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Abra eyes development of hydro power plants

By Artemio Dumlao (philstar.com)

BANGUED, Abra – Abra province is endowed with numerous potentials for renewable energy development, the Abra Electric Cooperative (Abreco) said, despite challenges facing the power sector regarding ecology and fossil fuel concerns.

Abreco General Manager Loreto Seares, Jr. said Abra province has potential spots for small hydro-electric power plants.

The best spot to develop, build, operate and maintain a mini-hydro power plant is within Daguioman in Abra, Seares said.

Daguioman is endowed with rich water resources, the Abreco executive said, which has great potentials for eco-tourism, power, and water resource development.

Earlier, the Upper Bucloc River that runs through Daguioman has been identified with potential for power generation through a mini-hydro plant, a non-pollutant, and renewable source of energy.

When developed, the mini-hydro will protect the vast forest and watershed resources of that town, Seares said.

Abra Rep. Jocelyn Bernos, vice-chair of the House Committee on Electric Cooperative Development, is supporting Abreco in pursuing a renewable energy perspective in looking for power sources that would completely energize the province with its own resources, Seares said.

“The (congresswoman) has promised to look for an entity that will develop, build, and operate jointly with Abreco, the said Mini-Hydro Power Plant in Daguioman,” he added.

Any entity (entering into an agreement with Abreco), should have a verifiable track record and experience in the development, construction and operation of a mini-hydro power plant and link its expertise and capabilities to develop the Daguioman mini-hydro power plant, Bernos said.

These far-reaching goals, Seares said, “are coupled with the continuing electrification programs of Abreco to far-flung barangays still not serviced or not reached by lateral lines of the cooperative.”

He added that despite financial and operational woes, they are moving on in expanding and improving their services in Abra.

Abreco, through the financial assistance of Bernos, has provided primary and secondary line extensions to Sitio Tambor, Barangay Alinaya in Pidigan town and Likowan, Antuagan in hinterland Tubo town, Seares said.

At present, at least 26 out of 27 towns in the province have electricity. Out of 303 barangays, Abreco is servicing at least 95 percent.

Even with the financial woes the cooperative is facing, Abreco, which has registered with the Cooperative Development Authority, is looking beyond to diversifying into other business ventures to support its goal of 100 percent power to Abra, Seares said to their 47,010 consumer-members.


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9 thoughts on “Abra eyes development of hydro power plants

  1. ne sara rumuar ni GM Seares to PROJECT to pagpapatangan ah! La ngarud kuarta manen!

    Posted by joker | December 4, 2012, 9:55 pm
  2. Development ti bolsa kabagis . 50% for tongressman .nayon election funds. Adu magatang na botos . Lol!

    Posted by musilat mulagat | December 4, 2012, 11:55 pm
  3. Drawing pay LNG deta isu hankay madanagan

    Posted by Line man | December 5, 2012, 8:06 am
  4. awan ti amom gm,dikapay amu imanange abreco sbli ti ar arapaapem.ngan ngani ka daikat dita abrecon,agpirma kami a member consumers dtoy abra,laglag ad adu manen t pagbwakaw m a luganen nu agbayagkapay dta abreco,nya t amum hankapay gayam nakapagtorpus t college mu laglag ka la unay.

    Posted by mac kataki | December 5, 2012, 8:43 pm
  5. why is Daguioman the best spot to develop a mini hydro? what makes its water source different from other towns? Tineg is the only town without electricity. Is it not possible for a mini hydro in Tineg so people in this area can enjoy life also. just asking.

    Posted by consu mere | December 6, 2012, 6:49 am
  6. We have the right plan but we want the right person/s to implement it.

    Posted by coward but concerned abrenian | December 6, 2012, 12:11 pm
  7. Do you know how much you will be spending for the construction and installation of a mini hydro power plant? It is approximately P500M, depending on how strong the current source of water is.
    Let me tell you some information on what “build operate and transfer” the 50% tongressman bernos is telling you and her underemployed and misguided cousin Loreto Seares.
    1. That there will be a MOU to be signed by the Zero-Balance General Moneyger Loreto Seares with the firm
    2. Part of which shall be
    a. the transfer will only be executed after 50 years;
    b. no tax deductions in the firm’s name because the operation is under the name of the cooperative (abreco) which is a tax free firm.
    c. not a single centavo will go to abreco but huge amount will be for the 50% Tongressman Bernos & the Zero-Balance Moneyger Loreto Seares (shame on you).
    Could you imagine how long you PEOPLE OF ABRA will be suffering?
    50 Years of no benefits at all
    50 Years another sort of system lost the 45,000 member-consumers will be paying
    50 Years of “no job vacancies” becuase only experts are accepted in that firm
    50 Years of exploiting Abra’s mineral resources without return of investments
    I pity you People of Abra because you’ve placed these kind of persons in power. Much that I am afraid of is the prolonged agony of the poor.
    I can not imagine why your governor is not doing anything. I can not imagine why is he allowing you to suffer much.

    Posted by Ruby Javier | December 8, 2012, 1:23 pm
  8. Why don’t you conduct intensive/extensive research on our “Sabangan Resorvoir” hereat Langiden if it is also feasible for hydro-electric power plant? Or you just leave that to our current mayoralty candidates whoever wins to discover and materialize it as his lifetime legacy to his beloved constituents? Sapay koma Apo…!!!!

    Posted by brave heart | December 30, 2012, 5:38 pm

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