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Running vs dynasties ‘much like sacrifice’

Here’s a story about Political Dynasty. Am sure everyone remembers Bernardine Joson. Joson Filed a plunder case agains the Lunas of Lagayan. For doing so, she got a warrant of arrest  for falcification of documents filed by the Lunas.  She decided to run for Mayor this coming 2013 Elections and she’s up against her own nemesis Jendricks Luna and 7 (checkout the list of candidates here) other Independent Candidate (known Luna Family members). Many thought this act by the Lunas is a show of power and also take advantage of the law requiring 2 police escorts for each candidates.

POSTED ON 12/07/2012

MANILA, Philippines – Bernadine Joson is a secretary of the Sangguniang Bayan of Lagayan, Abra. She is also a star witness in a plunder case against a long-running political dynasty in her town, the Lunas.

In 2011, she filed several charges against the powerful clan. Come 2013, she will be running for mayor against two members of the family she helped bring to court.

The decision to run was “much like a sacrifice,” Joson said in an elections forum hosted by the Ateneo de Manila School of Government on Friday, December 7. “Even if I’m just a common individual, I came up with the decision…even at the expense of my life.” She is frustrated about the little progress made by her town in all the years the Lunas have been in power.

“I pity to see that my birth place is getting older and older but has never achieved its richness,” she said.

The courage and conviction is there, clearly, but the question is: Can new faces stand a chance against politically entrenched families? It’s a question confronting not only Joson but a number of other ordinary citizens people who will go up against those already in power.

Another political greenhorn, Catholic priest Leo Casas who’s a gubernatorial candidate for Masbate, acknowledges the odds they are up against. Temporarily leaving his Church duties, he has wondered he will introduce himself to his constituents without the same resources and network that his opponents have.

Casas is going against incumbent Rep. Rizalina Seachon-Lanete, who is running for governor after two terms in Congress. Her children and family members are also gunning for posts in 2013.

Helpless Comelec

The Commission on Elections (Comelec), however, can only do so much. Political dynasties are prohibited under the 1987 Constitution, but a law laying down the mechanics of the ban has yet to be enacted.

Poll commissioner Rene Sarmiento, who was a panelist at the forum, agreed with the importance of prohibiting political dynasties, a term he said first appeared in the Constitution.

While no precise definition is given in the charter, Sarmiento personally interpreted it and echoed his support for an enabling law. “The concept of political dynasty refers to a political monarchy that creates a political monopoly in different parts of the country, depriving the young and qualified and sometimes poor candidates to aspire for political positions in these political areas,” he said.

Sarmiento said several bills have been introduced in the Senate and in the House of Representatives in support of the provision, but all 6 remain frozen. He also cited citizen’s initiatives, including the formation of Krusada Contra Dynasty, the efforts of Kapatiran and System of Initiative, and two petitions in the Supreme Court asking that the Comelec operationalize the prohibition of political dynasties.

Despite this however, Sarmiento said the Comelec’s hands are tied for now. “Honestly we cannot [do anything] unless there’s a law… a legislation passed by the people.”

Try people’s initiative

Camarines Sur congressional candidate Leni Robredo, however, said sitting and waiting for lawmakers to act on proposals may not be the best idea either.

Robredo, who is running against a member of the Villafuerte clan, said a people’s initiative pushing for the bill to pass might do the trick. The Initiative and Referendum Act allows private citizens to amend the Constitution by having a petition signed by at least 10 percent of all registered voters nationwide, 3 percent of which in every legislative district. The petition is then decided on within 45 to 90 days.

“The constitutional provision says it should be defined by law. But me, I am for initiative because we have had many attempts already in the Senate and the House, but all of them are frozen bills,” Robredo said in a mix of Filipino and English.

“So if we again attempt and the results are still the same, how long will we wait for it? So, I think, if an initiative will be pushed for the passage of the anti-dynasty bill, I will campaign for it,” she said.

Speeding up the process

Robredo said that if she were to win the congressional seat in the 3rd district of Camarines Sur, she would support pending measures to help prohibit political dynasties.

She emphasized that it was not so much family members running that she was against, but the inheritance of positions, of these being passed on from a parent to a child to a grandchild, and sometimes even their spouses.

Casas, for his part, is hoping that his ideals and beliefs would be enough to challenge the political dynasty in his province. A lack of resources was the least of his problems, he said.

“The bigger problem is, if we losewe would’ve added to the idea [in the mind of] Masbateños that there is no hope for Masbate to be governed by [those] not [in] political dynasties,” he said.

But he added that, perhaps, trying would also be enough. “You come out there and there are already armed politicians. It’s hard, but we need to at least try.” – Rappler.com


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26 thoughts on “Running vs dynasties ‘much like sacrifice’

  1. what can we do but just raise our hand in disgust!

    Posted by joker | December 9, 2012, 11:08 am
  2. It is indeed a “supreme sacrifice” going up against members of political dynasties in Abra. Just imagine the effects of threats, intimidation and harassment that the candidate has to endure, including members of his families & supporters. Add to the equation the lack of “open” support, campaign funds and political machinery, it becomes even harder to win in a fair election. Perhaps, in our current politics, only 30% are enlightened voters (who vote according to inner conscience, candidates’ qualifications, platforms of government), and 70% are the “paspasurot” (who vote on outside influences, i.e. money, other material considerations, & “no ania ti kuna ti sabali”). It’s difficult to win alright, but still it’s achievable! In Abra, we NEED change; we DESERVE change! And this change starts in us, but only if we are willing to make that Sacrifice…Now, that some candidates are willing to take that ROAD, embracing it even without knowing how it leads them, it’s not really difficult if WE also follow that ROAD and support them..and together, YOU & ME my friends, we will leave a TRAIL like Footprints in the Sand.

    Posted by RIMAT TI ABRA | December 10, 2012, 12:45 am
    • its true i think that mayoralty candidate in dolores dr.neil desrve to win….dont you think?

      Posted by kj | December 10, 2012, 2:08 pm
      • A new face in Dolores politics, Dr. Cornelio Neiz P. Banez for Mayor is worth a try. The people of Dolores had endured under the 9-year term of Ex-Mayor Paking (Guzman), who is making a comeback attempt to regain his old position. Current Mayor JR Seares is young and promising, but failed to deliver on his promises in 2010 (Ayan na dagidiay inkari na idi nga truck kada barangay?). And well, with the electricity disconnection issues in Abra and corruption problem at the Abreco, Mayoralty candidate, David B. Guzman, Jr. is finding himself “grounded”, with less and less approval…As a subscriber to a New Politics in Abra (Anti-Political Dynasty), let us give these new leaders a Chance…

        Posted by RIMAT TI ABRA | December 12, 2012, 1:36 am
        • The SOG team of ABRECO with some elements of the police has caught the Mayor of Dolores JR Seares violating the RA 7832 Anti pilferege Law in his Dolores residence yesterday December 14, 2012.
          In the know: The anti-graft law is a law to keep every agency and every officer of our Government Faithful. The Abreco legal division is set to file a case against the mayor.

          Posted by Sikat | December 14, 2012, 8:03 am
      • PAGING! …Paging Dr. Leo Tuazon!…..Your attention please…!!!!
        One of your kind is here trying to save the lives of his constituents. I don’t know Rimat personally but I could sense the sincerity of his words of inviting us to give a worth try to your brother in profession. What’s your thoughts on this doctor? I could say that your field of expertise is one of the noblest profession on earth (saving life) which is not hard to correlate it to a political or life in general, therefore, I totally agree with Rimat’s assessment/suggestion.
        Rimat please give us some more of your analysis with other current candidates that you may think worth a try likewise. What about future front leaders to be fielded in 2016 Election, do you have some in mind? It doesn’t matter if they live here or abroad as long as they possess the qualities of an honest and good leader and indeed so desirous and have real guts to save the province for further humiliation. Who knows, some of the President trusted men might be observing us here and entice to give us an opportunity to prove that not all abrenians are thorns of his journey towards his “Matuwid Na Daan’? By the way, for their protection, you don’t need to divulge their names here but just use other avenue to bring it to the attention of the good President.
        Hope is still alive disgruntled abrenians! Wake up and be a part of it, cut off your selfishness, and laziness or just being an observant unwilling to move unless intimidated/coerced or persuaded by money and other personal favors. Shame on us, that’s why our crook politicians won’t stop in taking advantage of us!

        Posted by kulitaptap | December 12, 2012, 2:45 pm
        • @ KULITAPTAP: As you asked for it, what about debating in an objective analysis the following Abrenian candidates, new faces and old alike, who may also deserve a good look in the conversation of “future” of Abra politics…
          1) SP Chari Bersamin, who, while being a member of a ruling political clan (as an exception), she, however, exudes independence of mind and a high-level of performance which speak volumes (I’m sorry I just can’t help myself, she’s just done a very outstanding job as Abra Bokala)
          2) As to the candidates for SP, I’m not buying into the argument that the best bets are d lawyers (3 candidates) – because frankly, I believe that d honest, incorruptible lawyers of Abra (who could be d best bets for any position) are those outside of Abra (mind you!)
          3) Of course, the gutsy Ms. Bernadine Joson, who epitomizes the “Gabriela Silang” attributes of class and bravery, armed with her faith in God and in her people, and is now fighting against the decade-rule of the LUNA in Lagayan town (if she wins, she deserves a local version of Nobel Peace Prize)
          4) What about Mr. Victorino “Jun” Barona, Jr., d former Vice-Governor and incumbent Mayor of Bucay, whose good leadership and business-like management of the affairs in his town has people have him high in their list as future Governor or Congressman-wannabe of d province
          5) Dr. Patrocinio “Pat” Abaya, Jr., mayor of Lagangilang, while related to the Governor, is also making a good account and a good name for himself after unseating ex-Mayor Sinogo due to his able leadership and performance, who, like Jun Barona, could someday contend for a higher office
          6) Atty. Marco Bautista, mayor of San Juan, lawyer by profession, former Abreco General Manager (without the mess), unopposed as mayoralty-candidate in San Juan (for good reasons)
          7) In Pidigan, a Valera will rise…either Dr. Antonio Valera or Vice-Mayor Jannsen Valera. Just take your pick. One is a doctor by profession, who could cure the present ills of society (many of them). The other is a member by affinity to d Valera political dynasty, who’s essentially equipped of charisma and appeal to reach greater heights in Abra politics
          8) Lastly, I heard of an SB Member, Dr. Pacis in La Paz, gentle, smart, friendly, and service-oriented with his free medical mission to d underprivileged and less fortunate…
          9) Others, like Dr. Cornelio Neil Banez of Dolores, etc. may not be popular now to the electorate but with the necessary exposure, we can make them be!
          This is my initial list, and my humble opinion alone. We can agree to disagree! While I’m looking further ahead for other honest candidates, all I can see right now are empty images and faces, living in the shadows…Just like you looking for d right time to come to light!
          It is my honest view that if given the opportunity, these people, if they can live up to their full potential and maintain good standards of leadership and governance, COULD make our present politics a thing of the past…Sapay Koma ta Kasta!

          Posted by RIMAT TI ABRA | December 13, 2012, 1:30 am
    • I admire not only the courage of the above-mentioned candidates of making a difference in spite against all odds but more on their willingness to sacrifice their one and only life and the lives of their loved ones. I guess these are righteous people fearlessly facing any danger only to prove us that darkness of politics or life in general could still be overcome by the brightness of hope and aspirations if we could just appreciate their courageous acts. The question now lies on us if we are still afraid to stand our ground against any form of intimidation and the like knowing that we could not always have candidates like their kinds. Besides, full police protection during voting time would remove cowardliness and doubts, so what are we afraid of doing what’s right? This a rare opportunity of a lifetime which no excuse for us of not encouraging one another to exert our collective efforts in campaigning their success for it serves as our humble legacy for the next generation to come. That for once, we have elected rightful politicians willing to die for our sake and their undying commitment to serve God’s people, kaya wala silang kinakatakutan sampu na ang kanilang mga kasamahan sapagkat “to do the right thing” para sa kanila ay maitutumba rin ang kasamaan.

      Posted by poor abrenian | December 10, 2012, 3:34 pm
    • Rimat: The way I savored every word of your inspiring comments, I have no doubt that you possessed the qualities of a good and honest leader we had been looking for. But why in your own words “it’s not really …etc….etc..blah..blah…”show that you are just contented as a good follower instead of emulating the braveness of the above-mentioned candidates? Sayang ka, you just wasted our time waiting for some or one just like your caliber to be one of our front leaders in the province. What about in 2016 election? I hope that Pres. Aquino will find you and Bernadine Joson to be his unbeatable candidates for governor/congressman and some bloggers here headed by our site architect (too many to mention) for board members and mayors to our municipalities.

      Posted by Agur-uray pay laeng | December 10, 2012, 6:08 pm
      • I appreciate your comments gayyem “Agur-uray Pay Laeng”…but just like your name tries to convey, your humble friend, too, is simply “still waiting” for the right time to make the right move in the right place. This site has provided us an avenue to express our views and concerns, and time will come that we can put into action these ideals. You, too, can make a simple yet lasting difference, as many of us can do! Agur-uray tayo laeng iti naikari nga panawen. Who knows, with the recent developments in our Abra politics, our time is Now!

        Posted by RIMAT TI ABRA | December 12, 2012, 1:22 am
  3. kulitaptap, your right lets page dr.leo tuazon referring to this candidate doctor in dolores.i hope we should
    support people (candidates) like him for a better Abra.I am hoping that old timer politicians who have all
    the means will not intimidate them.this is the time for change,,,,and better future for the next generation of abrenians

    .Rimat Ti Abra, i think your absolutely right on your assesment on those candidates in dolores,keep up the work!!!!

    Posted by kj | December 12, 2012, 3:17 pm
  4. Rimat ti Abra: I quote ” Who knows, with the recent developments in our Abra politics, our time is Now” unquote.
    So, you are running now as one of the hopeful candidates? In what position and what
    municipality (if not in the provincial level) where you could achieve now the full (or in part) realization of your hopes and dreams to serve your lucky constituents? Well, whether if it’s NOW or in the future, I just want to say GOOD LUCK and may our divine Providence guides you triumphantly whatever you do or any plan/mission you have at present and/or in the future.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Posted by saranay | December 12, 2012, 6:30 pm
    • My appreciation SARANAY and KJ! I’m not a candidate for any position. But when I was younger, I also dreamed of making a difference to the lives of other people. I used to draw a big circle, with me in d middle and surrounded by people. I’m a good listener, an even better follower; so I could also be a good leader somehow.
      You see, I grew up in a simple abode in one of the municipalities of Abra, where then peace and respect for life and another still reigned. I used to join tatang in our “pasagad” and “garumata” after dinner, discussing about many things while watching d stars shine at night! At nighttime, I used to join my friends in roaming our barangay streets, playing pranks and going to benefit dances, with no guns or knives, but aided only by d bright full moon and shining stars…
      As a young kid, I’ve shook hands with d great leaders of Abra like ex-Gov. Vicsyd Valera, ex-Vice Gov. Tante Culangen, d late Cong. Chito Bersamin, and his predecessor, d great Cong. Jeremias Zapata (my idol), who I believe is d most honest and greatest public servant in Abra not named Quintin Paredes! But now that I’m a voter, I’m afraid to even shake hands with some of our leaders.
      With all honesty, however, I’m not losing hope that d sad state of Abra politics will soon change for d better. Politicians, like all people, will come and go, but along the way, we will find someone we could be proud of.
      Just what I’ve found when I was younger…

      Posted by RIMAT TI ABRA | December 13, 2012, 2:04 am
  5. I hope your prophesy will come to pass where the dark sides of Abra politics will soon change for the better that will be initiated/spearheaded by no other else than the above-mentioned candidates. When 2016 Election comes, I beg or urge them to muster their courage in running for the highest/higher provincial elective positions so with other truthful and dependable individuals like you (not to mention sysop and others here) giving no chance for the corrupt/thief politicians to further ruin our beloved province.
    Never again that we allow darkness overpower brightness in our midst especially if the Comelec, PNP, and other concerned government agencies never back down and listen for once or adhere to the dictates of their conscience that we too, are human beings deserve to live and die with dignity and respect.

    Posted by pitti-pitti | December 14, 2012, 12:30 pm
  6. Rimat like a shining star in the far north: I will prophesy that you will be like Joseph, one of the 12 tribes of Israel that someday your dreams will come true. Because of his dreams he saved the whole world from famine for years and because of your day dreams you will also save our province from the hands of our corrupt abrenians from its further destruction or humiliation.
    You will exceed far above our expectations being the greatest front leader of Abra ever produced by its suffering constituents. Team up with the above-stated candidates and together with your truthfulness, righteousness, and braveness, no one could stop you even death to turn make our province at its best.
    In the meantime, I urge all faithful believers in the different denominations to redouble their efforts in circumcising the uncircumcised hearts and minds of their stiffed-neck people in preparation or serve as conditioning factor in bringing the realization of this much-awaited reformation. I hate to think that if you fail with your mission (being our anointed ones) our incoming front leaders will also fail. You have more challenging yet dignifying and glorifying role than our parents and teachers and your absence in our midst will aggravate our circumstances worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.

    Posted by prince wan | December 15, 2012, 11:14 am
  7. CORRECTION; no one could stop you even death to make our province at its best. (just delete the words “to turn” thanks..)

    Posted by prince wan | December 15, 2012, 11:18 am
  8. I agree with you 100% with regard to numbers 1-3. Chari Bersamin may be considered a better person and a more dedicated public official than her forebears. I also agree that lawyers as well as doctors practicing in Metro Manila may consist of the cream of the crop in both capability and integrity. Let us not delude ourselves into thinking that lawyers will make better government officials because after all is said and done, it is the character and integrity of a person that matters most. Let us remember that the heart and soul of one’s character is integrity and that character is nothing if a person acquiesces however tacitly to iniquity and abuse. Bernardine Joson, well, what can I say. She is extreme courage and bravery personified. She deserves the all-out support of all freedom-loving Abrenos. Her battle is the battle of all Abrenos who aspire for integrity in governance. Her battle is our battle for peace and our right to freely choose the people who will lead us. Bernardine Joson has made a great sacrifice, believing as she does in the tenet, “The only thing necessary for evil to succeed is for good men and women to do nothing.” She fought her battle, not knowing if she will live long enough to see it through. She fought her battle, not knowing if anyone would support her. Shame on us, it took a lady to lead the fight against one of the most violent and most corrupt political families in the province.
    As to number 4 and 5, Jun Barona and Pat Abaya, I consider them the lesser evil in their respective municipalities. Marco Bautista is the fly in the ointment. WIith all due respect to my friend and idol, RIMAT, Marco Bautista has a lot to answer for in the Abreco mess. As a matter of fact, he started the mess and Jun Seares only finished it. He also left a trail of blood, the blood of James Bersamin, an honest and dedicated member of the SP. To this day, the widow and children of James Bersamin are still crying out for justice. Before he was assasinated, James was able to tell some close friends about the threat to his life. He also showed his close friends voluminous evidences of the plunder being committed at Abreco including the audit made by NEA which confirmed the loss of a humongous sum from the coffers of Abreco due to mismanagement and plunder. Someday, Marco Bautista will face His maker and there is no way he will be able to acquit himself before the Honest and Just Judge. May God have mercy of his soul because God saw everything and He knows everything.
    Regarding numbers 7-9, I subscribe to the good judgment of RIMAT.
    To all Abrenos who dream of a better place for their children and their children’s children, take a stand. You cannot stay in the sidelines forever. Don’t forget, the hottest places in hell are reserved for the fence-sitters. We may still be in the shadows for now, but our message will ring in the hearts, minds and souls of all freedom-loving Abrenos who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for honest and effective leadership. We can all start by voicing out our support for upright and patriotic people like RIMAT. Mabuhay ka RIMAT!

    Posted by pedro abreno | January 2, 2013, 4:22 pm
    • Your comments as to d inclusion of d incumbent mayor of San Juan in this list is well-noted g’yem. Your submission holds water, so I think. I, too, personally believe that d late Bokal James Bersamin was one of d not-so-many performing elected officials during his time in office. His stand and fight against corruption and his attempts to uncover/unearth irregularities at d Abreco were well-documented, too. True, d Abreco was then under d leadership of Atty. Bautista as GM. His fight may have caused his life so dearly, but then, whoever perpetrated this brazenly hideous act, by inducement or direct participation, will surely pay for this. It may not be on this life, but in d other where God’s judgment reigns supreme! God knows everything…
      I would like to make it clear, however, that Mayor Bautista makes this list “after d fact” (his tenure at d Abreco) – which boils down to his performance/accomplishments during his 2-terms (6 years) as local chief executive, and by ordinary standards among our mamayores, he has been doing well by silently yet efficiently operating the affairs of his municipality. But then, if we consider the fact that he might have a hand in d death of our beloved SP Bersamin, and the mess at d Abreco (which has become full-blown), this definitely has a strong bearing on his political career moving forward…
      As to d choice of lawyers as our future leaders, it just dawns on me that there might actually be some lawyers too in Abra who deserve a second look…a lawyer at d Comelec, an attorney at d PAO, and a fiscal in a nearby town! They are young, incorruptible, promising…yet, all are presently tied up to d government. But who knows g’yem…
      On d other hand, I’m joining you, my friend and idol, in your call for all Abrenios out there to take a stand! Get out of your shell, and be enslaved no more! Let your voices be heard, Abrenian people! Together, we can make a difference. The time is NOW!

      Posted by RIMAT TI ABRA | January 6, 2013, 7:19 pm
  9. how i wish the majority of the people of abra will open their hearts and minds to real political change. how i wish they will stop opening their hands for a dole out from the evil politicians. how i wish they could understand that the exercise of choosing a leader will affect their future. how i wish that they will not be intimidated or cowed in their right to choose. a lot of wishes… and i pray that these will all come true. kudos kabsat Rimat for providing an opening to peek on the possible choices of leaders on the coming election. daytoy ngata iti maysa nga maaramid tayo to campaign silently for these possible rightful candidates.. padasen tayo and let us not be afraid to try the untried because this is where we will discover new things.. no mapan ka agpasiar haan kan mapan ijay lugar nga napanamon no di ket mapan ka iti baro nga lugar tapno adda man baro nga makitamon. agkampanya tayo kakabsat nga bloggers. ammok addu metten iti mayat iti panagbaliw ditoy abra.

    Posted by manna.lon | January 2, 2013, 10:48 pm
    • I share your sentiments g’yem. All we hope for is a better place to live in; a safer place for us and our children. For me, it should be in ABRA, my place of birth, my home! But to achieve this, we have to understand that change must be made, starting with ourselves. People must change and mend their ways, sometimes! I say, enough of electing people who care only for themselves. We have tried some before (those who miserably failed us in our lofty expectations); why not give others a chance now.
      I agree with you, what we can do for now is to silently/secretly/discreetly campaign for our candidates of choice, to members of our family, our friends, neighbors, etc. One solitary vote for Change, if pooled and counted together, it could make a difference…
      In any way, my list g’yem is not “exclusive” – some others may soon come forward and answer our CALL. If that time is today, you (MANNA.LON) and PEDRO ABRENO, owing to your manifest wisdom, good leadership qualities, and deep concern/desire for a better Abra, are shoo-in to make that list, too! You two, in my humble opinion, have what it takes to be great leaders of Abra in d near future! May your tribes increase!

      Posted by RIMAT TI ABRA | January 6, 2013, 8:37 pm
  10. agyamanak unay kadakayo gagayyem iti inkay pinang pidut iti nagan ko kadagiti sumagmamano nga kandidato nga alternatibo para iti baro nga abra…kayat ko man nga ire-post daytoy sungbat ko idi pay laeng kenni kadua tayo nga blogger Carlos ,maipanggep iti apelyidok nga banez. kayatko met nga maam-ammo dak ken maawatan dak a kas maysa nga kandidato para mayor ken kas maysa nga doktor nga pagserbian na iti amin nga umili, urayno sabali ti pammati wenno takder ti politika, napanglao wenno nabaknang, ket pada pada. anusan yo bassiten apo nga basaen ta idi pay laeng Hunyo 2012 daytoy nga sungbat.

    Carlos, si Hen. Magalong ay isang profesyonal, matuwid at dedicated na tao sa kanyang trabaho. may sariling syang pag-iisip at may integridad na hindi kayang ibaluktot o mantsahan ng kahit sinuman, mapa kamag anak, kaibigan o kaaway. meron katapangan na ginagamit laban sa kasamaan ng sambayanan. Kung sa palagay mo ay kaya syang maimpluwensyahan ng mga kadugo nya dito sa Abra, ikaw ay nagkakamali. Ang mga Parel at lalong lalo na mga Banez ay walang sapat na kadahilanan para makaimpluwensya kay Hen Magalong. Sila man ay ipalagay natin kasindugo ng Heneral, ngunit ito ay malayo at batay lamang sa personal na pinagsamahan. Ito ay kailanman di maaring abusuhin at gamitin para maitulak ang mga pang sariling kapakanan. Ang mga Banez ay tahimik na pamilya, mapagkumbaba, matulungin at mga profesyonal. Sila ay handang tumulong para sa ikakabuti ng nakakarami sa anuman pagkakataon. Kung meron man mga naiiba ng landas sa pamilyang Parel o Banez, ito ay sa mga bagay na madalas ay mahirap natin unawain at intindihin. Ngunit ito din sa pangkaraniwan na alituntunin na sa lahat ng bagay dito sa mundo ay meron naiiba o bulok, kagaya din siguro sa iyong sariling pamilya at kamag-anak, meron din iba o nahihiwalay sa landas na tuwid. Huwag ka sanang maging mapang husga sa lahat ng bagay, dahil sigurado ko hindi mo kilala ang amin pamilya at higit na wala ka ni katiting na naiintindihan, ang iyong kaisipan at pananalita ay batay lamang sa mga agam agam sa kanto. Huwag kang magsalita ng pangkalahatan tungkol sa isang bagay lalo na kung wala kang sapat na nalalaman at katunayan.. huwag kang mapanira sa ngalan ng iba. Si Heneral Magalong ay di kailanman kayang impluwensyahan ng sinuman at ang mga Banez ay di kailanman gagawa ng bagay na ikakasira ng amin pinagkaka ingatan pangalan. Gayundin siguro sa mas nakakaraming myembro nga pamilya Parel. Mabuhay tayong lahat at Mabuhay para sa katahimikan ng Abra!

    Posted by Neil | June 23, 2012, 2:22 am
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    nakakalungkot isipin na karamihan sa mga kaprobinsya natin ay pawang magagaling sa pag-uudyok, pananalita at pangangantyaw sa kapwa at sa mga pangyayari. sila yun klase ng tao na mas gugustuhin maupo sa gilid at ibabaw ng bakod para manood at mag-ingay. Ngunit sa mga pagkakataon na kinakailangan ng probinsya o sinuman ang tulong nila, nagiging bahag ang kanilang buntot at patay malisya na walang nakita or narinig para lamang maiwas sila sa kaguluhan na kanilang nasisilayan araw araw gabi gabing nangyayari sa probnsya. sila un mga tao na di na nga nakakatulong para sa ikakabuti ng probinsya sila pa un maiingay at akala mo ay mga walang bahid ng kasalanan dala natin lahat na taga abra dahil sa kakulangan ng partisipasyon aktibo para sa pagbabagong totoo at lubusan. karamihan ay nag-iisip kung paano makalamang sa kapwa, kung paano matanggap at magkapera sa madaling paraan, kung paano mapaigting at mapalakas ang kapangyarihan hiram at kung paano manakot at itago ang mga perang di pinag hirapan malikom sa maling paraan. kung si pedro sanay sa baluktot na pamumuhay at ikaw naman na ambrosio at akong si juan at di sumasang ayon sa gawain nya sa palagay mo magagawa nya ang gusto nya 1 laban sa 2??? if only more abrenians will truly involve themselves to work for a better abra and fear not the sound of guns, and the shadows of the goons and shun the glitter of gold how could a few people empower and enrich themselves sa daan baluktot? madaling sabihin, oo pero mahirap gawin…but all is not lost and late. i have faith in us abrenians because there is that goodness in our hearts as human beings, goodness that can muster strength and courage to fight and work for a change. Even our leaders and polticians, they too have this thing, goodness in their hearts. One day we all hope they too will realize, that the time has come for a change for peace and a better abra sa pamamaraan ng tuwid na pamahalaan at liderato.

    Posted by Neil | June 23, 2012, 5:26 am

    para sa pagbabago kailangan natin lahat tumayo at maging aktibo at sumama para sa atin probinsya. ang boses ng nakakarami, ang kagustuhan natin lahat ay tumahimik, gumanda, at sumagana ang ating pamumuhay. magagawa natin ito sa paraan na walang dahas, sa paraan na makabuluhan. let us all be counted and be accountable for our actions. now is the time!

    Posted by neil | January 6, 2013, 8:40 pm
  11. The only reason why we are suffering different kinds of hardship in life is due to inadequate protection from our law enforcements and our reluctance to embrace spiritual transformation as our only remaining hope for guidance that should enable us to stand up what is right and be able to produce our rightful political leaders. But the truth hurts, where our dirty politicians could bribe our military protection, criminal judges, COA, etc. in the past and until now, perhaps. The blame should not be confined to the voters but to the rightful leaders and human rights lawyers as well who are afraid to condemn the weakedness of these pests in the government. But hope is still alive for a candidate like you might be able to lead us by example the vital importance of respect and dignity through the remainder of our lives. Win or lost, I hope you and others would still have that kind of sympathy or concern to our predicament and may force now the national government to annihilate these stumbling blocks for the sake of change we had been waiting for.They need to be rehabilitated for addiction on corruption, what do you think doc?
    Good luck to you and congratulations in advance….YOU WILL WIN…..!!!…especially Rimat is in your side. BELIEVE……..

    Posted by chance for change | January 17, 2013, 10:07 am
    • to CFC,Rimat,Pedro,
      i seldom post but ive been following all the commments here, in my opinion abrenian should vote wisely on this coming election. i believe we need a new breed of leaders
      especially in the municipalities,as they will be the pillars of the whole province.
      lets give them a chance,to you DR NEIL BANEZ i admire your courage and sincerity
      YOU will WIN,as long as your opponent dont use their old tactics, intimidating
      and buying the voters.i have a large circle of friends and if you dont mind

      giving me your contact# so we can help you .i am also a doctor like you so
      i know where your coming .If i may add, please stick to what your doing now
      and my advise to you, let the people know in your town that you dont intend
      to buy their votes.From there its up to them if they choose to accept brivery from
      your opponent, if they do then they have to sacrifice again for another 3 years.
      But i think most abrenian had already changed their perspective in this coming
      election,especially on whats going on regarding ABRECO,
      But the way i analyzed the situation you will definitely win
      GOOD LUCK!!!!!

      Posted by kj | February 8, 2013, 8:11 am
    • corr.: “as well as those who are afraid to condemn the wickedness of these pests……….”

      Posted by chance for change | February 8, 2013, 7:08 pm
  12. Be reminded voters that the favorite targets of any bad luck including inevitable unwanted circumstances that may result in death are those lukewarm believers, non-believers, or christian pretenders. To be genuinely brave and always feel safe, we need not only protection from our dedicated law enforcements but more importantly, surrendering our stupid pride or ignorance through spiritual transformation by the help of our priests, preachers, pastors, or to anyone you know that presently reaping the rewards of divine protection. It will only take a minute to sacrifice your time with them instead of wasting or suffering endless time of fearing or worrying if and when you would still be able to see the light. I beg you to encourage the one you hate and whoever hates you to do same if possible for the rewards will be even greater, could you, please?

    Posted by hadji bodo | January 20, 2013, 9:01 pm
    • Don’t be foolish lukewarm believers and repent while you are still ahead. The punishments are greater than you could ever imagined where repentance is kind of late. Don’t wait until the patience of the Lord are all exhausted for He can no longer stop the devil in giving his punishment against your inequities.

      Posted by past generation | March 23, 2013, 6:34 pm

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