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Abra village tanod’s killer falls

By Artemio A. Dumlao (philstar.com)

LA TRINIDAD, Benguet –  Policemen finally cornered the 29-year old killer of a barangay tanod in Dolores town in Abra. Suspect Willie Gandelara Bautista shot the village peacekeeper the other day during a drinking spree.

Abra officer-in-charge Superintendent Clint Bayacsan said Bautista, single and a resident of Barangay Mudiit was drinking with tanod Jacinto Eric Ferdinand Atmosfera Velasco, 35, married, when a misunderstanding occurred.

Velasco hacked the suspect but the latter retaliated by shooting the tanod before fleeing.

The tanod never reached the hospital alive while Bautista was arrested by policemen from the Dolores and Tayum municipal police stations while he was being treated for hack wounds at the Abra provincial hospital.

Under close watch from policemen,  Bautista is now facing murder raps.

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3 thoughts on “Abra village tanod’s killer falls

  1. deta . . deta . . .ti maala ti in-inom, yors. no limmabbasit piditpiditen, rumasaw met ti ngiwaten, tinto la madaldalamantongen, maawan met ti simbeng panunoten, bassit la nga di pagkinnaawatan a patpatang, winnasiwas tagbaten . . immasut met diay mesa . .saan met nga tagbat ti inasutna no di ket palpalibong metten . . BANG! pallaken! namudditen . . ehek, napogiiten! deta ti paglaingantay ditoy Abra. awampay nalaing, yors!

    Posted by engot | December 1, 2012, 6:27 am
  2. Quote: “Velasco (the victim) hacked the suspect but the latter retaliated by shooting the tanod (the victim) before fleeing.” Unquote

    Sayang…sayang nga kinatured! Nagadu nga banag nga pangiyusaran by just doing the right thing, napintas pay nga pakalaglagipan ti nagan mo…..Parents wake up! it’s not yet late to educate your children….

    Posted by Disgruntled Abrenian | December 1, 2012, 7:16 pm
  3. nabartek man tay tao wenno saan, no patayen dakan,isalakan mo a ta bagim,ngem no awan pagpilian,ay ket ania ngarud itayam ta tennged mo?usto laeng ti inaramid na tay pimmatay nga agdepensa,numan pay basol ti linteg ti tao ken dios ti pumatay ngem pinatay na ngata no saan nga gandaten tay tanod a patayen? bay an tayo nga ikaro na ti basol na. ti la dakes kakabsat no anaken manen ti politico tay nagbasol! perdi bagas, agraman tuyo !kas kuna ni D ABRENIAN,sayang !

    Posted by KARASAKAS | December 3, 2012, 12:40 am

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