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Abra back to the Dark Ages

from another Media Source. Lots of questions unaswered. For one was the Governor an unwilling participant?:

Irate Abrenians—majority of whom are not exactly famous for their forbearance, vented their anger by engaging in an early celebration of New Year, firing shots into the air. The local police were on the alert with police cars going around the capital town of Bangued but not surprisingly, no one was apprehended precisely because it was pitch dark in many places. Save for a few families who had the benefit of generators, many were sleepless in Bangued, arms stiff due to hours spent furiously fanning themselves.

According to sources, political leaders in the province have engaged in verbal tussle, triggering fears that the word war could escalate into a deadlier exchange considering Abra’s notorious reputation as the stomping ground of assassins, aside from the fact that powerful political dynasties lord it over in the province. The same sources claim that that Abra Gov. Eustaquio “Takit” Bersamin is reportedly refusing to dish out additional funds to bail out the cash-strapped cooperative, having previously lent money (whether from his personal funds or otherwise remains unclear) to settle part of Abreco’s obligations. Besides, the May 2013 elections is almost here, so can’t really blame the guv for holding on to his kitty, Happy Hour sources commented.

Members of the electric cooperative are allegedly demanding the head of general manager Loreto “Jun” Seares Jr., whose promises to settle the cooperative’s obligations and revelations that a mini-hydro project is in the pipeline are now met with a large dose of skepticism, especially since a total of 15 checks issued by Abreco to AP Renewables have all bounced much earlier. Several members of the cooperative trekked to the Abreco facility located in Barangay Calaba in Bangued to hand over a petition for a general assembly to address the mismanagement that is clearly happening given the repeated failure of Abreco to settle its contractual obligations. Not surprisingly, members are likewise agitating for a revamp of officials and the board for obvious reasons.

Full Story here: http://manilastandardtoday.com/2012/12/12/abra-back-to-the-dark-ages/


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4 thoughts on “Abra back to the Dark Ages

  1. The storm is brewing, the ire/disgust of Abreco members/consumers is escalating, and the General Assembly is forthcoming…Abreco GM and members of the BOD beware! How will you answer d nagging questions in d Abrenians’ mind. How will you explain the seemingly unabated corruption in the cooperative, and that while you become richer non-commensurate to your income by the day, the people of Abra had to suffer. Under the circumstances, a total revamp of the constitution of the Abreco BOD is warranted, and this time, may d incumbent Abra officials let d consumers/members decide among themselves. Huwag na kayong maki-alam! If it becomes necessary that heads must roll, then let it be! A lesson is learned, charge that to experience. But, NEVER AGAIN!

    Posted by RIMAT TI ABRA | December 12, 2012, 1:01 am
  2. wen lets have special general assembly on sunday dec 16. lets decide na,wagna nating patagalin pa mga yang manager at bod ng abreco.palitan na natin.wag kayo matakot sa kanila,konti lang sila bakit kaya b nila kalabanin 46k na consumers?dengen tayo man ti explanation dayta gm nu amu t agpalawag ken agpatang?postaan tayo haan makaumay dyta gm,bga nanto ada jay ospital wenu agsakit.wenu hanpay nakasangpet agapu biahe.mulmuloong dayta dila mabain pagbwakaw na ti luglugana a tinakawan.urayla 15 ti lugana.

    Posted by ikis | December 12, 2012, 4:10 am
  3. Shame on you who are managing ABRECO, what did you do with the money consumers are paying every month? ABRECO needs new people who can do the job.

    Posted by mayana | December 12, 2012, 6:40 pm
  4. Stop talking and move for the drafting of a complaint for SYDICATED ESTAFA OR QUALIFIED THEFT as the case maybe. let consumers and coop members sign the complaint affidavit and file it directly at the DOJ in Manila. Adu unay si sao aggaraw tayun pumirma tayun tapno maibalud ti maibaluden.

    Posted by Kakashin | December 13, 2012, 5:29 am

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