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More Abra pols surrender guns

Posted on Monday Dec 17th at 4:58pm
By Artemio Dumlao
Bangued, Abra — Politicians in Abra turned in at least six licensed firearms in the second wave of temporary surrender of legal guns ahead of the 2013 polls.

Lacub town mayor Estelita Bersamina surrendered two licensed AKKAR 12 gauge shotguns; Pilar town mayor Jaja Disono turned in one licensed caliber .30 M2 carbine rifle; Tubo town mayor Wilma Gattud an AKKAR 12 gauge shotgun; Danglas town mayor Esther BErnos one unlicensed caliber 45 pistol and Barangay Velasco, Tayum town village chairman Victor Escalante one .22 paltik pistol with one magazine.

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7 thoughts on “More Abra pols surrender guns

  1. apay nga saggaysa wenno sagdudua laeng?? paltik pay.. dayta la paltoog da??? ket nagado badigolyong da… linoloko man daytoyen bro…

    Posted by manna.lon | December 18, 2012, 7:37 am
  2. sino kayang niloloko nila???They’re grabbing attention..we all know that some part of these are only moro moro!! Adu pay laeng iti iduldulin da..nangisurrender da man iti saggaysa…lima met kagat gatang da:))

    Posted by celang | December 18, 2012, 7:49 am
  3. Gun violence and d proliferation of loose firearms are rampant in Abra, a problem as common as and associated with the operation/maintenance of private armed groups (PAG’s) …
    The act of some incumbent local officials in surrendering some (of course, not all) of their firearms to the local police is commendable to a fault, just as the same is in keeping with the politicians’ end of the bargain with the police for a violence-less or violence-free Abra election in May 2013…
    The truth is, even in our barangay, there are some owners of unregistered firearms, and this situation impacts on the peace and order situation of our society. And while it is a privilege for one to own a gun for his protection, this same privilege must be regulated/controlled, however, so…
    To this end, why should not d police authorities, by soliciting the active participation of d heads of every barangay (and municipality) conduct an inventory of firearms in every barangay, then d municipality, and require gun-owners/holders to obtain/secure d necessary permit/license to own and carry the same, with d undertaking that he/she will be responsible/liable for d use of his guns/firearms under all circumstances…
    And conversely, after d deadline of registration of these firearms, all firearms not issued with a license/permit will be considered illegal and due for confiscation anytime/round-the-clock, and the owners/holders thereof, without exception, may be charged and prosecuted for “illegal possession of unlicensed firearms” as defined by law…
    Also, the PNP and d LGU should strengthen the “Reward System” in the reporting and apprehension of wanted criminals, and those with existing/unserved warrants of arrest, which will give d people extra motivation in assisting our local police in the arrests of these people…by posting in conspicuous places in d barangay, in d local church, municipality or police precinct d list and pictures of wanted criminals and their corresponding bounties…
    In this case, we, people of Abra, can HUNT d HUNTED so they can’t HAUNT us any more…
    While this is ideal and realistic, it is also recognized (and expected) that only a concerted effort of all stakeholders (d pillars of our justice system) can bring this to fruition…
    Who knows, this may have d lasting effect of eventually curbing out criminality in d province, and eradicating our streets of lawless elements, where we can live in NIRVANA in ABRA with a lasting Peace & Harmony!

    Posted by RIMAT TI ABRA | December 18, 2012, 9:57 pm
  4. maysa nga problem apo rimat, the cuddlers of criminals are the head of LGUs. they maintain a fellowship with the criminal elements that they may use them for their favor. the kind of politics that we practice in abra is a reason why these criminals are not apprehended. maus-usar da met ngamin. uray loose firearms. no asidigen election agiwaras ni apo politico armas kadagiti tao na ta mausar da pangproteksiyon kanu. ket ksanu ngay awan ah latta peace ta the purveyors of violence are the officials themselves! ti police under mayor supervision if i’m not mistaken?? apay kunak dayta? ta haan met aggaraw hepe no awan bendisyon mayor. kasano ngay dayta???!!!

    Posted by manna.lon | December 18, 2012, 10:29 pm
    • @ MANNA.LON: Well-said g’yem, that’s a very good observation. I, for one, considered your argument when I was making my post. I believe d PNP (PRO-COR), under d able and no-nonsense leadership of its RD, Gen. Magalong, is hell-bent on taking down the culture of violence prevailing in our province. Also, d concerned people of Abra, you and me included, are highly optimistic that with the proper support from our leaders, this objective/purpose could be attained/done. So, I think our incumbent leaders, many of whom are perceived to be handling their own militia (PAG’S), may become the “stumbling block” or “weakest link” in the realization of this goal. The blame/buck should stop at their laps, so I think. Perhaps, we can only see the rainbow of change when they’re gone. But for now, I can see what we can achieve only if we do things together…Hope is all I have!

      Posted by RIMAT TI ABRA | December 19, 2012, 12:04 am
      • HOPE IS ALL WE HAVE!! hope that someday somehow we can see a different and better abra. yes we can only see the positive result if we all do things together but it seems that for now medyo narigat pay dayta nga maachieve ta kasano ngay ket for most of us we tend to take sides whenever we are confronted. as if we can’t stand by our own arguments nga kasapulan pay padrino nga tumulong kanya tayo. we have to get out of the box tapno mapadas tayo met iti sabali. we can gamble to some new faces, a calculated risk if i may say. perhaps we will be frustrated again but that is part of the process. iti importante ket we don’t quit. we keep on trying. dayta iti husto nga adda panangipateg iti ili na.

        Posted by manna.lon | December 19, 2012, 12:56 am
        • @ MANNA.LON: Amen, I say to that g’yem. It is expected of us to keep on trying, fighting, pushing, shoving, and whatever that it takes. That’s how much we love our deep province, friend! But never to quit, not even think about it, as quitters never win! Still, we have hope, and that matters most for now. I’m very optimistic that someday, somehow, change will come our way. Sapay la koma ta kasta!

          Posted by RIMAT TI ABRA | December 19, 2012, 11:32 pm

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