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Editorial: True Abrenians, where art thou?

Since I opened up the comment section to the public, I have been getting different email feedback. Some are threatening, some are request for lock down and some asking me why I would allow these comments to be posted.

For those who are following these comments, I agree with you. Although some comments/ideas makes sense, majority are way off the mark. You’ll read trash talking, name calling, accusations and counter accusations. Even users impersonate others or use obscene aliases.

But what does this prove? It proved the real state of Abra. It proved that Abrenians are full of animosities towards each other. There is so much hatred, anger and frustrations. I wonder why. Was this the result of a so much corrupted political system? Was this because education was never the foundation of our community that respect to each other is non-existent? Did our parents failed to teach us how to act like a normal human being? Is this because of greed, money and power?

So I ask,  Where are the TRUE Abrenians? are they extinct? Do you consider yourself a TRUE Abrenian?


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