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Sacked Abra cops were only providing security – town mayor

By Artemio Dumlao

DOLORES, Abra – Two Abra policemen who were sacked for allegedly escorting “flying voters” were reportedly only providing security to an Abra town mayor helping legitimate voters being harassed not to register here.

PO2 Jithelo Tuazon and PO3 Raymond Palope were relieved from Abra and brought to the Cordillera police headquarters for investigation into their alleged partisan actions during the last day of voters’ registration.

La Paz town Mayor Joseph Bernos vouched for the duo from his town, saying they merely gave him security when he went with at least nine supposed voter-registrants who were earlier harassed and barred from registering at the Comelec by supposed men of Dolores town Mayor Robert Seares, Jr.

“It was incumbent upon me to help people who wanted to exercise their right to suffrage (for the next elections) because they were prohibited (by Mayor Seares, Jr. and his men).”

La Paz and Dolores towns share the same boundaries and sometimes, because of rough topography, villagers nearer in La Paz town center than in Dolores seek government services there.

But politically, villagers who wanted to register in La Paz come from Dolores, Bernos said.

Bernos and the two policemen were earlier tagged into an alleged attempt to sneak in flying voters highlighting the end day of the voters’ registration in the northern province.

Cordillera police director Chief Supt. Benjamin Magalong ordered the relief of the two policemen.

The policemen also turned-in an MP5 submachine gun and a .45 caliber pistol for verification to the Firearms and Explosives Division records.

But Bernos showed an “acknowledgment receipt for equipment” he signed which indicated that the MP5 submachine pistol was a firearm duly registered as a property of La Paz town and handed to the town police for its peace keeping efforts.

An earlier report from the Philippine Star sourced from the police even indicated Bernos had a spat with Dolores election officer Adriano Bernardino at the poll body’s local office but an affidavit executed by Bernardino shown to the Philippine Star indicated otherwise.

“All we wanted was for these people to register and exercise their rights, but were barred,” Bernos, a member of the Liberal Party said.
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14 thoughts on “Sacked Abra cops were only providing security – town mayor

  1. to serve & to protect…but who? if law enforcement officers, in uniform and with badges, allow themselves to be used by politicians to further their political whims, instead of protecting the lives and rights of ordinary men & women, who, now, can we ever trust?

    Posted by IJV | November 8, 2012, 6:57 pm
  2. what is this stupid asshole talking about? you make me sick.

    Posted by abraham | November 8, 2012, 8:48 pm
    • Pig talk – that’s all Mayor JBaboy is good at! He goes to Dolores one more time – Mayor JR will make mincemeat out of his big fat ass!! bwahahahaha

      Posted by itellitlikeitis | November 9, 2012, 5:10 am
  3. luma na yang Palusot mo.sampol sampol sampol sampol! sampolan man general dagita ta agnakem da.

    Posted by ikis | November 9, 2012, 6:06 am
  4. perhaps, he thinks he can manipulate everybody, uray diay Dolores. Ngem madi na ammo, nananakem tattao dita nga ili. Saan kasla diay La Paz, kaadwan nga tattao, paspasurot da ta agbuteng da met. Dagiti kakapitan, isu da pay ti lider iti kalokoan. Agsimpa kayo man.

    Posted by IJV | November 10, 2012, 5:08 pm
  5. boss jb bernos idol,oray nea konkonayon makita met ti naaramidan ni mayor mi ti ili mi ah lapaz,puro kaylang sao…..

    Posted by ramatong | November 12, 2012, 7:27 pm
    • Metla gayam adu naaramidan na lapaz! Apay garuden nga agingga dolores ket umay pay? Nea sakupen na man detan??patingga ka laeng kuma dita kingdom mun, isarsarwa da ka pyenen ditan buteng laeng gmin datao agsao yoooooorrrssss!

      Posted by Pepeng agimat | November 13, 2012, 2:16 am
  6. If these two innocent policemen were just providing security for the Mayor (not for the alleged flying voters) as allowed by law, why and how then the law could sacked them for just doing their job? Were not the mayor present during the alleged “fly” of the voters? Sabagay if they are just relieved not dismissed from the service, nasiyaat met ta maikkat bassit ti butbuteng da ta diyo la ammo ti marikrikna dagitoy kada tungpalen da ti order dagiti superiors da. If there’s shady deal or anomalous transaction involved, I think their superiors are answerable/responsible for it not these poor policemen who are always under their watch/radar.

    Posted by bodowan | November 17, 2012, 7:14 am
  7. awan maaramid da ta they are just following orders. right or wrong they must provide security to the VIP ket no nadakes napanan da mairaman da. isu narigat met sitwasyon da. malas da laeng ta nakapunta da amo nga sab-saballang aramid na!

    Posted by manna.lon | November 17, 2012, 11:40 pm
  8. To psamak dita Dolores ket eye opener koma ti kapolisan. Masapul nga alert ken ammoda t patingga t akemda as security, beyond that s considered partisan. Laglagipenyo t familya yo ken ti sinapataanyo. Agpatingga t tulong diay politico. Kaasi ti anak yo no mapasubo kayo. Trust in God not in man for your protection n guidance. May God bless u law enforcers!

    Posted by Taming landas | November 23, 2012, 7:00 pm

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