sa pgnanakaw

      Posted by drunken master | December 18, 2012, 7:40 pm
      • I agree with you Jackie Chan…..she knows a lot of anomalies perpetrated by her former bosses in Lagayan, for 13 years she served as a municipal official and during those years she was their partner in crime. Nagpasugnod, hindi napagbigyan, mas malakas ang treasurer kay boss kaya nagselos….then became a whistle blower. Her former bosses probably see her as a back stabber, but whatever the case may be?, hopefully, their cases will prosper in court!

        Posted by Juan Doe | December 18, 2012, 11:27 pm
  12. As compared to d other aspirants/candidates for elective positions in d different municipalities of our province, d road now being taken by Ms. Joson to d mayoralty position of Lagayan is arguably d most challenging, d most intimidating, and d least enticing, due to the power dominance of one political clan for decades now. But I personally salute Ms. Joson for her courage…for standing up when everyone else seems content of bowing down, for showing up to fight for her convictions when others are simply satisfied to just follow orders to d letter, and of taking d lonely, punishing road to d reins of her municipality despised by many. But then, one thing is for sure! Ms. Joson is d real deal, as she has d attention/sentiment of d ordinary voter/s, she represents d common people tired of a one-family’s rule, d aspirations of many to make change for d better, d people’s voice which has been curtailed. She’s now rising to the consciousness of her opponent/s, making them think/devise of ways and means to neutralize her, and her opponents must dig deep into their pockets of dirty tricks…In truth, this never happened in Lagayan for a long time, but is indeed happening now! The people are divided, d Luna’s will have their following, who will vote for them. And there are d people who want change to happen, and they believe the time is now! They grow in numbers as d election closes in, and in casting our votes, that might spell d difference!

    Posted by RIMAT TI ABRA | December 18, 2012, 8:22 pm
    • i disagree ra for short, wy only lagayan whon u wnt to change wy nt include d whole abra are u supporter of takit who believe dat he s nt corrupt as ruby insisted in her interviews n pres releases.

      Posted by soberdinate | December 18, 2012, 9:27 pm
      • @ SOBERDINATE: You know g’yem, what applies to Lagayan could also apply to any other municipality in our dear province, and even in d provincial level. While some people dream of change in Lagayan, I’m dreaming, too, of change in my beloved Abra. It’s just that the report/article pertains to Ms. Joson and the locality of Lagayan, and that’s d line of my reasoning. Contrary to your notion, I’m not inclined to saying that I’m a supporter of Gov. Takit, or any other politician, as far as I believe that it is the ideals put to actions by these people (our politicians) that define who they really are. It is not what they have promised, but what they have delivered; not what they have said, but what was actually done by them – that really matters to me! On one hand, as a law-abiding citizen, I’m bound to support our elected officials in programs that will benefit our people. But, to have my one precious vote is another.

        Posted by RIMAT TI ABRA | December 18, 2012, 10:19 pm
        • mayatak ti tema ti rason ken kapanunutam R.A,ngem para kaniak,nasaysayaat koma nga tay kandidato ket awan ti inaramid na a maikaniwas iti linteg ti dios ken ti tao.yes i salute also her courage in defying the odds BUT it would have been better if she had not been tainted !

          Posted by KARASAKAS | December 18, 2012, 11:41 pm
  13. @ KARASAKAS: Agpayso dayta kunam kabsat. No koma la mabalin nga dagitoy agngayangay nga kakandidato iti ipatpateg tayo nga il-ili ken probinsiya ket nadalus iti konsensiya ken aramid da, nagpintasan koman no kasta! Ngem pagbirukan tayo ngata g’yem kadakuada! No siak ti botante, kunak kadagiti kakandidato. “Come to me with clean hands (and we’ll talk how to make our province and our lives better)” It’s not a secret that Ms. Joson had worked with the Luna’s before, and I’m not discounting the possibility that she could have also participated and/or consented, directly or indirectly, in the making of anomalous transactions that led to losses amounting to millions in d town’s coffers. She could have also made mistakes in d past, but now she’s trying to right what she knows is not. She has d chance now; but it’s still up for d voters to decide. We may consider Ms. Joson an upgrade over d candidates she’s trying to unseat/defeat, but when there are no other candidate/s or alternative/s willing to do what she has done in running against a well-oiled machinery of an established political clan, it only means one thing…she’s all we’ve got g’yem!

    Posted by RIMAT TI ABRA | December 19, 2012, 12:28 am
  14. Nag-sacrifice la ngaruden ni Ms. Joson kina Governor wenno Congressman la koman bareng no dakdakkel pay koma ti tsansa na. Uray no awan iti di awan wenno nakurang nga political machineries na, apay ammo kadi dagiti political leaders ti husto nga rikna ken panunot dagiti botantes? Uray ket no wen da nga wen no adda maited kadakuada nga kuarta wenno agbutbuteng ken agin-bubuteng da, ammo da kadi wenno makita da ti huston to met laeng nga ibutos da diay uneg ti presinto? I am sure we have more WISE voters now than SCARED voters, don’t you think? I don’t think ignorance is the issue either because our voters could count (especially money) faster than we think in spite of literacy problem. The real issue is if our Comelec and Police Force could indeed protect their votes and their lives especially in the far-flung areas..!! Can we get a 100% assurance, Sir?..Ma’am?
    THANK YOU VERY MUCH….and may you and your loved will be so HAPPY this christmas..!!

    Posted by life is worth dying for | December 19, 2012, 10:44 am
    • @ LIFE IS WORTH DYING FOR: I believe it’s only right and proper to call d attention of d police authorities and d Comelec-Abra on this matter, especially as to the issue of voters’ assurance of protection against intimidation, harassment, and political vendetta, in d voting (and campaigning) for their candidates of choice, and that their votes will actually be counted! The “if only” line goes again as follows…(1) If only d police authorities (some of them) will live up to d high ethical standards of their profession and not bow down to the whims and questionable, self-serving orders of their bossy mayors/politicians; and (2) If only d Comelec could set proper guidelines for d apprehension and punishment of politicians and their “alipores” committing election offenses (before, during, and after d election)…I believe we have existing laws specifically made to protect and safeguard our ordinary voters, and to regulate our electoral exercise, but d problem is how to implement them. So any comment, perhaps from bloggers in d PNP & COMELEC, is most welcome! Anyone?

      Posted by RIMAT TI ABRA | December 19, 2012, 10:37 pm
      • Your will be done – PNP

        Posted by PiNikPikan | December 20, 2012, 7:20 pm
        • ra.mayabang ka marunung lng mgingles iniismul na ang pnp hangang coment lng naman sya may binaril nga sa neigbor nla pg tinanung nakatalikod daw sya kaya d nakta ung ngyare

          Posted by po box | December 20, 2012, 7:38 pm
        • @ PO BOX: Please don’t get me wrong, my friend. Kailanman, hindi ko inismol ang kakayahan ng ating mga kapulisan. No kitaem diay comment ko, kunak “some of them” – kayatna a saw-en, “not all”, hindi po lahat, because as a law-abiding citizen, I respect d law, I respect our elected leaders, I respect d police authorities, I respect other people’s rights, even d ordinary citizen – gapu ta isu dayta iti naisuro kaniak a panangipakita iti “respect for self” wenno “respeto iti bagi” nga kunada. It’s just my observation, an expression of my sentiment/opinion…and a challenge too, sa mga kinauukulan. Peace be with you, g’yem!

          Posted by RIMAT TI ABRA | December 20, 2012, 8:38 pm
  15. WIN OR LOST…..for Joson is not the end but it’s just the beginning for the province to remain hopeful and vigilant for the long-awaited CHANGE. For her to be a Governor and Rimat Ti Abra for Congressman on 2016 Election, Abrenians all over the world must UNITE, encouraging one another that it’s now or never to grab this rare chance of opportunity to support these rare kind of breed BRAVELY AND UNSELFISHLY, as our next front leaders/candidates under the banner of a newly formed political party called “ABRENIAN INVISIBLE FORCE PARTY” or something that has to be named yet if the ruling party has other preference in place of our proposed candidates.
    Gone are the days of long different kind of sufferings due to corruption and other lawlessness because of our selfishness and cowardliness. We must challenge or wake up now our conscience that life is just worthless if we just die without making a difference on the life of our helpless constituents.
    If we lose this unified mission, it will still our noble legacy to the present and future generation for once in our life, we tried with all our efforts or the best that we could in order to make their future bright or brighter which they could not have ever had imagined. They could never ever blame us or like how are we blaming now our past and present politicians, for against all odds, hoping against hope, we offered Joson and Rimat as our only remaining hope, but selfishness and cowardliness still lingering in the hearts and minds of our few wicked, stiffed-neck, and hypocrite “kababayans”.
    But 2016 Election is still far and who knows that those who are thinking or planning to sabotage this DREAM or for those who will not vote for Joson and Rimat will be then out of sight or nowhere to be found. Miracle is not a myth, otherwise it should not had been a word that could not be found in the dictionary.

    Posted by life is worth dying for | December 19, 2012, 1:35 pm
    • Who is Joson? Whistle blower againts a powerful political clan is her only qualifications so far, other than that, what else? If a person that broke the law tells you not to break the law, is that rigtheousness?

      Posted by Dilemna | December 19, 2012, 5:11 pm
      • @ DILEMNA: Righteousness could be doing what is right, and refraining from doing what is wrong, in accordance with one’s inner conscience, of which we are all accountable. We may have committed mistakes in the past, said things we should not have said, done things we should have not, but then, we can be born again and become a better person. We may hate d things a person did, but we should not hate d person; they’re two different things. What you do now g’yem, and holding yourself accountable for its results/effects, whether good or bad, I think, that’s righteousness!

        Posted by RIMAT TI ABRA | December 19, 2012, 8:58 pm
        • RA: I like your thought in regards of my question about righteousness. Politicians that are not ideal to govern Abra will win again, I think. My only hope now was said by former senator Gordon and I quote: ” What the country needs is not a change OF men but a change IN men”.

          Posted by Dilemna | December 19, 2012, 10:12 pm
        • @ DILEMNA: You said it exactly g’yem. “What we need is not really a change OF men, but a change IN men.” It presupposes that change must really starts from within, and so is righteousness of men. Ngem, kaano aya ngata a mapasamak dayta gayyem! Wishful thinking? I hope not! But the clear reality is, as you have correctly observed in your post, the present crop/breed of Abra politicians, many of whom are not even ideal/fit to govern, are expected to win in d coming polls…AGAIN! But hope springs eternal my friend, who knows, if we can’t make a change IN them, we can make a change FOR them! That’s a reality, too…

          Posted by RIMAT TI ABRA | December 19, 2012, 10:51 pm
        • ra. let me remind u also dat jendrix initiated a complaint against d governor yet i cn nt hear a recognition to jendrix frm u. it sims dat u have double standard d definition of righteosnes. nu ni joson ket righteos ket kasta met ah ni jendrix bec dey are both complainant of plunder.

          Posted by drunken master | December 20, 2012, 8:55 am
        • @Drunken fool, guess we all know which camp you really are for. Now to just post your Real name do it do it…

          Posted by STOP HATING. | December 20, 2012, 3:01 pm
      • stop hating am nt like who hired ruby to repute my comments against takit. if so hapen he s d incumbent gov dats he s prone to criticisms if he does nt wnt to be criticized dn bak to america na lng sya to enjoy hs plundered milions. look at my post i even lauded joson for being whistle blower against d luna

        Posted by drunken master | December 20, 2012, 6:11 pm
        • paki delete po to

          Posted by drunken master | December 20, 2012, 6:27 pm
        • @ DRUNKEN MASTER: Thanks for reminding me g’yem! Indeed, no ibasar tayo iti kaibatugan iti “righteousness” babaen iti panangipila iti darum nga plunder (ex-Mayor Jendricks vs. Gov. Takit; Ms. Joson vs. ex-Mayor Jendricks, etc.) ti makunak ket kastoy, they are indeed of equal footing. I assure you, if these cases push through and will lead to conviction, no sinno man ti nagbasol, d complainant who initiated d plunder charge will get d “recognition” you are saying. What I’m telling is, righteousness is from within, no ania iti panagkitam iti bagim, saan nga no ania iti kuna iti sabali. That’s public perception. Agsabali da g’yem. Peace!!!

          Posted by RIMAT TI ABRA | December 20, 2012, 8:51 pm
        • stop hating. u dnt know what ur talking we are here as blogger ds is nt a forum where pcs of evidences cn be presented.mr syop post factual isues like gov takit n lunas have graft pending cases at d ombudsman for as blogger to coment.

          Posted by po box | December 20, 2012, 10:45 pm
      • stop hating am nt like who hired ruby to repute my comments against takit. if so hapen he s d incumbent gov dats wy he s prone to criticisms if he does nt wnt to be criticized dn bak to america na lng sya to enjoy hs plundered milions. look at my post i even lauded joson for being whistle blower against d luna. am a just and fair if joson is laudable for his aktion against d luna so wd jendrix who filed graft agains takit. as i said n my previous coment kht cnu pa complainant as long he cn substantiate hs alegation ok yan we have d chk n balance.

        Posted by drunken master | December 20, 2012, 6:24 pm
        • stop hating. ll take ur challenge il post my real name when u reveal urself. deal

          Posted by drunken master | December 20, 2012, 6:32 pm
        • No Drunken you are mistaken once again “am a just and fair” I doubt that. First of all, you don’t have any proof just ramblings. I also am for the just. Bring forth proof and file a case you have that right as a citizen. All you do is comment with no bearing. Like I once said I comment on you because your just to easy. TyPe LikE YoU tExT is hardly creative and being positive towards your fellow Abrenian. So go ahead drink up and listen to the next orders that are barked at you. Be a good dog.

          Posted by STOP HATING. | December 20, 2012, 10:20 pm
        • hating. reaad po box coment in response to ur coment

          Posted by drunken master | December 20, 2012, 10:49 pm
        • stop hating. u called me good dog am tellgng u baboy ka. ammum kung aku bos mu i fire u kc diskarteng mgreason is gasgas na u r like ofhose involv in scandal where in public opinion says day u r guilty. so its easy to tel file in court. u r like mike aroyo. corona n abalos.

          Posted by drunken master | December 21, 2012, 3:49 am
    • @ LIFE IS WORTH DYING FOR: I’m truly mesmerized and deeply touched by your way of thinking and deep concern on d present political state of our dear province. You, like d other concerned bloggers here, are worthy of emulation! Keep up d good work, my friend. Our province mates need people like you to enlighten them, inspire them, and make them believe that a united citizenry has the power to unite and make a sustainable change for a better governance in our province.
      Indeed, we are d invisible force (better if also “indivisible”), d one true force that could unite an Abrenian people presently divided by conflicting political beliefs and affiliations, different ethnicity and religion, of learning, etc. but as a people desiring of seeing better days ahead for ourselves and our fellow Abrenios…We Are ONE!
      One day I know, we can unite, pool our talents and resources together, and make a significant run to bring our political misery to a halt, elect d rightful and righteous leaders that we deserve (who will serve us with honesty, competence, and integrity), and bring back to our beloved province d luster of its glory days! This is my dream, d dream of every ordinary Abrenian, and with our concerted efforts, this could be d lasting legacy we could leave to our children and our children’s children! Mabuhay ka g’yem!

      Posted by RIMAT TI ABRA | December 19, 2012, 8:43 pm
  16. THIS IS IT!…THIS COULD BE IT!….Abrenians..!
    Were we not lucky yet that finally we found our true leaders in the person of Joson and Rimat?
    Were they not the reincarnation of Gabriela and Diego Silang’s braveness and astuteness? (or Esther like in the biblical times just in case Rimat is a female? I like Esther’s famous words “IF PERISH, I WILL PERISH” when she was summoned to save the lives of her people from the greed and corrupt King’s Right Hand.)
    If so, then we have the reason to keep our hopes and dreams for the meantime, wouldn’t you think?
    Reason being is, we are the so called INVISIBLE FORCE that are afraid to come out in the open because of intimidation or threat to our lives but will courageously face the fate of life when rightful leaders or candidates come and lead the way for us. They may call us sour-grapes or coward opportunists but contrary to their beliefs, we are just waiting for the right place and for the right time to show or demonstrate our deepest love to the province.
    Admittedly, the above-mentioned individuals have insufficient political machinery to further their cause, but what could be more effective or simpler than “word of mouth” where we could just tell our own neighbor/s that we have now the rightful candidates that lead us to the right path? What about the most feared and glorified “INVISIBLE FORCE” that always in the midst of the true believers, won’t you be more agreeable and be more comfortable in serving the community with that?

    Posted by uneducated guest | December 19, 2012, 4:25 pm
    • @ UNEDUCATED GUEST: It has been said that “a pen is mightier than a double-edged sword.” Just imagine if people like you, motivated with a single purpose to make a lasting contribution to establishing a better Abrenian society, join hands with other volunteers for change, and do what we can do and is supposed to do! Just imagine how strong Abrenian people we could be…I believe, together with d others, we could establish a true government “BY d people, OF d people, FOR d people” representative of d true interests and aspirations of our fellow Abrenios! As we speak as one my friend, and let out our opinions, we are letting others to follow and hear our collective Voices. It is my belief that thru d mighty pen (of public opinion), not even d politicians’ double-edged sword could hurt us anymore…Keep enlightening us, you shine!

      Posted by RIMAT TI ABRA | December 19, 2012, 11:12 pm
  17. Drunken Master: There’s a condition there to be righteous as fully emphasized by Rimat which I think you just missed not misunderstood it or if I may refresh the phrase “You need to be spiritually born again” and sin no more in order to become righteous. Nice catch though..!

    Posted by sleeping dragon | December 20, 2012, 9:32 am
  18. This is interesting!..let me try my paltat thinking…..
    No matter how many times you are doing the right thing, if you keep sinning like: stealing, killing, womanizing, selfish, unkind, unforgiving, and falling other traps of the devil (I don’t know about smoking, gambling, and excessive drinking?) although you were “Born Again” still is not considered righteousness. You are still subjected to bad laws of karma (if not divine justice) where you could be inflicted with different mental and physical sickness, unable to have a sound sleep, good taste of food you are eating, unhealthy relationship to anyone, suffering fears or worries that you can’t understand why, and other bad lucks in life that won’t leave you until you consider seriously to be transformed spiritually with the help of your preacher, priest, and true believers. The beauty of it is, even the most hardened criminal has always the so called “second chance” to grab this spiritual thing if he wants to have a better peace of mind.
    Now, the question is, are you willing now to give up those “naimas” na sinful things in exchange of real fulfillment or happiness in life that you never really experience yet? Try it for at least a month or two then go back to your former sinful ways if you are not really contented with it. I must warned you though that it’s very hard in the beginning, but keep pushing it for you’ll be still tested if you’re really serious or not in transforming your waking life for the better. I fought very hard and it seemed that He refused to accept me but eventually succeed after so many grueling months and I am sure you could do the same likewise, or better and faster if you are not sinful as I was.
    Good luck future brethren….Merry..merry…Christmas and Happy New Year…..Indeed God loves you and always waiting no matter who and where you are….

    Posted by paltat | December 20, 2012, 10:29 am
  19. I applaud your sincere effort of uniting Abrenians for a noble cause where only the selfish kind and children of the devil resist to participate but instead continuously creating problems in the midst of our hardships. We can rule out cowardliness here if you will be our leader for life is worth dying for when it comes to human survival and rights to exist with dignity and respect. I have only one concern though that might derail the success of your leadership if we ignore to address it in the earliest possible time. It’s no longer a secret that our province has the bravest or worst sinners on earth (courtesy of other thief politicians) which perceived as the main cause of our economic woes and unending peace problem which I am afraid that we are already under CURSE because of it. If we are under curse, I don’t want to read the signs as evidenced of China’s aggression on our territorial dispute, US warfare deployment in the Pacific, and NPA’s intention to reconcile with the present administration for just one short range missile, is already enough to pulverize the Abrenians as the number one favorite target because of its bravest and worst politicians and their cohorts are here.
    We could ignore this curse as just only an stupid assessment, but would it be safer if we could encourage our pretenders christian to fully embrace righteousness that might change or overrule/overturn my stupid assessment? Assuming that I am dead wrong with this unfounded invasion theory, what if the uncircumcised heart and mind of our pretenders christian would still be the main reason why the province could not advance progressively and peacefully regardless of who would be our leaders are or whether we are under curse or not? But please don’t get me wrong Rimat for I am not here to discourage you but to encourage you to consider all possibilities whether they are negligible or not. Thanks for listening/reading….

    Posted by uneducated guest | December 20, 2012, 5:13 pm
  20. Note: I Know my grammar is bad but could you just ignore it and change “pretenders christian” to christian pretenders?
    For those who are smiling secretly because of it please don’t be like those uneducated guests (like me) who have no professionalism at all by giggly launching their destructive criticism or “uyaw”?
    Anyway, I would like to emphasize further that whether we are under curse or not, no matter how good our future front leaders would be, I am afraid that our Maker is still reluctant to grant us the CHANGE we had been clamoring for, if we continue to ignore the main stumbling block like our ignorance or refusal to embrace spiritual transformation. If Rimat and others who really love our province, love without personal hidden agenda, would succeed in renewing our hardened hearts and minds, there’s no doubt that the curse or wrath from above would no longer be a threat for us. The province will advance economically because of their good and honest leadership and best of all individual personal bad luck will vanish likewise.

    Posted by uneducated guest | December 21, 2012, 1:33 pm
    • Maybe you were right! What we only need indeed is spiritual awakening that stop once and for all the economic hardships and political killings caused by endless corruption. We need politicians who fear God and have guts or brave hearts to lead us into our journey towards “Matuwid Na Daan”. I am afraid we were already left behind by other provinces who are presently reaping the fruits of their obedience in respecting the President’s call for change. Mahal naming mga politiko kailan din kaya kayo mahiya at matalinong gumawa ng tama? Ang tingin tuloy nila sa atin ay makakapal dahil walang sapat na laman ng utak para maintindihan kung ano ang integridad o delikadesa. ONLY IN ABRA!……nakakahiya…mga magnanakaw at mamatay tao!
      Ano kaya ang feeling ng mga relatives ninyo kung nakaharap sila sa mga disenteng tao, dito man o sa ibang bansa? Ang kinakain nila, nalalasahan pa kaya nila? Mga ipokrito at ipokrita, huag na ninyong hintayin ang bad karma ninyo alang-ala man lang sa sarili ninyong future generations, kung ayaw ninyong isusuka nila kayo o isusuka sila ng ibang tao.

      Posted by sanggir | January 16, 2013, 1:49 pm
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