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UPDATE (12/11/2012): Enough is enough, Aboitiz finally delivers the Coup de Grace

The Capital town of Bangued blanketed with darkness. Only the Abra Valley College building is being illuminated

The Capital town of Bangued blanketed with darkness. Only the Abra Valley College building is being illuminated

Update 1: According to reports Mayor Ryan Luna and Governor Eustaquio Bersamin has taken this crisis through the radio station. The two local leaders are reported to be in a war of words.

Update 2: The power disruption could last for weeks.

Update 3: Apparently,  local radio station DZPA announced on December 7, 2012  that AP will disconnect power on December 10, 2012.

Update 4: 15 checks issued by ABRECO bounced.

Update 5: According to our sources, People are now out on the street and situation are getting edgy. Our source fears that anytime violence will erupt.

Update 6: Sources is now saying that the amount ABRECO owes is running hundres of million of pesos due to interests.

Update 7: Gunshots can be heard around the capital town of Bangued.

Update 8: Sources say that Governor Bersamin knows in advance that this crisis is inevitable as he was busy looking for a generator to power his fighting cock farm.

Update 9 (12/11/2012):  Electricity will resume within the day. According to Mr. David Guzman, Chairman of the Board of Directors (who’s conveniently out of town) . Also today, CONCERNED MEMBERS of ABRECO will  deliver a signed letter to ABRECO at 11 o’clock this morning. Aboitiz is willing to negotiate with ABRECO. Aboitiz does not expect ABRECO to be able to pay the full amount owed but the power company is asking for guarantee from the Cooperative.

Update 10: Students from Divine Word College of Bangued, Abra Valley Colleges and Abra High School are mobilizing to denounce the electricity cut-off.

Update 11: The protest placard shown outside ABRECO is “Agbusina ka nu taga-Abra ka” (blow your horn if you’re from Abra) to create a noise barrage.


Reports are going around that the whole province of Abra is without any electricity. According to radio reports, Abotiz Power finally cut-off Abra’s power supply due to ABRECO’s failure to pay it’s huge financial obligations. Back in September, ABRECO owes Php 53 Million broken down into: Php 32 Million Security Deposit and 21 Million of unpaid bills.

Abotiz Power had issued 3 disconnection notice to ABRECO for the past few months. Each time, the company suspend disconnections hoping the cooperative will keep it’s promise to pay. And each time no less than the Governor and Congresswoman intervened. The last suspension was in November 12, 2012.

Abrenians has been clamoring for a change in the ABRECO leadership for some time but the Local Government has not done anything so far.

Instead of twinkling lights, the Christmas tree is surrounded by flicker candles.

Instead of twinkling lights, the Christmas tree is surrounded by flickering candles.


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106 thoughts on “UPDATE (12/11/2012): Enough is enough, Aboitiz finally delivers the Coup de Grace

  1. It was the gm father who helped him bailout for the 4.9m not the gov TakeIT puroganansya BulsaAmin. He is NOT the savior as what PenaRuby claims and her/his alipores. Election ngaminen. The ship is sinking is faster than we thought. Poor abrenian. Alilawen da la tattao.

    Posted by No Way or Highway | December 15, 2012, 7:11 am


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