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abrenian.com launched “Eye In the Sky” Tracking technology

Eye in the Sky

San Diego, CA – Aemes Technologies CTO, Eric Bringas (aka SysOp) announced a new service from abrenian.com called “Eye in the Sky”,  a cutting edge technology, the purpose of which is to monitor and visualize what’s going on with the upcoming Abra Elections.

The site abrenian.com Eye in the Sky (http://abrenian.crowdmap.com)  will rely on the power of it’s citizenry to submit reports of political incidents based on their location, creating a color mapping of such incidents.

“This is very similar to what the news service (CNN, BBC, etc) have done with the recent U.S. Elections”, Sysop said. “The only difference is we will rely on volunteers  to help us in giving us information.  This tool is very easy to use, anyone can submit a report using smartphone (iphone and android apps), via text message, email or directly to the website.”

“It’s not a secret that Abra Politics is very violent, I hope with this tools, we can save lives by  giving up to date information on what’s going on in our Province. “, He said.
If you want to be part of this project please contact us at sysop@abrenian.com


About SysOp

Chief Architect of abrenian.com


27 thoughts on “abrenian.com launched “Eye In the Sky” Tracking technology

  1. RE. ‘Eye In The Sky’ By: Engr. Eric Bringas…

    A brilliant idea I must say and a unique way of informing people who are connected to the Website using cellphone / iphone or android app.

    Sir, Abrenians, ‘Expatriate residing overseas’…might have questions in their minds…
    like…’How reliable are these informations?’ Info provided by volunteers or just anybody with a ‘NOM de PLUME’ name.

    SYSOP, you might have a ‘PANDORA’S BOX in you lop’. Beware of those who possess ill-feelings towards his/her Kababayan. They might use the ‘Eye In The Sky’ a platform of their agenda of political self aggrandizement (meaning… act of increasing one’s own power, rank, wealth).

    Dr. Leo

    Posted by Dr. Leo Tuason | November 19, 2012, 9:47 pm
    • That is a great idea Sir and I am very sure that is very helpful before, during and after the election but how could we avail of that if in our place, we do not have cell site or signals for our cell phones to work on. Can you give me some information on where to avail of that satellite phones. I think that would be helpful in areas where no available signals just like in our place.

      Posted by lavander | November 20, 2012, 12:43 am
      • Lavander, I know that some parts of Abra has some difficulty with communications. I have not been to Abra so I can’t really answer your question. But with this project, we are hoping to cover as much as we can.

        Posted by SysOp | November 20, 2012, 3:17 pm
    • Correction on previous posting:..

      pandora’s box ON YOUR LAP.

      Posted by Dr. Leo Tuason | November 20, 2012, 2:04 am
    • Thanks for the concern Dr. Leo. My idea is to establish reliable sources in Abra to make this work. The system also is designed to accept reports from anonymous users but will hold it until it’s verified.

      Posted by SysOp | November 20, 2012, 2:15 pm
  2. Sapay koma a ta awan to ti mangpalsiit kadakuada? Why, do we still have a doubt with our law enforcement to safeguard their lives and the sanctity of the ballot? Are the political leaders/handlers allowed to dictate or influence the voters once they are inside or while voting? There should be a guarantee from the Comelec that these should not happen especially in the remote areas where the voters are easily intimidated. Please tell me, that this time I am assured that no one knows who I am going to vote or who I have voted (while still inside the polling place) because I am planning to sell my vote to both opposing candidates.

    Posted by submarino | November 20, 2012, 3:18 am
  3. On second thought, I’ll just leave my ballot blank for the corrupt candidates and just vote for few righteous candidates in other positions. The only reason why I intended to sell it was because those candidates in the top posts are all crooks and I don’t want to waste my precious vote for nothing. Do you think anyone in the polling place would still find out of what I am intending to do or who the hell I have voted? Please convince me for until now I am still doubtful with our electoral processes.

    Posted by submarino | November 20, 2012, 4:43 am
    • Nice point Submarine. Take the money but vote according to your conscience. But how can you do this when your vote is monitored?

      It is only the COMELEC who can do something to ensure secrecy/confidentiality of ballots.

      Posted by Bacero | November 20, 2012, 10:17 am
    • SUBMARINE: ha ha ha nasisirib dagitay campaign leaders (taga waras ti kwarta) baka agbabawi kanto ti ud udi na….

      Posted by TAGA_BAKIR | November 20, 2012, 1:15 pm
  4. I am writing a comprehensive user guide on how to use this technology. But just to explain more:

    The technology behind this system is based on an open source software called “Ushahidi”. The Ushahidi Platform has been used worldwide by activists, news organizations and every-day citizens.

    Some practical uses are to map Crisis Information, A quick disaster response, and yes Monitor Elections. The unique feature of this system is that it uses visual mapping of the events that are taking place in a given location. Checkout this site https://kotongwatch.crowdmap.com/ (this was established to map out kotong in the Philippines). Or monitoring the corral breaching https://phcoralbleaching.crowdmap.com/

    As for our own applications, If you visit the https://abrenian.crowdmap.com/, you will see a visual map representation of the Province of Abra. Some reports are already existing based on the location of the event. An example is the allege “flying voters” registration in Dolores or a member of the PAGs caught in Tineg.

    What do we need to make this work?

    1. Obviously we need people (volunteers) who are in Abra to send us reports based on their location and what’s the event is (election related, disturbance, crime incident, etc.)
    2. These volunteers should have capability of sending reports through text, email, directly to the website and through the an App (iphone and android) which detects their location.

    I would envision to lay down the ground works now so we can have the necessary logistics come January 2013 (when things heat up). These volunteers will continuously send reports to the site until election time.

    During the elections these volunteers will send election results in realtime (as they come). In other words, anyone in the world can have a ringside view on what’s happening in the Province.

    Let’s have a make-believe scenario:
    Let’s say Ricky is in Bangued, Abra. Ricky is a member of the “Eye in the Sky” team. He has a smarphone with the android app installed. While walking around the town Plaza, He witness Dominic Valera and Ryan Luna crossed path during a campaign sortie. tensions rises, a stare down between their bodyguards,etc. Ricky quickly took a picture of the incident, fire-up the app and send a report to the website. The app detected Ricky’s location and visually mapped the location and the incident. The website in turn will automatically send this report to the abrenian.com FaceBook Page, twitter account, email blast to disseminate the information to a larger audience.

    Now Dr. Leo who lives in the U.S. will see this reports since he’s subscribed to abrenian.com updates or he opted to go to the website and activate the alert notification. He then goes to the “Eye in the Sky” website and see for himself the events that are unfolding.

    Meanwhile Ricky continuously sends reports to the site. Now the best scenario here is if the PNP is subscribed to the website, they will have the ability to quickly respond to this incident.

    Question now is. How do we encourage the citizenry to send us reports? My first instinct is to defray the cost of their internet connection (a monthly unlimited internet const i think is around P1,300). If we can have at least one person for each 27 municipalities, that would be a great achievement.

    If we can identify someone who’s willing to start organizing the ground troops, I am willing to shell out some funds to make this work.

    Posted by SysOp | November 20, 2012, 3:08 pm
  5. SYSOP:…


    How soon do we start funding the project…and exactly how much per INTERESTED person

    kABABAYANS, for so many years we Abrenians have been yearning for a better GOVERNANCE in our province, wanting for true leadership that could bring Abra to a greater degree of excellence among the other provinces of the Country.

    Could this one project ‘stems out graft and corruption in the Government?’ I can foresee
    that it can… and if it does…include me as contributor to SYSOP’S project.


    Posted by Dr. Leo Tuason | November 20, 2012, 10:19 pm
    • Thank you Dr. Leo,

      I certainly would let you know how much the funding for this project. I am drawing up a plan on how we are going to proceed. I hope other people can come forward and be part of this.

      Posted by SysOp | November 21, 2012, 11:37 am
  6. Bravo! Bravo! Go for it! This an effective deterrent for our unsuspecting political lords who think they could outsmart the poor abrenians forever. Little did they know that they have only 3 years left after this forthcoming election because through the contribution of this “Eye in the Sky” Project as a tangible source of information or reliable witness of their stupidity, our law enforcements would be able then to put them in jail even without the presence of our coward/scared human living witnesses, I guess. But how safe our would-be Ricky then on the ground discharging his heroic deeds? Doesn’t he needs 100 million insurance just in case? What about monitoring our brave media men or any clever individual in place of Ricky and whoever could transmit/report to our website will be rewarded by our good doctor and others who are financially blessed? There’s no contract to be made or exposure of their identity in order to protect them from retaliation unless they are submissive for recognition. Just a thought, please ignore it.

    Posted by pittipitti-am-ammatit | November 21, 2012, 3:27 am
    • Sending reports will be anonymous so I would hope Ricky will be safe. But this is certainly a factor to be careful with.

      Posted by SysOp | November 21, 2012, 11:40 am
    • SYSOP:..

      The Article of “PITTIPITTI-AM-AMMATIT” caught my attention and I would consider the article intriguingly fascinating…only a person with a ‘LEGAL MIND’ can formulate such eloguence.

      SYSOP, there are items that I can detect from ‘PITT’S” article that neeeds clarification:

      1. Guarantee of Ricky’s SAFETY.

      2. If anything happpens of Ricky, is he covered by ‘INSURANCE’?

      3. Is there a ‘CONTRACT’ drawn, binding on the entire issue.

      PITT, the SAFETY, INSURANCE and CONTRACT many of us ABRENIANS can not completely IGNORE.

      SIR, I must state here that the ‘EYE IN THE SKY’ is proposed by an ENGR. and I’m a Dr. PLS. EDUCATE US YOUR KABABAYANS, your ‘LEGAL MIND’ will surely benefit us all.


      Dr. Leo

      Posted by Dr. Leo Tuason | November 21, 2012, 10:23 pm
      • CORRECTION on previous posting:..

        only a person with a ‘legal mind’ can formulate such ELOQUENCE.


        SYSOP, from the ‘PANDORA’S BOX’ came out three words…Safety, Insurance & Contract.
        >>>>> Mr. PITT & many Abrenians wants clarifications on these three words as applied to your ‘project’.


        Dr. Leo.

        Posted by Dr. Leo Tuason | November 22, 2012, 9:41 am
      • My Answer
        1. Safety – Join at your own risk
        2. Insurance – No Insurance
        3. Contract – No FORMAL Contract
        Having said this. Joining this project is voluntary. I am not saying that I am not concerned of the 3 items you brought up. My point is I don’t have the financial capability to the satisfy these 3 items. If someone can bankroll this, why not!

        I was a volunteer with NAMFREL (National Movement for Free Elections) during the presidential election fight between Ferdinand Marcos and Cory Aquino. I (together with some friends) were assigned in Abra to monitor the elections. It was a dangerous time. Abra politicians were all for Marcos and they view NAMFREL as PRO- Cory But because we desired to have a free election, we assume the risk (didn’t even informed my parents). All we got from Namfrel is gas money so we can move around.

        If Abrenians truly want change, then they have to do something about it. My system is just a tool to help them make it happen.


        Posted by SysOp | November 22, 2012, 4:11 pm
  7. Please include the small among the smallest polling places where they could easily intimidate/bribe the voters and the Comelec reps guarded by just one or two police. Or, if possible may the Comelec consolidate them where the police with balls could effectively prevent them which our invisible Ricky could then dive into action unnoticed just in case.

    Posted by tahilnamoro | November 21, 2012, 4:11 am
  8. If you want to be part of this project please email me sysop@abrenian.com your identity will remain anonymous if you desire so.

    Posted by SysOp | November 21, 2012, 12:13 pm
  9. This “EYE IN THE SKY” mission envisioned by our own site architect will indeed arouse our natural desires of making a difference by joining hand in hand with the Police and Comelec for a noble purpose: thus keeping our electoral processes nice and clean in preparation for the coming of our real front political leaders in 2016 election. It is a great opportunity for us to show who really we are by disregarding the fear of the unknowns, public recognition, and monetary considerations in exchange for the love of change we have been waiting for a long period of time. I therefore encourage any righteous human being to join us by just contacting this Site where our most concerned Abrenian will gladly accommodate you by heart. I will guarantee that you won’t be alone because he will launch a worldwide invitation thru local/national newspapers and radio/television to any peace-loving individual, abrenian or unabrenian, including all civic organizations (like Friends of Abra, to mention a few), religion of different denominations, our brothers and sisters in the different colleges/mountains/valleys, and others who really cares our province and its poor constituents. Who knows, from this humble beginning a new political party will emerge before and after 2016 election that will bring REAL economic growth and genuine hope for peace and prosperity because of your participation? If it does, there’s no doubt that we will succeed, that no one could stop us even death for we will turn our province upside down until it becomes as the best province or place on earth to live by and die until the end of time.

    Posted by pittipitti-am-ammatit | November 23, 2012, 3:37 pm
    • I agree this system can be the equalizer for fraud!

      Posted by scorpion | November 26, 2012, 9:48 pm
      • SYSOP:..

        I second Mr. SCORPION’S Posting of Nov. 23, 2012.

        I love reading PITT’S well presented article and I’m sure many Abrenians are fascinated by it (article) too…especially when the Law Inforcement Agency (Police)and the COMELEC are
        connected to the EYE IN THE SKY or ABRENIAN.COM and see RICKY the Make-Believe Informer is transmitting through the satellite cyberspace.

        I wonder if the people of the ‘Good Governance’ of Ms.PURA SUMAWIL could help in putting up reliable MAKE-BELIEVE ‘Ricky’ in far-flung places, like TINEG, LAGAYAN, etc.

        KABABAYANS, FRIENDS… here; where we come in, a small donation from each of us can make a difference, P2 pesos each or more (there are thousands of us in USA, CANADA, UK, AUSTRALIA, HAWAII ABRA, and many more Countries).

        Unfortunately, we don’t have among us rich people to ‘bankroll’ the whole project of SYSOP… like Ford, Rockeffeler, Donald Trump, or Bill Gate.

        But small people like many of us will gladly donate P 2 pesos or more for a GOOD CAUSE.
        THOUSANDS OF ABRENIANS FROM MANY COUNTRIES PUT TOGETHER (their P 2 pesos each family) will amount to a huge sum!!!!

        I attended the 1st two ININILIW ABRENIAN AFFAIR IN LAS VEGAS,USA and I have witnessed many of our kababayans wishful desire for a better ABRA. I know the attendees of the ININILIW AFFAIR were represented by leaders of their ‘CHAPTERS’.

        I know a perfectual leader of the ABRENIAN WIDWEST CHAPTER (Dr. Leo belongs to this), by the name of FINA SIBAYAN.

        FINA, if you’re listening, please contact the ‘organizers’ of the ‘ININILIW’ to rally on SYSOP’S project.

        MANY THANKS,

        Dr. Leo

        Posted by Dr. Leo Tuason | November 27, 2012, 6:19 am
  10. We are starting to get some volunteers to be part of this project. At this point their identity will remain anonymous. I still encourage everyone who are willing to contribute to this project. Please contact me via email sysop@abrenian.com. Again we are looking for volunteers who are strategically located around the province to be able to monitor events in realtime. Volunteers should have a capabilities of sending reports to us via text, email, directly to the website, or through our installed apps.

    Posted by Sysop | November 27, 2012, 10:18 pm
  11. What about temporarily displaying this good news on top of the popular stories for the benefit of those computer illiterate like me? It took me few hours to find it and wondering where in this world you hid it….Thank you…..

    Posted by magatita | November 28, 2012, 3:12 pm

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