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Women leaders of Abra push for revocation of laws allowing possession of arms

By Maria Teresa B. Benas

BANGUED, Abra,Dec. 3 (PIA) — As every Abreño dreams of living in peace and order in this once peaceful province, more than 50 women leaders in Abra gathered together and signed a manifesto last week calling the attention of the national government to revoke laws that they believe have contributed to the proliferation of arms and gun violence in the country.

In a forum organized by the Concerned Citizens of Abra for Good Government, a leading cause-oriented organization in the province, the women-leaders came up with a statement calling the attention of national leadership to revoke Executive Order No. 194 authorizing the possession and licensing of firearms of any type and/or caliber and in unlimited quantity as well as Executive Order No. 456 which allows local officials to deploy the Citizens Armed Forces Geographical Unit (CAFGUs) and Civilian Volunteers Organizations (CVOs) as auxiliary bodies for the Armed Forces of the Philippines to fight insurgents.

Paz Ayunon-Bumogas of the National Commission for Indigenous Peoples’ Cordillera Highland Agriculture Resources Management Programme served as the main facilitator.

The presentations of Dr. Jasmin Galace, Associate Director of the Center for Peace Education of the Mirriam College in Quezon City on the Arms Situationer in the Philippines and the Women’s Involvement in Arms Control, and reaffirmed by the report of PInsp. Loewee Lou Dausen, the provincial women’s desk officer of the Abra Police Provincial Office on the arms situationer in the province, guided the Abreñan women leaders in their realization of their vital role in the local initiatives of working for peace and development in the province.

The discussions of Karen Tañada, executive director of Gaston Z. Ortigas Peace Institute of the Ateneo de Manila University on the Philippine Action Plan and the importance of women’s participation in peace initiatives and arms control had likewise enlightened the participants of their contribution to peace building not only in Abra but in the country as a whole.

Acknowledging that the women of Abra have directly and indirectly experienced gun-related violence, they also committed to help push the realization of their demand. (JDP/MTBB-PIA CAR, Abra)


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4 thoughts on “Women leaders of Abra push for revocation of laws allowing possession of arms

  1. You can never disarmed politicians and their armed bodyguards for they have already mastered the art of concealing their firearms as long as corruption continues to exist. For how could they afford to pay their bodyguards of killing their political foes if not for the money prostituted out from corruption? Another waste of time and money that will be used for lobbying purposes and others justifying organization’s expenses for imaginary great cause satisfying various donors or government subsidy, if there’s any? Why don’t you just instead urge persistently our COA and judicial courts for a non-stop demands of serious and courageous prosecution of erring or corrupt government officials? Then and only then maybe, that peace and progress you had been longing for will materialize or where your honest to goodness advocacy will come to fruition.
    Sorry, forgive my poor humble opinion, that I might be wrong. Good luck though!

    Posted by FLASH FIFITA | December 4, 2012, 5:00 pm
  2. Women leaders of Abra? Who is the leader of the women leaders of Abra? Cessy Luna or Miss Sumangil? Ammoyo uray ania ti agdepdeppa dita Abra . . awan la ti ammok nga agbaliw pay ti kasasaad ti Abra. MILYONES A KUARTA TI PAGPAPATANGAN, KAKABSAT! La agpaigidkay ketdi ta dikayto ket pogiiten dita la . . kuna a da d. valera and co ken luna and co. Tapno agbaliw ti Abra ken interamente nga pilipinas ti masapul nga presidentetayo ket saan nga ni apo pinoy . . detay koma kasla ken deydi SADAM. Karkaro pay koma ti kinasangerna ngem deydi sadam. Ibitinna koma amin nga rinoker nga politikos agraman rinoker nga heneral mayramanen deydi kunkunayo nga hen. billit. deta la ti makunak. no adda inayonyo pay nayonanyo latta toy imbagak. diyo kissayan ti imbagak a . .please . . . . agkakabiltayon ne.

    Posted by badong | December 4, 2012, 10:08 pm
  3. Militarize Abra. Declare martial law!

    Posted by maragemeg | December 6, 2012, 5:49 am

    Posted by DR. ANG-----LIT | December 6, 2012, 9:53 pm

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